Creating Thumb-Stopping Instagram Posts | Rules and Tools | Jesse Onomiwo | Skillshare

Creating Thumb-Stopping Instagram Posts | Rules and Tools

Jesse Onomiwo, Digital & Social Media Marketing Pro

Creating Thumb-Stopping Instagram Posts | Rules and Tools

Jesse Onomiwo, Digital & Social Media Marketing Pro

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5 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction to course

    • 2. What are thumb-stopping Instagram posts

    • 3. 6 rules to creating thumb-stopping Instagram Posts

    • 4. 12 tools to start creating great posts

    • 5. Class Project

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About This Class

Give me 16 minutes and I will show you how to get thousands of likes on your Instagram posts. And it's 100% free....Without buying likes or getting fake likes....but by showing you what to post and how to do it…

Millions of posts get shared on Instagram everyday. How will yours stand out enough to make a user pause and check you out?
That is the key this class promises to give you. It's like a magic. If you apply the rules in this course and the attendant tools suggested, just like a magnet, people will pause their thumbs from just scrolling away at the sight of your posts. 

Here are the things to expect from this class:

  • Tactics for creating attention-grabbing Instagram posts
  • A more engaging social media strategy
  • Tools to design your Instagram posts like a pro even without a prior design experience
  • You will be instantly equipped with resources that would cost you nothing to perform better.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jesse Onomiwo

Digital & Social Media Marketing Pro


I have over 7 years' experience executing for brands, speaking, training and blogging about how to win as a brand or business using digital marketing and social media technologies. It doesn't matter the size of your business, you can leverage on these tools to get results that can astound your competitors and even you.

I have served in various marketing capacities using digital and social media tools for industry sectors like IT Infrastructure and Software, Energy, Real Estate, Professional Services and Consulting, Security, Telecoms, Sports, Education, Religion, etc. I am a Certified E-business Professional in CRM and hold a Bachelors of Science in Computer Sciences from the University of Lagos, Nigeria.

In one of my engagements, I developed web-enabled sales channel st... See full profile

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1. Introduction to course: Have you ever wondered what it takes to stand out in the sea off posts on instagram? That is exactly what this course is about. This is creating some stopping instagram posts, the rules and tools. Welcome to this course. I am Jesse A normal, and I am in the driver seat on this one. So I speak, train and blogged about how to win as a brand or business using digital marketing and social media technologies. It doesn't matter the size of your business. You can leverage on this tools to get results that can. I found your competition does. I am a founder of Social in Nigeria, a platform that dedicates both newbies and experts on the subject of digital marketing and social media. I also host a weekly veal upstairs called Justice Speaks where I share practical and no nonsense steeps on achieving your leverage with this marketing technologies. So in this transformational course, we've been looking deeply into the following. First of all, we're gonna understand what some stopping instagram posts are with delving father to look at six rules to creating some stop in instagram posts. We'll also be exposed to 12 tools to instantly start creating stunning Instagram polls and then will be introduced to the class project, so I'll be glad to see you on the inside. 2. What are thumb-stopping Instagram posts: said the unit was some stopping Instagram posts are, well, the terms himself. Explanation. But let's reviews the guest time. Have you upset that when you're screwed into your instagram feed, you just continue until you come across that exceptional post that makes you pass. That is exactly the idea. It also means it. Some stop imposed, his eye catching or attention grabbing. So where this kind of post mentally discover first is in the instagram search, feed the instagram search feed at Gates Post based on hashtag location or your previous search patterns, Most especially the second place you can find this kind of pools are and the Instagram news feed. Hey, it is the posts off those that you follow you will find. Now, let's flip this. It is only those that follow you that will find your posts here. But hey, listen, it does not mean your followers will automatically click your post. And recent, you are count. There must be something exciting about your post for them to go that extra mile, and that is exactly what we want to discover in the next class. 3. 6 rules to creating thumb-stopping Instagram Posts: so you want to start creating some stopping instagram posts. If so, he had a rules to keep in mind. First of all, use high quality imagery. Use high quality e major. Either use stock photos or fathers from shop commerce and nothing less if it didn't shop Enough. It ain't worth going up. Can't get more deliberated by the fathers you put up on instagram. The quality of commerce that come with an average smart foreign these days is amazing, so you don't exactly have an excuse after not taking, which shuts the patient enough to make your camera get and focused. Use natural or great lighting while trying to get quality shuts For Instagram, however, do not lose your natural nous. Don't be too mechanical or at official. Yes, check cautions. Now, for images that are not follows of you. Can you use quality stuff for those? There are loads of free sources on the Web. In the next class, I'll share some of them, especially one that you can access directly on your mobile device through its up the next rule to keep in mind. ISS UES distinct but harmonious text overlays There is a subtle science to the harmony between a post entire imagery and the text you pulling it, using colors that seem to be in the same color family as the inner ive age or background creates a sublime effect on the eyes and makes love. The post My new in this millennial generation, how money is not necessarily similar tours. It also means shop contrasting colors like this one right here in the next glass, I will share a tool that makes this a walkover. Rule number three Youth filters to your advantage. Youth fielders to your advantage. Esta Graham has a robust field, a feature that can help you transform the look and feel of your images. This could come in the form of color, temperature and focused manipulations in exploring field the tools. You, however, need to be careful not to make the father's worst. That and they are regionally. Where if you get futures right, you have the opportunity to reuse the same image in another form at a later time. There are also some other external tools that you can use to touch up your father's. Before posting on Instagram, I share one of such in the next class rule number four. Do not use all the crowded images. This is very important of the crowded images are images that have either so much text or too many focus objects in them. This will definitely confuse your audience. Also, remember that your post appearing in uses feeds needs to have ah, single concept jumping out from it. No, I will creak. A confusing image. There is no way a post having too many confusing concepts can be magical past its central message. With your posts, it could either be field with Sussman's Sharon curiosity. Boy. It is straight to the point Rule number five leave up to the expectations you have created in terms off content. Things leave up to the expectations you have created in terms off content themes. I have send many amazing instagram accounts that I have a certain pattern. So, for instance, some photograph furs on the post flatly images. If you look closely at the image on the right, they have flatly images, mostly with food in them. So do you have a regular Utley, or cola pattern? That might be a good way to brandis off, so stick to it. Rule number six very, very important for your videos. Mix Troy. Your videos have great thumbnails. It is sometimes tempting to just upload videos that will appear as black on your INSTAGRAM account. This is because Instagram automatically picks the first frame in your video assets. Some now I used to big domestic before I have videos that faded in from black and because instagram pic the first frame, the thumbnails on my view, as you can see on this image right here had black thumbnails. So no one had an idea off what the video was about from the from you. But luckily, a little slow down to discover that Instagram has a feature called Cover, which is reviewed where you embark on the person's off post in your video. This feature lets you peek. What point in your video you want your family to be? So go the extra mile to set your thumb. Knew where a good representation off your video appears. In the next class, you're gonna learn about some choose that would help you start creating stunning instagram posts right away 4. 12 tools to start creating great posts: So here we are. In this last, you will learn about 12 tools to instantly start creating stunning instagram posts. Let's get right to eat. First is the pics of it up. This is the AB version of the popular free stuff for those sites on the APP. You can use keywords to find suiting images that you can use with other design apps on your phone while we're about it, download it here device even have choices off image science. Other websites. You can get three qualities. Stuff for those from include pack cells that come on slash that come free beat. That's calm. Number 52 Not to perceive, but it's just a technique. It's called Instagram curation. You can share high quality images from other users profiles, but make sure to credit them if they originally on that. This is a post from Garvey, which you can choose to re share on your platform. One of the tools you can use to do this is the regret up the re grant African check Regret up and re share this supposed in your profile, it automatically helps you to credits the original owner off the post, but if you don't want to go that route. Another approach to Instagram curation is taken screenshots off post that you like from other people's profile, so you find those quality images from other people's profound. You can just take a screenshot of this, and then you go ahead to use your image crop tour. Use this tool to call out other parts of the screenshot on Repurpose it for your instagram use. You can just adjust the area interested in with the pointers that you see on the screen and then use it in your instagram posts. Now, if you want to do this faster, you can actually choose the screenshots of post on Instagram Bagley while only reposition and it to the area you want to post it. That is demonstrated with image on the right, so there are a good number of design tools that you can use to create quality image. Res. After downloading your stock for the you may want attacks over it, I reached them in layouts or, you know, make some adjustment to the fathers. Now the following are some websites, or ask that you can explore number seven on this least is camera camera is a website for designing, but it also has on iris app. A Lady board designer is another tool you can use to design your images. It has website that I wish and Android APs also another interesting one. This type of ram, a type of ram, eyes very good for creating tax whole relays with existing templates. It's only a believable on iris. Another Rebus tool that I love is over over APP is only available on IOS devices. All the above mentioned can help you create stunning graphics. You should take some time out to explore them and then decide which one you love best. I personally love designer on larger screens, but I'm not referring to death. Stop browses anyways. Another great tool that you can use is adobes. Pack Adobe Spur. This is a simpler version of the graphics creation Sweets from the Giants Software make our adobe a very boring where fashion and as an app for various devices. One of the features I love about it is the existent templates we chicken tweak both in terms of color, themes and content. It provides you with color Crooms that are quite harmonious. You can see that on the right extreme, they are also present design dimensions based on what platforms you intend. The design for futures also exists, like I mentioned, and the instant ground session this is you could use this as an external too little creates or add futures to your father's. The last but not least on this lease is in shock. You can use this act to add context to your videos, making users immediately get a clear toe what your video is about. Apart from its video editing functions, you can use this tool to recite the entire area off your video. Two feet instagram in a perfect square. This is the idea requirement for Instagram ads. You also have the opportunity to add captions above, off below your videos. Sometimes he could choose to use both spaces about and below. All right, those are tools that can help you get started right a week 5. Class Project: Now let's get practical about this. So what is our class Project first before I maybe to create stolen graphics after Sir SingTel stuck for those using any of the tools above and latex on it with another tool of choice. The next step is for you to take a screenshot of each of those processes and share such so upload it to the Project tab. And then finally, if you choose, you can share instagram handle with us so that we can go and find your posts on your INSTAGRAM account, and then we can show you some love. All right, So make sure you practice with the rules and use the tools that I've shared with you in this exciting class. I hope you had a great time with this short class. And then I believe you can take you into the ground game to the next level. You can connect with me on my their social media channels. You can check out socially hijab dot com. You can send me an email with Jesse that normal war at social and I gather at home, find me a Facebook with instagram on Twitter on Snapchat linking That's Jesse underscore Inonu. You can also follow my villa oxiris on socially *** TV found on YouTube. All right, Curci, some other time. Have a blast.