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Creating Your Irresistible Freebie

teacher avatar Jean Lanoue, Simple, Effective Revenue Strategies

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 37m)
    • 1. Create Your Irresistible Freebie To Naturally Attract Your Audience

    • 2. Create Your Irresistible Freebie To Naturally Attract Your Audience Part 2

    • 3. Lesson 1: Leading Your Way To More Leads, Sales And Impact By Having The Right Offer

    • 4. Lesson 2: The Main Job Of Your Freebie

    • 5. Lesson 3: The Best Converting Types Of Freebies

    • 6. Lesson 4: The Magic 8 Best Practices To More Opt-ins

    • 7. Lesson 5: Which Need Does Your Freebie Fill

    • 8. Lesson 6: How To Name Your Freebie So That People Can't Wait To Sign Up

    • 9. Lesson 6A: Step-By-Step Headline Formulas For Easy Duplication

    • 10. Lesson 7: Simple Techniques To Design Your Own Freebie

    • 11. Irresistible Freebie Conclusion

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About This Class

Naturally, Attract Your Audience To Grow Your List And Your Impact The Easy Way.

Easy to complete modules and you will have everything you need to create an offer that converts so that you can make a bigger impact and make more money. Using the 8-point checklist you will get step-by-step instructions on how to craft a profitable freebie. Plus Create Headlines That Create Action. Use power and action words to create headlines.

In order to get the full benefit from this course, it is important to be clear on who you serve and how you serve them.

Meet Your Teacher

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Jean Lanoue

Simple, Effective Revenue Strategies


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1. Create Your Irresistible Freebie To Naturally Attract Your Audience: Hi, it's Jane Linux. I'm so excited that you've decided to join me on this journey of creating an irresistible freebie for impact and conversion. I can't wait to get started with you. There's going to be a ton of great information, and when you're done, you're going to have something that everybody wants. You'll have the right freebie for the right person. That means that they will be ready to purchase. They will want to continue their journey with you, not just a freebie that is there for anybody, and maybe they'll like it. And maybe they won't but one that they need one that they want and one that will help them move through their journey. But if you are in Advanced user, this may not be for you. I'm going to break this down into simple, basic stuffs so that everybody is able to do it. And if you're an advanced user, you may get a little bit bored. But for those of you that have had a really issue creating a freebie, and you know that it's something that you really need, this is for you 2. Create Your Irresistible Freebie To Naturally Attract Your Audience Part 2: it's Jane Linux. It's so nice to meet you. I'm glad you decided to come on this journey with me. We're gonna be talking about creating an irresistible freebie for impact and conversion. So it's top first about what freebie is and some of the names that you are going to hear it called, so I like to call it an irresistible freebie. I also like to call it an attraction offer. I'll go back and forth between the two of those, but in the world outside of mine, you may hear it referred to as a lead magnet a giveaway, Ah, freemium or unethical bride Leaping is probably the most common term that you will hear used. I don't love the term lead magnet, and that's because I feel like you're saying that your polling people in with a magnet versus your naturally attracting them to you. So you're attracting the right people versus attracting everyone, because really, that's your goal is to attract your people, not just anybody that might be in the way of the magnet and what an irresistible freebie or attraction offer is as a free piece of information that you are giving away to your target audience and you give it away in exchange for their name and their email. And the goal is to make it so good that they cannot resist it, that they just have to have it. There are some assumptions that I have made for this class, and this is really important that you already know who you serve, and you already know where you want to leave them. What is your main offer? What is your end product? That this freebie is going to be taking them to those air Two key points that you really should know before you take this course. Because if not, you may get stuck because we're going to be talking to your person and I'm gonna have some additional courses. This is gonna be a Siri's, and so we will have those courses available to you. Just know you're you're welcome to P. Keep going. It's just maybe a little bit more difficult for you if you are not super clear on those two pieces yet, and this course really isn't for you. If you already have a high converting freebie because you already know how to do it in what is required and you don't want to change something that is working. It is for you. If you're saying OK, I have tried this, I've been there, I've done that. I've tried and tried again and I cannot seem to get one that's working or I get started creating run and then I get stuck and I don't know if it's a good one or if it's not. This is definitely for you. You will have a really clear focus on whether or not what you're trying to create is a good freebie or not. And I know that it can be intimidating. I get that until I'm asking you to just take with me and you're gonna once you have all the information and if you do the exercises at the end of each lesson, you really will make tremendous progress and you probably think and I don't have enough time and I get it. I know that this is like one more thing that you have to do, but I promise you that it's going to be truly, truly worth it when you start making a much bigger impact and you start drawing people into your community so that you could talk to them and offer them the things that they really need. And you can start selling your great stuff. There are so many choices, and that is also true. There are a lot of choices off what you can create. I'm going to get super specific with you, though, and give you some really exact headlines that you can use some exact choices of what my favorites are for freebies and the ones that convert the best. So I'm going to narrow those choices down tremendously. And I hear, Yeah, I get you and I'm going to be there for you. All right, so we've got it. Just do it step by stop. Don't try to think through to the end. I encourage you toe, do each piece and focus in on each piece. And don't worry about what comes next. And if you do that, you will have everything you need to get this done. So I'm gonna tell you a little bit about me and how I got started. This is my family and I with our feet in a fountain in Italy. Don't do that. By the way, the policia not fund of having the feet in the fountain. But anyway, that's in a status side note. So we were, you know, extremely happy. We had the what you call the perfect life, the 2.5 kids and the dog and the cats in the big house and the nice cars and all of those things that you strive for in life. And then it was 2008 and things really crashed and was working with my husband in a business and construction in Florida, and it got pretty tough. Ah, pretty lean. And we were not. We were working in a strictly referral based business. We didn't have a lot of big community. We had that built on email list or any of those kinds of things. We when someone referred, we did the work, and that's exactly how we did it. And then nobody was referring that we didn't have a lot of people to talk to. We didn't know what else we could do and very much felt like a failure. And, um, at a loss at a true loss. And just when it was about time to break into the kid's college fund E, um, thought I need to get a job and so I have been really doing a lot of social media. I had us a cooking bog and I was kind of just playing around with it. And so I put a post out on Facebook, one of they spoken one on Lengthen and that said like, you know, things were really tough and we've been doing this for, you know, five years and everything was great. But I think it's time I go back to work and I got 20 offers. I had 20 people, you know, making connections, given me places of where I could get a job and people wanting to hire me right then and there. But I cried. I cried for two weeks. I didn't really respond to the people because I knew if I went back into the corporate world that I would be tied to a dusk. My kids were still young, and, you know, I didn't get to see them when they were babies because I left a dark and got home at dark. And, you know, I missed stuff and so I cried for two weeks because I really didn't want it done. And so then I did another post and said, You know, I think I'm going to do four small businesses what I did in the corporate world and I'm gonna offer my services and it just took off and it went really great. And I had 10 clients before I even had a website. The thing is, is that I was doing the same thing. I was making the same mistake and that I had one offer that I had for everyone. This is my monthly surface, and this is what I do, and that's not going to sustain and tough times. That's not even gonna leverage what the time that you have. Right? And I was letting leaving a lot of money on the table, and there were so many more people that I could help. And about that time I met Loral Langemeier. She's the millionaire maker and Kevin Harrington. He was one of the original sharks and shark Take Eight were talking to me about this thing called funnels and how you need to have multiple offers for multiple people, depending on where they are in their journey. And I thought they were crazy because, you know, I did one thing, and that's what I did and I was good at it, and I, you know, people really liked it. Well, through Laurel, I met Ryan Deiss. He is in the front, I'm in the first row in the middle and he's like, in front of me. And he owns a company called Digital Marketers, one of the largest marketing training companies in the world. And I really connected with him and I was able to partner with him and really learn about funnels and really get how I was not making this much of an impact as I could. And I wasn't serving the number of people that I could serve. And then I became obsessed with funnels, and I started learning everything I could, taking every class I could and just trying everything to make it work. And then, after months of really struggling and trying to figure out where to start and what I should do and how to make it work, I finally had my 1st $30,000 a month and I thought, OK, this is pretty good. I like this funnel thing. I finally get it now and you know their rights that I am going to be able to reach a lot more people this way and, you know, and make more money as well. And so I went forward with this and I built a seven figure agency. I had six employees and, you know, was making really good money. I was making a lot of money for a lot of people. And guess what? It didn't love it. I had built for myself what I just told you that I cried for two weeks because I didn't want I had built myself a 90 hour a week job where I was in the office all the time doing done for you stuff and really, what I wanted. And the reason that I had started my business in the first place was toe have more freedom , more flexibility to help more people and have a bigger reach. And so, while I had built a funnel, I didn't take time to step back and think about what I really wanted. And I had built a funnel to strictly a done for you business and no coaching, no group coaching, no courses. And that was another mistake. But now, as you can see, I have courses. I have multiple courses online. I have multiple funnels going multiple freebies What you're going to see throughout this course. And, you know, my dream was to move to the beach. And so we these are my kids. Now you can see that they're older and grown and, you know, they're doing well. And I got to, you know, be with them while they were growing up and we moved to the beach, which the lab just absolutely loves. And this is the view that from my office. So that's what I get to look at every day. And so you're probably asking, why the heck is she talking to me about funnels? And what does that have to do with an irresistible freebie? And so, really, a funnel is the beginning of a funnel is your irresistible freebie. It's having the right offer for the right person at the right time. And we're gonna talk a lot more about that in the next lesson. Thanks for hanging with me. See you soon. 3. Lesson 1: Leading Your Way To More Leads, Sales And Impact By Having The Right Offer: Hi, it's Jean Linux again. Welcome back to creating an irresistible freebie for impact and conversion. So a freaky is also called attraction offer, and I like to call him an attraction offer. And what we're gonna talk about in this lesson is what they are, why you've gotta have one and of course, how to create a good read, a good one. And I promise that I was going to tell you what having an irresistible freebie had to do with having the fun. Well, approximately 96% of the visitors that comma to your website are not ready to buy. That's a quote from Hub Spot. 96% of the people that come to your website are not ready to buy. Just sit on that for a minute. So that means that if you have your main offer on your website that you are on Lee impacting 4% off the people that come there right, and it means that you're only making 4% off the money that you could be making. So how do you solve that? You create a journey, you want to take them by the hand and walk them step by step for where they are now to where they need to be. You're going to do that by creating offers and buying. Doing that. You're going tohave much more impacts, and you're also going to make a lot more money. So it's like the best of both worlds. You get to make more money and you get to have a bigger impact. So it's a win win win because having a funnel really means having the right offer for the right person at the right time. That's it. A funnel is the right offer for the right person at the right time. There is a catch, though. You also want to make sure that you are bridging the gap between the want and the knee. You know exactly what they need. You have the solution for them, and you want to give them what they need, but they don't know what they need, yet they Onley know what they want, and so you have to bridge that gap. You have to give them what they want until you can lead them to what they need. And so that's going to be your job. For instance, when people would come to me for Facebook advertising, and often they would come because that everybody talked about Facebook advertising this the thing to do. So they would say I need Facebook advertising. They really didn't need Facebook advertising. What? They needed waas an offer, but they wanted Facebook advertising. What they really wanted, though, was deeper than that is they wanted Mawr business, right? They wanted Mawr leads. And so my job was to tell them how to get that. That wasn't necessarily Facebook advertising, so I would slowly give them what they wanted. I would talk to them about Facebook advertising and how in having Facebook advertising. It's important to have the right offer, and that would instantly lead them to a funnel because in with cold, warm hot, that is, the kind of traffic that is gonna come to your website is either cold, warm, hot. When you're talking about fixed like advertising, you're talking about cold traffic, so they are unaware they don't know who you are, and they all I know is what your ad has said. And so it's going to take them some time to get to know you, so if you try to lead them to an expensive offer, which is what most people tried to do. It will not work. It will not convert. It will not get them to buy. They will just go away. So your job and cold traffic is to generate. And as Kate and so that's the G. So I created this simple the genie technique that's gonna help you remember what your job is in each one of the phases, every piece of their journey. So when they're unaware in their cold traffic, you're going to generate and educate. And then, as their awareness is becoming mawr, there was becoming aware of you. They're becoming aware of the problem. Then your job is to engage with them. Now they're starting to warm up right there. They're becoming interested in what you have to offer and knowing that you have the solution. And so now they're they want to know that you're the one. So you are then nurturing him and explaining to them. And this is where you would talk about case studies and those kinds of things, so that they know that you are the one. And so now they're really warming up in there At this point they're going to become a client, and then it's your job to intrigue them, to show them how different you are and how much of a difference you can make for them, so that then you can escalate them and they become raving vans and they want to buy absolutely everything you have. At that point, they are hot. I mean, they're really hot when they come in. As I client another example off warm traffic would be someone has referred them to you, so they kind of know you. They've been told that you're good, and so they're coming in warm, right? So they're skipping over the unaware and the awareness stage, and they're going right into the interest stage. That also might happen. If you're a speaker and they hear you speak, they're going to come right into the warm stage. Or, if you're on someone's podcaster of you, have your own podcast. So there are times when you can skip the cold stage. However, Facebook advertising is not one of them, and that's all right. So in I like to call it an irresistible freebie, an attraction offer. You, however, may have heard it referred to as a lead magnet, a give away, a freemium or an ethical bride. I just want you to know that these are all the same thing. They absolutely mean the same thing. I like to call them an irresistible Phoebe because I think it's easier for people to understand exactly what it is. I also refer to it as an attraction offer and some of my trainings, and I like to call it an attraction of her because you're attracting people to you, naturally versus a lead magnet, believing it to me. Sounds like your polling people in and almost maybe a little dishonestly, right, as opposed to your attracting them to you offer naturally. So that's why you're going to hear me refer to it as an irresistible freebie. Or sometimes I'm gonna call an attraction offer. But it when they're in the outside world, you're going to hear it called the Magnet Free Giveaway Freemium and Ethical Bride just so that we know that all of those mean the same thing. And that's what we're going to be talking about in this core source. So in here is a simple freebie or an attraction. Offer is a valuable and wait a kienan. That word of valuable free giveaway that you create for your target market and you give it away in exchange for their name and email in the goal is to make it so good that your audience can't resist signing up for it. So here's the thing. The key words. There are valuable free giveaway and their name and email, which really means it's not free because to them it has a cost. And so you have to make it something enticing so that they will take that step in one way that you can determine how to get a good one. This ask yourself. What are the top three questions that you're constantly getting asked when people, when you tell people what you do, what are your audiences? Pain points. What is your solution, you know, So when you think about them, is there some sort of pain that they're going through? For instance, For me, my audience usually has tried to create a freebie. So many times they've tried to create a funnel so many times and they're in pain and they just are frustrated. And so I want them to know that I understand and this is how I solved it. And so you want to think about that? What are their pain points? And then what content would be so valuable that they will say, I can't believe it was free and I really want you to get that free does not mean not that it's not good. It really means to be good. And we'll talk a lot more about that, right? So in this lesson we talked about the right offer for the right person at the right time, and that is how a free offer relates to a funnel. We talked about the genie technique for moving them through the funnel and creating a step by step journey and taking them by the hand. And then we talked about the attraction offer in a freebie being the same thing, and we talked about how we can ask the questions of ourselves to determine what would be a good one. Your action activity is to write down those three pistons that you get asked the most often . So when people know what you do and you're talking to people either your clients or potential clients, what are the three questions that you get asked the most often, and I want you to go ahead and post toes in the forum so that we can all see them because that is gonna be key to your next step in creating your freely. Previ. If you have any questions, you can email me at support at irresistible solutions stock com or post them in the Forum. You can also go to my Facebook group, facebook dot com. Forward slash groups forwards Les Irresistible solutions, and that's a really great place to go and get some extra support. I'll see you on the other side. 4. Lesson 2: The Main Job Of Your Freebie: Hi. Welcome back to creating an irresistible freebie for impact and conversion. This is Jean Linux, and I'm so excited that your back and on this journey with me and I'm ready to get started in this lesson, we're gonna be talking about the three types of offers that you should have and why being specific in your offers really really matter and what the freebies main job is and also what your audience really cares about. So the three types of offers are the core offer a low cost offer, or I like to call it a welcome offer. You may have also heard it referred to as a trip wire and then the free offer. We're gonna be focusing on the free offer during this course, but I think it's important to mention the other two. Your core offer is where you are trying to lead them when you're walking them through this stuff by stuff journey. Where are you leading them? What is your main offer? Some. You may have heard it called a cash cow. What is that offer for you? Is it consulting? Is it done for you? Service is in a coaching or group coaching Or is it your You know, this particular gadget that you have? What is your main offer? Where's if you want to take a Maybe it's a membership site. You have to figure it out what it is. And hopefully you have the answer to that so that the rest of this course will be much easier. And then the low cost item can usually would be pulled from the core offer. And it is less than $50 for online, less than $500 for offline. And it really is key that you have multiple offers for online and offline because they will be different depending on where they are in their journey and how they met. You will change that. So you remember the Cold War hot? Well, when they know you in person there warm, they're not starting off in the cold area. And so you can offer ah, higher priced offer, right, so that we're gonna mostly focus on the free. But I think it's really important that you know that you're where you're leading them to. So if you could have that in mind as you're going through this course, it's going to be really helpful. And I just wanna put in this disclaimer that the offers really do work together, that none of the offers work solely on their own. You're all important. And if they're terrible, then it will not work. So if you have a terrible free offer, you're not going to get them to buy your low cost offer. If you have a terrible low cost offer, you're not gonna move them through to your core product. And if your core product dissident good, well, they're probably going to ask for refunds. So in order to get massive results, the secret is to have used a civil system, which is what I'm going to show you and then have great stuff. And since I can't see your stuff, I don't know if it's great, but you will know. So I wanted to talk a little bit about groceries. All right, so if I send a family member to the grocery store and I say pick me up some groceries, they're not gonna have any clue what I want. If I say pick me up some fruit, I'm getting a little bit more clear, but they're still a little fuzzy about what it is that I want. If I say pick me up some Berries now, I have a much better shot of getting what I want. If I'm wanting strawberries, though, wouldn't it be wise if I said pick me up some strawberries? And if I want organic strawberries and I'm going to say, pick me up some organic strawberries and I'm probably will even say what so that I can create a strawberry circuit and by being that specific, I'm going Teoh, get what I want And the same is true for you. The more specific you are with your offer, the better quality person that you are going to get because they are going to know what you're talking about. They're gonna know that it applies to them and they're gonna sign up being ready to move through their journey. If you are just talking to everyone, you are really talking to no one and you will not get the results that you want. So it's key to be really clear about who you're talking to and what it is that you're going to achieve with that Now, I talked a little bit about how one simple tweet can make a big difference. So as you're going through, you can see that just changing one thing like a headline or what your offer is really can make a big difference. And that's why I encourage you to go through all of the lessons in order so that you really do get a clear picture of what a great free offer. ISS. So I was working with Jeannie Levinson with guerrilla marketing. They're a special exception because they have over 100 books, and so that means they have a lot of organic traffic, so they don't even have to pay to get people to come to their website. People there coming all the time because they're going through and reading their books. And then they come and check them out on their website. But they were not using that traffic one. Obviously, they had a bunch of great free stuff, but they didn't have anything which I would call gated, which means it's where it's behind a page that us for their name and email address. So just by taking something that they already had in creating that lead medic magnet attraction, offer that freebie if you well and they were able to at 7000 new leads in a couple of months time. So it really made ah big difference quite quickly. So I just wanted you to see how easily it can be done. I just imagine the feeling of having some 1000 new leads in a short period of time. I am not saying that you're going to get 7000 new leads, but even seven new leads would be awesome, would it? And really, it's going to depend on how much traffic you get to your website, and that's a whole another course getting traffic right now, though, if you got the traffic, you wouldn't know what to do with it. So the key is to have a great offer so that when you can get that traffic to your site, they have somewhere to go and to become part of your community. Job of the irresistible freebie is to give hope. So when you're creating this, I really want you to focus in on that and to know that it's not going to sell all of their problems. You're hoping that it's going to give them hope, and yes, they're still gonna need you if you're not gonna be ableto give them this checklist and all of their problems are going to be solved. But when they see it, they're going to understand. Okay, I can do this. This makes sense. I can see that. If I apply these things that yes, I would get that result. And therefore you're giving them hope. Hope that they can do it. Hope that you're the one that will help them there and that your product is going to solve it for them. So hope is your job. Hope is the job of your irresistible freebie, and you want it to be awesome. You want them to say if this is free, I can't imagine what the paid stuff looks like. Now some of you may be saying, Well, of course, that's true. Of course I want to give them something great. And then there may be others of you that are thinking OK, but if I give him that for free, then what am I gonna charge for? And then they're not gonna want to pay for my my pain stuff because they already got the answer. You're not giving them the answer you're giving them one piece of a really big puzzle, but you have to give them a win. You have to give them hope. You can't just give them more toe, learn and more to read, or it's not going to move them forward. You want to let them see the glimmer off possibility so that they will know. But this free surface us, um, and I want to see what is next. And you also want to keep in mind that people buy transformation, not a product. So in other words, you're buying the transformation of a bigger list You're not buying a course on creating an ear is a simple freebie. You're you're buying into being able to make a bigger impact, make more money. So you're you are looking at the transformation that will come from taking the course, not the course itself, right. So in the substantively tracked about the three different types of offers core offer and then you're welcome offer, which is also a low cost buffer and the free offer. Then we talked about how important it is to be super super specific when you are creating your offer so that you know you're talking to the right person for you and that the job of the freebie is to give hope. And that transformation is really what people are looking for, not itself. Your action activity for this lesson used to think about what are your audiences? Pain points and the really the best way to get clear on that Mr Journal as your avatar and amateur is just another word for your person, for your community, for that person that you're trying to reach. And I want you to really, really think about the day and what they go through. Are they married? They have kids. Are they? Do they have school age kids? Other kids grown. Do they have grandkids? Are they working in the corporate world? What really makes some 10? Are they? Are they unorganized, you know, is time just getting away from them? What? What is their pain was take 15 20 minutes and go through their day. And I promise you, if you will do this, the rest of the course is going to be so much easier for you because you will be clear on who your person is and how you solve their pain. If you have any questions, you can email support at irresistible solutions dot com, or you can post them in the Forum. You can also go out to the facebook dot com forward. Such groups forward flashed irresistible solutions and join the Facebook group and ask your questions in there and get support from everybody. I will see you in the next lesson. Thanks for joining me. 5. Lesson 3: The Best Converting Types Of Freebies: Hello, It's Jean Linux, and we are still talking about creating an irresistible freebie for impact and conversion. In this lesson, we're gonna talk about the different types of freebies that you could create, and I'm gonna be using my eight point checklists to go over all of these different types with you. Here's the irresistible freebie checklist, and these are the types of freebies that are choices that are really good choices for you. If you want to get the full checklist, you can go to irresistible solution. Stop com forward slash f c for freebie checklist. Okay, so let's see a cheat sheet, a toolkit, a checklist, a quiz, a template, scripts, a report or a guy, a discount trial, video training or consultation. And we're gonna talk a lot more about best practices. But I wanted to point out video turning. They need to be really short videos, and I also wanted to point out the Do you notice that Webinar is not on here? And so when you're talking about a webinar, people think, Oh, that's a great freebie, but it's really not free because it takes their time. And so we talked before about cold warm and hot traffic. Ah, Webinar is really met for warm traffic. Somebody that has been warmed up and they know you and there know that they're not going to be wasting their time because their time is extremely valuable. Just as your time is extremely valuable, so they dont wanna waste it. And so you need toe warm them up and tell them how great you up. A webinar is really more of a low cost offer, not a freebie, because it is taking up time and time is money. Also, I know that many of you have heard that an e book makes a great freebie. And really, it doesn't for the same reason as the Webinar. An E book takes a lot of time to go through and so that it's going to get put aside and not looked up. And as we'll talk about in the next lesson, that's not a great thing. So you really want to keep them moving through their journey. And so an e books Not great. However, if you already have a knee book, I don't want you to fret, because you can probably go through your e book, make it shorter. Turn it into a guide, some sort of a quick start guide, something that can be consumed really quickly. Hand or turn it into a cheat sheet or checklist. So don't fret. You'll see and the next lesson. You know how easily you could then turn your e book into something else. But I did want to mention it's not listed here because it's not a great freebie. My top six are a resource guy, a cheat sheet checklists, which I really love. I'm a checklist kind of person, so you'll see that to you in the next lesson. The quiz. A template or report guide. My top six. A resource guy, a resource guide is a list of all the tools that you use or a list of all of the people that you have. And so I love resource guides, and they are excellent, excellent giveaways, and people really want to know. I can ask all the time. Who do you follow? So just preparing a list of resource is of who I follow is something that people would opt in for because they really want to know a T short cuts so they don't have to try to figure everything out there. Just want to see well, who do you follow? I'm gonna follow those same people and also giving them a list of all the different resource is that I use. Now I have this right on my website, you know, But yet some people would still prefer to receive it in a pdf format and so get it in a guide so that they can have it on their computer and not have to go back to my website. Also cheat Sheets and Amy Porterfield. She is like the queen of cheat sheets and so right on her main website. There are three different cheat sheets that you can use. They're excellent. Excellent notice that she's Keenan. She has three courses and she has three different cheat sheets and she's going to know what your interest are. Which course you would be interested in, based off of which cheat sheet you choose. So it's quite brilliant and then a checklist. And yes, I am the queen of checklists. I just love checklist. I used them all the time in my business and I to make sure that everything gets done and I think that everybody means them to move through processes in their business. And so here we go. I have three different checklists on my website, and I'm going to know what it is that you're interested in based off of which one you choose. So I'm going to know if you want a bigger list. If you want Morley's if you want more sales and then the quiz, the quizzes super popular and you just want to make sure that you don't keep it, you don't make it too complicated. You keep it simple. You can use pulled out here. Google forms for the yes or no type questions, and then the other ones are good to use. Thrive, quiz builder or cuisine ater class marker flexi quiz. Our test mas are good to use four actual quizzes, and some of them are better than others and that they'll actually allow you to have them opt in before they get the results. So they take the quiz, and then, in order to get the results, they have to give you their name and email address, and that is also a good way. I don't love it because I get a little annoyed by that. So I prefer you to ask you for my name and email up front. You know, before I take the quiz because I feel like I'm being tricked. If you let me take the quiz and then don't give me my results. But you just have to go by your audience and how that it would affect them. And then templates absolutely love templates. People love toe, have things done for them, made simple, made easy, and so templates are a great way for you to go. So if there's anything, I just really think about your business and what you offer in Are there things that you're doing all the time that you just repetitive Lee doing and that your people would also be repetitive Lee doing? And can you give them a template for that? It was talks, speak speakers. This works good for you could also give them scripts. Say, you know, So there's lots of different things to think about in a way that you could do some sort of a template, some sort of ah, done for you. Another one of my favorites is a report or a guide. Now, sometimes these might be called white papers and depending on what your field is, an engineering, I believe it's called the White Paper. And you know, for me, though, I like to call them like quick start guides, because I don't. My people want things that are fast and easy. So you want to think about your people and what terminology that they're going to want. And you also need to be careful about it being too long. I don't use this one anymore because it was too long, and then it would help them move to the next step. And we're gonna definitely spend more time talking about that in the next lesson. But just know that a report or a guide is a really good option. If used the right way for physical product options, you can do case studies of people that have been using the product. You can use coupons that's always good, that can opt in to get the coupon catalogue. Some people still like to have those catalogs mailed to them. You can get a PdF of a blogged that talks about the product. Believe it or not, people really do like tohave the actual blog's themselves or video tutorials. So should you know, extra, you might have some on your side, but if they want some that they can actually have and download, you can have an Upton for that. In this lesson, we covered the different types of freebies that you might want to create, and we use the eight point checklists to get those. And then we covered my six favorites, plus some that we could use for physical products. The action activity for this lesson is to brainstorm 10 potential free offers. So I don't want you to think hard. I want you to let it flow. The the main rule and brainstorming is there's no wrong answer. So I don't care that you don't know what a good one is yet. We're going to cover that in the next lesson. I don't want you to know what a good one is. When you're brainstorming, I want you to let your brain flow freely. So please, please, please brainstorm the 10 potential free offers before you move to the next lesson. Because once you know what a good one is, you're gonna be stifled. You're going to be thinking about Oh, but it doesn't meet this criteria. The thing is, is that you could maybe use any of these tens with just some simple tweaks, like what we talked about earlier. So I want you to just let it go right down. 10 possibilities. You can say that it is going to be a checklist, but make sure you say what kind of a checklist What will be on the checklist? You don't even have to necessarily say that it's going to be a checklist. You can just write down some of the pains and the questions that you're going to answer, and then figure out how you're going to answer those questions, whether it's going to be in a guy or in a report or in a checklist. So don't don't worry about any of those things yet. Just 10 potentials. Just brainstorm. Let it go. If you have any questions, you can email support at irresistible solutions dot com. Or you could ask it in the Forum or in the Facebook group facebook dot com, forward slash groups for a sash. Irresistible solutions. And I look forward to seeing you in the next lesson 6. Lesson 4: The Magic 8 Best Practices To More Opt-ins: welcome back to creating an irresistible freebie for impact and conversion. This is Jean Linux. Let's get rolling in this lesson. This is my favorite lesson, and we're gonna talk about the best practices for your freebie, and we're gonna be using my eight point checklists to go over all of those eight items. So the best practices for your freebie is it needs to be simple and specific, solves one thing, inspires immediate use, speaks to the end result, shifts the relationship, aligns with the main offer, looks professional and provides value. So we're gonna be going over each one of those eight things in a little bit more detail. If you want to get the full checklist, you can go to irresistible solutions dot com forward slash f c for free. Be checklist. Let's talk about simple and specific. We already did the example of the grocery store when we were talking about shopping and how it is important to be super specific when you are talking. So people know exactly who you are talking to, and what you are talking about is just is important that you keep it simple and concise. You don't wanna have a lot of extra words. You don't wanna have a lot of rhymes or Rufer words or, you know, cool sayings. You just want to get to the point and let them know exactly what it is and what it is for and who it is for what does itself. So a good example of this is a social media swiped file. You can't copy and paste the 72 proven headline formulas to get more clicks from Facebook, Twitter and your own block. You know exactly what it is. You know exactly what it's for, and you would know exactly what the end result is going to be. This is an excellent example of what a freebie should be and notice that it's a template. It's a swipe file, and it's a template. So it is fits into one of my favorite kinds of offers, and you also want to be sure that it solves one faith. A confused mine always answers no, so don't give too much and keep it extremely focused on one thing. When we talked about those three questions that people ask you all the time about your business, your Onley going toe, answer one off those questions on one freebie. Those three questions have the potential of being three different freebies. This one is one of my absolute favorites, and this would be your toolkit resource guide. And it is amazing if you're a professional speaker. Hello, You're talking to professional speakers, right? Very specific. You will send you a list of events that are looking to hire speakers, a list of events that are going to hire speakers. It's extremely cute earlier, extremely concise. I know exactly that They're talking to me and what I'm going to get, and then you want to be sure that it speaks to the end result. So we had talked about want versus need and how people buy transformation versus actual product. So you want to be sure that this is talking about what they are going to get. What are you solving? Not what are you doing? And you know, So it's to create perfect, irresistible freebie checklist. You know that you're creating the checklists were solving the problem of getting them a list. So when I talk about the checklist, I talk about growing your list or get making a bigger impact versus. Here's the checklist we're making a list of, you know we're creating. Ah, freebie. But why are we creating a freebie? So I increase you whenever you were looking at it toe. Always add the words so that creating an irresistible re be checklist so that you will have a greater impact and more profit. Always add the words. So that and then the want versus need. Be sure that your answering what they want, not what you feel that they need example of this was get the free cheat sheet, right? So here's one of my favorites a cheat sheet. The highest converting webinar registration schedule toe. Learn the exact schedule to register the most people possible. I don't love the word learned because now you're saying I'm just gonna learn it. If you said that it was a cheat sheet, don't tell me I'm learning something, You know, that's what goes without saying, but it's an awesome one, and it's like I know exactly what I'm going to get. Its the highest converting webinar registration schedule. That's what I'm going to get. I want to get the most people possible, and it's a great CI XI, which also means it's going to be fast and not super big. And this one is super important. And I'm not saying the other ones aren't cause they're all equally important. But this one is the one that most people miss. And you want to be sure that you get this. It inspires immediate use, so you want them to be able to use it quickly. You want them to get it quickly and you want them to consume it quickly in five minutes or less. How many of you have downloaded something inside? I will look at that later. And if you are anything like me, later means never. You have the best intentions of going back and looking at that later. But then other things come up, you know, other work, other life. It is just completely for gotten. You don't want to be the for gotten one. Do you want it to be something that gives them a win that they're going to look at right then and there can say, Oh, this is awesome In a checklist or a cheat sheet, those kind of things are quick wins, templates. There quick wins. You want to be sure that they get it quickly, they consume it quickly and that they're ready for more. Here's another example of this instant free download telling them they're going to get it quickly getting our goal and setting guide work. She So it's a guide and it's some work she's, and they may not use it right away, but they're going to get a win from it right away, because what is your main goal? To give hope. So now you have given me hope that I'm going to be able to set these goals on my own and know what a goal is. And I'm going to be able to meet my goals because that's the That's the point, right? I want to meet my goals now. The one thing setting successful people apart from everyone else is that they sat and accomplish goals. And I want to be a successful person, right? And so this is going to lead me in that direction, and then you want it to shift the relationship. So give them a win, give them hope, move them forward in their journey so that they think they believe that they can now go on to the next step shows that you're the expert, so this is gonna be so good that they're going to understand that they want to work for you . And this is positioning them to buy. Which is why you want to have that move along quickly is because you want to move them to the next up so you can make them the offer of something that actually costs money so that you can serve them better and you can make more money. All right, so 30 posts and 30 days increased visibility, more traffic, more clients. Again, it's 30 days. I'm not going to, you know, say that a win. It's a short time over 30 days. But I am getting it and I'm getting 30 posts and I'm gonna look at this and go, I can do this. This is 30 posts that Aiken do Now. I wonder which ones I should use wear. And then maybe the next offer is, you know, telling you how to you best use those 30 posts to get the most convergence and then you want to be sure that it provides actual value. And I know that we've talked about this a couple of times, but I don't think I can say it too often. It's not free. You're asking for their name in their email, which has tremendous value. So please understand that while you may think you're not making any money, therefore it's free. It's not free in their perspective and their perspective. It's costing them something very valuable, and they're not going to give it to you without thinking about it. You want to make sure that it is good and you want to make sure that once they give you their email address that it is really good. And if it's not, it's not gonna make them want to move to the next step. It's not going to show that you're the expert and that is what you truly want. You want to show that you are the expert, and if your stuff isn't great, if it doesn't provide tremendous value, then why do they want to go on? Why do they want to move to the next step? So police please, please keep that in mind and then looks professional, and I know that that seems silly to put in here, but it is key. You don't want it to be you know junk, and you want it to be formatted nicely. And Lena look somewhat professional. Here's the the key. Progress is better than perfection. And so often I see people get hung up on this looks professional because it's never enough . And so you won't release it because it's never enough. And I guarantee you whatever you create now you're going to hate a year from now. I created a course similar to this Ah, year ago, and I just can't stand it. So now I'm recreating the course. It's okay, you're going to get better. You're going to improve a year from now. I'm probably gonna hate this course, and I'll make it better in a year from now. You can look back on your freebie and you can make it better, so it needs to be good. But it doesn't need to be perfect, because striving for perfection will mean that you freeze in your tracks. It will not happen, so I really encourage you to get it to a point where it's good something that you could be proud of. But don't don't try to make it perfect, and then it needs to align with the main offer, which we've already talked about when we were talking about the three types of offers. Your core offer, your low cost offer and your free offer. They all need to complement each other because you're trying to walk them step by step through their journey so you don't want to have and offer. That is, let's say about email marketing for the freebie and that all of a sudden I start talking to you about websites and then you're going, Whoa, how did I get here? You want to make sure that the comp they complement each other, That doesn't mean that you can't slowly start talking from email marketing and move them into websites if that's what you truly believe, they need it. But the point is, is that it's going to take a little longer if it's not, if it's not complimentary. So the best way would be if I'm talking about email marketing and I'm having you opt in for a template that might about emails, that my offer is going to be something related to emails. So autos responders that convert course, for instance, that would be a great offer. You just want to make sure that it aligns all the way through and that you are actually taking them step by step in their journey and not taking any side steps in this lesson. We have covered the eight best practices for your freebie. So now you know the different types of freebies. You know what makes a good freebie? You know what the point of the freebie is? And so your action activity is going to use this checklist and then go back to those 10 ideas that you had come up with previously. And now take the checklist and look at it and say, OK, here's all the best practices. It meets almost all of them. And so this is the best one. So I want you to now take those 10 and look at them and say, OK, I'm gonna turn this into a checklist, and this is the type of checklists, and this is what I'm gonna call it because it actually meets all of these criteria. That's your your action activity for this time used eight points to choose your best offer from your 10 ideas that you brainstormed in the previous lesson. If you have any questions, you can email support at irresistible solutions dot com or post them in the forum, and that everyone will be able to chime in. You can also do facebook dot com forward. Such groups forwards lass, irresistible solutions, and I'll be sure to look at your offers there and give you any tips or ideas. Look forward, seen you in the next lesson. 7. Lesson 5: Which Need Does Your Freebie Fill: it's time for more, creating an irresistible freebie for impact and conversion. This is Jean Linux. Let's get started in this lesson. We're gonna talk about the three classifications of irresistible offers, and the three classifications are a brand promotional in content upgrade. Chances are you have been thinking of so far in this course your brand freebie. But there are a couple of other kinds of classifications that you may want to consider in the future. For instance, the brand is the one that's gonna be on your main website. It's the one that you talk about them most. It's the one that represents you and has a wide reach with your audience, and it aligns with your core offer. And that's what we've been talking about right, the one that aligns with your cash cow, the one that you are going to send people to the most. But it's not the only one. So here's a sample of a brand guerilla marketing. We talked about them earlier. The captain was download your free copy of 200 marketing weapons. That's very on brand for grill American ing, their well known for their 200 marketing weapons and that leans into a course about 200 marketing weapons. So while they have a freebie, which is there, you know, a cheat cheat, if you will, on the 200 marketing weapons, it doesn't tell them everything they need to know about the 200 marketing weapons. And then there's also a promotional classifications, which is something that you will use during your special promotions and launches. So you might have a new product coming out and you want toe. Launch it and you're going to create a freebie that relates just to it. Or you may have an affiliate offer that you have going on, and you may want to create a freebie for that. So an affiliate is when you're selling someone else's stuff and you're getting a commission . But you may want to create a freebie to get people toe up in tow, lead them to that particular offer. Also, it could be that you are trying to grow your list and you're participating in list building activities, and so you're going to create a special promotion. Just four that activity, for instance, I participated in the make more money, give away, and in in that give away. Instead of just the checklist, I gave away one module of the attraction offer, so it wasn't the entire course. But I gave away one little piece of it to give people a taste of what it was like and that then let them know if they wanted more. And so it was a little bit more than the regular freebie because it was warm traffic. Remember the cold, warm hot? This is warm. They're being introduced to me. And then I offered them something free. But yet something more to come thes. They're some pretty old pictures, so it's kind of funny. But anyway, branding is everything. Now we have a content upgrade, and the content upgrade is probably one of my favorites. And it is what I would use the most often for doing Facebook advertising. And really, it's a bonus piece of information, and it just elaborate on what you're giving them in the content. So you're gonna have a video or ah, blawg pose for maybe an audio file. Maybe you'll have a podcast and you'll have the podcast on your website. And then while they're listening to the podcast, you may offer ah content upgrade. So it's something that is related directly to what you are talking about. So if in the content you're talking about time management, you could then offer some sort of a checklist or cheat sheet to help have better time management. Or if you're offering something related to stress, perhaps some sort of a meditation video or audio that they could listen to. Just make sure that it's related directly to the content. For instance, this is a blogged post, and it's you know, they how toe choose your virtual assistant. And then the give away on the bottom is learned the three magic questions to assess your virtual assistant. So it's very gonna be something very simple, very short, and it is going to be directly related to the block pro, so that would be considered, ah, content upgrade. I just as a side note, I wanted to point out the side bar that says, Need more information, book a free consultation that's for hot traffic. And then the three magic questions learned the three magic questions to assess your virtual assistant that is four cold traffic and then a webinar join us for our webinar. How to grow your business and still have a life that is for warm traffic. I love. And yes, they were clients. I love to have something for cold, warm hot on the sidebar because we don't really know where people are in their journey when they're popping onto our website. So having something for everyone is a really great idea. So that's a side note. Just a little bonus information, since we happen to be looking at this website that had that there for us, a continent great. Nearly 61% of the U. S. Consumers have made a purchase based on a block post that was from social media today, and I got it. The ah 80 Porterfield, 61% have purchased based on a block post. That's a lot. And so if you can move them through their journey in this begin and a block post, then you have done your job and the same when it's a block post, it could be a video, and it could be an audio. It's just there on your website, some sort of great content on your website. In this lesson, we've talked about the freebie classifications we talked about the Bray and which is the one you probably have been thinking about all along. As you've been going through to create your free tea, we talked about the promotional, one that will be for special events and one time kite type offers and then the content upgrade, which is going to be related directly to some sort of content and offered in that content. Your action activity for this lesson is to choose which class of freebie you are creating for this course. Are you working on your brand? Are you working on the promotional or do you want to do a content upgrade? Now that you know there are three different types, which one fits your offer best? If you have any questions, you can email support, irresistible solutions dot com. Or you could go to the Facebook group facebook dot com. For such groups, Forward slash irresistible solutions. So please post in the forum. What category? Uh, freebie you are building. See you in the next lesson 8. Lesson 6: How To Name Your Freebie So That People Can't Wait To Sign Up: I'm excited. You're continuing your journey, creating an irresistible freebie for impact and conversion. This is Jane Linux, and I just wanted to say congratulations for making it this far. I know there's been a lot of information and you are definitely one of the 4%. So pat yourself on the back and know that you've got this. All right, let's get started in this lesson. We're gonna talk about naming your freebie, so we're gonna talk about best practices for creating headlines, and we're gonna throw in some headline ideas that you can use as your own. Then I'm gonna talk about some headline creation tools. So some tools that you can actually use to get good headlines and then headline formulas. Now, this is one of the longest lessons, and so I'm actually gonna break it into I'm going to cover the 1st 3 pieces and then the headline formulas is going to be in the next video. So this lesson will actually be in two separate videos. All right, so let's go say it simply and directly. We've already talked about this. No cleverness, no jokes, no wordplay. I know that a lot of people when there are, um, talking about copyrighting. They want to get clever with their words, But truly, it's been proven that when you say simply and directly you will attract the right people, you will have higher conversions. So don't worry about trying to do rhymes and all of that good stuff to say it state the end result. We've also spoken about this. Transform your major benefit into a headline. And then what is the number one selling point? Make sure that that's up front and that it can be seen easily and speak to the end result. And my tip as a reminder for speaking to the end result was to say so that if you add so that to the end, you will always be speaking to the end result. Here is this so that this all right, some ideas to help you get going and creating your headlines announce intriguing news. We are just naturally curious. We want to know we need to know. So casting your headline in a way that suggests that it's news rather than advertising will definitely get attention. For instance, at last, a new tool that will turn the coaching world upside down at last. See, that sounds like Oh, we've been waiting on this, introducing the newest idea that to get speaking gigs from you wherever you are, so introducing that makes it sound like it's news. Right now you can create a funnel and just 10 weeks now, like you corner before, but now you can with this new tool. Or you could pose a suggestive question is that involves your reader, and it gets them thinking it's not random or clever, but it is directly and clearly related to the major benefit of your product, and it needs to get a yes or, at the very least on. I'm not sure, but I want to know more. So you want to make sure that these are geared towards getting a yes, not enough. For instance, do you make thes three common mistakes with your clients? Lost a client lately? Read this. How do I know which place I should advertise? So those are very closely related to what is going to be offered, and some headline tools for you to use is co schedules Headline analyzer. It's It's a really good one, it will tell you. You put in a general idea, and it's gonna pop out some headline choices for you. And then Buzz Izumo also does the same thing. So those air some tools that you can actually use to help you create the name for your freebie. All right, Part two is gonna be a separate video, so I'm going to see you over there. 9. Lesson 6A: Step-By-Step Headline Formulas For Easy Duplication: headline formulas. Welcome back. I know this is a little bit longer lesson, and that's why I broke it into two pieces for you. Now we're gonna talk about headline formulas, which I just love these, and I think it's going to make it so much easier for you to create your name to create your headline how to formula, which is my favorite. I just love the how to and then offer useful information formula and give a command the how to formula, how to plus the action, plus a keyword plus the promise. Do you really want appeal to the how to instinct? We all have it. We want to know how to what? How do we improve ourselves? How do we improve our lives and we want it and we need and want the promise to fulfill it and highlight the benefit or the final result, not the process itself. So, as always, you're talking to the end result not about how you do it. Here's an example how to plus the action, plus the keyword plus the promise. So how to create is the actual word, an online sales funnel key word that makes six figures promise. All right, so again, how to plus action plus keyword plus promise, how to action, Make key word money, promise from home and be able to quit your job. Another example. How to stop is the action. Wasting time is the key word and start making money. That's the promise, all right, and another formula is to offer useful information, and I want to be clear. You're going to choose one of these formulas. You're not going to try to combine them all into one. Just choose one and use it to create your formula. So figure out which one makes the most sense for your free be and then use it. Offer useful information we don't want just information. There's I want to be clear, you know that. Like I spoke about earlier, I don't wanna learn something. I don't want to read something I don't want just mawr information. I want it to solve something for me. You want to give me a secret or a tip or a hit or a lot rule system. Give me a sense of control. A useful information formula is the definition plus the guide or the template or checklist . Whichever it is that you have are creating plus the action, plus the key word, plus the promise. So here's an example. A quick guide. So quick is the definition guide to is a guide in a template to riding high, converting headlines in five minutes or less. The action is writing. The keyword is high converting headlines and the promise in five minutes or less. Here's another example. You have a step by step. That's your definition. Templates to creating the action is creating the most productive day so that you can make money and still see your family. Do you see the promise to the key? Word is the most productive day, and the promise is so that you can still see your family. Make money so and see your family. So we use this one, even used the word so that they don't always have to be there. They can just be implied, but this one made it really easy. You can actually see it being used, and then another is an easy checklist. So you have Easy is the definition checklist is your guide or template to create? That's your action. You're irresistible. Freebie. That's your keyword that will create the right people that are positioned for purchasing. And that's the promise you're attracting the right people that are positioned for purchasing. And then another formula is give a command. So you're still your audience, what to do, what it is that they need to do right now. Be direct, provided benefit and then taken authoritative position. So the command formula is called action plus keyword plus promise. Download this checklist to get more leads. Now you might actually combine these two headlights, so I might say, Let me go back for you, I might say an easy tuck lists to create your irresistible freebie that will attract the right people that are positioned for purchasing. That could be on the very top of the page that they're going to see. And then I might use a command. But it's closer to my button, and I might say, then download this checklist to get more leads, so I could very well use both of these headlines on the same landing page. I'm not gonna name my freebie with using both of those, but these air going to help you create the copy for the landing page where your freebie will be so that they will take action on that. How? Toe action. Try these six strategies to decrease stress. Another one use this template to create your headlines that will double your optimists so you can see the use and then templates for headlines. Double opt ins is the promise. I know this was a lot of information in this lesson. I hope you stayed with me. And I hope you're gonna practice this because it will take you practice. But we've covered all the best practices for creating your name and also creating your headlines for your landing page where you'll have your often listed. We've covered some great headline ideas for you. We had headline creation tools that you can use to create your actual headlines and check out yours to see if you come up with good ones. And then we have also covered all of the headline formulas was amazing stuff. I stop use this plus this, plus this formulas to create your headlines and also create your subtitles for your names. The action activity for this lesson is to create ah, how to and a useful information headline for your freebies. You should do now is go back to the formula for how to and useful information. And look at both of those formulas. Take a screenshot or write it down and then create your headline using those formulas and then posted in the forum. And if you have any questions, you can email support at irresistible solutions dot com, and you can also post him in the Facebook group. So facebook dot com forward slash groups forward slash irresistible solutions. But I would really love to see your headlines. So please let me check him out and I'll see you in the next lesson. I'm excited your 10. Lesson 7: Simple Techniques To Design Your Own Freebie: Hi. Welcome back to creating your irresistible freebie for impact and conversion. This is Jean Linux, and I'm really excited about this lesson. Sometimes people get stuck on the tech stuff, so I just wanted to give you a little bit of insight about how I create my freebies, and there are a couple of different ways that I do it. And one is I use word Microsoft Word, and that is how I would create anything that had a you know, a lot of multiple pages. However, I always create my covers using a tool called Can Va. And so I just wanted to give you a quick look at one of the course books I've created. So this isn't actually a freebie, but it's the same general idea as a freebie. So it created the cover in Canberra, and then I just enlarged it to fit inward. And then I went through and created a regular word documents. And so you can do that, or you can do it the way that I'm going to show you right now, which is actually create everything right inside of Canada. So I'm going to show you a couple other things that I have created in canvas before I show you how to create your own. First, there are some checklists that I have created in Canada. One of my favorite can vote templates is this one here called a four, and when you go into a four, it's a really terrible name. It's not named while, but when you go into a four, you're going to see that there are a lot of templates that are available for you. So when you look at all the different layouts and some of them are going to be free, and then some of them will have a dollar sign next to them, if you choose the one that has a dollar sign next to it, it does mean it does cost money. That's usually a dollar is what it costs, but it is a dollar per use, So every time you tried to download it, it would be a dollar. I'd like to stick with the free ones, as you know, much as I can. Every now and then, I have really loved one and chosen one of the dollar ones. You could see that there are a ton of choices and I really like this one here when I'm trying to create some sort of like an infographic. This weekly agenda works really well and you could turn these little boxes into, you know, anything that you want them to be. And this is where I created my checklists. Also, I have created a ton of different covers for a lot of different freebies. As you could see, I have a standard one that I use. It's a very similar looks. It has the picture on the top and then a colored bottom. And then you know the wording in the middle, and I changed the colors. I changed the pictures, but it's the same basic look every time which makes it really easy for me to create, cause all I have to do has come in and Click Copy and I start out with an existing template of mine. And then I just change it up to be, you know, one of a different format. So I changed the picture. I changed the words and boom, I'm done. So just know that you don't have to make it difficult, and you can, though create your entire PdF within of Canberra right, So let's do that. So let's go to choose the crazy Resign. Oh, back it up for a minute. If you do not have a canvas account, you are going to need to create a canvas account. I'm not gonna take you through those steps. It's pretty self explanatory. You're gonna have to put in your email address and probably confirm your email address, and then they'll allow you to save all of your designs. And so you're gonna want to do that so that you can save your designs. You're gonna get a screen that looks something like this, and I want to choose the one under. Ah, blogging and e books. It says Book cover, and then you're going to see again. There are a bunch of different designs that you can choose from. You can create your own from scratch. So if you were great at design, you can start with the blank slate and create your own. Also, if you are on the pain version of Candle, which I am not, and I've been using it for years. But if you are, there's this little resize button here, and it's a really sweet tool that I could, you know, sizes to be 8.5 by 11. Really easily if I wanted to. So I'm gonna just choose. I like, um, ones that have something on the top. Something in the middle, Usually a picture in the middle. Let's just see we'll go. Want to make sure it's free? Here's a good one, right? So a beach town times bestseller where you know, if you know me at all, I just love the beach. So I picked the absolute perfect one, and then I'm going to go down a little bit more. You can add a new page, and then I'm going to choose this one for the second page. Okay, So now the really cool thing about camera is that the colors and the photos are really easy to change out, so it allows you to save your colors, your branding colors. So when I click on the piece that I want to change the color four and then I go up to the box up here and click it and then see these, it says brand colors. When you're in your on the paid version, it will let you save a lot more. When you're on the free version, you can save three brands colors, and I actually have four brand color. So of course, one of them is missing, but I chose the ones that I use the most often. So I'm gonna choose one of those colors to change that background, too. And then I'm going to click in the brown on the lettering. Okay, so I'm gonna choose the brown color for the text and then choose the box to pick a different color, and I'll choose the lighter turquoise color. I don't do it again for the brown box on the bottom, and I'll change that same turquoise color. And I'm not gonna change a lot here because the point is is that you got how easy it is to do it. I'm not going to take up a lot of your time going through and designing the whole cover, but you could see just how easy it is. And then when you come over to the left to a bar on the side, there's a one called uploads, and this is where you can actually upload your own photos. And so I uploaded one earlier, and so I'm going to just move that there and then where it says this beach town bestseller , I can just click on that. And then I'm gonna press delete on the keyboard and it will go away, all right, And so that you could see just how easy it is. And I could actually make this picture like, a little bigger cause, you know, I like just the hands, not so much the person. And you could see that I could just make him easily disappear just by clicking the arrows on the side to resize the picture and we go back to show you what I did. So when you're when you click on it, you're gonna have these boxes that will appear these little dots. And then when you point at the dot they get re sizing arrows and then you can click and drag that in or out to make it bigger or smaller. It doesn't have to fit on to your template. You know, as you could see when I click on it, the boxes much bigger. So that's actually the size of the photo. And that's OK. It just won't print that part. But, you know it's still there. All right, so that would be page one. And of course, we would change the wording to be whenever we wanted the wording to be. And you just click right in there and I could say, um, the power word cheat sheets right? And then that will be my cover for my power word cheat sheet. And then I add the second page. And this is a really nice second page because you can have, like the border on the top and the border on the bottom, and I can actually click here in the middle, and I can delete everything that's in the middle so that it's just a nice white backgrounds where I can then add regular text. So I'm clicking on the box, selecting the whole thing and then pressing delete. And so it's just really quick and easy way. Now. I have a border on the top in a border on the bottom. I really enjoy the you know, the kind of the messy borders, but they have the templates that have the square borders as well, and so you could just delete the middle piece and then use the borders, and it's already set up for you. Then click on the border and again change it to be any color that you would like it to me. And I'm gonna choose turquoise and then for the bottom, I'm gonna go over and get my website, and then I'm gonna click in layer, and I'm gonna put my website in instead of her name. And I'm gonna change that color to be a pretty your color and then the top, I would, you know, change that to be the power were cheat sheet so that it would say that on every page running the leader Germany, right? And then I'm gonna also I'm gonna change that to be a pretty blue, You might want to make it bigger. You would probably change this one to match that so that the coloring is the same. And then I could put anything in the middle here that I want to. So if I wanted to go over and get my power word cheat, cheat. I haven't created a word. And I could just come over here and copy and paste. One thing you want to note is it will not bring in the formatting. So don't spend a lot of time formatting it over inward. Just you can type all of the information that you want, or you can bring in information from your blog's posts directly into here. But don't spend a lot of time formatting because you will have to reformat it once you get it into here. And so I'm just gonna show you how to grab a little text box. You come over again to the left hand side and click on text, and then you can choose and, of course, comes up with lots of different templates of, you know, fancy type texts. But we just want a regular text box. So I'm going to say, Add a little body of text and the night you just can clicking there and start typing in the It's very easy to do. I can. I'll go out another one. You're like second click. When you point out this, you see how it comes up with the little, uh, arrows look like a plus sign. I can click that and drag it, and I can move it anywhere you want it so I can put that over there and then I can click go up here and click copy, and it's gonna duplicate that for me, and then I can click it and I can drag it over. And now I have created two columns that are exactly the same size. So it makes it, you know, simple, simple, simple. And then once I have this page set up the way I want to be, I can easily then come here and I click on copy this page, and it will duplicate it for me. And now all I have to do is fill in my text. And I have another page, and I can do this as many times as I need and then to really make it super simple. All you do is you got to download you. Choose pdf Standard, and you say download and it's gonna download that. And then you can upload it to anywhere you would like. All right. This is it for the canvas lesson. I hope this helped, and I'll see you on the other side. 11. Irresistible Freebie Conclusion: Hi, it's Dean Lannoo. Fact with you. For the last time in this course, I've had a lot of fun. I hope you have to. And I hope that you have your free be ready to go. There are some additional steps that you're going to need to take. Of course, you're going to need tohave a page to send people to where they can actually captain for that. That's called a sales and or landing page. And so we're gonna want to do that. And that'll be in the next part of the series. And also, you're going to need a way to deliver the freebie. So where are you going to store it, you know, Is it going to sit on your website? Is it going to be on Amazon as three? Those are a couple of the choices so that you can then deliver it to people and actually some auto responder system. So an email system, you can actually attach it and send it that way. I don't recommend it because it will lower the deliverer ability rate, so not as many people are going to get it, but it is something that can be done And that's the other thing that you need is you need to be sure that you have an outer responders system in place so that you can get people their freebie and then start talking to them so that they really get to know you and know that you're the expert and know that they wanna go where you go next. Don't forget to follow me and be sure to do a review. If you have any questions, you know how to get me. Let's talk in the forum.