Creating Wall Decoration in Tangles Art | Yulin Cheng | Skillshare

Creating Wall Decoration in Tangles Art

Yulin Cheng, Tangle Art Designer

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4 Videos (18m)
    • Introduction

    • Tools x Basic elements x Triangular shape

    • Five Patterns 101

    • Tangles Artwork Creating 101


About This Class

Tangles art is an relaxing drawing method, it's enjoyable and easy to learn.

Everyone can create your own artworks. 

You will learn five tangle patterns from this class, and to utilize them filling into triangular drawing shape.

Just enjoy the every drawing steps!


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Yulin Cheng

Tangle Art Designer

Hello, I'm YulinC

It's about someone who loves tangle arts deeply with heart and create a space to let others know/like it as well. Share the art, enjoy and love it through my works.

YulinC is also one of Certified Zentangle Teachers. Combine with fashion, tangle art and inspirations from everyday life to make the better works and products!

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