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Creating The Perfect Carousel

Lucas Almeida, Graphic Design

Creating The Perfect Carousel

Lucas Almeida, Graphic Design

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18 Lessons (3h 6m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Choosing the Subject

    • 3. Seting up the text

    • 4. Storytelling for Carousels

    • 5. Softwares

    • 6. Consistency

    • 7. Choosing The Color

    • 8. Choosing The Typography

    • 9. Text Boxes

    • 10. Typography Hierarchy Points

    • 11. Set Up The Illustrator File

    • 12. Organizing The Text

    • 13. Picking The Photos

    • 14. Set Up The Photoshop File

    • 15. Combining The Photos

    • 16. Color Correction

    • 17. Designing The Carousel

    • 18. Instastory Template

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About This Class

In this class, we will cover the following subjects:

  • Choosing the subject
  • Setting up the text
  • Storytelling for carousels
  • Softwares
  • Consistency
  • Choosing the color
  • Choosing the typography
  • Text boxes
  • Hierarchy Points
  • Set up the Illustrator file
  • Organizing the text
  • Picking the photos
  • Set up the Photoshop file
  • Combining the photos
  • Color correction
  • Designing the carousel
  • Instastory template

I will teach you how to create an appealing carousel. It doesn't matter if you are a designer, a marketeer, or a business owner. Everyone needs the right presence in social media, and this is the manual on how to create the content for it. If you want to Rock on Instagram, then this course is for you.

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Lucas Almeida

Graphic Design


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1. Intro: So do you want to improve your content on your social media? You want to get the perfect color Celanese serum? Doesn't matter if you are a tutorial creator, if you're a brand, if you are a store, everyone needs to create value. And in these cars I'm going to explain to you how to create the perfect and smooth carousel that goes from the first slide to the last slide to the creation off the content. How to think about the content in the every single thing that you should know to create awesome color cells. So stay with me. This is a beginner's guide, Teoh How to create a cover cell. So the only thing that I need you to know is we're going to use three software to create a cover cell. We're not going on Lee to create a culture, so we're going to create the car herself, and we are also going to create a story where you're going to tell your audience that you create it ourselves and we're going to use illustrator Photoshopped and in designed to create every single thing that you need, we're going to use illustrator to create the actual color. So we're going to use Photoshopped to create that background image. And we're going to use in design to create this story where you're going to tell your audience that you created a brand new color cell and tell them to interact with you to leave a likely share and everything else So it doesn't matter if you are a business. Doesn't matter if you are a designer market here. If you need to cover sell, these course is for you. 2. Choosing the Subject: So in this course, I'm going to explain to you how to create a cut herself from the beginning to the end, from the content to the design. And you can do everything along with the course, because I'm going to explain it, step by step and you can watch the watch one video and but in practice, what you learned in this video in your first or your next car sale that you were going to create. Watching this course. Let's do this now. The first thing that you always should do when you are creating a car. Rossell. Not just one, but all the cow ourselves from your instagram page is, you have to put yourself in your audiences shoes. Who are you creating your York ourselves to? So in my case, I'm creating content for designers and non designers on reading, content to people, that is pretty much myself. When I was younger and when I was starting in design, I learned almost everything that I know by myself on the Internet and this, of course, before I'm going toe to college, and every time we create a car cell, I just think for myself, would the 15 years old. Me that knows nothing about the sign would appreciate the content that imposing on this car cell. So this is the mindset I always keep on my mind when I creating when I'm creating the content for the car cells. Is this valuable for the myself? Me from the best? So this is the mindset that I keep when I I'm great in the content for my culture cells and you should look for something similar to this. In my case, it's my previous experience. I make everything that I had on my past a little bit easier to explain to understand, and in your case, I should search for a way to provide value for your audience. Other very good practice that you can have ISS ask your audience about one. They want to hear from you. What they want to learn from you, what kind of value they like the most when you post so you can create stories asking them and in create polls or questions where people are going toe. Answer you what they want to know from you what they want to learn in what values can you do for them If we're going to create something that's not educational but entertainment. You can also ask them. OK, what kind of content you like more to see about me in the eye create. You can also GM many people that you that are inserted in your community so you can know directly from them what their opinion, your content and what they want to learn from you. Also, there is a very nice to on instagram that's called the insights where you can see the results off all your posts, all your color cells. So every time that you pose, you're going toe to be able to know what people like the most and what people didn't engage it so much. They didn't like so much in common so much and what they commented and interacted more so. The content that you have that have more engagement, more interactions, it's going to perform the best. And sometimes you can assume that this is the kind of content your audience wants to see from you. If you don't have many followers and you don't have many posts yet, you are just beginning or they just don't have any post you're going to creature first based on these cars, your insights not going to help you so much. But it's good to know that you can use in the future. And if you are one of these people that don't can't rely on the on inside right now, you can use the previous methods and you are probably going to get a very nice result with the content that your audience wants to know from you. But there is another very important thing that you should keep in your mind when you're creating the content for your color cells. You only must talk about things that you know what you're talking about. Because if you try Teoh teach our to pass in value that we're not used to. People will find out that we're just not an expert on this area, and you're going to lose your reliability, and people won't trust you anymore. If you are trying to educate or if you don't feel comfortable with the subject, you are not going to be able to entertain if your pages and entertainment page. So you have to mix the things that your audience wants, mix the things that you know and you think that your audience is going to like to know from you and also makes with the things that you know how to talk about. So you have a solution for this. If your audience wants to you to talk about something that you are not an expert, actually have two options. You can first talk about your previous experiences and make it clear that it's your experience. You and you don't recommend it because you're not an expert, but you think that sharing the experience that you have that you had, it's going toe. Add something to the community to your followers, so just make clear that you are sharing something that's not your expertise. But you already had some experience with the with the topic. Also, the second solution for this is one thing that you are going to notice on Instagram is when you start to grow, you start to know many different people, and maybe you are going to know people that know how to talk about some subjects better than you. And I have much more experience than you incent in some fields off knowledge when in what you can do is to do a cool Collab with this person, you can do a guest post. You can dio alive together. You can find other ways to pass the information correctly without relying on. Okay, I'm not an expert, and I'm talking about something that I don't that I don't understand completely. So you can do this even if you don't know how to talk about this topics, you can talk about them. But you fear creating an informative or entertainment post about some subject. Make sure that if you are advising people to do something, that you know how to do these properly so you can advise people to do the same. So now, after you just decided what you want to talk about and how you're going to talk about this subject, I recommend you to write everything down. You can use whatever software you want to write it down. You can write all the ideas, the complete ideas to your course l liking award or Google dogs are the note bad. Whatever you want, you should. You choose the software, you want to write the text and when you have all the ideas. But don't don't don't think about the size of the information just now You. After that, you're going to have to reduce the information to feed inside a cover cell or a Siri's off color cells, because you have to keep in your mind after that that the content on your car Rosales shouldn't be very large because people don't want to read too much, and you should keep it simple. You should keep it with lower, low amounts off texts right now. Don't think about this. Just write everything down. The complete idea you have. Write it on a document. And in the next video, I'm going to explain to you how to treat these texts, how to reduce in the specific things that you have to keep in your mind when you're writing the text that you were going to write on your cover ourselves. Assuming the next video 3. Seting up the text: So in these cars, I'm going to be using an example off a post that I'm going to be creating for my own page where I create a cargo cell to present the course. This one that I'm talking to you right now and I'm going to do everything step by step and so you can see all the process. And I'm going to be talking about each step of the process so you can learn and you can apply on your own. So as he said on the first part, you should start just dropping the idea on the paper just to write everything that goes on on your mind. And first of all, I'm sorry for my Google dogs here in Portuguese. Forget the his health thing here. Just pay attention to the content here. So, while I was creating the content what? Well, I waas typing the text, writing the text for the car cell, I found out that the text was too long for just one cover cell like here is the first post . And so I split it it in two different posts because it would be very wordy. It would be too much text if I was going to post every single thing that I have to say in just one post. So I decided to split is into, and we're going to use the 1st 1 as an example for discourse. Okay, So first thing, you should always use the 10 slides because as Instagram paid their programmers to create a possibility for you to put that to upload 10 slides instead just off like six or seven they like when you use all the 10 slights. So you should organize all the text form for a post taking in consideration, using 10 slight being the 1st 1 the cover where you're going to just use the title in the last slide with a thank you message with a call to action. So you haven't actually eight slides off content. The way I organize the text in my in my dogs is I just put a space in between the text that should be in each slide. OK, so one good rule here is every single slide should be very quick in text. The entire culture cells shouldn't take more than two, 24 minutes to read completely. So avoid. I already said that avoid long texts. OK, I suggest using between 20 to 30 words in need. Slight maximum. But don't consider it. Don't a never breakable room. Okay, many times when I talk about my content, for example, there are simple is that I put more text in this, and this is because in that specific pools where I but long texts is just because I want to give all the value in those specific Carol sells. I'm not wanting to get many likes. Many comments have just wants to give the value. And I don't care about an engagement. So keeping your mind. If you want to create car ourselves with long texts, be aware that you are going to have less engagement. Last likes less shares, but sometimes it's OK if the value you are sharing is the goal off the post. So, as I said earlier, each one off these spaces here in between age text represents the division off the off each slight. So in all posts, you have a cover in a call to action. It's a thank you on the end, so you have actually eight slides toe to share your content and have 1234567 and this one me entirely is one single slight. I also took some off the text away because it was wasn't going to fit. And I just wrote down here. That's something that's going to be on the caption off the post, some off the The slides have too much texts. So I'm going to count for you in fast forward. Off course, how many words there are in each slide, and I'm going to write on the front just to help you to understand and alchemy. So now I counted all the words in each one off the slides. And as we can see, there are some signs that have has more than 30 or 25. That's the sweet spot. I will try to reduce the amount of words in each one of these another deep that I have for you. It's very useful is I'm going to just write the number off. This died in the front, off each text. Okay, to be easier, just give me a second. So now that you have the numbers here on the front and you know what Texas going to be in what slide I have a new tip for you. The main goal for you is to make people to go through the fourth slide. Once they get to the fourth slide, they're less likely to go out off your offer. Covers it without reading. Read the rest. I strongly recommend you to keep the text off your cover cells under 15 words before this light for So now I'm going to edit this text to get under 25 in here, Here, in here. Welcome back. So I want to be the more clear possible with you here. I made some changes here in attacks, and I want you to see that this process is is changing all the time. So you are going to change the text all the time until you have it completely done. That is the face that I'm showing to you right now. In this case, I now reduce the amount off words in each one. Off this lights. I took off the caption the text that I was going to put on Lee on the description off this off the car cell, and I put it in here. So the information is now inside there because it was there was enough space to put the text inside of the car cell after editing it. One very important thing that I forgot to tell you is that the count off the words that 25 words that I was searching for each one off this lights should be should not consider the title. So you have titles with my 4 to 5 towards maybe like this one and the tests can be up to 25 words. I just noticed that my camera turned off, so there's no problem and I'm going to show you without my pretty face down here. In this case, you could consider it like 24 words instead of 25 because you have to title here. So after you having all the text on the on the right slide Now you should do the final check out for grammar mistakes for misspelling off words. And for this I use as you can see right here I use Graham early. You can use any other software to help you to get the right grammar on your posts, to write in a more in a better way, mainly if you are not native to English. It will help you like a lot because I fail a lot, right? While I'm writing and speaking in English, As you may noticed for now, by now, I mean ironically, and I like to use room early, but I I also advise you to use it even if you are not a foreigner for English, because it helps a lot. Okay. Also, all the content should be reread. You should read it over and over again just to check if you are not going, if you have nothing mistyped or some mistakes of grammar. Okay, so now that you have all the content here because this is going to be the content for your post, I'm going to teach you in the next class how to apply some storytelling and how to give some good written to the tax and to the content. And these can be changed in this face. But I'm not I'm not sure because as I do it every day and I use the same same thinking every day I like. I do it automatically on my head. I know where to put the poster. Where to put the written in each slide So what I'm going to do is I'm going to explain. But just to let you know, this one is probably going to be right, and it's not likely to have any differences, and it changes here to the the next to the next class. So see with an X Class where you're going to talk about storytelling for car sales. 4. Storytelling for Carousels: So in this class, I'm going to show you how to storytelling, to grab the attention off your audience and to make that go through your post, creating a written off curiosity along with the Post. So for this example, I'm going to use the's right here. Displays right here, and I'm going to use a post off Maya. No post of my called find clients as a freelancer that's posted on my instagram page, and we're going to analyze it, and I'm going to explain each step off the storytelling technique that I use in almost all of my posts. Some of them are not dissect the same. Many of them, I mean, are not the same. But they work very well to grab the intention and make the audience growth from the from the beginning to the end off your posts and stay curious to know what's next. You know, this is one of the most important things, one of the most important feelings in opposed. What's next? It's This is what we're looking for. The first step is to click bait. It's where you're going to be on your feet like people are going to scroll on your feet are there going to scroll in the on their timelines and okay, there, find your post. What's going to make them scroll on your post instead off just ignoring it. So it's the click baits, the first connection that you that your audience has with your posts. So in this post, I was going to talk about my path as a graphic designer and everything that I tried in order to get new clients and what what did work and what did not work? So in this post, I'll have to tell you that this is an exception. I really liked to share the experience that I had in my 11 years of career is a graphic designer, and this is one of those posts where I totally ignored amount of text that's going to be on the post. I wasn't expecting many interactions here. I wasn't expecting likes or comments, though it had many likes and many, many comments, I wasn't expecting it at all because of them huge amount of text that we're going to be see here. You don't have to read everything. I'm going to explain this pose for you. So the first thing is okay. This subject itself is already a Clickbait because one of the biggest topics on all Internet you to Google Instagram everywhere is everything that's related with money. And this post specifically is related with money. So the Clickbait it's on the name off the post like fine clients as a freelance, all freelancers struggle with finding your clients. For this reason, I just choose to used use the topic as a za name off the course. L because the name itself, it's It's already Clickbait e Another thing that I would like to let you know before we going ahead in the situation and used that strategy where I don't recommend you to do this because I'm not a marketing expert. I'm not a sales expert. I'm just sharing my experiences. I tried to make the sport in a way where I tell my story instead of recommend you something because I'm not an expert on this subject. Okay, so let's just get started. The Clickbait is the face where you grab the attention. If we pass to the second slide, we can see here the briefing. It takes the audience into a journey here. I have to present what we're going to talk about. But in a software you know, you have to guide the thoughts off your audience through what they're going to be expecting when they when they read your post in the next one, we have to present the problem. We have to show. Okay, there's a situation here. What's going on? This This is a problem here, but don't go very deep on it. I'm saying that's a problem. But I'm not telling you what? Not just yet. So in the next one, we're going to hear where we empower the problem. Okay, Now we have you. We know that there is a problem. But what is the problem? The problem is, I have I used cold emails, but I sent lots of females like 1000 emails along some weeks. And I have along all this time we just have one clients by code emailing. And it was the wars client of in my entire life. So the result was not good at all. I present apart the power off the problem. OK, so I I showed that the problem is not something It's not something very easy to solve, but Okay, it's a problem is solvable. But here is the face where the crisis takes place. So in this situation here is this is where? OK, we see we have a big problem here because Okay, Lucas, you Cody Male. Then you have no had no results. Now you code called many people and you had no results again. So this is where I present the crisis. Where? Okay, I'm I don't know what to do. What? What should I do if I can't send emails and it can send and it can call to people because this is not going to work. What should I do? What one did I do? Okay, I thought myself I go these visit the stores. I go visit the company's and try to get them as my clients by showing my face there because I don't know, probably much harder to to deny someone in their faces. Then it is on the health on the cell phone, our or my email. But I found out this is not true because the people find ways to Teoh to pull you off the find ways to deny your services. Anyway, this is the face where I empower the crisis. Where? OK, now everything that was possible. And still I have no clients. I had no new clients. Nothing works. I'm lost. Thesis the crisis, everyone, that Okay, I'm I'm trying to get into into graphic design. Now I'm going to have new clients. I'm going to go after new cleans and I'm going to get them and thes when when people read this. They just think, OK, if I get into doing this, probably not going to get anything because Lucas didn't get you when you anything they feel in a very deep crisis. But then I have to analyze it and look it in a different way. And I kind of softly touch on the solution, and I here I present the wrong strategy everything that I was doing before it was the wrong strategy because I had the wrong mindset. I was thinking, Okay, I have to go after my clients to get new clients, But the problem is, I shouldn't be going after declines. I should make declines come after me when they need, because you never know when the client is in need off a graphic designer. If they really need because if they need, they will find you if they need. And if they like your product, If you're like that, they like your services. They're going to find you and they are going to hire you. So here I analyzed the cries is in present. Okay, Not everything is lost. But how do we do to solve this problem? So here I tell the audience the first solution. I present the solution. Okay? I made partnerships with a company with a factory and I made a work for free for them. I created a website, a website for them and them in exchange for the website. They didn't pay me money. They just use their cell selling forces to try to get all the clients that they get through the your website that I created. They were going to make them my clients as a graphic designer. So Okay, No, everything is lost. You can. It can be hard to call people to email people in to do each of the things that I mentioned before here. But if you get to these face here where I talk about the partnership with another company, it's a viable way off getting new clients in this. Okay, not everything is lost. But then I just solved the problem because not only one ways presented to get new clients but a new way to present to get new clients is having your presence on social media like Instagram Facebook take talk and many other platforms. So you get bigger on this platforms where clients is going t to find you and they're going to hire you because they are already going to know your content. They're already going to know your work, so they kind of more easily trust you. Here I solved the problem and then I have the credit off this. So I treat everything like it was a movie or itwas like a Siri's episode in This works very well because people keeps reading it, and they are curious to know what's next. What's next? Okay, now you have a solution, but they already had the problem, so they value the information much more everything that is easily solvable. Every problem, it's that's easy to solve. People don't find it available, so you have to empower the information that you are going to provide. Don't just come here and present your your solution on the fourth slide or in the third slide, the solution should start here and end here in the end, off your color self. So the nine, the 18th and the seventh should be the presentation off. The solution should be the answer off your posts off your car cells. So just toe to have presented from the beginning again. Very fast. Here. You grabbed intention here. You present what's going on here. You present the problem here. You make the problem. Seems a little worse here, you say. Okay, everything is lost in the next one. Empowered. A crisis. Okay. It's even worse than I thought. Here. Okay, come down. We find a solution for you. These may work in here. Okay. Everything's good. Now I know how to do. And you have even a bonus thing that it's ah, like a key to close the case. A key to solve the problem in the seas. The final answer. So they have. They understood the problem. They found the solution and it got even better solution in the credits. This is a viable solution for many cases, but no, not all cases, because some specific kind of car ourselves like tutorials. It's very hard to apply it because not all of them have to have a storytelling technique because, like in this one Okay, I present what I'm going to talk about here until hear the description. The briefing is the same. Here is just a list off steps until the solution comes. But as you can notice here, even though the the techniques not dissect same, it has a step by step. So dissolution is Onley presented here. If the solution is just here, the structure is very. It's very similar because you were butin the problem. But instead of making it worse but then solving it it's worse in the beginning because you have nothing in the beginning and then you start building step by step and everything is going to get even better, even better, even better. And then in the end, all the problems are solved. This solution should never be presented before the 80th snide know This seventh slide never presents dissolution before the seventh. Even if you present in the seventh, don't don't give it all, just give it. Give the solutions in pieces like one piece here. One piece here in the final piece here because this is the way you are going to get people to go all through your post, and they're going to find all the contents helpful and available instead off. Okay, the solution is on the on the fourth slide. Okay? I don't need to scroll anymore in this post. I'm going to see all other post. If the tutorial you can do just a list like here in make it evolving. And if you're great in some informative some Theo recall things like sales, marketing and graphic design or order kind of designer. Many other things that you don't have to give a step by step tutorial. Just keep in your mind that the right way to grab the attention is to create a problem. Empowered a problem presented crisis, make it even wars make everything seemed lost. And then no, no, not everything is lost. You can recover everything, and you can present a good solution for the huge crisis that you make them think that existed but was just a grabbed attention into at some rhythm to the to the to the car, sell into the content in general. So this is it? I'm in 22 minutes off reader recording right now. This is how you build the written on your posts. See you in the next video. 5. Softwares: So now you have your clicking baby title. You have all your tax. You have to text divided into each off each one off this lights and you know where to put everything. But how do you actually create the cars? So for this, I'm going to give you the example with three off the best software combination that you can have at the moment that is Photoshopped illustrator and in design. I know that many of you use only one off these Softwares, like doing everything on photo shopped, for example, but to have to know that each software has its own strengths. Like Photo Shop is the best one to edit the photographs that you are using on your car cells, actually not only on car sales, but everything related to design and photography. So you have to know what are the strings off off each software, and you have to use them accordingly. Like you can use Photoshopped to create your to edit your photos to create our backgrounds in tow, added pixel in general. And you can mix the use off Photoshopped with illustrator in also with in design because illustrator is much more of a powerful tool toe wet IT texts in tow. Edit vector, and you are going to use text everywhere, and you are going to use vector many times when you are creating cover cells because you have to use shapes like to guide the eye off off the audience, depending on the style that you want for your culture cells. And you are also going to create like boxes on the background off text to make the text more readable sometimes. And you can use in design to do repetitive stuff like stories where you have to do the same procedure many times again and again and again because he has some tools that will help you to do repetitive stuff very quickly. So just to give you an example in the less balls that I showed you, I used photo shop to create the background off my post. This is where you're going to cut the images, created, backgrounds, caller corrections and stuff. So what you are going to want to do is you make the background here like our edit your images here, and you saved a Photoshopped file so you can have the creditable files and then you import your photos show file completely to your illustrator file because as illustrator and photo shop are from the same company, so as in design, it's They're all from Adobe. They connect very well together, and you can import Photoshopped files inside their illustrator and a quick tip here if you use a Photoshopped file inside off Illustrator if all the edits that you do to the main file like here if I I don't know. But if I just let me test here for just make this and I saved a file when I opened here. The file, the illustrators going to tell me. Okay, some changes has made has been made on the original file. Do you want to update it? And you click. Yes. And Tara, just like magic Delta rations. The updates that you made on the Photoshopped file will appear on the demonstrator without having to replace the image. So this is a big deal, and it's going to save you much time. I just place my background here on the illustrator file where I'm going to place the text above and wise that wants the advantage on using illustrator instead of Photoshopped to make the actual kill herself. So first thing, it's much easier to edit text in here. Okay, Illustrator has more like intuitive ways to treat text even with if you are going just toe edit the text like so acting in editing the space meant in between letters changing the different two different wait. It's just a little bit more intuitive when you're using it inside of illustrator instead of photo file. And another huge difference huge feature off illustrator is You can create art boards like I have here one. The art board, and you can see the separation here in this line so you can create different our boards. Set this basement between all the art ports to zero. So they're going to just be like that. We just take this image off just so you can see it. They're just going to be just like car sell on instagram in the image that is placed on behind off all the text. It doesn't belong to the to the art board at all, like in photo shop. So if I do the same on photo shop every time I police a image inside Often art board, it's going to delete the part of the image that's going to the other art board because, like the image belongs to the art board and you can do differently, you can place it outside of dartboard. But it's not natural. It's not like you have to do a Triki way. It's tricky to get it done when while in illustrator is just place it, it's there by the fall to You are not going to be sleep here, cropped. Hear everything that's outside off the art board. Number one. It's not going to be like Hayden by default. So by default illustrators, much better to do this. And also you have don't have to worry about SLICE, because if you export everything for screens like just come to file and export export for screens, it going toe split and going toe cut dream out all the images in going to export ready to post. So this is a huge thing. It's a huge, too in illustrator that at this very moment in this very day, 40th off May of 2020 there is no better way to do it, and then I'm going to explain to you why to use in design. So this is a mock up is it's a template created by a friend of my His name is Sam. He has this amazing page here on Instagram here. Also, he's a chorus. Oh, Creator. He has this amazing page. He has also lots of great content, so just follow him. And he has many different templates. He has many different games, like, you see here a brand game that's very cool. So follow him. Send some love from me and just make sure you know this is not my creation. This templates create was created by him. And why is that so cool? Because, like, let's suppose that my team is ah, green one ugly green. But okay, let's suppose that titties is my green. And here you have a feature that I would love to see in the photo shop and illustrator, that is a box that is just a placeholder to images. So let's suppose that you were creating a story in every single story you want to create to publish your post like Hello, people. Um, creed I created disposed Look out in my page. So you create a demo off the post in your stories. This is a very good strategy, by the way, because many people just are scrolling are scrolling through the stories and don't actually see your post. And as you you tell them to do it in the stories. So this is a good strategy, and this is something that you were going to do many times, like all the post that you that you create. You are goingto want to create one of this in order not to create a new one, and two have to crop the images all the time. You just do this process. That's very simple. I'm just going to show you right now how to do it. After you finish your your your core Rosell's, you're just going to export it. Let me just show an example. Here I have peace one here. So all the the images are exported in different images, and now so you can create it. You just let me just regulate here outside here. I'm going to place all the nine million images. I'm not going to place the Kovar here, but like you just drag and drop. This is my first image of that I have here. Let me just show you a little better. Sorry for that. Okay, Now I just drag and drop from here to here above it, and it's going to place it like very, very fast. So in just a matter off, I guess the less than one minute I have the complete stories made for my post and just exported in place on your instagram and needs ready to go. So this is it for this video. This is the best way to use your software. Your adobe cloudy order of Assisi to create your car cells. So, in the next video, I'm going to teach you something that I don't remember right now. But I'm going to look in my file. That is consistency. I'm going to teach you how to be consistent. And why should you be consistent on your posts? 6. Consistency: So what is consistency and why you should be consistent. Consistency is just that concept where everything looks like it belongs to the same thing. The same person, the same brand. And why is it so important? Just because you don't want to do a post and then do another one into another one. And after some time you have, like, 70 friend posts and none off them conveyed a message that you want to deliver to your audience. And also, you don't want your audience to have trouble to understand that this new post was made by you. You want them to look to something in, Remember? Okay, I remembered these characteristics from Lucas are for you. I don't know What's your name at this time? Okay. You don't want to create things that people don't know that you were the creator being be aware that one of the most important things when you were creating a color cell and Instagram page is to create everything consistently to create with some rules that you were the one who is going to create to make like to make sense for your audience and make them understand that you were the one who created it. Like in my case, I have some things in my brand that I'm going to show you in the screen right now. This is my instant rampage, and I have these things that makes my brand recognizable and makes you know that I'm the one who did it and make you see if someone else do the same thing with the combinations of rules that I created for my brain. You probably are going to think. Okay, this is very similar to what? Lucas? What can be consistent in a brand, just as I say in the exposed from a Siri's off posts I created before on my page. These are the things that can be consistent on your page. The caller to shape, structure and balance is what I mean with the caller. First of all before explained that you don't need to be attached toe all the rules that you create, and you don't need to respect all the rules in every single post that you create, because many brands just can't identify themselves with other characteristics like some brands just don't rely on caller for for being recognized. Coca Cola, for example, will always be ready. If you see that red of Coca Cola combined with their white, probably we're going to remember Coca Cola. Or maybe you, too. If you see the color combination on many social media that you are used to do, you are always going to remember that brand because this because color is, ah, very strong thing on branding. But they're not obligatory. And you have many brands that just ignore completely color because they they have very strong shapes, structure and balancing characteristics that makes their brand very recognizable. Even without taking into consideration the caller in my case, I'm going to use me as an example. My brain ing is my caller. Off the brain ing is magenta in the specific tone off orange that you can see right here. This is the orange that I used for almost everything. The orange is my main caller and magenta. It's my secondary color. Try to give it all the images. I use a nor INGE tone on orange future. So every time you see an orange future, if you are very used to, my page will remember me. Probably the other things like shape, shape is affected by many different things, like you can see the shape off texts, you can see the shape off lead early shapes that you use that may see an example here. I think I have one here like this. Play button is related to the shapes that I use in my brand. I try to avoid sharp, sharp edges, for example, in all the shapes that I used, like I don't use a square, I use around it thing around it shape that's not square. For example, this is a thing that I use a lot of my posts, and you should also define some rules for the shapes off your posts and one off. The most important things to be recognized is the shape off your funds or typefaces. So just pick some type, faces different typefaces for specific situations and just always use the same type face in the same wave in the same situation. What I mean with this is if we're going to create titles like you are seeing here, just always use the same typeface for your titles in the same type faces for your body text that suppose that I defined roboto. That's my case for all my titles. I always going to be using remote a bold in my titles. In my case, Roberto condensed for the titles and Roberto's regular Porter body text. But you can use a different fund for the body text and the title, for example. But what I mean by using the same is if I use like Rabbo toe condensed for the titles, I'm going to use it everywhere. But I can combine Roboto with, like most Rod if I want our any other kind off more like a different forms in my body text in this case, Actually I used my texts are all in light. My body text in my titles are in bold, so this is a rule I created. But like if you want to use a light red Bordeaux in the body text and like some different script phones in your titles, you can do it whenever you want, but just keep it consistent if you choose it once. Just keep repeating the same time faces in all their posts because, as you can see here, I just use all the same. Hopes are the same with texts. All my titles are in revolt a condensed, bold and all. If you open any off the posts, you're going to check Kim. You're going to be able to check that I use remote a light as my body. And this is one off the most common mistakes I see the designers doing out there. They create social media content for brands and just it. Sometimes it looks like every single post is from a different brand because they don't respect color. They don't respect shape that respect anything. And they try to be creative in artsy and design. It's not a place the best place to be artsy and to express yourself. Design is the best place to communicate, to be remembered, to be consistent. And this is the best way to deal with this. And also let me go out here again. The structure, the structure off the post is very important. So try to keep the positioning of the text like titles and body tax related to each other in the same position. Try to use like the same kind off images as you can see my post. I don't use illustrations a lot to show the ideas off the ports like I like to use a image to re force to reinforce the the message off the text to make it more memorable. And I very rarely if I can't even remember if I once used a illustration here. So I just rely on on images to convey my message. And this is very important because I'm consistent with you. The use off photo wraps two and a balancing That's also a very specific thing that brands do differently. Many brains has many different approaches to balancing and what is balancing. You have many different ways to guide the eye off your audience. You have the hierarchy. That's one of the most important ways to guide the eyes off your audience. And with texts. I have a proper balancing that a using all off my posts like the difference between the titles and the body. Texts are always going to be are the same are very similar, and this is something that makes it much easier to recognize the consistency on my posts because because all the texts are going to be related in the same way. In this feels just like natural. When people try to tends to to recognize this this pattern on all the posts, But just like as I said now, you don't need to do it to respect all the rules in all their pools. You can actually in your brains, you can. You can just choose in your rent to ignore one of these characteristics, like ignoring the style of images are ignoring the caller or the one I strongly not advised you to do is ignoring the typefaces because it's like your voice. You recognize me by my voice when I speak, and in the media, where you have no sound like instagram posts and car cells. And mostly like you're most likely not going to have sound like voices in and songs unless you're going to use video here. But it's not the keys thing. In this case, text is going to be your voice, so trying not to change your voice, trying not to change the typeface is your using. And this way you keep yourself much more consistent, and people will remember from you each time that they see oppose here. In this combination, you can see that everything belongs to the same person, even though my logo it's it's not here at all, so you can recognize my content without my low. And this is what you should be aiming for. You can just study and put on the table all the characteristics off your brandy, and you can choose which ones are the most important to keep repeating in all their posts to be recognized. So repetition is key to be recognized. Thistles it for disc class and see you in the next one. 7. Choosing The Color: So now I'm going to talk about how to pique the callers for your for your designs, for your color cells for your instagram page and how to use the caller's again. You can choose not to use a particular caller, but if you are willing to, this is how you do it first thing. Be very careful with where you read information about Colder because, apparently, Internets Field with many misinformation, about about color, about how color works about color wheels, about color meanings. It can be Cem misinformation, and you can pick the wrong caller accidentally just because you didn't read in the in the right place. So the first thing you should do to pick your caller is try to think outside of you. Try to think from the point of view off your audience. What is your audience? Who they are, what they do. Like I already said this in the beginning off this course, but take into consideration who your audience is in. Picked a caller for them, not for you just don't like how my favorite color is blue, and I'm going to pick Blue just because it's my favorite caller. Try to avoid doing this in my specific case. My favorite color is orange, but I picked orange because it makes sense to my brand. The the idea that that orange turns meats to the audience is the correct one is the one that I was looking for. So try to find the meaning off the callers before you big The colors like some examples here, blue is the color that's going to make you feel more safe. It's the color of trust because through the human evolution, when the sky was blue and the sky was the main source off the blue collar through all all the evolution off the human beings when the sky was blue, it's because it was safe to go out off your cave or your house or your don't know where you live. And as it was safe, no harm can good come, come from the sky. So this is why a long devolution of the human blue was associated with a safe color. Red is a color that drags the attention because it may be something very good. Or maybe something very bad, mostly in the human evolution the red color was seen, was seen in blood, and it could be the blood off your food because you eat animals along all the human evolutions. If you are a vegan right now, Congratulations. But it wasn't always like this human. I didn't use to have the option not to eat meat so it could be the blood off your food. Or it could be your own or someone that you that you care off. So it would be something very bad. So your brain things to look right away to the red color because it can be blood. And if it can be blood, it's either a very good sign or a very bad sign. So it's the color that drags the tension the best. So you have to find websites have to search on the Internet for the meaning of colors. But Onley trust in websites that provide with reasons why some colors has sent meanings. So in my brand, I use orange and magenta because orange, the color that reminds off summer heat of youth in magenta. It's a caller that's very rare in the nature, So it's something that's and common something new, and this is the idea that I want to convey with my brand new, different and young. Now you have to choose the caller. I'm not going to give up entire course right now on color meaning, and you also have to take into consideration the original meaning off each caller's because some callers may have different meanings on different areas off the world. Taking in consideration and you have lots of great cars is here on skill share, where you can learn about the meaning off the callers and how to use them. Now that you already know how to choose your caller that you know the meaning off the caller, at least you should shoes right now. To keep along with the course, you have to know that they're two different ways that you where you can apply your colors in this situation. I used the to in the same post because you have the flat usage off color. It's like and this one I used this flat orange on the background with white and black, overlapping it. This is what flat usage off color means. You just use it on a shape in a in a fond and something that's visually, it's not going to be like new ones is off. This caller is just the shape. It's just a flat caller with no interferences. But here, on the other hand, I just took image that had has nothing like this color. So the tone, the basic tone off this, this image on the background, this Aurora thing here, this animal in the background it it has not orange on the image. So I had to create a nor INGE future. So the image has the message. I wanted it to have the bird that I wanted to show my audience, but at the same time, I needed it to be like appropriate to the message I used to To do so. I created the orange future in a place it above the image. So the image started to get a future off orange. That's my main color, but the system two ways that you can use caller flat in future futures when you overlap with some transparency and fled. Color is just when you create a shape with that caller. Doesn't matter if it's a narrow if he's square, a circle or even typography, but it's when you use the color without the interference off any other stuff. So this is it for this video. And in the next one, I'm going to teach you about how to choose topography and some things that you may have in consideration when you're choosing your typography. So see you in the next video. 8. Choosing The Typography: in this video, I'm going to talk about typography in fonts and typefaces. First of all, one very, very, very, very, very, very important thing to take into consideration when you're speaking your phones is be careful with licensing. You don't want to get in trouble and you don't want to be unfair. You are not just going to not use a paid funds without paying it because it's forbidden. It's because you're a good person, and I believe in you trust you are going to do the right thing. Be careful because you can actually get all the phones in the world like all the entire Helvetica family for free in the Internet. But it doesn't mean that you can use it, okay, because you have commercial use and you have personal use for stuff. And in my case, my instagram is generating revenue by getting me new clients and getting me traffic for paid content. So my instagram is a commercial use, and so I believe you are too. So if your instagram is giving you any kind off money now are in the future. You choose speak free for commercial use funds or you should be to use the funds, and a very good recommendation that I have for you right now is to use one off the best features off graphic design. And this is one of the reasons it's so good to be a graphic design in 2020. It's because we have Google funds that makes our life so much easier. You have many other funds off font. Okay, it's funny. The name off these video is going to be fun self fund. But you have many friends places where you can get free for commercial use funds and paid funds. I'm just going to show you this one. That's Google phones, because all the phones here are free for commercial use you can use on your instagram pages , and your Instagram car sells all. And you have a huge amount off the very, very different styles, like handwriting written like Sensory of Saref slaps, area of display, mono space, many different kinds off our phones. You have actually 9900 and 91 family's right now free for commercial use, so just avoid to get into trouble. They have many awesome phones here, like my favorite found in the world, Rabbo toe That's a huge family that has this many Just for this this many different weights just for the standard fund. Because it will also have, like Roto search here for row photo and you have here Roboto roboto condensed with six different styles Remote hormonal space with 10 styles and remote. Oh, slap. So just roboto has many of your friend styles and you have here infinite how host infinite choices off phones in here. So be very careful and be like fair because he wouldn't want to be a type designer and see people using your phone's without paying for it. If you charge for your front Now that you already know this amazing place to download phones for free to use on your instagram, I'm going to explain to you some different kinds off phones. I'm just going to give you some superficial stuffs and superficial concepts about typography. OK, so the first thing that you should know is there are some main styles off forms. They are sensory If serif funds self rd is these my Let me see some examples here, like this one is very clear. Like if you compare Mouly toe bt Serif, you're going to notice that the's funny things here on the end of the letters are called syrups. And these are two different styles that send two different messages like This is much more off a serious thing, and this can be more a playful thing. If you want to, you can. You may want to use the Syrian on since sheriff to ah, serious thing. But if you want something really, really serious, you are going to want to use a serif font. This is a very, very superficial explanation, and if you want to get more into it, you should search for tempo. Horrific courses toe understand it a little better, but you also have some styles, some different styles, like and read him. This one you have slab serif that's this kind of serifis in each one will convey a different kind off message is not that you already know some off the styles. You can get a little deeper into it like you have standard funds. You have convinced phones you have extended versions of funds so it can be very rich. But one thing that you should master when you're creating car sales, it's how to combined funds I have here seven rules. They're a little superficial, and you can go more in depth with it. Don't mix with the same category. What does it mean? As I said, you have different types categories off funds. You should try to avoid mixing the same type, the same style, off typefaces like I see lots of people mixing like Helvetica with Robbo toe. And this is a little strange because they are kind of similar, and you should avoid doing it because it will just feel okay, you have something that's very similar. But there you being used together, and in this example, it just it's confusing to the I because they're too handwriting typefaces together, they just don't play well. So just to explain some basic concepts here, this blue line where the letters are sitting on is the baseline the height off the letter X . It's considered the standard off the the height off the lower case. Just remember that this is not a very straight forward rule, because if you have something that surrounded like this top off the E, it's going to be a little bit above off the the X height and you have also the ascendant or ascender that is the all the parts of the letters like this. This team off these h that's going above the X height in this lack off this G that's going to be low, that's going below the baseline is known as a D sender or descendant. The same is here on the be on the why and so on. So what you have to take into consideration when combining typefaces. He is the height off the letter X. If two typefaces has similar X height, they're probably going to play well together like this. Stay home, where the stays written in beater and home is roto. They play very well together and don't peek. Very similar families because it's confusing to the iron you should be should be clear of all the decisions that you do on topography, you know, So this combination is very good. I love this fund. Harmony is a free for commercial use, but it's not on Google phones, but it plays well with guess what? Boto Condensed roboto plays very well with harmony because they are very different. They are different styles. They are they use different skeletons they're very different. They have different contrasts, so they play well together. Take it into consideration. Speaking very different funds will make a very nice combination to weights off difference. This is a very good rule off. Hm. If you use like a regular here a regular funds as the theater one, the border one is going to be at least two sizes above. It can be more, but at least two sizes above. It's a very good practice because it's going to help you to read first the thing that on the bolder side and then in the last boat, like in this case, if if this phone was thinner like but it would be like still be clear because of the size difference. But it's not so clear what you should be reading first in what you should be reading after the next rule is, the next step is try tow, avoid at all costs, combining too many time faces to get her at the same time. And why is that? It's very confusing to die. Your eyes don't know what to do with so much information by you have here three different styles with three different things it's just too much. Try to avoid this practical mind like one or two rare early three. Never four typefaces together and here take into consideration the context off your funds. This phone right here is a very serious one, and this one it's not. So. Try to avoid saying like serious stuff with this kind off funds and tried to avoid saying like funny things or a very playful thing with a serif kind off letters. This is very important taking toe into consideration the kind off message that you are wanting to convey and pick a fund that will improve the communication that will add to the communication. It will help the the audience to get the idea fester. Super families are awesome. This is one of the main reasons I love remote. Oh, it's a super family. It has convinced phones it has standard phones. It has slapped phones. And when you have a phone that has the standard in a slab or a standard as sensory in ah serif version, they're considered super families. There Butte with the same skeleton, so they are always going to play well together. There is no chance off they're playing back together because they were created with the same skeletons. So in then next video, I'm going to explain a little further on typefaces. I'm going to use the same same both here. But I'm going to change some things here because I don't have any post right now that say's the things that I'm going to say the next class. So I'm going to talk about, like positioning, aligning and spaces in between lines and stuff like this. So see you in the next class. 9. Text Boxes: So in this video, I'm going to talk about text lineman's and space minutes in between lines and letters. I'm going to use that. You see a simple on. I'm going to use this one as an example. First thing here on the side of my panel. Have the character panel. You can also find it here in your keys. Maybe. And if you don't see it anywhere, you can go to window type character. It's going to open here. I'm going to use this one. And as you can see here, there some settings. I'm not going over all of them. But this one is the text size. Okay, Peter, the number. The bigger the size of the letter. This one is the space meant in between lines. And this is a thing that's very curious toe talk about because many people tends to I don't know why, but just reduce it too much and had to have some awkward effects here. You should avoid having too much spacing between the in between. The lines like this is too much, and you have should avoid, like, having like this. It's very tired to explain to you why So a very good rule is just step here in also, you can tight it a little bit. Oh, sorry. You can just cite this space a little bit. I'm doing why it's not getting allowing me to get Okay, so it's 45 45 in tight it a little bit, but not too much, because you can get some awkward effects that I'm going to show you right now. In the auto, you just can get a perfect space meant in between lines. The designer that designed the typefaces too, a long time to find the proper distance in between lines to be readable and to be pleasing to the eye at the same time. So take it into consideration. You probably don't know this this letter better than its on creator. So what you should do now is just to show you the example that I waas talking about. Just let me just erase thes e right here. But an experience. It's based so you can see there. Why, above the f in white, this particular example because the Y letter has a descendant in the F has a nest Cendant center, and you should never made them touch each other. And if you just pookie this bug again, if you just, like, use a very tight they're going to be a tight space meant in between lines. They're going to be very close to each other, and sometimes they may even touch. Like if I just take a pencil here to draw a line. If I just place it here as you can see, this basement in between the almost touch shouldn't go last in the the the actual size off the funds because they're going probably to touch the ascendant. Is the sentence going to touch the descendant? And this is not good. This is This is when you find out you are very tight on the text. Like if I go even less so like these first people even last year will touch each other and and this is going to be very hard to read. And one thing that's very important to to let you know ISS just controls it is this basement in between lines should have some space visible space to help the reader to go through the text, like from this line to design like easily because you don't you are not always with your finger pointing or wherever you're reading. So in order to make her eyes automatically go to the right next line, you should have a proper space mint in between lines. If you do like this 30 that's the minimal acceptable. It's going to be harder for you if you like, are here to go directly to here instead of here are here are maybe even start reading the same line again. It helps a lot meaning, especially with people that has some difficulties on reading, like dyslexia or something like this. And the same would happen if you have a very large space like Okay, should I go here? Here? It's too much space, so it will help you to read faster and will help the audience. To understand the message, fester so avoid very tight spaces and avoid very large spaces to just on the midpoint. Automatically on on Illustrator would work with almost all letters, whole typefaces, but some typefaces, especially like is one here. They tend to be very tricky with the spaces in between lines, so take it into consideration to like you are seeing here. Don't forget that some letters are better than others in the ultimate take feature in this case, Sorkin just okay. This one is nice like this. You can use the auto. Most of the cases in well built typefaces. You can use the auto feature here, but if you can't just, you know, avoid overlapping in over spacing. This is one of the thing. This is one thing that I wanted to talk about and other kind of rules you have on topography. In a line of men's you have thes these all these paragraph alignments. Let me open it here. If you are not seeing this, it's on the same place, window type and paragraph, and you're going to open this. I mean, you here, you have the left alignments. You have the center alignment ride lineman's just fyi forced. Justify center. Just five and right, Just fight. And what? How do I have to say about this? Just if you want to go with a safe thing in a fast thing where you're not going to lose lots and lots and lots of time to get it right, just go with alignment on the left. It's the easiest is the fastest to go. If we're going. If you have some, like constant, different line we live, just you can solve it much faster than yourself. Problems with justifications. Okay, so you may want to use center online text sometimes. But avoid using centered A line texts every single time that your text has more than four lines. If your text has four to find Flying's, this is the limit off a centered A line text. I think the rule for this one and this one is the same avoid for more than more than 4 to 5 lines. This one is perfect. This is one is good. This one is going to make your happier. But many people use this one, the's guy right here, because they want to see the symmetry here. But this creates a whole new kind of problem. It creates this things, this spaces in between lines that's known as horse thief and harsh Steve. It's not good because it creates this funny, strange kind off shape for your textbooks, and you should avoid in at all costs because there is some techniques that you can use to avoid this, like spacing between the letters and some other techniques that I'm not going to go in depth. Just don't use it right now. Unless you are an expert off topography or you have studied how to use it properly, it's going to make your life much harder. And as I'm creating this course not for Onley, for a graphic designers but to creators in general that want to create without having some in depth knowledge and graphic design and typography jizz, go with this in your boot to go un under great rule that you should know about texts. Boxes is the length off the line. Okay, this is this will also help you to get the perfect size for your textbooks. What you should be aiming for is to have lines with between 6 to 14 words per line. Unless you are German and you are writing this amazingly long awards that German, it's known to have, like the reason chapter that it's just science. Okay, so avoid this long lines of text unless you're German and you have no other alternative. So 6 to 14 words per line is perfect. 12345 pieces a little shorter than it should be. 123456 so this is the like to limit. It even should be a little smaller Like what to do should you do to solve this problem, just decrease decides and now you have one point of difference. So the problem, though, have 12345612345612345678 Perfect. In this way, you also going to get the perfect size for your letters. But you have something like this. 123456789 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 70. Anything 19. This is wait'll if in some cases you need to use the textbooks with this specific with you should increase the size off the typefaces until it has Mexican off 14. Like 14 words per line. In my cases, in my in my car sales, I like to use like 86 per line. Like this short blocks. That's easy to to read. And this rule will help you a lot when you were butin your code ourselves to so you avoid having too small and too big texts. And remember, this is just for text bodies. It doesn't apply to titles off course where you can have just one word when giant board above text. This is it for thesis part off the course for alignments and for text boxes. And in the next one, I'm going to explain to you how to create a proper hierarchy on your texts And this one I'm just going to create while I start to design the example for this course. Okay, So see you in the next course. Of course, no class. 10. Typography Hierarchy Points: so this part of the process is hard. It's very complex. Explain is a theory that I created to make it easier for you to just maintain all offer poles with the same hierarchy. And if we're doing a brand to, you can use this hierarchy method to control how the text behave along each other in all the different situations. So if you learn this technique is a technique that I created, it's going to help you to to maintain the same hierarchy along all of the things that you create on your page on a brand and whatever you need. So the first step I'm going to use as a as an example the opposed that I made about this. But I'm going to explain it a little bit in more depth. So you have to take into consideration that there are different layers off hierarchy in what are layers off hierarchy. The layers off hierarchy are the things are the characteristics off your text that are not in the same block off information? What I mean is, you have a block here that clearly you want to look here for us because it's a bold text, a big text and this is much smaller than this. So you are always going to look to hear first. And then you're going to read what is on the downside on what is below it not just because off the order, because this is going first and this is going after, but also because off the size and its more eye catching because it this party's block off text has more weight than this down here. So this is what I mean with layers off. Eric, you have one layer here in one layer here. So, as you can see here, these are the main layers off hierarchy. You have the title. You have this soup title, you have, uh, body text or paragraph, and you have the notes. And one very important rules that I created is the size is relative to the paragraph. In this case, I indisposed I call these body text that that is this one. This part here are thes. And here is this one. So why is it based on this? Because this is the main information. This is where everything is going to be said. So this is the main part. This is the one that's going to control the size off everything else. So here you you will have a value off 00 points off hierarchy, and each layer should have three or more points in relation to the to the layer before. So in this case, let's let's take this case and sit in as an example, you have a paragraph, a soup title in a title here. The paragraph should have zero off hierarchy because you have no control over it. And in this one, the subtitle issued have three points more than you have here. I'm going to explain in the next minutes at how toe add points in Hurricane In the title, you must have three points more than you had in the subtitle, So this layer should always have three points three more points than the layer before. If you just have a title in a text body or a paragraph, you just need to have three points off difference. But if you are going to compare the paragraph to the title in the case where you have a subtitle to, they're going to have six points off difference. The 6.3 points that you earned here in the three more points that you earned here. In the case of notes you can use on Lee less one minus one. You take away one point off hierarchy in relation to the paragraph and you are going toe end up with minus one, and this is enough to have a note. So how do you earn new hierarchy points? You asked me, and I'm going to answer you right now how to get new points off hierarchy to get more difference between each layer off hierarchy. So the ways that you can earn new points are through this one here. Don't worry. If you don't don't remember this if you don't have to to know this by had, you just can use this post. Or you can use the e book that I have on this subject that I'm going to leave you on the research folder here on skew share. You just don't loaded. It's right here, and you can use it as have reference. So you can just remember everything that you that you are going to need. It's not too many things. You are going to remember it sooner or later. If you apply it. It's not too difficult. But in the start, and I understand that you were going to forget How do I increase the hierarchy? Layer points and this is how you do it. Each time a phone size it's multiplier multiplied. You have one new point. What does it mean? Let's suppose that you have, like, here. Excuse me, let me give you an example. So let's suppose that the base size that I'm going to use these like 36. By the way, this is the size that I that I used to use in my posts for for the paragraphs. Now you're going to end up with some errors like this because I have hidden text. Just select the textbooks. When you see these Red Cross with a square around it, just select the textbooks and increase the size so you can and hide the the hidden text. Let's use this oneness an example. Okay, And let's suppose that suppose notices he's really what's happening here. You have the title and you have the paragraph. The paragraph is X zero, and it's already on the final style. They're going to be robo toe, and they're going to be with 36 off sites. So you select here just like the insights, and you make you just type plus 36 because you know the size is 36. Enter Now. The title has one point off hierarchy in relation to the text. Now that you have here 36 in here 72 that's twice the size off the paragraph. You don't need to wet extra new 72 PT on the size off the letter to have a new point. You just have to read the size off the paragraph again. So 36. So if you want to add a new point here, you can do more 36 plus 36 and you're going to wind up with two hierarchy points. Just give some space meant to is, it's also a good idea. So now you have this one that has three times the size of this. You added two times the size off the paragraph here, so it has two points off hierarchy and you can just add more 36 and you're good to go. This is one way to get titles. The titles in relation to the paragraph that works you now clearly can see what is the title in What's the paragraph? But there are other ways instead of just having giant texts, dis a valid way to do it. But you have other ways to do the same. This in effect. So what else can I do to increase the size off to increase the points of hierarchy? You can also use a bolder font weight. And what does it mean? Let me just controls eat a few times. You can just increase the boat. The boat increased this front. Wait. So if you have regular, because this is regular, so this is the base, so you have to add more weight. So meeting its one point of hierarchy boat. It's one more point off hierarchy, and I see lots of cases where people use titles just with two two weights above. In no order changes in the text. This is not enough. At least you should have three sizes above to be able to consider a title in a paragraph. This is other way. You can mix different ways to get points like you can have one point on, adding decides in one point on adding a front weight in these will just at new points. What are there other things that you can do? You can use the script text. Let me just show you very quickly. Once you already understood this that use like harmony, harmony How many's a form? That's not very good because the points doesn't work very well. So you are going toe. You must see the size for from your own eyes. You won't. You won't be able to trust this size here because it's not precise. This side is not precise. Sounds great. So, like this you just have the thing that has obvious difference between the paragraph and the title. So this isn't off this This would be considered a a pair title in a paragraph. No problem at all. And yet I'm going to show you like Rabbo toe Bold 36 times too. This is enough because I have one point on the size. You increase the size, you have one you point and you went from regular two medium and two medium from medium towboat. So you increased to waits in the in the phone. So you earn two points on front weight in one point in phone size. If you read, if you use a script phones, we're going to earn two points. Don't forget. The only thing that has two points at the same same time is using script or display phones because they're very. They have very different graphics. They have different shapes. They stand out very easily, So if you change to a script formed or a display front, you can earn two points in the same change. Also, contrast contrast in relation to the background. This is this is a very common mistake. The receipt. We don't have the title and you want to use the caller off your brain in the title That's supposed that. The color of my brand these days, light blue. Here you are actually taking away one point. And why is that? Because you have more contrast in the in the paragraph in relation to the background in the specific case, because the background is just white. Then you have here. So the contrast here is bigger than the contrast here in relation to the background. What makes thes the paragraph Stenzel stand out a little more than the in the title, So the solution if you want to use the color of your brand in your title. Keep eating your mind that we're going to need some extra points from one off the other characteristics because you were taken away one point when you decrease the contrast in relation to the background. So D. C is perfect. But DC's not enough. You have just two points. How can you do to to solve this problem? You just like you can just uppercase because upper case is going to add you a new point. So if you select the text in type change keys upper case, you're just going to change everything to uppercase. And now, as uppercase stands out a little bit more than tight okays or sentence case and lower case , they're going to earn a new point. Like I'm saying here, uppercase adds a new point. These should work well, so you are going to have one new point when you add to this ice to twice the size of the paragraph, you have two points when you you increase it to weights off the phones. You have one point when you have the upper case title, and it took away one point when you decrease the contrast in relation to the background, ending up with three points off off hierarchy points, and this is just fine. This is just perfect. It's what you need. So these are the things that you should take into a consideration when you work creating your texts. When you are placing your text on your car ourselves, you should always look for a good hiring. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to apply my own style here on all the all these things phones very quickly. And one more thing. Don't you mind having more than three points? This is the minimum that you should have. Three is the minimum that you should have between each layer of hierarchy. But you can't have more now. What I do is I use remote. Oh, condensed for my titles, bro bowed and condensed bold. I always use the same color. Not always, but I always tried to make them the same color. So one very smart thing to do here is to use these magic panel the Care act, character styles, care. Hector's I'm so bad in English. What did you do? Is just if you don't see this icon, the A with two squares in the side of it. You just click here on window type and character styles and you're going to open these window. You can dockets right Here are whatever you want. What does he do? You just you can just select a part of your text would be just this part and you create a new style. And when you create the style, you can name it just like paragraph bear regret in this one, I just type here, select the text and click on the Dis Knew this plus icon and renaming to title. If you have more than these two styles you can create more than this. There's no problem at all. You can just sort it as you want. So how do you do now? What you do with this panel is just select the text box or select the text that you want in . Click it here and it's going to apply the same style that you created before In this case, this is all a title. I just click here and click here and it's done. You just applied the I like this style. Okay, here I would like to have a two layered style because I already have a title here in these texts, it's too long to be a title. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to use this as an example of the other way that you could use it. I'm going to give here a remember title, Remember? I just noticed that I did something wrong before that. I forgot to wear here. So this is good, because I can now teach you how to do something even more advanced in this situation. So I'm going to delete this title that I created. Yeah, I want to delete it. Now I'm going to select this. This one. It could be done here. To whom this that I created. So I opened this panel, the character panel, and then click here on these two kept. Lt's because this is going to make all the text on this. Textbooks are the selection. They're going to make it caps, you know, as you can see, these red mark appeared again. So you have more text in here. What I'm going to do now is I'm going to save this style again. And now If I just save it, it's going to save. I rename it again. It's going to save the upper case also. So now if I just write, remember in a click here they're going to remember that they're going to remember the ironically, they're going to remember that a click here before I see a place, this style in this panel. So what I'm going to do now is I'm going through all this lights, and I'm going to to apply this title and always correct these. When you get these situations. Corman's select Click here Next one. So, as you can see, you can apply it very quickly. It's much faster than just clicking years like me, the full intolerable toe condensed again and both again and increasing the size and doing everything over and over again, or maybe even faster than just clicking here. And because if you are used to use the the short skirts, the shortcut for this eye dropper to is I. But if you have a text selected like here and you want to play these in your type, I they're going to replace your text. So is it is also always better to use these panel instead. So quick here. Criticize if you want to increase the size both above and below at the same time, we just hold down Commons, Are Ault in your keyboard? So here is one of the conclusions of the polls were also like to to have ah, shocking thing. So I'm going to Leadsom shocking information here. So I'm going to, like, say, Don't be a fake. Don't be a fake selected quick it in. It's then. So now you have all the text in the right place with this right sizes with that right hierarchy in the next class, I'm going to teach you how to create a background and then I'm going to in the other place after this one. After that one, I'm going to teach you how to mix everything together. So see you in the next class 11. Set Up The Illustrator File: So in the less video, I told you that I was going to teach you how to agreed to the titles and tax in the hierarchy. But I think it's better to start before this and make a specific video just to teach how to create the file to create the illustrator file to make the car a cell perfect divided in 10 slides and everything else. So first thing that you should do is open illustrator. Create a new file and two created. You can just click here or file new or control and are common. And and I think I just gave you all the possibilities of creating a new file. So the first thing that you should do is give the name off the off the car. Rossell. Just keep it organized because you will need in the future. So the name off my car so is going to be content for car sales. I changed the name since the last tutorial. I don't know if you noticed, but today is a very different day. I stopped recording a few days ago. I had lots of work to do, and now I'm back. And yes, I'm with the same T shirt because it gave time to be cleaned to be washed, and I choose to wear it again. Know that this matters. But okay, so I'm going to teach you how to configure the the color cell for Instagram there to standard sizes for cover sales in single pools on instagram it there also. Actually, you can do whatever you want, but I recommend you to do one of these to the 10 80 by 10. 80. That is it is ah square size for your posts. And you also can do a portrayed that's a little bit higher that uses the maximum hate off instant room. And also you will feel the most screen site screen area that you can in opposed. So the most screen you you feel better because you will appear more so. What I recommend you to do is click here on the with it and you put 10 80 exhaust always pixels. If you have something some of the other options just change it to pixels. Click on the drop down here and here you can do 13. 50. That is the maximum hate off the our height. I don't know how to say this word and you have the maximum height off the post for instagram all the course l should have 10 slights. If you have content for less than 10 slides, then you should try to split the information in order to get the tense nights. Because if Instagram gives you tense nights to create with to create a carousel, use all of them. If someone gives you wants to give, like 100 bucks, you you never say, Oh, I just want 50 know you take to everything that they want to give you. So here you you click. You can click here, or you can just type the the number of heart boards that you want to create, and then just make sure you click an advanced options in select RGB color because you're creating for a screen you are not creating for printing, and you can use high density P excels like 300 pp. Ir 72. I like to create this because we I like to create with 300 because Instagram is going is going to take away some off the quality of your posts, and it's better to have a higher quality. So if if Instagram decides to take away some off the quality, it's not going to be so noticeable. So, yeah, I like to use 300 b p i. And then the secret is when you click here on more settings because this is where you were going to be able to create all off the pages, O R slights, whatever on the side of each other and touching each other this way, they If you put some images in between each one off this lights, they're always going toe to be cut in this specific in right place. So what you should be doing here is here on number off art boards. You keep the 10 that you create, um, on this panel before. But here is the way that dart boards is going to be organized in your file. So you're just click in the third option arranged by row. This is the option that tells illustrator to to put all of the art boards on the side of each other. So you click here and then spacing. This is the spacing between each one off the art ports and off course. You should right zero you should put zero pixels off distance because this way, they're going to be aligned to each other sides. Okay, so then you create document and you wait a little bit in the magic happened Just created the perfect file with all the oh, the art boards on the side of each other. So now if you accidentally just click create before create the file before you, you choose that option to in advanced options to go to place the art boards on the side of each other and you come up, you can come up with something like this. For example, there's no problem. You don't need to delete this file and open a new file. Just click here on this. I can hear to let me just take my camera away, OK, so here is the art board. The airport panel. If you don't see it, you just click in here in window in art boards. If I click, I'm going to hide because they had it opened already. So you click in window and you click in art board art boards. Okay, so in this panel you see this little icon in here you click it and you just click here, Okay? And spacing is the same as the last one that explain it to you. Just type zero and okay. And you're going to have the perfect file so you can start your car. So So this is it for this class. And in the next class, I'm going to teach you how to organize your texts inside off your car cells so you can start actually creating the new things. Okay, so in the next one, I'm going to teach you how to place the texts inside of her car car herself from the war document that we created before our Google. That's whatever inside to illustrator. 12. Organizing The Text: Okay, So in this video, I'm going to teach you how to organize the information that you got on the first. I don't know. It was it was on The first was in the beginning. So this video, I'm going to teach you how to organize the texts that you created in the beginning off this course along, the 10 slides off your car herself. So before we start copping the text from there, the first thing that we should do is take into consideration that this first slide is your cover. And the last slide is the tank you page. So you don't you just have eight. I think I said this before, but you just have eight, uh, slides to place your content. So just to keep it organized, the first thing that you do is write this over here just to have to organization. You don't need to align because you don't know where the text is going to be in relation to the image when you place the background here. So we controls control. See, here are comments, See, if you are in Dean Mech and then you click in the last art board and your new maid control shift fee or a comment shift V to paste in the same place. And where there, where you copied from. It's going to take into consideration the art board. So it's going to place in the same place it copied from. But in the different artwork, you just have to select that word. You want to copy too. Okay. So we changed the name to thank you. Because this is it. Thank you. Thank you, Slide. And now we have to baste the text from the car. So let me just open here. This is the text I created on the beginning of the off the course. So we select everything we control. See? Common. See your right click and copy. In my case, it's Portuguese QPR, But just forget about it. It's just control. See everything you get into the file and the best way to do it. The fastest way is to create a textbooks in control v everything. Now you put the right size to it, okay? And you just change the fund just to just to have a different phone from the titles so remote a regular is OK for bold. Yeah. So Now I will take away all of these word counting that I made on the last tutorial. Just give me a minute. I'm going also to delete this. Think you here in this co over here Because we don't need it. They are already on the course. L So now what we're going to do to make it so fast is we're going to click in this text box we're going to control, See common, See if you're in the Mac again. So you're going to click in each one off the art Bart's and notice that when I click here, the art board highlights the current art for that I have selected. So if I click in each one of the art boards, the illustrator is going to know already that you that you want to place the things that you have copied on the selected art board. So I copied from here in a control ship V click here, control Chief, to be and do it again, again and again. Now, what you're going to do is you're going to delete all the information that you don't need in the specific slight, so just select everything into it don't Don't Don't border with this size off this textbooks, you can just get it. Get it smaller right now where you can do it after. So this is the third you can see here the name third. And you were going to do it a second and everything else. I'm going to do it very quickly. I'm going to speed this up. But you know that if you are following these with me, just repeat the process to have all the texts with this number in the same number off the layers, layers off the art ports panel. Okay, so I'm going to speak. He said, Okay, now you already have all the texts in your in the right place. So remember that I told you that you could do these after it's because you can select all off textbooks and just reduce the size at the same time. Now all the texts are in the right place. They are all in the right art board. So now what you have to do is you already have everything in the place in the right place. But what you have to do now is separate the title from the paragraph of text in this case, this second slide. Normally, I like to use it as just a title like a super title. This is the title of the Curro sale. This is like a subtitle or some kind of introduction. I know that I used paragraphs here a lot, but it's not. It's not something that I do always. So in this case, this is all going to be a paragraph like a title subtitle. So I'm not going to play with this. I just took away the number and I'm going to do the same in all of them. Now what I'm doing is just on separating the tax from the paragraph of text. Okay, the titles from the paragraphs. So I have it better organized to receive the hierarchy. So now if you want to take away all the information in your posts a same time, I just leave the definition on the title on the cover when it's needed. So I want to take away from all of this. I just select everything, and I click here on the paragraph panel and I click Ignatz. So now there is no definition on all off these text boxes. So in the next class, I'm going to talk about hierarchy, see with a next class 13. Picking The Photos: Not that you already have your file here, just ready to receive the images. We should think of a way off getting images for free because we're doing things for Instagram in this case. And we want really to have images for free. You can have paid services like paid photos. You can take your own photos. I use a premium stock. But before I use that premium stock I used to get all my images from these four websites up here that I'm going to leave you file with the links to all off these free websites where you get the images that are pixels free, peak in splash in picks, a bite and all of them give you free for commercial use images. But you should have. You should pay attention to the license licenses off each one off the sites because some of them require you to take the author off the images. In this case, this very pretty image was taken by Adam Borkowski. I think this is how and then he mispronounced, but this is more or less how it's used. Okay, so you shoot when you are going to use the images you get in this In this these websites, you should look for the licenses to make sure that you can use it as a commercial use. And if you're creating an instagram page where you're going together, new clients This is commercial use. If we are using the images for promoting yourself, promoting your work, promoting anything that may give you some money, there's some time from now You should look for the licenses, so just keep these in your mind. They're free. But read the licenses because you don't want trouble in the in the future. If you don't want to use free stock photos, you can use premium. It's up to you. Just use the images that you want. You can even take the pictures yourself. Do as you wish you have here. A huge reserves off images that I used a lot when I started. Like pencils has a very good feature that if you want to see other pictures that look like this, you just click. Click Kanda on the image and down here you're going to see lots of images that look like exactly this. This imagine image that you are seeing here, but sometimes let's suppose that we're talking about, Not something like a couch, but something like this. Very particular style. I don't know if it's if is it going to work? I didn't click here before, but if you click here and you go into suggestions, you may find some other images that look like this one that you can use in the same set off photos. In this case, it's not a good example because I just realized there there are no other photos in these style here, but less Let's look for something like this one. They don't know this guy with this mask. Okay, This one is a very good example. If you click in this guy with this mask and you go down here, you just see there are lots off images off this guy with this weird XX mask so you can doubled multiple off them and just try to make the feather effect that I'm going to to to show you right now how to use it. So lose some time here loosens. I'm looking for the perfect photographs for your for opposed. Try not just make Jews images just because because you think they're pretty because they're beautiful, because this is a really relative thing, and you should look for for images that's going to help you two to pass the message that you want to pass on. So if you're teaching something about if you're talking about something like mysterious, you could use something like this, like secrets or something that's going to reinforce the message. Used these photos to reinforce the message that you are going to teach. These images are good for, like, seven mysteries have seven mistakes or seven secrets behind Social Media or seven secrets behind design or whatever, because this has these photos have, ah, different appeal have, ah, mysterious field, and this would be agreed place to use it. So just keep it in your mind. Look for photos that are going to increase your message that's going to support the text that you write on your car cells. Okay, so I'm going to cut the video right here. I don't want to mix these with the next thing. So in the next one in the next video, you were going to take the images that do. Don't load it from here or from whatever you want or the photos that you took yourself and we're going to place it on the Photoshopped file here. Okay, So see you in the next class. 14. Set Up The Photoshop File: Okay, so now that you already have the file with all the information that you need with the right in the right place in the rights are bored with the right hiring right hierarchy with right everything we need to create the background for the carousel. And we're going to create it in Photoshopped. The best way to use all the Softwares to mix them together and use what they are more powerful in different situations. So now we're going to treat the images were going to make different images, look in the same. But this is subject for next class. In this very 1st 1 we're just going to set up the file to receive the background images. Okay, so the first thing that we should do is create a new document. It's pretty much the same thing as illustrated. You can create click here, create new the same button as there are there is an illustrator or file new here. The same thing aren't control in the same shortcut as illustrator. And the first thing is like and take the name off the the car so that you creating in just type background RBG after that. So I just noticed that I didn't save the last final data shoulder from illustrator. Don't forget to save everything because you can lose everything. So just don't forget to say, don't be a chemist. I come being right now. Okay? But why did I open this file now it's saved End. I just open this file so I can see the name car self content for Cosell's. And I just type here content for for cover cells and you can write backroom or BG after that big distance for background. So you write the name and BG just to keep it organized and with this sees a very important part because each slight will have 10 80 off waited. So you just type here 10 80. But we need an image that covers nine slides because the last one is a co over a back over where you say thank you when I promote my my course is the last one in this one that I'm going to start to promoting now. So way Just need to know how many sites we need to create this image for. So in this case, I need for nine slides. If I open here I'm going to be able to see. I'm going to create the image for all this. All these slides here, this last one is going to be a different thing. Some don't need the image from there. So 123456789 So there we did up each one of these. If you click here in in click in type shift Oh, in the keyboard, you are going to open this so I'm in use traitor again. I'm sorry if I didn't tell you before, You can click in art board to and just click here and you're going to see the weighted off the the current art port 10 80 pixels. So now you open photo shop again in 10. 80 times nine. This is the with it in the height off the post is it's going to apply the math automatically and hide is 13 50. And if you are unsure off the size that you want it just shift O r. Click here again. And here you are, uh, h that stands for height 13. 15. So now you can create it here. Resolution? We created a 300 resolution. So in the last one, so we should click here. Should choose to 300 an RGB color because we're creating for screens eight bit you can use eight are 16. I'm going to use eight. Scrappy excels in color profiles. You don't need to worry about anymore. Any more of these situations here do settings here is click create and you're going to end up with this long art board. And what should we do now? Because we're going to create a style in. We're going to create a post in my style and style in the style there I used to create my posts. I know that lots of you asked me on the M How do I create such a smooth experience on the post and I'm going to teach you how to do it If you want to create a different one, you can also use this technique off creating the images here on one our port. But I think if you are using like images in between each H art board, you can just cut them, cut them on the photo shop on Photoshopped export and import again to illustrator just because the text tools are much easier to understand and to deal with an illustrator also creating shapes with mental and those kinds of things are much easier to create on illustrator and faster to then it is on Photoshopped. So the first thing that we shouldn't do if you're creating us opposed with this cell like mine, I'm going to show you if you don't know it like this one. Not a good thing, Simple like this one where you just blend all the images and you don't see a clear on a clear thing that's going on. You don't see this The blending. You don't see a line separating each one of these nights the best way just in the last one you can see here. So the best way to do it is separate it with guidelines. But you are not going to create it by hand. Off course you can create, but you can separate it out magically by clicking in view. New guideline lee out in here You say that you wants to separate in nine columns meaning each column will be one slide for your post. Just click OK and you are good to go. So here you have the file ready to receive the images where you're going to cut everything and you are going to make everything look similares between all of them. So, in the next class, I'm going to teach you how to place everything in the place how to create the masks and how to cut. Oh, the images to create a complete background for your coat herself. See you in the next class. 15. Combining The Photos: now, before we start actually putting the images here know that I already told you that if we're going to put the images here lots of times, but this is going to happen is in this video. I'm going to teach you how to organize your files inside off your inside of your folders so you can have a quick access toe all the assets that you use for all the work ourselves. If you want to use it later on some on some work, it's going to be much easier. So I recommend you to create a folder in inside of this folder. You create a social media folder inside of the social media for their If you have different things, you just create a posts folder inside of the Post, for you have all the posts folder. Each post has one folder. So let's look for the one that I created here. The name is content for color cells, so it is here content for a car sells the double, click it and you're going to see they illustrator file. So what we're going to do, we were going to create here a new folder we can just rightly new in folder Michael is my system is in Portuguese. I'm sorry for that. But you can also click control shift and and you're going to create a new folder and you call this assets in the inside of thes assets you just but all the assets that you are going to need to create this course up If you have multiple different assets, I recommend you to create assets off each style off each type off, content off asset, like 40 cars. I'm going to use lots and lots off off different assets. Like all the videos that that you are seeing here Now are all the videos that I'm I'm going to use on this course I have it on the desktop. And after I record everything, I put it on the right place and the right folder. So in this case for the course, where I have multiple types of files multiple files like reversing here inside off the assets for their creative footage folder already afforded folder, image folder and so on. So in this case, we don't need this. We're just going to create a course l so I just place all the images that I don't know. Don't load it. And these are all the images that I'm going to use, so I'm going to select all of them, and I'm going to place them inside off for us. It's going to take a while. Just click enter a bunch of times. So for the shop can place all the images at once. Not at once, because I'm clicking one at a time. Okay, So I wanted this one to be my last one. So just dragging here. So now I'm going to start placing things just right. All the images to the right place. Hmm. Let's see the different styles that I have here cause I know that it's one it is for the over this phone is they want from the Kovar that I went for the covert. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to select this one. Make sure that you have also selected here, so you can just click and drag instead of contra clicking or selecting here and then dragging. So you just select this one and drag it to the beginning. I'm going to place all the images you can place your images. Whatever you want. I'm going to place it very quickly here, and I'm going to fast forward it because it's just a matter off clicking and putting in the place. A quick tip here used the image from the next slide below the layer off the previous night . So this is the 1st 1 The 2nd 1 should be below it if wants to increase the size because sometimes we need better framing life. Let's suppose that I want to cut this image here. I just control T to change the size and just increase the size and place it in the place. So this is everything that you need to know. Now I'm going to place it really quick, and then I'm going to feed to use a feather mask here to make a soft transition between all the images. So see you in a few minutes. In my real time, in a few frames in your type. One more thing that I remember now all this worm women are looking to the same side. So what I want to do is like Rita different atmosphere, where, like, this woman is looking to this woman. So what? I'm going to do is control t again or comment. If you are in the IMAX system and you're going to right, click it and flip it horizontally. And now you have it. Have her looking to the other side. Okay, Now that you already have all the images in the right place, make sure that these doesn't happen right here. Like a wide space where you forgot to align the images properly. I just I saw this in the size problem probably is not good enough. It's not big enough to cover it from there. The bottom to the top off the art port. And now you have solved this problem. Now what? I'm going to teach you right now left less thing on this video is how to combine these images together in order to have a soft transition in between all of them. So first thing, you don't want to see the guidelines right now. So you just click control Age are common age. Our view and extras in Theis way You don't see the pixels when you zoom Zuma the maximum possible and you also don't see the guidelines. So what you were going to do right now is you're going to select the first layer, we're going to zoom in a little bit and you are going to create a mask. You I hope you already know how to create a mask in full shop because this is the rial basic thing. So you click here to create a mask and you're going to see to thumbnails. Now you see the family off the off the layer, the actual image. And now you're going to see a thumbnail off the complete mask off the complete report. But you don't need. You just need these small space here. If you select the mask and you painted black with a brush or with the bucket to, you're going to hide the pixels. And if you paint it right, we're going to show the pixels again. So what were we want to do is we want the feathered transition. We want this move transition from thes first image to the second image. What we're going to do is we are going to take the brush, select the TEM Nay off the mask increases size. You can just caught right click and drag it to the right to increase the size and upend out to increase the hardness or softness off the brush. What we want is a We don't want a very small brush because we're going to end up with kind of a line. We want a big, big, uh, brush like this, and we want that hardness at zero. Don't forget to check if your capacity is at 100% so it should look like this when you change the size. If you don't want to change the size with the old or the old hockey and dragging, you can just right click and change the sides here and the hardness here. Or click here to see the brush brush settings. So out there that you make sure that your foreground color is black and you just start painting it and you. As you can see, there is a smooth transition. If you control age to see the to see where is the separation off the office lights. You just can see that the transition is going toe accord on the second side in on in the first. If you want to do a straight line, you just click. Hold on, shift in and drag it downwards and you're going to make a straight line with the brush. In this case, it was a little too much. I'm going to control cities and I'm going to shift. Click and drag, shift, click and direct shift click and direct treatment shift. We can drip. Okay, So, like this, I think it's goods. Not very, very perfect right now, but I'm going to teach you how to solve it in a few minutes. So, as you can see here, these images complete me showing in the first images, the cover. And in the 2nd 1 you see the soft transition from this to this. Now we're going t repeat this process in all images. Just make sure you don't make weird cuts if you can avoid to cut like a non arm shoulder, a person a part of the person always avoid when you can. So what we're going to do now is selective V click V or click here to select the selection to click in the second on the second image. Just drag and drop here to make sure that this is the second layer. Create the mask again and just painted like this. You have here this the brush is a little too big for the situation here. If you want to make, like, more detailed editing in need detailed mask, you can just reduce the capacity of the brush. If you want to, just click 12345678 or nine And you are going to change the opacity, not on the num lock. Okay, so in the the numbers, that's above the letters on the keyboard. Like if I tap just three, I'm going to jump to 30% so I can edit a little more softly. As you can see here, I deleted a little bit too much from the from the mask. What I can do is I can click X to change my let me show you. I can click extra change from my background to my foreground color or click and this little icon here to make sure that I have wide selected. If you don't have white, just click here and quite in the black in front of like this anything. Go to the brush and now start painting. Now we have 30%. I'm 10 zero is 100. I just clicked zero and Now I'm going to solve this little problem here. As you can see, you don't see that mine anymore. Intercede. This beautiful transition between these two now this one is is that one that's covering almost the entire image from below. So I agreed. The mask. And now I'm going to increase the size softness zero. As you can see, I tried to paint it and nothing happened because I had white as the foreground color. Just click X on your keyboard and you're going to show the image below. Not this transition is okay, because the patent pattern, because the pattern off the background is almost the same. So now I have the telephone just cut. So I'll try to make it, uh, a little lesson Festival can do just the wire here trying to find a wire. Don't. And don't worry about the color now, because in the neck and the necks tutorial, I'm going to teach you how to solve these caller problem, because the transition is not very smooth right now because the color, the contrast, everything is too different from this one. And I'm going to teach you how to solve this in the next class and just repeat this process . I think I explained everything that I need to explain on this, and I'm going to fast forward these just to get everything smoothly. Transition to get. I'm going to fast forward just to the end of the process very quickly or what I'm doing here in this party thing. It's important for you to know. I noticed that this light is going on her back and would be very interesting to maintain this like this way. I took away the softness I make of Ah, very hard. Ah, brush And I'm doing the same process. I'm cutting it so I can hide the image from the foreground and maintaining the image from the background. Now I have the lamp from the background completely looking like it was behind her. So it is very cool because it makes the transition even even softer. Don't forget to see. Okay, now all the transitions are just very smooth. It's very good. It's looking very good. The's lamp. I would make a difference that let me just try to solve it. I don't I'm not sure that I can, but let me try to solve it so What we have here is soft transitions between all the images . As you can see, they're very soft. Mainly these first this this last less Here they're very softest. This to their very soft. And now in the next, Next next, just just just the next class. What I'm going to teach you is how to solve this color problem. Because, as you can see here, thes doesn't match at all with this. And I'm going to teach you how to solve this problem. How to make all the images look the same. Look equal. Look as they were taken in edit edited from the by the same person and look like a complete color. Selloff one Onley Big image. So see you in the next class. 16. Color Correction: Okay, I realized that I did a very bad mistake in the last video I recorded with my face inside in the front, off the layer panel. But I I saw that I could You could see the first thing here. And it also could see the button on on here off the mess to create a mask. So there is no problem. I guess so. Just to make sure that everything is is right, if you want to create a mask, if you want to select the temp nail, it's here. Okay, this is a temporary where you quick to use the mask. And here is the button where you create the mask for the for the later and in this video we're going to talk about how to solve this problem. This weird problem that happens when someone that puts the image to you for you to download , use different futures on the same Siri's off photos. The first thing that I want to tell you is I choose this photo first because I like this orange future that they photo referred that edited this photo made because my page is all orange. As you can see here It always has some orange tones everywhere. Sorry for these three people that are sending me messages right here. I promise that I'm going to replay after discourse. But what I didn't notice is that the the contrast is very different. This is a very low contrast image because you have here this black, not black part in here You have this clear black and white, black, dark and light situation, and here it's not so clear because the black is not black. The dark's not really really dirt. So what I'm going to do is I'm going toe, apply this effect toe all the other images so they look uniform. If you were the one who took the photos in your DSLR or mix or mirror less camera, you're going to want to shoot in raw because if you shoot in raw, you can very, very easily use the raw files to create a complete uniformed future for all your photos. This one is a very tricky situation, and I'm glad that we're dealing with a tricky situation because you are going to learn with the hard example. So what we need to do is we want to to make thes image right here have the same look as this one. So we're going to start by editing this one from the middle. And what we want to do is to use thes adjust mental years to solve this problem or the future camera raw future. But I'm going to use these days adjustment layers to solve this problem. So the first thing that you need to do is you want to add a curves adjustment layer and so that and just to to make sure that this property days this adjustment layer disc herbs effect just apply for this one for de slayer. Just click here on this button because if you don't click in this button, this curves are going to apply toe all the layers below it. So what we need to do here first is take a step back. This is a graph off the light off your image. The RGB light off your image. And as you can see, thes graph goals from dark to light. So the further the graph is is for the right. The lighter is the color that you were going to deal with. The higher the point. ISS, the more light. You are heading and the lower it is, the more dark you are, you are adding to the image. So in this situation you can see that the black like the black here is really, really black, you know. So this part is really black really dark in here. It's not. It's like a gray usage orange. So what we're going to do is we want to take it up because the more the the higher we set the position off this point Delighted Amy, just going to be or the image are this part off, The image is going to be this part. I mean, the dark part of damage. So if we just take it up, we can see that we are adding some light to the dark. But the problem is we're not just adding to the specific point. We are adding to the entire image because you can see here this is the light part, the highlights of damage. It is also being pushed up. So what we have to do is we have to create a new point here, and we have to drag it down. So as you can see, you know, here on this part. This image is a little darker than this one. So we just take this and now the dark, dark area from these and this just match, you can just play with this. Like how? My God, this is very light, and you're going to try to to drag it down until you think, OK, this matches perfectly. So in this case, now, the dark areas matches, but the light areas does not. So we're going to take it like this. It's still a little off this part here you need okay, now it's perfect. So delight here. I think the highlights is a very, very the highlights on these images a little hired in these two. So just right to make it legal or like this. Yeah, you're getting it. We can just make the, like, the highlights a little darker to drag it to the left. You are going to if you drag the highlights, the left, you're going to get a little off avoiding white in your your highlights, like in there on her forehead or cheeks and things like this. So now the light is very similar, but the caller is not there yet I think this contract it went a little too for so this looks great, considering the contrast of the image. The contrast of these two images are almost the same as you can see. The contrast off these two images are the same, but the color is different. So what, We're going to Dewey's. We're going toe. Add some red to this image because you can see here we have lots of red that you don't have here. So just like the red and add some red. And also the rich has some green to make this yellow. And I have a very cool trick to solve this situation where you just can't see with your own eyes If the if the images are playing well together is to play with the channels. Okay, So if we just we we just want to see if the red and the blue colors are matching. So we're just going to hide the green and the blue, and we can check if the contrast off the Red Channel is the same. Just open channel. If you don't see the channel here, the channel panel just I've just click on window and open channels here. Okay, so now what we have to do is call her by caller. You're going to do it, right? So if we play with here, you can see the contrast changes a lot. So what we have to do is we need to make the color look this same. So as you can see here, the red did the darkest part off the red is messed up, too. So we have to to make the red like up like this. Yeah. And we have to take away the to make it a little darker, like too much like this in a leader off. It's just a leader, but here instead of here. Okay, so we have the red in the right sport. I wasn't expecting it. So, So good. Eso good results on the 1st 1 Let's go. OK, so we're going to do the same for the blue. We're going to hide the red. We're going to hide the green and we're going to check if everything is all right and everything looks almost perfect. But the highlights of the blue are a little more My there are little brighter in the in the main image and Now, if we just do this, we are going to end up with this amazing results. Where the image just have the's part here where the there are more red two here. We're going to to have to use the secondary option here. I think the green is off because we have too many, much green. So what we're going to do is we're going to do the same process with the green color. And yes, we can see that the green is messed up. So remember, just select hydro green and high, hide the red and hide the blue. Just leave the green on the channels and click here on the panels off the lake. The levels. I mean, the curves click in green. As you can see here, the green also has a little lighter contrast. Lighter, lighter blacks. You. So you click here. Can you drag it up a little bit? Just a little bit. Just went a little bit before. So what you need to do now is just check everything once again because the caller maybe a little off yet. So make sure that the curves on each one of the colors just match like this. The green is a little bit off now it's too bride. And now yet this is perfect. This is almost perfect. Now we have a problem here. That's happening because the images are almost the same. They are almost the same and the lights going to be in the same position. And this is a problem in the transition. So what we're going to do is we're going to create a leering between them, and I'm going to try to make this part of legal bid, uh, darker so it can match this part. Okay, so let's click here so that this layer, I mean, they go here and click here. Down on the down on the corner. Okay. Sorry. Could click here on the corner where it's these plus sign. If you are using another version off photo shop, its newly or sign you were going to create a new earlier here. You can call it shuttle shuttle fix, and we're going to put them in this layer in between these two julier. So what? We're going to do this electoral just like just to avoid in problems. We're going toe share toe out to use the eyedropper to and click here, and we're going to just painted a little bit just like this, just like this, with the opacity. A 20% more or less. So now what is happening is it's working perfectly. You can see that these parts these days stain on the back of her head is going to the other to the other image. We can also add some, like just to to make sure it's some uniform staying there very similar. The only difference that I can notice right here is that the Green Channel on the curves, Um, a little different from this one, because the paper here is like orange, and the paper here is like a greenish bluish. So what I'm going to do just to solve this less problem is to add a new layer. Just click on the shadow that's above this, this one creating you earlier Dragon below the shadow. Place it, choose the blend mold, caller caller blend mold and, just like selected brush to bridge, too out clicked to grab these orange brownish thing. I think I'm going to use this. Oh, let me see her skin tone yet. It's like orange and I'm going to just try to paint it like this, having it with almost the same Simpson. We need to raise these stuff. That's outside of the paper. Just make sure everything has the right color and no, we're going to very carefully. He raised this. We can use a mess, too. I'm going to use their mask. Okay, so now the caller have the paper match. And so for these two images, the the effect is completely done. And now what you have to do is repeat this same process to all images on your car sell if the color doesn't match what I recommend you to do to cut down everything. To make it much easier. He's tried to choose a selection of photos that match with the contrast and the images so you can avoid this full class. That's where that you are seeing here. I'm just using this example because it's the hardest example possible. I use three different techniques just to blend the images, and normally I just used the brush on the mask and it's done. I don't have to bother with any other things like the this layer of shadow to fix this transition and this layer of to make sure the paper is the same color. I'm teaching you all the possible situations that you have to correct on the transition off one photo to another, and this is great for this tutorial. But I wouldn't use this images in the rial situation because it would take too long to to solve this situation, this problem so I would avoid at all costs. Unless I have no water option, I would have to stick with this, but I would not recommend you to do this in all your Cosell's. I just I recommend you to look after some easier photo combination so you just can use them , bask in and done, and you can use the background on your post. So I'm going to do a fast forward here just to see if any new situation appear here. Don't forget the channels is here. Use one channel at the time to check if the colors are correct. As you can see here, there are very different in the red panel. They're a channel. I mean, they are very different. The Green Channel, and they're also very different in the Blue Channel. So they're not going to match. And if you turn all, then all the channels on you are going to verify that they are actually very different here , and you don't see a soft transition between them, and this is where you're going to solve it. So I just realized that my mask was a little bit messy here, so I just came back again and fixed it. It's very easy. Just come back from the channels to the layers and click here on the mask, select the black and just started correcting it. So back to the fast forward. - So Okay, this now is perfect for me. It will work perfectly. I know that this one, they're not very similar to this one. But in the transition off the situation, the lighting can be changing. So there is no problem, because there there is no hard difference between these two. There is just a little difference, but the background blend well. And after this, I prefer the look on these photos than in this 1st 1 So they're going to match very well together in this complete image. And what we have to do now is we have to export these thing to a background file that is a PNG or you can even use the Photoshopped file because everything that you update here, if something went off off the place in illustrator or if you want to make any changes in the in the photo shop after that, you don't have to replace the file. It's much easier to work with the Photoshopped file inside off, Illustrator. So what we're going to do is we're going to save it again. And just to finish these video, we're going to drag inside of your don't border with the with the size because we made it correctly before and we can just increase decides like this. And if you control one to see in the actual size you see the quality is perfect. So after you placing it here, you just right click arrange and sent back. So you can. So all the texts are above select everything but the thank you shift and click the image to have all the text selected him Paint the text, right tent, right. Okay, right. It means the texts white. So you can you can read it and you can see it in orderto edit in the next video 17. Designing The Carousel: so now that we already have our texts in place. And also we have our background image that took so long to three classes just to explain how to build these background image, we are going to put everything together to create our final ourselves. So the first thing that I that I recommend you to do is to say to your to your audience what the decide they are currently in, although most of the times they're going to be able to see the the count here on instagram . But also, I always use this signature in here. So if people share my posts, thes thing here is always going to appear and everyone's going to know that I am the creator off these post one very important thing that you should always keep in your mind. Try not to, but like huge locals on the food or off your off your posts. Because it is all. If you do this, all your polls are going to look like they are like ads and no one likes adds. This is why people pay Spotify and pay YouTube premium free. For example, this is to get rid off the publicity off, adds, So people pay not to see ads, so make the best you can tow. Avoid making your post look like ads. So instead of using your logo here, I used to have a signature local here that if you want to have like a very small logo, it's OK. But if you just type the things that's going to help people to recognize that the post is yours, it's much better than using and natural logo. So yet consciously, if we have your complete logo here, a big logo, people are unconsciously think that you that you're trying to sell something to them. I swear I'm going to reply these as as soon as I finished the recordings. Just type everything down there, so you select everything. In my case, I already have it done. I'll select everything, but you can write it in a copy and paste, and I'm going to help you with this to just I'm going to select it, de select the needed content copy and select the first night and based it. And now I already have my signature in all slides in clear y. All of them are readable, so there's no problem. And if you just created like this one, let me just delete is to give you an example. You write your name. You're right, you're you're at, and you select it copied and select the next dartboard control shift V to paste it in place . Because if you just control V, it's going to pace in the center of the screen. And this is not what you want unless you are like a genius. And you can just a line by using your eyes the exact centre off the the art board. That's not possible. So just control. See here and select dartboard Control shift VR commend shift V in Mac, and you're good to go with the signatures. Next. I want to copy my my Thank you page. I just select everything. I'm going through these right now. Hurricane pay subjects required information would make some objects completely. Okay, this is happening because this is a very common mistake. Nearer that, I have these art board selected. But when I try to cope, copied these art board. I had these airports elected, as you can see here, all off their boards have ah wide frame. But this this one The first The 1st 1 has a black frame. It means that this is the current art board that is selected. And when I try to paste it on the other documents, I was trying to paste it based on these position. So the distance between these airport and this airport are going to be applied. If I select these in place and they're going to try to paste my my life's page in here outside and they can't do this. So before you copy something, make sure you select the the art board. Select dartboard. Select everything control. See, go to the other document control shift V and everything is right in place. So in this page, City eight. This page is the city is the call to action is where you're going toe. Ask people to do something like in my case, I asked people to visit my courses on skill share. I say that you enjoy your two months for free on skill chair. If you use my link, I also use my image from my name on Instagram. I asked people to turn on the notifications rate, comment and share. This is based on Netflix So because I I like to make everything look like it's a Siri's. That movie. Yeah, here is the call to action where I ask people some questions. So this is the page where you should present yourself, think people off for your for visiting your content and also ask people to do things. So you have nine pages with information value information for available information for your audience. And in the last one, you are trying to sell something or try to come or try to ask something to your audience. Now what I'm going to do is the same thing that I did with this part. But I'm going to do with the numbers of the pages. Pages are slides or whatever. Let me check what's the okay. Have the first slide selected, so I have to select the first and basic in here. If you don't have thes from other documents, you just can write, type it outsider in the place. Put in the place that you want it to be in all your your your slides. It can be here. It can be here, can be done there, it's up to you and then the same process you copy and you click on the dartboard that you want to paste it in control ship V or control or common shift E V. If you are in MEC and then you're going to base it in all off this lights and you are going to manually change the number off this light and this is it. Now, you already have the basic things that you need to you to create your final car sell. What you're going to need now is position everything correctly. First of all, I like to walk this background so I can select the text without moving the background every single time. So just you can go to the years, find the objects, just create here, Click here and find the square here. So this is the square. You just type in the spacing between these layer line and this I that so goes the on and off the layer. If you're quick in the space in between, you are going to lock it down. Other word that you have to do this it's much quicker that I don't know if all of you know you just click control to our common to if you are in the MEC and if you want to unlock everything, just click control all too. And the first thing that I noticed that I left earlier this because I have Kovar, as the covert names let me just but the correct name for cars. So the first thing that you may notice is this is not an area type, meaning that you can't just increase the size off the textbooks. If you increase the size, we're going to stretch the front. And this is something that it's definitely forbidden for a graphic designers. And if you want to use a type area like this one where you can just increase the size of books, you just have to select the text and type and converts to area type. And now let's break the text in here in order to avoid the title toe going above her face. Now, let's just make everything every case hunting for car sales. Let me align decent to my numbers. That's my guides. So, like thes thes and then with no no hot keys, you just click here to set this as your key object and align it left. Take it into consideration that this is not perfectly aligned because of the box off the text is a little bigger than the than the rest. What I like to do when when I'm using the when I'm creating the title for the car cell is to make this basement in between lines the same as the size off the front. Let's make this 175. Maybe it's a little too much. Yeah, it's too much. 170. It's OK. And let's make this this 107 and I'm forgetting one thing before you start actually aligning everything, you have to make sure that the main part of your image in your texts are going to be visible in the great off your instagram. And how do you do this? You just create a square that is 10 80 by 10 80. You can use this short good shift X to change the foreground with the background color. I think I just explained this a few classes before on photo shop, and this is the exact same shortcut. I like to use it read so I can see it properly, like there's no problem if it's a little strong line, like three points or so in the line to the center off your art board so you can see these aligned perfectly. So the head off the woman is going toe appear right in the top, so I like detects to be here. So what I'm going to do now is I'm going to change the the size of this text so it can fit better in the image because it's it's feeling too much weight, much of the image. It's almost more important than the woman in the wine and the content here. The letter that she's reading. So I'm going to decrease the size to 130 like this, and I'm going to make the height off the displacement between the lines 130 also, And oh, okay. I wanted to fit, like, just in this empty space here. I think this name won't work, so I'm going to change it a little bit like content for your posts, for you're posts. Okay, so it fits perfectly, and yet we're doing with the covert. So this is what's the covert going to be looking like? This is how my bike over is going to look like Now let me just align all the texts. So here in the situation, this would be the perfect place for these title. But here, the cigarettes in the background with the white text, it's just for taking away. Two contrasting. It's making hard to read the specific letter here. Day asked. Entity, it's a little bit harder to read than the rest. So what I'm going to try to do now is I'm going to try to set a drop shadow in order to make the contrast a little higher and easier to read so you can click here on the effect or you can just go effects here. But I'd like to use this panel here effect style ice structure. And this will make a lot easier to read because the dark parts it's not going to change much. But here, on these behind the S entity, it's going to make a huge difference. I can show you what is it looks like without it for click here, and I just hide the the dark shadow. You see, it's very hard to read if I activated it again. It turns out to be very easy to read, so it solves the problem. And I can leave the text in the position that I wanted to leave. So here, remember, I wanted I created these in the first place because I knew this was the text that school that was going to be in the in this image I wanted to to look like the woman is saying this . So remember, there are several situations that so it looks like she's saying this in this case, I'm just going to remind you here also, I'm forgetting something. I like to leave several. I like to leave more space in between the titles and the and is the beginning off the paragraphs. So the best way to do it is by selecting here paragraphs in this icon here with this big rectangle and ah, Inditex, the simulation of tex. Here we just increase a little. So I would like to increase the half off 36. So 36 that's 18. So 18 thesis perfect half off the size off the typefaces. So if the type the type size is 36 years of space minting between the paragraphs 18 and needs perfect to go here again. The same thing, the same situation, the contrast in the arm off the woman in the t dia The i D e is a little a little bad. It's a little low. Contrast is so what I'm going to do is the same process as the last. So one thing that you should always avoid in your texts are widows with those artists, these words that it's our alone. They are alone on the end off a paragraph. So to do it, you just have to increase the size off the the length off the paragraph in This should always work here. I think the perilous is too short to this is better. Yeah, this is looking much better. This one I'm going to put in here so the people can so the audience can see the typing machine on the on the back gods. You know, it's creating continent. It's writing. Content is creating content for your cover cells. And for your post and again, I should do the the paragraph style here. I guess it could use the same thing here, Agreed to paragraph. So it's the same thing where you click here, you select the text in you clicking this plus Aiken to create a new character style. And when you want to read, reuse the same style of just click here. You can do this the same for the paragraph. So select the paragraph Goto paragraph styles and you create a paragraph will stop paragraph style. So if I want to apply these two here, too, same thing just quick. And it's done the contrast here sport, too. So that's had some drop shuttle in this specific case. The contrast. Steal a little messy This comment words not very, very clear. I don't like this, so I'm going to try to add Cem more off fits if it doesn't work. I like to use a box behind it. This rounded, painted black I don't know if they can get copyrighted. If you don't know what I'm doing, I'm I'm I want to select the text that's behind this to bring it up. So I click control. Why? To get in the wire wire frame view. I don't know if this this is a great name, but I just can see the concerns the the shape off everything, and I can select things that's behind other things. So I will select this text control. Why? To go back to it and I'm going to right click arrange bring to front. You know I have this on the front again. I also like to use an effect off feathering. I don't like to have a complete box here I could copied from other from other boasts. That I have but I am going to create is to teach you how to deal with this situation too. Just make sure your you have the ingredient to here. So make it black on the two sides, like on the beginning, in black on the end, off the off the the greedy int Click here on the last part on the end off the radiant and turn your rapacity 20 that will work just fine and that see how it's this looking looking great. But it's a little too much the situation. So what we're going to do is we're going to put like, 60%. This is perfect. It doesn't distract us from the image the face that the woman is doing. And also it doesn't it solves the problem off the reading. The reading problem here the contrast problem. So let's continue. Okay? No, it is done. It's definitely done. So it's good. Both already. I would just just double check if I didn't type anything wrong. I will do this outside of this video. And what you should do now is take I just have to rewrite this because this this is the call to action off the less bulls that used these as reference. So let me just think a bit in a about a question to do How do you find out what your Oh, the ISS once what you should do now is take advantage off. The main reason why we choose to do these entire polls on Illustrator instead off photo shop in this is because to export its very easy, it's amazingly easy. You just have to click file export export for screens, select art boards. Oh, select the place where you're going to store it. Select 300 BP. Because after that, instagram is going to decrease the size to the proper size of the upload. P and G remember always exporting PNG. Otherwise, instagram was going to take away all your your quality. So just suck PNG 300 peopie I and Export. And it's done. It's very quick. You don't need to do winning streaks with slicing in art boards and nothing, nothing like that. So when the next class in less glass, what we're going to do is I'm going to teach you how to use the in design software to create this story thing to publish about your posted to, say, two, to say to your audience that you have this new post and see when the next class. 18. Instastory Template: no for these last class of the cars. We're going to create the story where you're going to tell your audience that you created a new post so they can visit your profile and check out your new post. I'm going to use again this same thing that I use for for the demonstration I did before off Sam. It is a great guy that created this template here, so I just drag and drop all the images. Now it's done. So in my case, I also like to change the background color. I just can put my orange here and this is it. I'm going to use this one. I'm going to export it. Export. I'm going to select the right folder and see the dress. I'm going to sort of be energy because PNG's the best quality B one level last 72. I'm going to set it to 300 rgb quality maximum export and this is it. So it's ready to pose. Everything is ready to post the complete post just ready in the story also ready. So one more thing, I would like to teach us how to create something not exactly like this, because This is Sam's. I'm just going to teach you that the two so you can create this. So, yes, I'm going to save it. And if you want to quit something new, it's the same off the other two Softwares to just create new here or control. And you type this the size of the file. In this case, we always have to remember that we want to create in pixels, which I've here story story templates, template, for example. And here we're going to create a 10 80. Waited by 1920 columns, One of little Belova it doesn't matter, just created we're going to have the file here. The beauty of this program is you can just create placeholders like you just create a box and this is it. This box can be whatever you want. So if you want to 10th this books some color just going to clean, right? And if you want to create like, new spots to put your images, you just can type the rial size here like 10 80 by 13. 50. That's the size off the that car. Sell slides and you just put it in this in you reduce the size proportionally, so you can do this in this new just can select this tree. No. Place it with this size that you want. You can do like position it where you want. You're going to need nine because you have nine plus takeover or there, plus the last page where you don't want to put in here because it's the same in all of them . You just create your name. You type your name like 26 at Means designed. So, like the color of the type here wide, let me just put it in regular. It's a little bit easier to read in. Small sizes can also like, select everything, select everything de select the background, put it a little lower aligned this the center of the the page, create a new one here, increases size and type like new post New Post made me just it can 90 points new polls just for example. I'm not going to use this one for nothing, but so you can know how this is created. Now I have to select or you have to pace the image before you know. So you just drag and drop damage here and you just typing here. 50 content proportionally. And now, if you carpeting pasted, let me check If this is correct, If I copied and pasted, they're going to replace the actual size. So now what you do is you create the first image and then you start copping it. You copped these copied these two here. I'm holding down all key so I can duplicate the selected items. Now you have all the frames again and it just replace it just but it above like you have the first year. The second here. Now the third is going here. The fourth is going here, The fifties going here, the sixties going here. Seventh is going here. 80 here and nine here. Yeah, you can just export like you like they did in this in the less and with the with a template that same created. So this is it. This is how you create this? This is how you create your car ourselves, from the content to the actual color cell with nice, nice and smooth backgrounds that goes from the cover to the last page if you want. So you are now completely ready to create your own car herself. so thank you very much to staying with me. And do you now to take this course, And I hope that you see my next courses. I don't know what I'm going to talk about next, but thank you very much. And I hope you get great results with your cover cells.