Creating Realistic Paper Rose Foliage | Ellen Espagne | Skillshare

Creating Realistic Paper Rose Foliage

Ellen Espagne, Artist and Designer

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10 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. 1. Intro

    • 2. 2. Materials

    • 3. 3. Pattern

    • 4. 4. Cutting the Leaves and Calyx

    • 5. 5. Gluing the Leaves pt1

    • 6. 6. Shaping and attaching the Calyx

    • 7. 7. Leaves pt2

    • 8. 8. Leaves pt3

    • 9. 9. Leaves pt4

    • 10. 10. Conclusion


About This Class

In this class you will learn how to create realistic paper rose foliage from scratch. We will look at materials and the technique I use to create Rose leaves and calyxes. By the end of this class you will have all the information you need to add final touches to your paper Rose from the last tutorial(!

Art and crating experience is not essential for this class, as with all things practice is the key! Remember to post progress and final pictures in the project section of the class!


1. 1. Intro: Hi, I'm Ellen. I have been working paper flowers for Miss. She's now. Today I'm going to show you how to make the bullet for rice. We gonna make the Calix and also the leaf structure. 2. 2. Materials: Okay. So the materials that we will need today is the roads you started working on in the last class. Tacky Glor. A little brush and a dish for it. Pencil on paper, if you're gonna make your in Patton scissors. Uh, I always find an Exacto knife. Continually. I've got 18 gauge green paper covered wire green florists type on 180 gram Italian crack pipe up which will stretching. Used to cut out the paces from 3. 3. Pattern : for these class, you can download and use a patent I've already made. Otherwise, you can look at a Royce and make your own. You see the Calix become any to drop shape, and there's five. And for the Royals leaves, they always come in sets or singles. But you always find that the top one is the biggest. So bigger one on then smaller progressively as it goes down, it's extra stem. 4. 4. Cutting the Leaves and Calyx: Okay, so now I've got a piece of green Italian 180 grams, great paper that I have stretched out. So you wanted to have a little bit given It still looks completely flat on these little flying suits. You well uses the just to match up against little grain lines on the pattern paces. So for the leaves, you can cut him out. You cut down this dollard line as well where you can just fold it over. It's up to you because we're gonna cut into pieces, and then we're gonna glue them back together so that we get the nice things that coming in a more realistic sense. So I'm just gonna line they love and cuts him out. So we need five the Calix pedals, and then I'm going to make We're gonna make enough of these for three. So I'm going to make two of each of these sides of the small one. I'm gonna make one of each side of this bigger one here 5. 5. Gluing the Leaves pt1: Okay, so now everything's come out. We can start gluing. So we're gonna put the same of glue well, in each of these edges and then see how the Just make sure that the grooves in the paper, the grain they're on opposite sides. We started touching the ball. Make sure you put a nice thin line down the center scene. You don't want to spread too far, Man. We had right? Sure. Put this one opposite. All right. Just gently press leave it to dry, Do the same with the other leaves. - So while the leaves start to dry folded over, we'll start working on the Cal. It's next. 6. 6. Shaping and attaching the Calyx: So while the leaves of finishing drying we're gonna do the shaping of the Calix and attached into the basic arose sure, in a cup, the round pop yet and then we're gonna twist the top. And, you know, you think is a bit just to sit down, gonna do that for all of them, gently cupping at the base, twisted top, a bit of a bench. We could do more shaping once they're attached. But it's just gonna make sure you get that cup right to begin my top to bottom there were gonna touch them down the base of the flower. No putting glue just on these little tabs that we've left here at the bottom for this purpose, you know, too much glue, but just to the very base of the cup section and on that tub, I'm going to right at the base, do some more shaping after live. Just just space them around to the bigger evenly. - Now , if you feel like you made it like they need a little bit of extra security, you can put some flora tape just around the base here to help hold it on, especially while it's trying of the wife a little extra shaping. But once it's dry, it will be a lot easier. Any final adjustments? They have a girl. We have to Calix nicely arranged on that one now and we can go back to the leaves. 7. 7. Leaves pt2: Okay, We're gonna finish off, do the next stage of these leaves now so that we dry. I mean, carefully open them back up along the same impression. Slept. No worry too much about any little bits that is sticking up because we can treatment later . Don't you press them flat like that. You're gonna glue this scene down, press it in Russian firm. Pull it aside. I will do the same with the other two right now. We're just gonna let them dry for a couple minutes before we start the next stage. 8. 8. Leaves pt3: it tastes and how these have drive a bit. We're just gonna trim Tiger. Not just a little. So Grizzlies or so I have rid of a serrated edge. So this is the point where you put that in, If you want to do that as well. Okay. So if you're gonna put the edges here, I think a little like fierce, tiny little cuts you can cut little vase out of him. Well, you can just make slices. It's really up to you. She can do the same for the others as well. Then what we're gonna do just flipped him over. So decide. But the same is up. I remember The big one always goes at the top. So I'm gonna make a set of three from Mars, So I give it about that long. It's a little bit of space. Just storehouse attached to the stem. Oh, dream can't up glue along the same along here, but I find it easy to debit along in the actual while. I just wanna make less of a mess. If I do it carefully, this weight, you're just gonna lie it up? I'm pressing in like the whole just first maybe 20 seconds, usually just to make sure that the group started to get a bit tacky before I put it down, shift your watch. You can see they're lined up with the same and then just leave it to dry. So I'm going to do the same thing with the other two, notching the edges and then going on the stem while and then we'll come back and start assembly. 9. 9. Leaves pt4: Okay, so now we're quite dry. What we're gonna do, IHS, we're just gonna arrange these. So these small ones are gonna go. I have stuff to slide around about there, What we need to do. You can use a finer gauge of wire as well for the love of down months, because they really just said out a bit of support and to allow you to, uh, touch them with the heavier wire. Sometimes it's easier to, uh, bend with tools a little bit. Make one of them a lot shorter so it doesn't make the stem too bulky. Okay, so we're gonna attach them using the floor type. I need that off of that fish. When they get a lashing. Smug, you can rearrange them. Facing the right way, moment, way. Have a collection of three. Rosalie. So the benefits of having wires system Honda's will means you Can your delays a little bit more shape, a little more interest than they otherwise would have if we just touched the missus next up . We're just gonna attach these here. I learned about their dio once. You've got all of days in a position that you're happy. Really? What you can do as well just add a dab of glue in the tops so that they set in place. You can use whole glue instead of tiki go as well to help them keep their spots. But I find tacky clothes usually enough. Okay, so what I've done now is I've just touched the same way the leaves onto the stem. And then I've news little strips of leftover crepe of cut him into strips, tacky glue them and just covered them to say that the color matches and yeah, once it's all dry like it is now you can make any final adjustments to the way that the leave spend in the wire all the way that the, um Tallix is as well. 10. 10. Conclusion: Okay, So now you have a completed rose from Los Project. With the addition of the Calix on the latest from this project. I hope you enjoyed yourselves. Please make sure you post photos in the discussion groups. And if you have any questions or problems, please post a swell. Be happy. Help. I'll see you next time.