Creating Thumb-Stopping Instagram Posts | Rules and Tools | Jesse Onomiwo | Skillshare

Creating Thumb-Stopping Instagram Posts | Rules and Tools

Jesse Onomiwo, Digital & Social Media Marketing Pro

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5 Videos (16m)
    • Introduction to course

    • What are thumb-stopping Instagram posts

    • 6 rules to creating thumb-stopping Instagram Posts

    • 12 tools to start creating great posts

    • Class Project


About This Class

Give me 16 minutes and I will show you how to get thousands of likes on your Instagram posts. And it's 100% free....Without buying likes or getting fake likes....but by showing you what to post and how to do it…

Millions of posts get shared on Instagram everyday. How will yours stand out enough to make a user pause and check you out?
That is the key this class promises to give you. It's like a magic. If you apply the rules in this course and the attendant tools suggested, just like a magnet, people will pause their thumbs from just scrolling away at the sight of your posts. 

Here are the things to expect from this class:

  • Tactics for creating attention-grabbing Instagram posts
  • A more engaging social media strategy
  • Tools to design your Instagram posts like a pro even without a prior design experience
  • You will be instantly equipped with resources that would cost you nothing to perform better.





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Jesse Onomiwo

Digital & Social Media Marketing Pro

I have over 7 years' experience executing for brands, speaking, training and blogging about how to win as a brand or business using digital marketing and social media technologies. It doesn't matter the size of your business, you can leverage on these tools to get results that can astound your competitors and even you.

I have served in various marketing capacities using digital and social media tools for industry sectors like IT Infrastructure and Software, Energy, Real Estate, Profes...

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