Creating Simple Review Videos For a Living: Complete Guide

Howard Lynch, Teaching you to get results

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7 Videos (22m)
    • Singning Up as An Affiliate

    • Finding High Quality Products

    • Screencast o matic

    • CamStudio

    • Audacity

    • Call To Action In Your Description

    • SEO Secrets To Boost Rankings


About This Class

In this course, Howard Lynch will show you how you can create simple review videos for in-demand products, and earn commissions as an affiliate while recommending them.

300+ review videos strong, this has been my main income source since 2013, and I now expose everything I know.

Video is also a great way to create the type of content that engages your visitors. We've all seen our share of entertaining Internet meme videos and informative How-To videos that get passed around the Web. People are more apt to share videos because they're generally short bursts of content and they know everyone enjoys a good video.

The problem with using videos though is that it takes so much time to create them and then even more time to upload them to a hosting site. Hosting with YouTube is fine but if you really want to build backlinks and drive traffic you'll host on as many sites as possible, and there are dozens of them out there.

That's where Traffic Geyser comes into play. The first benefit of this great product is that it teaches you how to make videos - something that would benefit a lot of lensmasters, to be sure. You can either upload images and use the software provided or, if you're more advanced, you can use your own software such as Camtasia or a video recorder and create your own. And once you create one or two then you'll be on your way.

But the best feature of this program is that it automates the upload process. Instead of spending 20 minutes or more uploading to just one hosting site, you can upload to more than 100 sites at once. And Traffic Geyser remembers all of your log in codes and passwords to help make the process even easier.





Howard Lynch

Teaching you to get results

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