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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Let's Create fun Zoom Backgrounds

    • 2. Creating Still Backgrounds

    • 3. Creating Video Backgrounds

    • 4. Creating Animated Backgrounds

    • 5. Uploading & Using on Zoom

    • 6. Your Time to Shine: Course Project

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About This Class

Zoom is the app everybody seems to be using right now!

It allows us to keep in touch with our loved ones but also communicate with our colleagues and clients. 

In this course we are going to add a bit of fun to our Zoom conversation by creating virtual backgrounds with Canva, these background will later be uploaded to Zoom for everybody to see them.


This class is for everybody who is already using Zoom for making video call or who is thinking about downloading the app. You'll need a Zoom account and a Canva account - the good news is: both are free ;)

Diana and Ronny will be your host for this course, we figured we would create this course together to bring you even more value, now you got two teachers for the price of one!

The objective of this class is to show you how to use Canva to create both still and video backgrounds that you'll be using on Zoom to bring some fun to the conversations.


Class Outline:

  1. Ronny will start with a bit of context and the creation of a still background
    I'll tell you how and why Canva decided to add Zoom backgrounds to its template library and then we'll jump right in the creation of our first background: a still image with our personal branding on it.

  2. Diana will show you how to create video backgrounds
    Backgrounds really come to life when you add video to them. Canva will be our perfect companion to create these video backgrounds. We will work with videos from the Canva library but also some our our own videos. And if you don't have videos yet, don't worry... Diana will show you how to record one.

  3. Diana & Ronny will both teach you how to create animated backgrounds
    Canva has made it really easy to use animations. So we'll take advantage of that and create yet another set of Zoom backgrounds using the Canva stickers and some other techniques.

  4. Uploading all your Backgrounds to Zoom
    In this final lesson Diana will show you how to upload all your newly created backgrounds to Zoom and how to start using them.

Now is a good time to grab a cup of your favorite beverage and start the class!

Oh! and if you'd like to take some classes in Spanish, I suggest you check out Diana's Skillshare profile:

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Ronny Hermosa

My goal is to make YOU a better designer


Hi there, 

Thanks for visiting my profile! 

I teach about Canva and everything related to visual marketing. Indeed I believe that people still judge the book by its cover and in our age of content overload, if you want to get noticed, you'd better be on point with your visuals! 

Canva is a powerful option when it comes to creating graphics and visuals because it is free & easy to use. The heart of Canva is its template library (60.000 available to date) that will help even the most inexperienced designers come up with great visuals in no time! 


Originally I'm a video producer, I'm the founder and CEO of a Nonprofit which helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs and organizations communicate better, especially about the impact ... See full profile

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1. Let's Create fun Zoom Backgrounds: everybody, This is running in this course. We are going to show you step by step, how to create zoom backgrounds with Canada. First of all, let me welcome you to our living room. This is where the Anna and I are living right now in Sydney. And then I was here with me. Actually, she's behind the camera and she will be teaching you guys together with me how to create the zoom background. So for those of you who don't know me, my name is Ronny Hermosa and I work at Canberra. I am the head of communities at canvas. So I pretty much know everything that's going on in the company. And we have decided the nine I to create this course about zoom background because today a lot of people are working from home and a lot of people are using Zoom to communicate, to talk to their clients to talk to their colleagues. And today, more than ever, it is important to have a little bit of fun in the zoom cores to have an interesting background. Maybe you have kids running in the background. Maybe your house is not so eso tidy and you need to hide your mess a little bit. So the zoom backgrounds are going to be perfect for this. Deanna, can you tell us a little bit who you are and why? And what section of the course are you going to be teaching today? OK, guys, this is the ana. I'm a compass. Certify creative and also on only an instructor. And yeah, So Ronnie was talking about that. I'm going to teach you how to create videos. I actually love to create videos in combat. And ah, yes. So who is this course for these courses? For anyone, Uh, who likes to use, assume or hostile, You assume for war for video calls. And also for anyone who knows how to use Kamba but also ba leaners or people who don't know camper, Because we will teach you all the steps you need to follow in order to create thes backgrounds. So, yeah, let's go back to running. Thank you, Deanna. And now let's talk a little bit about how we are going to structure this course. The first thing we're going to do is to search into Canada to see how we can call and how we can surface the different templates that can vies already created for you the different zoom background that already exist in Canada. That's the first thing we're going to do. Then I am going to teach you how to create a background based on a still image. So a photo or something that is not moving. Then Deanna, who is our video expert, is going to show you how to create a video background with Zoom. So this is going to be a two step process. We're going to use one of the videos from Canvas Video Library, but also in Second Step. We are going to use one of our own videos or videos that we will be filming ourselves and importing into Canada. And then the last thing we're going to do, the both of us are going to jump on a lecture together and teach you how to use stickers and animation to create another yet type of background. So three types of background. The project at the end of this course is going to be, of course, you creating, choosing one of these three types of background and creating your very own zoom background . So if you are ready for this, I suggest we jump into lecture number one 2. Creating Still Backgrounds: Hey, guys, welcome back to the course before we start and I show you how to find a different canvas templates for creating, using background. I want to give you because I work at canvas. So you have this exclusivity, I would say not gonna go too much into the details, but I want to give you a little bit of context off why we started creating zoom background . So during the Corona virus crisis and situation, a lot of people have been asked to work from home. They were confined to their home and they couldn't go out. So a lot of companies in Canada is one of them has as their employees to work remotely. So during this time I have been working and being on Zoom for most of my days, talking to my colleagues, talking to different people and then all of a sudden, like everybody was using the virtual background in zoom and having fun with them. So we decided since everybody's on Zoom, we should be creating a new duck type, a new type of document in Canada that is resume background. So we did that. We had a team coming very quickly together with a collection off, I think 75 different background videos and stills and we uploaded all of that. We made a campaign. We made some different videos to announce that, and everybody kind of started to use them. So this is the context. And now we want to really show you how to take this to the next level and personalize your zoom background. So let's jump right into it. The first steps is going to be going to Canada. Log into your canvas account and it doesn't matter if you have a free or paid account pro account. Let's let me show you how to find the zoom background. So for that, I'm going to transition to the computer. OK, folks, so we are now on the canvas home page. As you can see, this is my home page with all the different template there. So if I click here, I received my designs. So click on the home button, but you will land on the home button two years only to click anywhere and start by searching for the zoom background. Right, So we want to first show you how to call the zoom background. You can simply type in zoo and then can vary will direct you to these category of 10 plays , which are zoom background. So you will observe that there are two categories of backgrounds. We have moving backgrounds like these, and we have still backgrounds like these in the middle, like you see still images. So let's take one. For example, Let's take this nice sky right here. Skyline in the mid off the desert. Very nice. So this is basically the image that you can upload in your zoom background. So there are different things you can do from here. You can customize this, um, this image, this still image if you wish by, for example, using the effects button you could easily use do a tone or use different kind of color effects to modify this one picture. But what I want to show you in this first lecture off the course is how to create your very own still zoom background. So we're going to get rid of this one, and we're going to import one of our own photos. So let's say you want to reinforce your personal brand. Let's imagine that you are a concertante or a digital marketer, and what you want to do is to kind of brand your zoom cores. Let's say you are talking to some clients because now you have to do your business online so you want your background to be branded. So for me, let's have a look at my brand colors for So if I click on the collar button here, you will see the different brand kit that I have created. I have one for you to me, one from my personal brand, the yellow color. So let's say I want to use this. I want to use my personal brand. So I'm going to add a the color of my brand, my dominant color, which is the yellow. And then what? I What I can do is to use either one element off my personal brand. And if you follow me for a while, you know, I like to use these photos of me without a background like this one. And I actually have a four. They're here with all these photos. Where are they here running? No background. So I have all these photos of me so I could be using this. But because I will be here basically speaking in front of the camera. I don't want to maybe use another photo off me. That would be maybe a bit too much. So what we are going to do is to use my bit emoji because I have created a bit emoji with canvas so you can connect can about two bit Muji. If you go to the Mawr section here, click on Big emoji. And if you haven't done so yet, you can create your bit. Muji. You will have to connect via a Snapchat account. But once you've done that and created your big emoji in Snapchat on connected Snapchat to your can VA account, which is very easy, just follow the instructions. Then you will have the possibility to use your big emoji. So I'm going to do this. I'm going to use one of Ronan's bit emojis, for example. Let's say this one, Okay, so, in order to perfect my composition here, but I really need to do is to have an idea of how my zoom camera is going to capture me when I'm talking in any zoom conversation, right, because might be here in the middle, but it might be a good idea to insert your usual, I would say, set up unusual position so that you can create around that and then get rid of the photo. So I'm going to import a screenshot of me talking in a zoom conversations. So in order to get that screenshot you have to open, zoom on, create a meeting, join the meeting. And it doesn't matter if you're the only one in this meeting and then just simply take a screenshot off your screen, make it full screen. So first, like extended zoom window to make it full screen, and then you take a screen shot of you facing your whip camp. So we have this nice composition, your usual set up, I would say so. I'm going to do that. All right, so this is a photo of me in my regular zoom set up. So what I'm going to do to make sure this photo is for screen the first thing. So you make it for screen like this. Okay. Sorry. He's not the most flattering photo of myself, but the reason I want to do this is to know kind of where to position my my graphics might My elements, My big emoji I want to use here on this virtual background. So I'm going to put this one here, okay? Actually, I can maybe do a little bit more funny than that. Can have this one and have it here. That would be nice. And then maybe I can use my personal branding my logo on the other side. So for this again, I'm going to go to my brand kit. So that is, if you have a kind of a pro account, you can create a brand kit with different color palettes, and you can also upload your logo. So if you don't have April account, it's no problem. You can simply go on upload your your company's logo or your personal branding logo. Normally, I would say from the upload folder, So going to my uploads. Okay. And you can upload your logo. So for me, going to go fetched that logo. Okay, so, me, I have my logo here, learn with runny, so I'm going toe import that reduce its size and place it. You could place it here, and this one guy could flip it. See, by clicking on it, you could flip it horizontally and move it to your decide. So that's my sure is my personal choice of how I want. And you see, I can adjust my logo here using the purple lines that can va is giving me to help me stay within the safe zone. So I'm going to do this for the logo, maybe reduce its size a little bit, okay? And now can get rid of this photo that I've been using just to kind of see the layout boom . So now I have a perfectly on brand zoom background. I can export that. So we don't know this layout. Okay, So I'm just clicking on the little arrow here. Or don't know this as a PNG. Oh, yeah. Perfect. All right, so now my background is here. Can go fetch it. I mean, copies. You get in. Computer is on my this stuff right here and now you can see the result. So that is it. Guys, this is how you create your still background in Canada. Now, all I have to do is to upload this into my zoom account and you will see at the end of the course how we can improve, or the backgrounds or the virtual backgrounds that we have created with canvas. In the next lecture, Deanna is going to show you how to create a video background this time, so I'll see you there. 3. Creating Video Backgrounds: Okay, guys, this is Vienna. And welcome to you these lessons in this lesson. We're going to learn how to create videos in Cumba for our virtual backgrounds. Right. Okay. So what I'm going to do here first is that I'm going to search by soon, and then here you'll see soon. Virtual background. So I'm going to select this option, and you will see here all these different options. As we can see here, there are some that have movement. These options are videos, right? The other ones are still images. So for these exercise, I'm going to select these option, I think is really cute. And actually, when you go into them loaded on your computer, you see that it fits perfectly. Also, I want to show you a different option and have to recognize easily here on these templates . Which options are videos and which ones are still images. So when you go here to templates, you see here that some of them have these icon on the left, the left upper corner, and you can see if you hover your mounts on top off them, they will move. So yeah, This is how you can recognize which templates are video in which are still images. So I actually saw some new videos here. I didn't see the last time I'm going to add a new page and I'm going to use thes flower one . Let's see how it works, how it lives. I had kind of cute. I like it. And these videos, Some off the neck, for example, This fly flower one you can customize the backward you can see here I can change the background color and select the one that I prefer. So, yeah, this is only for certain kind off templates, Not all of them, Because I will show you a different example. I will add a new page. And I see here, for example, this fish or like ocean Rift video that's click here. And of course, this is just like one video on the background. So we cannot, uh, change anything like let me see if we if we change the color, it would remove the video a straight away. So, yes, some of them are just videos, and some of them are. I guess these are stickers like animated elements. So, yeah, we can change the background in this case. Ah, what else can we do here with video? So I'm going to add a new page, and I'm going to remove these video that came automatically. And as you can see, for example, this background is just one video, and I'm going here to this button That's a stream, and I can see that it lasts 44 seconds. So, yeah, we can see that is just a video. And we can do the same for any other kind of video or background that we want to use right instead off choosing whatever we find here on these templates. Even though I really like them, I want to show you different options, right? So let's go here to this menu on the left bar, and we can see that there is a tap called videos. So let's go here, and you see that we have so many different options here, this one that cut. I think it can be kind of funny cute, and I just want to check if they have something like office looking like, ah, video. So let's go here to the search books and it's type office, just in case. Maybe some of you want to have a more professional background. So I'm going here. I can see that these are paid videos. So I'm going to filters and go for free to see if I can find something. And yeah, I Maybe I can try to drop this one here to see better. I think this one looks like really fine. And you can see people walking around. It looks kind of like if you were in a coworking space or a cafe, I think the skin listen, work and let me see what else we can find here. I'm going to drop this one here. You know, these windows in war Because it looks like if you were on the floor, so, yeah, I'm just trying to find a background that looks normal, you know? Like if, like, I see if the back one was really right. Okay, so I think the 1st 1 I found, it was, uh, the best one that may see this one if it has movement and maybe it won't work. Has it needed movement? Let's go for the 1st 1 I think it was the best option. And also it was kind of blow roared the image. So yeah, I think this guy is gonna work really Well, okay. So yeah, this is what I wanted to show you. Like the different kind of resource is we find here already in convert and the last trick or the last video option. I want to show you that I really, really like. Actually, it's an idea that I found and ready, and I want to show you guys, how do we do this? So the idea is that in combat we can upload our own videos, and our own foot is right. So I'm going to upload my own video to make something funny in combat and make my colleagues left. So, for these, what I'm going to do is that I already have my camera on my computer, my amusing allergic camera. So I already have this camera connected to my computer. And when I'm going to do is that I'm going to open the allergic up. In your case, I guess you will open your own camera up and I'm going to record with my camera. A little video. So, for these trick to work, uh, the idea is that you should be located in a in your regular place where you usually have your soon calls in the cases. This wide boy is nothing weird about it. But what we what we're going to do now that we have this up open is that I'm going to record a video and I'm going to, uh, make like, a funny face. The idea is that I'm going to be talking to the camera on my soon call, and then at some point, you will see me working behind me. So, yeah, that's gonna be funny and kind of like, what is happening? So let's do it. I'm going. Teoh start recording with this camera, So, yeah, it's going to be recording. And as I told you, I'm going to be walking behind me on and I'm going to get scared or something like that. So first, I'm going to leave the camera rolling or recording for, like, two seconds so we can see an empty Why, uh, space or in your case, your background. Just leave it like maybe five seconds and then appear OK, Okay, let's try that one. And let's see how it goes. Okay, so I'm going to stop recording, and I'm going, Teoh, upload this video to come. So this is the video I already recorded with you guys, and I'm going just to drop it here to camp. So you see here that in the uploads up, we have images and we have videos. So here it is, my video. I'm going to add a new page and Ah, yeah, when I add a new page, the background on the previews, design copies or duplicates automatically. So I'm going to delete it, and I'm going to replace this background or this empty background. I'm going to put the new video I created on this background. Okay, so next step is that I'm going to trim this video because there are some spaces or some places, some pieces of video, actually that I don't want to see on my soon background. So I'm going to click on the video and I'm going to click here on trim. So I'm going to leave the video when, um, not in the frame. So something here. Something around here and let me see how I look. I think this is going to work. Let me see the second option to see how it looks No, no, no. Let me leave it like this. The first, the as they see. So I'm trying. Teoh, find the moment. I think I'm going to live these section. It's 19 seconds. Almost 2019.5 seconds. Click here on. Done. Okay, Perfect. So now, now that my video stream, I'm going just to check if everything is looking fine. I'm going to click here on top of my video. And when they click here on play, you see that I can see this lighter here below, and I can see if the video is looking fine. Let me check. Okay. Didn't see if I don't see myself coming year again. Perfect night. Thing is, it's perfect. Okay, so, uh, that's Ah, download these video options and let's try them. Right. So now what I'm going to do is that I'm going to download each of these pages as a different video file and then in a different lesson, I'm going to teach you how to upload these videos and still images in soon. So before going to the next lesson, I would like to show you how to don't load these pages in different very if ice So I'm going to select here, uh, the download option and let's live it as video. And then I'm just going to select the first page, as you see here, select pages, it say's all pages. If you click here, you will have all these videos, one off their dealer and yeah, the magic is gone, I guess. So. Let's select only the wing video download. And then after you can just come back to Camba and select only the second page download and so on and so on. 4. Creating Animated Backgrounds: Hi, guys. Welcome back. And this is the last section off the course. I'm here with Dana. How are you doing, Dana? Good. I'm happy. Excited. Is this Course I think I'm good. I think we did a good job so far. Yes. All right. So this jump into the last section of the course where we are going to teach you the both of us how to use Canada and how to use the animations and stickers to have some kind of animated zoom background. Are you ready for this? Yeah, I'm excited. So let's jump right. All right, guys, we are back into Canada. The Canada editor. I'm here with Deanna. Donna, How are you doing? Fine, thanks, Janice. Fine. This'll is the third type of zoom background that we want to show you. And this is the animated background. So we are going to be using the canvas stickers. Do you know what the canvas stickers are? Yeah, of course. I use them all the time all the time. Let's recap what they are for those of you who might not know what they are yet, So the canvas stickers are a type of element. So you will be finding them under the Elements tab, and if you scroll down a little bit, you will see a category called Stickers. And these stickers are moving objects. Moving elements, though, are animated elements, so there are organized into different categories, like arrow word, food shapes, eso you can just crawl down and see. And if you scroll all the way to the bottom, you'll see or results so you can discover the stickers like this. Or if you're searching for something particular, you can type stickers and then a keyword. For example, food. So food stickers and you will see only stickers with food adamant so you could have this nice like Happy Bacon here or the twirling hair egg here so you can see really a bunch of different animated stickers. That's pretty interesting. So me, I'm going to go back to my sticker category here because I have a project in mind. I would like to be using a moving shape in the background and add maybe a little element off fun to my swim background. So of course I could start browsing the stickers, but I know kind of what I want. So I'm going to type in stickers and then blub. And you see, here I have all sorts off this blobby shapes where a year kind off, moving and dripping and changing color. And that's pretty much what I want. So I have to find one that I like and I want to kind of stay reasonable, not gonna go too crazy. And I'm going to be using this one. So Deanna is approving. You don't see her, but she's like this one. Okay, so, yeah, let's make this centered and relatively big. Not too big because we want to see all the details. All right, this looks good. It's at me. Zoom out a little bit. I'm going to click on the percentage right here. Zoom out. So you can really see what I'm doing here. I would make sure I'm on the center line like this, OK, this is good. I'm going to be using this, and I will be off course in front of my webcam, so I will be here in in front of this shape. But this is going to be in the background. I will keep the yellow background because I really encourage you to remain on brand. If you are creating the zoom backgrounds, for example, let's say you are a digital marketer or you are a cell, a printer you're going to be using Zoom mostly to connect with clients and colleagues and maybe your virtual team, so I encourage you to remain on Brand. But if you are going to be using zoom to talk with your ah family, for example, or more casual set up, then you can have more fun and go a little bit more extreme or crazy. But if you are going to be using zoom in the business, set up business environment, I recommend you use your brand colors that will add toe the professional look and feel of your brand. And it's always good to reinforce that that visual identity. Alright, So back to our design, I have my blub. Now I want to add another thing. And you know, you were suggesting me. What is it like this little, uh, ear flapping thing? Yeah, you need to go on stickers like, Yeah, go the search books, Okay. And just type seekers, no type type seekers and then type Kawai. Okay, Why? With double I double I Okay, Let's see. Whoa, let's go and create a new page, Create a new page, and then you can just maybe at a different background if you want. But in this case, I want you to use maybe this unicorn years or the cut years. I'll use a cat years, huh? Oh, yeah. I see where you're going. And then if you want, you can use a different background or, you know, like like, as you were saying, Like, if you are doing this film called with your friends or relatives, you can do something more fun, something different. So I'm going to just bring back my screen shot here so I can position my little cat ears right there on the right. Yeah, you can do like that or you can, uh, your years in the like a little bit down, huh? Yes, in the center. And then just Yes, When you're doing the soon code, you will adjust your whitcomb. Okay. It's your head. I will do that. So that's good. So this is more. Let's say if not if you are talking to your boss, of course. But if you're talking to your family so you can use something like this and I will follow your advice. I will make a background. I use a background that is every bit more playful yet that we are using. Yeah, maybe, Like, I recommend you to go up. Yes. And then he turns. Yeah, you'll see, like something more? Oh, yes. Same or more lively, More playful. Yes. And go with, um, going this watermelon here have seen in watermelon that this? Yes. OK, that's not Maybe you can reduced. Yeah, like a different quarter. No, Like why? It's more pale color. So we can years. Maybe I can reduce the transparency that's going to reduce the transparency of the animals . So I recommend to use wide background in this case. No, I just go to background again. Uh huh. So, like the watermelon one and then here ISS here. You can select what? And then if you want, you can reduce the transparency off the watermelons. Nice. So it's ah, cat weatherman in background. So this is wonderful. Dana, do you have something else? You want to show our students before your wrap up this course? Okay. Yeah, Let's do it. Okay, guys. So I'm going to teach you a little animation we're going to create here from scratch and actually run. He gave me this idea and let's try Teoh execute. Let's go to here at a new page going to create a new pitch for this animation. And I'm going to remove the background because I won't need these watermelons. So let's go here and deletes. So the next step is to go to photos and ah, let's search for jungle. Okay, so let's Ah, selectees image year. Ronnie just pointed at this one, and I'm going to actually duplicate this page forward this animation. So I will Did you later what we're going to do and why we are duplicating this bitch. Okay, so next step it, we'll go to the photos stub again and we surged for monkey. Okay, so let's see. I think I'm gonna go for these crazy one, because looks like runny. Uh, And now what I'm going to do is that I'm going to remove the background so we can see just it's head. Ah. So what I'm going to do right now? It's ah available. Only four come a pro users. He sees a nap that you will find here on effects like you need to click on the photo. You see, there is no menu here, but when I click on them on the photo, the's menu appears. So let's go to the effects bottom and you'll see here background remover. If you don't have come a pro, it will look like this so you won't have the background remover where we can show a trick later how to still remove the background. Right? Okay, let's do it. You can show. Is that Yeah, something start with the background remover from Canada. But be aware that you need to have a camera pro account in order to have that feature. But s O. D. And I was going to show you how to do it with the background remover. And then right after this, I'm going to show you how to do it. If you don't have a can of a pro account, Okay, so let's click here on this button and let's wait for the magic to happen. We're just waiting for the program or combat. You identify the background and remove it. Okay, so it's done. So I'm going to move my monkey here to the corner so we don't see this Cut lines here and runny. Do you want to teach us how to remove their background without Camba? Yes. So let me show you how to remove that background. If you don't have a can va pro account that say you are free users. So the way you will do this, you'll go back to your photos. Same monkey. So you actually, you might have seen that I have created another page. I got rid off the jungle photo in the background, and I'm just going to import my monkey right here. Okay, um, I can make it for screen like this, and then what I'm going to do This is page six off my document, You see? Going to download page six as a PNG page six with my monkey. Don't know this. Then I'm going to open another tab right here, and I'm gonna go for remove BG. Okay, Remove that BG and that is the actual remove background website. Can va is actually partnered with removed background to integrate this technology directly into the canvas editor, but you can still use the removed BG website, so you just have to upload your image here. So my image is here. I'm going to showing two folder and like this, and I'm going to drop it here is going toe upload into the remove BG. You see? Okay, so it's already removed so you can download in the lower resolution for free so you can have the full image. But I believe you will have to pay for it. We can get one free. If that's enough for you, then find or if you use the lowest resolution 6 67 by 3 75 which is good enough, I think, for this template, I can download like this. Okay, so he's going to be downloaded here, and what I'm going to do is to simply bring that back into Canada. Okay, so of course I need to, Right. Move my window here and I'm going to take it and drop it into can vies going to upload here . You see the monkey here without the background, and that's how you can get the same monkey. And then I suggest you don't stretch it as much because the resolution might not be as good as the one that you get. Got rid of the background with canvas because you remember, the resolution of this one is only 6 67 by 3 75 so you can still have the same effect. But don't stretch it too much. That's the only limitation. But I still encourage you to explore Camp a probe because to have this feature built in canvas just wonderful. All right, Diana. So back to you. Okay, so let's close this. We don't need them anymore. And actually, I don't need this page right, because I already had this one and what I'm going to do. I'm going to create a video with these two pages. So let's go here to them Load and let's select the video option. Ah, for this animation, because we have many pages here, Let's go and select only the Page four and Page five, which are the Jungle Bages. And let's click here undone and download Indiana. Everybody can download in the video format. Yeah, anyone. The free accounts and the the Camp A Perot comes okay, so let's watch this video. Let's see how it looks. Let's kill here up in the video and we have our jungle, and then at some point, we'll see our monkey brewing. It's a very, very simple animation, but it's a fun, I guess. Right? Looks funny. I think you will make people love. And yeah, this video will be looping like you will see the monkey appearing and living and appearing unsuitable. So, yeah, uh, this is the animation trick. If you guys want to leave Ah, like so more more seconds on the empty jungle. But you can do is to duplicate this page. You see, like we have to jungle empty pages and then the monkey. And then it's going in here to download. We select all the jungle pages. So page 45 and six, done and download. So let's wait a second and you will see that we'll see the empty jungle for a long, longer time. I could already see myself having fun with this. So you see, like it's already 569 10 seconds until their monkey appears. So yeah, maybe this will be better because you wouldn't see the monkey all the time. Like so often you could even ADM or anti jungle after the monkey and maybe move the monkey to another spot on. Yeah, you can have we did. You can have fun. We did all right. That was pretty funny and cool. Deanna, thank you for that. I have like, Yeah, I really liked it. And actually, I'm already using this monkey in my zoom background. So I guess we already showed our students three different types of background. So we're going to wrap up the course with you explaining how they can actually upload all these backgrounds on to zoom, right? Yeah. Okay, so that's going That's going to be the next lecture. So stay tuned, guys. See you in the next lesson. 5. Uploading & Using on Zoom: the guys are. Welcome to the last lesson. As you can see here, I already have my videos. Don't load it to my computer. Here. You can see the videos that when he created for us. And yet I also don't loaded when image So you guys can see how to a blue an image in a video. So I'm going, uh, directly to zoom. I'm going to upend here. And the next thing is that I'm going to open a new meeting, going to click here. And as you can see here, it's connecting. So I'm going to weigh just a couple of seconds until is connected. It is now connected. And, uh, that's because when it's it is not connected, we cannot see here these many. So now that we can see these menu, I'm going to click here, you see, next to the camera. I can't. There is a little a rope. So when I click here, there is a menu opening up and the last option it says, choose virtual background. So here is our blaze. Let's click here and, uh, you see here there are, like, already some options already integrated in soon. Okay, so As you can see here we have the known option on non ritual background activated. So that's where you can see my white world behind me. Nothing special. And now I'm going to add an image. So we do it here in this little plus icon, going to click here. And then we see the two options at Image in ads video. So I'm going to click here, and I'm going to look for my image. So this is the image. I don't load it just a couple of seconds ago to do this exercise, and it's really like the same image when he created on his lesson. But it has my big motive. Don't you open and I'm going to close these well, window. And as you can see, I have a new background, is not as boring as before is not just a wide world. And also, I have here my leg off the campus. Certify creative because I'm a C C C. Have a certified creative. So this is how you add images to assume or soon backgrounds. And now let's do the video one. Let's go here again to this arrow, choose virtual background and let's do the same exercise. But instead of choosing an image, we're going to add video off course. So let's click here. And a so you can see I already have all my videos in the same folder. So it is is here to access. And that's tried these wings to see how it looks. Say, I told you it fits perfectly like it's perfect. And as you can see, I didn't have to change anything to this template. And it fits perfectly, at least in my case. And ah, what I would like to do now is to add really quick all the different videos. I don't load it, and I'm going to test them here with you guys so you can see how it looks and how it actually works, right, because we saw the animations, but we haven't seen them in real life. So I'm going to do these really fast. I'm just going to add each video, and I will show you later how they look. That video. Let's see the Rohingyas blub, my cat years and the monkey. Okay, so the flower one here is it's really simple, but I think it's effective. It adds a Little, little Dutch. The's one. I really like it because it makes me think about all the people that work scuba diving or in the sea, you know? So I think they will really love this background. I actually really like it. And this one is they for people who need to have, like, a more professional background or they want to remove their Children running behind them, and yet they just want to look more professional. Um, let's do my video. So you see, it's my regular wide world, and I'm just here talking to my colleagues, and I think at some point I would be the So Yeah, it's just like a funny, funny video. Let's do run his blub. Yeah, I actually like it is really cool. Yeah, I didn't I couldn't picture myself with this background when he was a teaching this design , but I actually like it. It's fun and creative. And here are my my wife, my little cut years and maybe for the next design. Maybe I can try to make them bigger, so they had just really well behind my head. I think they are really, like a little bit too small Or maybe I can just that. Just come May? Yeah, I will do them a little bit bigger than next time. Uh, let's try the monkey. It's Heidi's one here, so Yeah. So this is how it works. And then at some point, it would disappear. Que and yeah, maybe you can be just like, talking to your colleagues and then boom, the monkey appears so Yeah. Guys, I really hope you like thes ideas, thes back own ideas. I think they're really fun, their creative. And they are going to make us love. They're going to bring a little joy to your conversations. So, uh, let's go to the next lesson where running is going to explain. What is this project we are going to create on this course? 6. Your Time to Shine: Course Project: All right, guys. You made it to the end of this course. Thank you for watching all the way to the end. Now, you know, like the three different methods to create resume background. So now it is your time to shine. We would like you. And this is the project of this course to choose one of these three methods and create your very own zoom background. So you created with can value exported and you upload that into zoom. And then once you're there, what we would like you to do is to take a screenshot off that background. Ah, and you talking in front of it, of course. And post that in the projects section of this course. This is how you are going to share your project with us, and we will give you a comment feedback about this background. So please have fun with this project. We had a lot of fun doing it and doing a bunch of different zoom backgrounds. You can also upload several backgrounds in your zoom and then very easily you will be able to switch from one to another. So this is the perfect opportunity to have some fun create different kind of creative backgrounds and, yeah, have some fun with it. Then I and I cannot wait to see all the good and creative backgrounds you are going to come up with, and that's it for us. Thank you for watching the course, and we will see you in the next course.