Creating a Beautifully Branded Instagram Part II: Your Photos & Feed | Jules Tillman | Skillshare

Creating a Beautifully Branded Instagram Part II: Your Photos & Feed

Jules Tillman, artist | creative coach | infp

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8 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Creating a Beautifully Branded Instagram, Part II: Your Photos & Feed!

    • 2. Welcome, Let's Start With Your Brand Story (Printable Worksheet Included!)

    • 3. Creating a Visual Brand Story with Mood Boards

    • 4. Branding Your Photos & Feed with Filters

    • 5. Branding Your Photos & Feed With The Words You Use

    • 6. Branding Your Photos & Feed With Color

    • 7. Beautifully Branding With Your Overall Look and Feel

    • 8. Final Wrap Up & Class Project

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About This Class

If you're a creative entrepreneur, artist, maker, or blogger who wants to build a large following on Instagram, you're in the right place! With over 600 million active monthly users, Instagram is one of the most popular, and powerful social media platforms. 

I LOVE using Instagram for my art and creative online businesses, and currently have over 137,000 followers across 5 accounts (1800, 3800+, 4000+, 7600+, and 120,000+.) 

One thing I've learned from growing my Instagram followers is that there is no "one thing" that will make that happen! 

It's really a series of several steps, and one of the most important is having branded Instagram photos and feed. 

In this class you will learn how to beautifully brand every single aspect of your Instagram photos and feed: we covering branding your business, and then cover the different ways you can brand your photos and feed: from the words and colors you use, to filters, and more! 

When your Instagram feed is beautifully branded to you and your creative business, more people will click that "follow" button! So let's master this part of your Instagram account, and start getting more followers today! 

P.S. If you haven't already, please consider taking the first class in this series in order to get the most of of this class. It's called "Creating a Beautifully Branded Instagram, Part I: Your Profile" and you can enroll in it right here! 





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Jules Tillman

artist | creative coach | infp

I'm an artist (or, as I like to say, a "creative explorer"), and a creative business coach for introverts. I've been helping other artists and creatives start and grow their businesses online since 2014. I started Creating Beautifully out of a passion for creativity and making. I actually owned two separate businesses before I started Creating Beautifully: one that focused on the maker side ( and one that focused on the art side ( With Creating Be...

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