'Creating Rapport' Skills! Make People Like You!

George Servos, Life Coach. NLP Practitioner

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12 Videos (21m)
    • A Warm Welcome and an Intro to the Class!

    • Chapter 1: Following the Pleasant Feeling

    • Chapter 2: Exposure

    • Chapter 3: Express it

    • Chapter 4: Similarities

    • Chapter 5: That Great Feeling

    • Chapter 6: Body Language

    • Chapter 7: Ask Something

    • Chapter 8: Human Talking

    • Chapter 9: Mood

    • Chapter 10: First Impression

    • 'You Did it Message'! Yes!


About This Class


One of the most interesting moments in your life is when you meet new people! You have expectations, you feel anxious, and you want something from them! You need your communication to become a friendship or a partnership or a new date or all of them!

It is in the human nature to feel bad if the new connection will fail. People are humans, and they act based on their personal feelings! So, how about, learn those skills that make you increase your chances for the people to like you? Well, it seems remarkable!

You can always ignore everything and just continue to do the things that you did or to communicate like you pretend that don't care about the outcome. Well, you can do that, and you will have the same results!

Of course, to change the way people see us and like us, you need to try a lot more because you have to practice those skills and see what happens! You can't just hope that people will like you! You need to try!

Well, I am sure that you will enjoy these videos and I  am confident enough that you will take action!






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George Servos

Life Coach. NLP Practitioner

Coach George, is a professional who has the tools, techniques, focus, wisdom, intent, and knowledge to elicit a client's values. Goals and beliefs. George can create a plan of action and a strategy for success toward a defined outcome or result and can guide a client to drive to his/her road in life.

A coach is a model for success by staying congruent in his/her life and how he/she lives it. A coach is a corresponding model of achievement in how to be proactive in life. For a coaching-...

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