Creating Storyboard Animations in Photoshop staff pick badge

Michelle Tran, Graphic Designer/Illustrator/Animator

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9 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Your Class Project

    • 3. Creating Your Story

    • 4. Setting Up Your Storyboard

    • 5. Drawing and Adding Frames

    • 6. Facial Expressions and Backgrounds

    • 7. Adding Music and Sound Effects

    • 8. Exporting the Final File

    • 9. You Made It!

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About This Class

Every story begins with an idea.

Have you always had a cool story in mind that you wanted to visually bring to life?

Or have been inspired by something that has happened to you in your life, and want to create a simple animation of that memory?

If you’ve answered yes, you’re in the perfect spot to create your first storyboard animation! ✏️


All you will need to complete this class is:

✔️A story idea


✔️A tablet to draw digitally

I designed this class to be suitable for all drawing levels, even beginners in Photoshop. The most important part of the animation is the storyline, so as long as the story is clear to the viewer, you’re all set!

This class covers the basic steps to creating a storyboard animation in Photoshop, which are:

  • Creating a story
  • Setting up a Photoshop document
  • Drawing a frame-by-frame animation with a tablet
  • Adding sound effects and music
  • Exporting the final file

Upon completion of this class, you will have the skills you need to make any story visually come to life through a simple storyboard in Photoshop. These skills can be applied towards more complex animations or concepts for film production.

I hope you walk away from this class learning that animating is for everyone - regardless of drawing abilities and Photoshop experience!