Creating On The Ipad - Turning Your Sketches Into Whimsical Art | Jane Snedden Peever | Skillshare

Creating On The Ipad - Turning Your Sketches Into Whimsical Art

Jane Snedden Peever, Illustrator and Digital Artist

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14 Videos (1h)
    • Class Trailer

    • Welcome and Supplies

    • Importing Brushes

    • Setting Up Your Canvas

    • Digitizing Your Sketch

    • Painting Your First Flower

    • Touch Ups and Grouping

    • Adding A Second Flower

    • Painting The Second Flower

    • Working With Colour Tools

    • Working With Transform Tools

    • Some Handy Tips and Tricks

    • Enhancing With Background Colours

    • Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Looking for a fun way to create beautiful art that is portable, no mess, easy to use and gives you a high quality image to use in other creative works?

In this class I will take you from a hand drawn sketch to a fun and playful piece of digitally painted artwork using the Procreate App on the Ipad.


I like to keep my creative adventures as easy and simple as I can, I'm a bit of a minimalist in that way.  Yet I love to experiment and create with as many tools as possible.  I like to have my art with me at all times, it is my destress tool.  But sometimes when I am traveling or I just want to relax on my couch, when I am limited with space or numerous art tools might prove awkward, I would like to have more than just my sketchpad to work with.  

Enter the IPAD.  Working on the Ipad is a fun and amazingly creative way to bring your sketches into the world of beautiful whimsical painted art. AND there are so many tools contained within this one app. My kind of creative tool!!

So join me in this class and I will walk you through my process of creating a beautiful painted floral design from two simple sketches out of my sketch book.

Each lesson will follow me through from set up to completion and I will also show you my little tricks and tips along the way.

The 3 Things You Will Need:

 ~  IPAD - I use IpadPro, but any ipad with IOS 10.0 will do the trick, I just recently purchased the IpadPro, but I have been on Procreate from the beginning and have used it with a few different versions of ipads.

 ~  Stylus or Your Finger --  Apple Pencil is totally optional.  I use one in the class but for years I used an inexpensive rubber tipped stylus you can pick up at any office supply store or department store and your finger always works well and is alway with you!  Fingers are great for the painting process.

NOTE: Apple Pencil only currently works on IpadPro at this time, so please don't go invest in it if you have a regular ipad ......  yet :)

~  Procreate App - you can get this from itunes here.  It is quite affordable and is equivalent to the price of a nice paint brush or a good pen - but it has SOOO much more to offer :)

I have provided you in the "Attachment" section, an image of my sketches I use.  As well,  in the "Your Project" section is a link to 3 brushes I have created and use in the class.  I will show you How to import these in one of the class videos.

Looking forward to seeing you in class

ENJOY,  Let's go Create!






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Jane Snedden Peever

Illustrator and Digital Artist

- The most beautiful designs start with the simplest ideas. -

I believe the first step to accomplishing your goals and dreams is to just start. Jump in and learn as you go. Allow yourself to make mistakes for those are the best lessons. Don't judge your work, just do and then do it again and do it some more. Watch it evolve and look back with awe in how far you have come because you chose to just start!

My goal in my classes is to break the process down into simple techn...

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