Creating Simple but gorgeous watercolour bookmarks | Sofie Van Nierop | Skillshare

Creating Simple but gorgeous watercolour bookmarks

Sofie Van Nierop, Artist & Blogger working towards her dream life!

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7 Videos (19m)
    • Watercolour bookmarks

    • Tools we will use

    • Background

    • Adding Details

    • Cutting the bookmarks

    • Extra decorating

    • Conclusion


About This Class

Looking for a quick and useful project to practise you watercolour skills? These bookmarks are a great personalise gift, party favours or great decoration for packaging. 

In this class, you will learn how to make simple but gorgeous watercolour bookmarks & in the process, your will learn the basics of watercolour or aquarelle. 

We look at the basics of watercolour, painting techniques, and some colour theory to start you off with watercolours! 

In just 7 short videos we look at all kind of things that have to do with watercolour painting.  And at the end of this quick and easy class, you will have a nice bookmark that shows your skill.

And as a bonus, I included a great watercolour cheat sheet with all the tips and trick you have learned in this class. 





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Sofie Van Nierop

Artist & Blogger working towards her dream life!

My goal is to help artists achieve their dream live and make a living from their passion. As I go on that journey myself I share resources and insights on my blog. And I like to teach people new skills!

Artist and online entrepreneur looking for fun, inspiration, and people to connect with.

I love coffee, cats, books and painting!

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