Creating Texture and Effects With Spattering | Ron Mulvey✏️ | Skillshare

Creating Texture and Effects With Spattering

Ron Mulvey✏️, Artist / Art Teacher

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6 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Open Up Your Creativity With Spattering

    • 2. Spattering Set Up

    • 3. Spattering; 3 Quick Tips

    • 4. Enhancing Your Snow Effect

    • 5. First Snow

    • 6. How To Paint Realistic Rocks and Sand


About This Class

Hi Everyone, and welcome to 'Creating Textures and Effects With Spattering'.

If you are here then your creativity has been awakened and this class is for you. All levels can benefit from a good spattering once and a while.

Spattering has been a tried and true painting technique for centuries. Yes, it is simple and can be overused and out of place when applied inappropriately and with poor taste. The secret for a good spatter is in the word effect. Does your subject matter really need this treatment?  Will it be enhanced by it? In the end, taste must prevail.

I started out as a realist painter and used spattering for many realistic interpretations of subject matter such as rocks, sand, and snow. These are the three applications for spattering that we will explore in this class.

I am not really too keen on 'monkey see monkey do'. Copying has never even entered my artistic practice in any significant amount. I do believe in emulating and mentoring and discovering - but not copying.

I like to give a general guideline and then encourage you to dig a little deeper into your own creative genius and bring forward 'original' material. I will supply the knowledge of the painter's craft and some invaluable techniques for you to run with.

Spattering is one of those techniques that will push you forward into some personal artistic discovery.

This is what you will learn from 'Creating Textures and Effects With Spattering'.

  • All you will need to know to become an expert 'Spatterer
  • How to create realistic textures with spattering
  • How to create a Snow Effect in your painting
  • How to use spattering in non-representational art
  • How to mask out areas and isolate them for spattering
  • How to re-evaluate your artwork and boost it to the next level with spattering

Here is a close up of the Rock and Beach picture I am working on. Much of it has been completed in this class. I like to have real paintings in the classes. Nothing is pre-planned and that is what makes it more exciting.


Here it is all 'masked' and  with the first application of 'spatter'


We will also have some real snow falling in this class. I have a very short Demo and a longer one showing you how to get some 'white water' on your painting.


 See You In Class, Ron