Creating a Beautifully Branded Instagram, Part I: Your Profile | Jules Tillman | Skillshare

Creating a Beautifully Branded Instagram, Part I: Your Profile

Jules Tillman, artist | business coach | infp

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7 Lessons (20m)
    • 1. Class Introduction

    • 2. Your Instagram Username or "Handle"

    • 3. Your Instagram Photo

    • 4. Your Name

    • 5. Your Website or URL

    • 6. Your Instagram Bio

    • 7. You did it! Final thoughts and your class project

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About This Class

If you're a creative entrepreneur, artist, maker, or blogger who wants to build a large following on Instagram, you're in the right place! With over 300 million users, Instagram is one of the most popular, and powerful social media platforms. 

I myself am actively using Instagram for my art and creative online businesses, and currently have over 130,000 followers across 4 accounts (3300+, 4000+, 6700+, and 116,000+ respectively.) 

One thing I've learned from growing my Instagram followers is that there is no "one thing" that will make that happen. 

It's really a series of several steps, and one of the most important is having a beautifully branded Instagram profile. 

In this class you will learn how to beautifully brand every single aspect of your Instagram profile: your username or "handle", photo, name, website or URL, and your BIO (with one key secret to getting more followers to also visit your website, sign up for your email list, or buy from you.) 

When your Instagram bio is beautifully branded, more people will click that "follow" button! So let's master this part of your Instagram account, and start getting more followers today! 


1. Class Introduction: Are you an artist, maker, blogger or creative who wants to build a large and loyal following on Instagram? You're in the right place because building that following doesn't happen by chance. In this course, I'll cover some of the basic first steps in creating a beautifully branded instagram so that you can start building your followers. Oh, by the way, Hi, I'm jewels. You may be wondering, How do I know it works on Instagram? Well, first, I've been using instagram basically from the beginning. My first picture I posted was in December of 2010 and as of the time that I'm recording this class, I built up quite a following with several different instagram accounts. As you could see, I even wrote an e book on the subject, which has helped countless creative spilled their own large following. But one thing I've learned is that building that large following begins with small steps. One of the most important is creating a beautifully branded instagram account, and that starts with your profile. So that's exactly what we'll be covering in this court's how to fine tune your profile so that when people see it, they automatically want to follow you after your photos. Your profile will be the biggest reason people do or do not follow you, so let's give them every reason to click that follow. But shall we? Let's get started your first assignment. Yeah, it's right now, right this minute is to take a screenshot of your current instagram profile. We'll use this as a comparison to your after screenshot of your profile, which is the final project for this fast. So take that before screenshot now cliquey and roll button below, and we'll have your beautifully branded instagram profile in under 20 minutes, he soon. 2. Your Instagram Username or "Handle": Hi again. I'm so glad you decided to enroll in this class. So the first thing we're going to talk about is your instagram name or handle. In most cases, you'll already have an instagram name. But if you're starting from scratch, this lesson will help you decide on the name or, if you decide, you want to update your instagram name so that it's more on brand. Because of this lesson, you can definitely change it. Just a quick reminder before we get started. If you haven't already, please be sure to take a quick screen shot of your current INSTAGRAM profile so we can use that as your before for the first half of your class project. So let's get to it. Just so we're perfectly clear, we're talking about your user name or you're at name. It could be found here on your profile or here when you're editing your profile because you're building a brand, the best practice is to have us be either your business name your name, maybe your blog's or shop. Name your website URL or some variation of one or the other. If you can try to avoid underscores or periods in your name. I say this because I want your instagram to be so big that when you or other people are talking about it on blog's or in magazines or wherever it might be, they or you don't have to say something like, Oh, yeah, you can find me at hello, underscore. I'm underscore Handmade. It just sounds a little bit less professional, and people might forget to add underscores or dots anyway. So how do you get around this? Well, if your preferred name is taking, you might have to get a little bit creative with it. But try to keep it as close to your name, your business name or block name as possible. So how about you get creative? Well, you could add another word like hey or hi to your name. For example, if Jewell Stillman was taken, I could have used at high jewels Tillman. You could also add your industry or niche. I've seen artists use art or studio at the end of their names. You could also add words like blawg shop. Or like I did with the unlimited creative Just add the at the beginning. A couple of extra notes here, try to avoid adding the year, for example, at so and so 2016 because it will become quickly defeated or even the year you were born or graduated as those will quickly date you and also try to keep all of your social media handles the exact same across all platforms. This isn't always possible, but it is ideal. 3. Your Instagram Photo: in this lesson, we are going to take a look at your profile photo. Depending on your business, this could be, ah, photo of you or your logo. It should, in most cases, be one of those and not, for instance, your cat or baby or favorite flower etcetera. Even though all of those things are Q and cool and fun, it's just very unlikely that there on brand for you unless I suppose you sell products or baby clothes or on a flower shop for those examples given. But if not, you should stick to either your photo or your logo. If you're going to use a photo of yourself, make sure it's professional, not necessarily taken by a professional. But if you can afford it, I would recommend that. But by professional I mean well lit and portraying your brand in a way that makes sense and it makes you happy. If you're using your logo, make sure people can read what it says. Those tiny circles on Instagram. Well, they're tiny, and you want people to be able to read what's written there, But you also wanted to be on brand. Your logo should be the same across all social media platforms plus in your shop, your business cards, your website, etcetera. Let's look at some examples. So here we have some examples of beautifully branded Instagram photos. In the first example, Family has a photo of herself. As you can see, her photo really does go along with her feed, and you could tell that it's on brand thesis example. Yield simply has their name, but as I mentioned before, it is definitely legible. You can read what it says, and in the final example, Kelsey is an illustrator, and she's illustrated a picture for her logo, and I think it's great. I think she can use that on her marketing materials on her website everywhere, and it will be distinctly hers. So here are some final questions that you should be asking about your profile. Photo first is what are you going to use? Will it be a picture of yourself simply your business name or another type of logo? What's going to be most on brand for you and your business? And finally, are you using the same photo across all social media and Web sites in your shop, etcetera. If so, great job, that's it for this lesson. Let's go on to the next 4. Your Name: in this lesson, we're going to talk about your name, your instagram name that is so in your profile. Your name can be found here or when editing it can be found here in this spot. You'll either want to include your actual name, your business name or possibly both. You can also use this space to get creative, depending on what your end goal is. You can add emojis, your Etsy shop, Name your Twitter handle, etcetera. Just make sure it's on brand. I'm probably going to say on Brand about 1000 more times before this class is over, but that's because it's that important. So let's look at some different example in this 1st 1 Ziana Products is their instagram handle, but their name is Ana. In the second example, the Instagram handle is made by Manos, but then he uses his full name in the name section made by Manos is also his own website, as well as his Etsy shop name and on mine. I have my name, Jules Stillman, and I add the fact that I am an artist, So some final questions for this lesson are. Will you be using your business name your full name alone or your name or business name with additional information. Which of these would be most on brand for your business? And finally, are you providing multiple ways for people to find you? Some people might know you by name, and others may know you buy your business name. So if you use your business name as your instagram handle, you might want to include your own name in the name section. No matter how you ultimately have your name listed on Instagram, it should definitely be on brand. 5. Your Website or URL: in this lesson, we will take a look at how to include your website or URL in your profile. Your website or you are all can be found right here or when you're editing here, you would think this one would be a no brainer. You just include your website address, right? Well, yes and no. Let's make sure it's beautifully branded and professional, as it possibly can be. I have worked with literally thousands of creatives, and I can't tell you how many people get this wrong. Well, not wrong in the sense that the link won't work because it will, but wrong in the sense that it looks a little sloppy or unprofessional and definitely not beautifully branded. I think this happens when, like say, in this bad example at the top here, someone is in there, etc. Shop, and they just copy and paste the entire you are. Ah, and they just take that long girl, which does not need to be nearly that long. Here's a little pro tip for you guys. Any time you're sharing an Etsy shop, you do not need anything that's after the question mark, so you could at least shorten it to for good example that we have here, but even better, you can shorten it to put your name first dot etc dot com. The best case scenario is to buy your own domain. It's very affordable most of the time under $15 a year, give or take, and it's an investment in your brand that will really help you look much more polished and professional. Are you Cite Ground, which I'll link Teoh in the notes here, and I definitely recommend them. But honestly, there are tons of others that you can use. So if you find ah, domain seller that you like, grab your own domain, it will definitely help you be more beautifully branded and professional. So finally, for this lesson, we're gonna ask ourselves a couple of questions. First of all, have you used the shortest form of your URL possible? That's really important. And if you haven't bought your own domain yet, should you? I think he should. It's definitely they're going to be the most beautifully branded for your instagram profile and us for your business in general. I do have one final note on bit Lee links. For those of you who don't know. Betley provides a way for you to not only shorten a girl but actually track where people are coming from, and because it's hard to figure out or track when people are clicking your instagram girl. Some people use bit Lee for that purpose, and it seems like a really great idea. But more and more Instagram users that I've been talking Teoh have said that there really leery about clicking on a bit Lee link. You just never know where it's going to lead. It could be to spam or worse, but there is a really professional, beautifully branded work around for this. If you own your own domain and that is, you simply create a page on your website, maybe something like your domain dot com slash i g and Onley. Use that girl in your instagram bio. That way you can a track where your traffic is coming from on Instagram truck. When your traffic is coming from instagram and be set that you earl two point wherever you want. You can change it at any time, so it could be pointed to your home page or your shop or even a special sale if you are being featured on even another website that day and you just want to switch it for one day . It can quickly and easily be changed to point wherever you like. Now, how to change it will depend on how your website is hosted. I use a really simple redirect plug in with WordPress, and it's a simple as literally changing the URL and hitting update and when if I want to change it back, I just changed the URL again and hit update again. So that way you could not only be beautifully branded, but you can also be a smart business owner and track the traffic that is coming from Instagram without using bit Lee Links or other third party providers. 6. Your Instagram Bio: in this final lesson of creating a beautifully branded instagram. We are going to talk about your bio and c t A. And not to worry if you don't know what a c t A is yet, we'll get into that. So your bio is that little information box where the really good and informative 150 characters can go on your instagram profile. It's here, and when you're editing your instagram profile, it's here. This is where you can really shine. What you put here depends on what kind of business you're in and your brand. It should be written in a way that feels comfortable to you and really sounds like your brand's voice. Some of the things that you might want to include are a short introduction to yourself and your business. This might be funny or cute or all business. It's really whatever makes the most sense for your brand. Maybe you can also include things that you love or why you do what you dio a favorite quote something that you're currently working on. You may or may not want to share your location that's totally up to you. So here are a few examples of profiles that, in my opinion, are nailing it. You may notice that these three people all have one thing in common in their profiles. Besides the fact that they are all creative entrepreneurs and that is their C t. A. Remember, I mentioned that earlier that stands for call to action. After your short intro, you want to give people a call to action. You can also think of this a sort of their next step. This can include an invitation to join your email newsletter or to email you for custom orders or special requests, or to simply click on your link and visit your shop or blawg. In this example from Hello Knox. She lets people know that she's open to collaborations and to email her and offers her email address. Ali Peric gets straight to the point and says, You can shop right here. Melissa Griffin offers us access to her free resource library, four bloggers and biz owners, and she uses that little arrow to remind you to just click right there to get it. So what about you? What kind of information do you want to include? That will really get people interested in what you do or make or so and of course, you want to make sure that it's on brand for your business. You also want to think about what you feel comfortable sharing. For example, do you want to share your location? Is that important to you? Some people are more private and don't want people to know where they live. I myself am a proud Portland er, so I definitely include it. Other people may or may not feel comfortable sharing their email address or even family information like maybe I'm the mama of Two Littles. Some people will definitely share that, and others will feel that that is something that they want to keep to themselves on their business account. And finally and possibly most important of all, what should you use for your C T. A. Or call to action? Do you want to ask people to shop? Do you want them to sign up for your newsletter? Do you want them to visit your website? Whatever your C t A is, make sure to include it, and of course, you want to make sure that it's on brand. All right, that wraps up this final lesson. We have one more video where we will share our final class project. Thanks, guys. You in the next video? 7. You did it! Final thoughts and your class project: So that's it. You did it. You're awesome. By now, you should have an all new or at least mostly new, beautifully branded instagram profile. Be sure to share your class project. That's before screenshot that we took of your instagram profile and the after screenshot of your instagram profile. Now you can share that in the class project section. If you enjoyed this class, please leave a review also, I'd love it if you follow me here on skill share so that you know when my future classes on topics like Instagram art and entrepreneurship go live And if you have any questions, please feel free to ask them below. That's what I'm here for. Thanks again for being an amazing student. I really look forward to seeing a new instagram profiles in the class product section and I just also want to add You should be really proud of yourself. A lot of students and rolling classes like these and they never get to the end and they never finish the project. But you did it. I'm proud of feel Thanks again. I'm super grateful for you by