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12 Videos (42m)
    • Introduction

    • Project

    • What is stock?

    • What are good subjects to shoot?

    • Gear

    • Pro Tips

    • Keeping Shots Sellable

    • Gear

    • iPhone Upgrades

    • Shooting Tips

    • Project Example

    • Final Thoughts


About This Class

Get the basics on creating stock video content you can license — and monetize!

Join Pond5's Avtandil Chachibaia and Robert Pascale for a 30-minute short class on the ins and out of creating and monetizing video for licensing. Whether you're a pro looking for tips on how to appeal to commercial clients, or you're just getting started and are eager for best practices on making the most of your iPhone, this class will give you the inspiration and best practices to create stock video.

There's never been a better time to create motion content that you can license for other creators' projects. Your creativity can fuel others' creativity, and you can make money doing it. The technology, platforms, and tools are open to you — and this short class will show you how to make the most of them!


Pond5 is the world's largest marketplace for royalty-free video footage. The company offers more than 3.7 million royalty-free stock video clips, along with more than 17 million photos, illustrations, music tracks, sound effects, motion graphics templates, and 3D models.

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This subject could not have been more timely and important to me. I am presently trying to set myself up for creating motion segments for this exact purpose. Having watched the tutorial videos here has opened up a much larger target market. I am very excited to put into practice what I have learned.
I was hoping for more video footage examples, but throughly enjoyed the content of the talking points.





Avtandil Chachibaia, Robert Pascale

Video Development at Pond5

Avtandil Chachibaia is an independent filmmaker and Video Development Manager at Pond5, the world's largest marketplace for royalty-free video footage. He holds degrees in documentary production as well as film, cinema, and video studies. In 2013, he received a prestigious National Board of Review Student Grant for his short film "My Light and Salvation."

Robert Pascale is an independent filmmaker and Director of Artist Development and Experience at Pond5, the world's largest marketpla...

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