Creating Rounded & Shaped images in Adobe Photoshop CC

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12 Videos (43m)
    • 1 Welcome to the course

    • What you can expect from this Course - No Fluff

    • Activating the Photoshop tools and palettes that we will be using

    • The actual Photoshop Tools we will be using on this course

    • The shaped images that we will be creating

    • A few examples of shaped images (clipping masks)

    • Creating our first clipping mask

    • Adding a border and style elements to our clipping mask

    • Creating a oval shaped clipping mask

    • Adding layer effects to our oval clipping mask

    • Custom shaped clipping mask

    • Adding simple layer effects to our oval shaped clipping mask


About This Class

The principles taught in course will work in ALL versions of Photoshop

Place them on your website, in your documents or on a Blog, Rounded and shaped images can really look great just about anywhere. They make such a nice change from the usual boring square images. 

Professionally called a "Clipping Mask", In this exciting course, we will be making use of Photoshop CC in order to create these super cool shaped and Custom shaped images / clipping masks. 

Here is a bit about what you will learn

You will be shown...

  • What a clipping mask is
  • How to create a rounded / circular clipping mask
  • How to create an oval shaped clipping mask
  • How to create a custom shaped clipping mask of your choice.
  • The exact steps to take to convert an image layer in to a clipping mask.
  • How to flatten and save your clipping mask images.

This really is a course that just about every creative person should take as it as a way to make your online images that you will be using for your projects look great!

So be sure to jump in and take this course, then show off your great work!






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Web U Teach - Learn with us, Grow with us.

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