Creating Simple but gorgeous watercolour bookmarks

Sofie Van Nierop, Artist & Blogger working towards her dream life!

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7 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Watercolour bookmarks

    • 2. Tools we will use

    • 3. Background

    • 4. Adding Details

    • 5. Cutting the bookmarks

    • 6. Extra decorating

    • 7. Conclusion


Project Description

As a project, you will create your own watercolour bookmarks 

These easy watercolour bookmarks are great as a gift, or for personal use. They are entirely customisable and you can create many exciting themes!  

This project is easy and fun and the bookmarks make great gifts for friends or family. 

To start off we will make a nice wet-in-wet background with the basic technics of watercolour and colour theory. After this we let the project dry completely. We then make a nice pattern or illustration with the new techniques we learned. After these dry, we cut up our paper into the right size. We now have different bookmarks. Choose you favourite and decorate it further using the mediums discussed. You can add the ribbon but this is optional of course. 

So again step by step; 

  • Make a wet-in-wet background for your bookmarks (and Upload a picture)
  • Add a pattern or illustration that looks nice cut up and (Upload another picture for your project)
  • Cut your bookmarks in the right size and choose you favourite 
  • Decorate further and add the ribbon if you want to. 
  • Upload a picture of the final product! 

Don't forget to start your project now!


  • Watercolours (I like Winsor & Newton Cotman)
  • Brushes (1 big one for the background, maybe a smaller one for details) 
  • Paper (If you don't have a pad that is glued on 4 sides, don't forget to stick down your paper, or it will wrinkle) (I use the Schut Terschelling AquarelBlocs, which are 200g/m2)

Things to decorate with; 

  • Pens, pencil & ink 
  • Ribbons 

When cutting the bookmarks; 

The size I use is 20 cm by 5 cm (7.8 inches by 2). But this can depend on the paper size you are using. Try choosing something that works for you! 

  • You will also need a cutting pad and craft knife
  • Something to measure with 
  • and a pencil

(You can definitely use scissors for this part as well if you find that easier!) 


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