Creating Mock Ups for Your Art Licensing Portfolio in Photoshop | Emily Cromwell | Skillshare

Creating Mock Ups for Your Art Licensing Portfolio in Photoshop

Emily Cromwell, Illustrator + Surface Designer

Creating Mock Ups for Your Art Licensing Portfolio in Photoshop

Emily Cromwell, Illustrator + Surface Designer

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6 Lessons (52m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Mock Ups Option 1: Designing Your Own

    • 3. Mock Ups Option 2: Print on Demand Websites

    • 4. Mock Ups Option 3: Finding Mock Ups Online

    • 5. Overview of Mock Up Creation Options

    • 6. Final Words

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About This Class


Mock ups are an essential part of your art licensing portfolio. Mock ups help manufacturers, clients, and even yourself visualize what your artwork will and could look like on products. When you’re showing your work to potential clients and manufacturers, it might be a bit hard to visualize how your art could be placed on a ceramic mug or how it could be turned into a paper party ware set. However if you create some mock ups showing your ideas, it makes everything so much easier and will more often than not, lead to more licensing deals and opportunities.

In this course I will be going over my process of creating my own mock ups as well as where and how to find mock ups online. We’ll talk about drawing your own mock ups, using print on demand websites to mock up your work, and all of the best places you can find mock ups online.

PLEASE NOTE: I won’t be covering the process of actually making a pattern or artwork.

If you’re interested in learning how to create a surface pattern design collection, please watch my class on that here:
If you’re interested in learning how to make a repeating pattern design, please watch my class on that

In this class I will be working in Photoshop, and it will be assumed you understand the basics of
Photoshop. =) You are more than welcome to work in Illustrator if that’s your choice of program.

-how to apply your art to mock ups
-how to draw your own mock ups
-how to apply drop shadows to mock ups
-how to find mock ups online

This class is geared towards any and all types of artists, designers, illustrators, and surface
pattern designers who are looking to display their work on product mock ups.

My goal is that by the end of this course you’ll be a mock up making guru!

-a collection or artwork of yours to put on mock ups
-photoshop (or Illustrator)


Meet Your Teacher

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Emily Cromwell

Illustrator + Surface Designer


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1. Introduction: Hi there. Welcome. My name's Evelyn Cromwell. And in this course, I'm gonna teach you all about how to design and create your own mock ups for your art licensing portfolio. If you're an artist, an illustrator or a surface pattern designer, that this class is really knew because when you're wanting to present your work two main fractures clients they really love seeing your designs locked up products. It just makes it so much more easier to visualize your designs and what they would look like products. It even helps them think of new possibilities as well for your designs for different products and possibilities for places that your collections could go. There's so many different avenues in the product world, and it also is just helpful to see what market your design would fit into. So manufactures and clients they really, really appreciate it. Whenever you finish designing the next heart collection, the very next step you want to do is to design backups to go with your collection in your portfolio to be paired together. This shows both that your professional, you know what you're doing, and it also just shows that you're able to think outside the box, and you're also to think past just being artist and onto also being capable of being a product designer, of course, will be going over three different ways to design mock ups for your portfolio, the 1st 1 being too obviously dry crude it yourself. The 2nd 1 is just using the royalty free stock sites or purchasing mock ups from sides of Creative Market or some different stock sites. And the third option is talking about utilizing the market features on print on demand sites. So we're going to be going over all of them and we'll see what works best for you. And by the end of this course, I feel so confident that you're going to be just a mock up making machine. You're gonna know what you're doing. You're gonna love it. You're we'll be able to stop, and that's okay, because there's so many mock ups to be late. And it's just such a fun process of portfolio design process of making your collection. It's it's a lot of fun. I really enjoy it, and you'll feel more than ready to tackle the process of mark ups, and it really isn't as hard as you might think it is, it's actually it's really fun, and it's very rewarding feeling to see your design products that could come to life in stores. I've been making mock ups for quite some time now for my art licensing portfolio, and I'm just really excited to be here sharing my knowledge with you guys. You all the stuff I know, giving my tips and tricks for making mark ups, and I'm just really excited to have you here taking this course and let's just jump right in. 2. Mock Ups Option 1: Designing Your Own: Okay, so we're going to start out by. I'm gonna show you how to make your own mock ups first. So I'm just gonna go in here and I'm gonna make a gift bags. I'm gonna pull in. This Valentine does designed that. I did. You know, I'm gonna shrink it down here, and I'm just gonna make a new layer so I can make the string for the bat with the bag and and I selected my color to make it similar. And I'm just gonna go in here and just do a quick string there. It's gonna shrink it down a little bit just to make it more realistic. See, we're not even a minute in, and it's already looking like a gift bag. Um, you want to remember that your designs, You mark your mock ups, they don't have to be three dimensional. Your client manufacturer will easily be able to tell what kind of product you're implying just by looking at it, even if it is just a flat lay like this mark like this mark up is so you don't have to worry about that. I'm gonna go in here and I'm going Teoh, just use the shape tool to make a rectangle over this so that so that I could do a border at the top. Um, usually gift bags have some type of border at the top. Not usually, Um, are not every time I should say, but I like to do a border. So I'm gonna bring in this strike pattern that I did shrink it down, and I'm going to bring it up over here, and I'm going to make a clipping mask. So I'm going to select the layer of the structure of the stripe pattern, and then I'm gonna create clipping mask, and then it's good. So I think I want to make this a little bit smaller so much I'm gonna shrink it down, drag it down there, and I'm just gonna drag it and repeat it along there and there. I got my border perfect. Okay? And one more thing I'm gonna do is I'm just going to add see a little line, if you will. So I'm gonna use the shape shaped tool again and just make a very thin long line just to kind of break it up a bit. The main design from the border. And so I'm going to put a let's see a gift tag on the side there and minimal pull up my original design with all the layers. Let's see you. Here we go. All right. And I think what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna pull over one of the flower icons and use that as a gift tag. I really enjoy switching up the gift tags that I use on my mark ups instead of just doing regular old square gift tags. I, like Teoh use different motifs and elements from my designs just to make make it more unique and more my own. So I'm gonna make that little bigger turn it a bit. Now, I'm just gonna keep it off to the edge here just to show it's a gift tag. Although you although you can't really tell that right now, um, I'm gonna show you how you can so we're gonna pick a light color, appear white ish, gray ish, make it a little bit smaller than that, and we're just gonna draw the string. So I'm just gonna draw it, not go behind it And there. All right, Perfect. It's looking a little bit more like a gift tag. Um, but what we're gonna do now is really We're going to group that together and to make it look a little bit more like it'll hop. And not just beyond the gift bag is we're going to go up to, um, layer and then layer style and select drop shadow. And you can see it already makes a big shadow. But it's a bit more than what we're looking for. So I'm just gonna go in here and edit the size of it, just a shrink that size down, and that works perfect. So that shows some dimension that it's not attached to the gift bag, whereas it's its own entity. So I'm gonna flatten everything else, and I'm just dragging down the shadow to the rest of the options here. There we go. So that's our gift bag. And as you can see, if I zoom in here, you can see the shadow that is now placed behind everything, just showing some dimensions. So it's not just a flat, um, thing there. So that's the gift bag, and I already made the other gift bags before this course, so I'm just going to shrink this down and I'm gonna pull the other ones in just so you can see the, um, gift bags all put together in a set. Um, manufacturers they like to work in a set of get bags, usually between three. And four. So you have this size right now. You can make it another gift bag in a smaller size. You can also make a horizontal longer one. So for some variation, or you could just keep him all the same size. It's really up to you. Um, so I'm just gonna drag this down here. This is another one that I made. This one I just did. Out of what? A repeat pattern that I did. And I just put some words on it in a shrink that down. Just put those next to each other. We get this 3rd 1 just drop it in. And while the gift bags don't look exactly the same, you can easily sell them in a set together due to the colors, the motifs, the elements, the lettering. Um, everything's cohesive, so you can tell that they're from the same collection and that they're meant to be together and sold together so, Yeah, those are my gift backs. So, um, as you can see, they all have a little bit of shadow behind them just to show their dimensional. I used different florals for the gift tags for each bag. Just so it's not the same. Switch it up a bit. Um, I Addison lettering here. Happy Valentine's Day. Um, this one is this one I brought over from the flag version, and I moved the Happy Valentine's Day lettering forced top. And yes. So these are the gift bags. And although there the same, like I said, you could do different sizes. Um, they don't have to be the same, but they don't have to be different either. So it's really up to you and also what your manufacturer is looking for. Okay, so let's see, we're going to get rid of these, and now I'm going to show you how to, um, do your own sticker mock up for a sticker sheet. So I did a Halloween sticker she just recently the other day, and I'm just going to show you that quick. So here it is. So this is just a little sticker sheet that I did. I'll show you the outlines here. The stickers. So as you can see, I have the main motifs and elements moving that around there. I just dragged him over. Um, and I place them around just where I think they look nice visually for a sticker sheet. Um, let me find a pattern here that they're from. Okay, so all the designs air from this original pattern design. So I just dragged out all the main motifs and elements like the skeleton, the ghost, the pumpkins, um, spider, and it just dragged him out. Um, I didn't take multiples of each one. I just took one of each, and I laid them out just so that they look nice together and they're spread out on the sticker sheet. And you can also tell that there are Let's see, there are some additives in the back. So, like, polka dots, starburst, um, little sketches, um, and that stuff's just to make it more interesting. So it's not just a plain like black background, because I just wouldn't be is interesting for a kid looking at stickers or even adults who like stickers such as myself going through the story. Just it keeps it interesting. So just if you look here that I have them kind of just scattered throughout. And while those wouldn't be stickers that you could take off, it's just there to make it more pretty looking to make it look more finalized and completes , Um, And if you look around in stores, you'll start noticing that on sticker packs that there's a lot of that simple elements, like polka dots and stripes or stuff like that at, um are on the base of the sticker sheets just to keep it interesting and have more to look at. So I'm just gonna hide it all really quick just so you can see what it looks like without it. And then you'll understand why I added that in there. So, yeah, there you go. That's the sticker sheet without anything, and you can see it looks pretty bare. Um, and it's not that interesting to look at, and I mean, it's just not it's not really eye catching. I'm just going to go back in at everything back. You could see that it really brings it to life. When I have all that background elements there you add the sticker outlined back in. All right, So that's what it looks like without the sticker line. And I just like to add it there just to help manufacture, see even more, um, Ram going with it. How I envision the stickers having a slight outline of the black around it after the stickers peeled off. So anything that you can really do that's extra to help clients visualize what it's gonna look like will help them. So I'm just gonna go in here and going to erase the line just so I can show you what I did . So I'm gonna get the light color here, make a smaller brush size, and so it's super easy. I just outline it while making sure to keep some of the background in there the black. So I just go around it and there's no like one trick fits all type of thing. If you want the sticker to just be flush against itself. No outside edges, like the black like I did. That's fine. You could do, um, like I did where it has that extra edge. It's really up to you. I personally really like that look, but it's your mock up. So could feel completely free to go with whichever option you like. And this is all three of the sticker shoot. So, like I said, I have made these little bit ago. Um, so I made the one and then these are all three of them together. Well, let's get rid of that blue line there. One sec. All right. Um, so, yeah, these are all of them set up together. So I changed up the background color of the one in the middle to keep it interesting. I took those circular ones in the center from a circular pattern. I did. And then because all of the main elements were already on that first sticker sheet, Um, the one on the left. I decided just to kind of simplify it a bit and just do all of the candy since it is Halloween. Um, and do bring in some of the lettering like the trigger. Treat the boo, um, all that stuff, just toe finish out the sticker sheet. And since usually sticker sheets have about, let's say three or so different sheets about that, um, feel free to make a many as you like, So, yes. So that's stickers and let's see. Okay, so now I'm gonna show you guys just how to do a balloon if that's anything you're interested in. Um, I never thought to do a balloon mock up before, but someone had mentioned it to me. And I was like, How if I never thought of this before? And, um, does it mean if you think about it, if you go to the party store, there's balloons for everything and balloons these days aren't just circles their shapes. So their shapes, like this dinosaur that I'm showing you or, um, characters that kids are loving lately in movies. It's It's crazy. So there's so many options you can dio. So I pulled the dinosaur from this pattern. I did, um, it's a long neck. I brought him over and I just made him by himself, got rid of the pattern, and I Let's see if I can find card here. Okay, So I took over this happy birthday message, So just the lettering and the rectangles behind it. I took that over in a grouping, um, without the background of the pattern of the diners. And I took the lettering over by itself and just laid it on his tummy. They're on his side and I thought it looked great And I'll just show you really quick what I did to make the string it super simple. Just got a light colored, white ish gray line and I just made a new layer, made the brush little bigger. And I just did a random curlicue, obviously much prettier than that. Um Then I went back up to my layer style to drop shadow, and it just makes it dimensional. Um, so yeah, so blues are super easy to make by yourself. You don't need to go pay for a mock up if you're interested in even doing balloons. But those are really fun to do. They kind of get your mind out of what you're usually thinking and really push your creative limits. So those air Superfund so really encourage you to try that I am just gonna, um, show you how to make some other mock up. Some of them are from creators. I've gotten, um, and others are once I have made myself too. So, um, this is a, uh, garden flag, and I forget where I got this one from which created this was from, um but this is my go to garden clog mock up. I love it so much. It has that, um, you know what you call it, But the garden flag, um, stand there, the hook that holds it in. And yes. So, um, what we're gonna do is this main image that I have right here is just my placeholder image , and I'm going to go in to where the file is for the image here. So I'm gonna click that, and I'm brought over there, and I'm just going to bring in, ah, flag that I recently did to show you guys real quick, and that's gonna do my snowman one. So I'm just gonna take it and fit it to the size that that one already is. And I'm going to save that pop up here and there we go so easily pops up. So this is one of the things I really love about working with our mock ups that, um, are already made to be a mock up because it has the clipping mask already in it. And all you have to do is click that little button down there to edit the clipping mask and you end up on this page here and you put your artwork in and then it just shows up and it's awesome. It makes life so much easier. And, um, it's really great for manufacturers, cause then they can picture your design as a guard flag instead of just being that image of the go. Hey, that's a garden flash. Okay, so next here is we're going to do a mug and see which pattern don't want to do. Um, I think I'll just do my Fourth of July start pattern here. All right, so we shrink that down. I really want to show the repeating pattern all over the mug. I don't want it large, so just going to drag this down. So it's repeating drag. Adele's more all right, and I'm going to save this and I'm going to go back over to my mug. Let's see, I can find it. There's too many layers. Do any files off in there were Okay, so that is the mug. And like I said, when you used these mock ups that were already created, you can see how the image the pattern curves with the cup and It's beautiful when it makes it so realistic. So I'm just going to go in here and do a drop shadow, because that cup does have a lot of white. And I wanted to stand out against the white background. Um, so I'm just gonna edit that little bit, make it not so harsh of a shadow there, make it look a bit natural. Yeah. All right. So yeah, I see that makes a big difference. Just so it's not lost in the background there, Okay? And I'm just going to show you guys this baby ones you I don't remember exactly where I got this one. Um, but yes. So I love this baby onesie, and I really need to do more, baby, once you mark ups. I haven't yet, but, um, I work on that. So let's try this butterfly one here. Um, actually, no mender, something different. I'm gonna use a pattern that I already have imported of mine into Photoshopped. Not perfect. I'll just use my valentine one, So I'm gonna make that a little smaller. And as you can see, it was already imported into a clipping mask. I didn't have to do anything. Hands it's already marked up on the baby onesie. So I dragged that layer under where the, um, edges of the ones. You are the little white edges. And, um, if you see the blue, the inner clothing color here, the blue um, this markup also gives you that option to change that. We're just really great. So I'm just gonna go in and change that to match my, um, designed. So I'm gonna make it a kind of pink color, but I'm gonna make it light since it will be on the inside. Yeah, that'll work. And I'm not going to change the white edges there. These colors, because I really like it with this design because my designs already busy enough, But I'll just show you that you can change the color in this one. Um, Jake literally change it to whatever you want, But just for the sake of the tutorial, um, I think I'm just gonna keep it at white, plain and simple. There's my baby onesie. So as you can see, making mock ups are super easy. Um, and so now what we're going to do is we're going to go on to how to make a paper party where set, which is really big in art licensing. And I make a lot of these mark ups. So this is the big main plate. Usually in paper party where set. You have a main plate. You have a smaller plate, you have a paper cup and you have a paper knock. So, um, I think I'm gonna show you. Yeah. Now show you how we made this, um, cupcake paper party were set. I'm not gonna make it the exact same. Um, just for the sake of the tutorial, just show you, um, essentially how we made it. So open that up. Here's the C. All right there. You. So I'm gonna open up my cupcakes, and I'm gonna go back to my plate. My big plate here. And so I want that center there to be the white background confetti. Just because it's the lighter color, lighter pattern in the cupcakes will stand out against it. Um, but actually, really quick, let me just show you how I made this. So I started off just with a paper plate. Um, and I originally was doing mock ups on a paper plate just to show that dimension. But then I realized that manufacturers they didn't need that dimension because there's just super easy to tell that that was a paper plate. Um, so you really don't have to go that far when you're doing your mock ups. You can just like I'm showing you what I did instead of this is I got rid of the paper plate and I just did a circle to show the center there. And then I did another circle around it. Let me assure you that here, um, to be the outer edge, the border. So So, Yes, that's how I do that. You can just do it with a circle to make your life ladies here. Um, so we have a center pattern there. Now I'm going to bring in this fuchsia pinkish color confetti. Make that the border. Do the clipping mask for that. And I'm just gonna bring in a cupcake to put in the center for this main quake here that C which what? Laboring over this one. Drag that down, resize it to make it a little better and place it in the center and there's my plate, so that would be my larger plate for the party set. Um, and what I'm gonna do is I'm just gonna group everything, um, and flatten it so that I could do it. Another drop shadow behind it. Um, just because it just makes it more look more no realistic dimensional stands out a bit more . Um, I mean, as you can see, it doesn't do that much, but it is a noticeable difference, even though it is slight. So this is it with the shadow, and that's without. So I mean, you could you could easily get away without the shadow. But I just think the shadow makes it a bit more professional and add some depth to it. So that's always why I choose to do that. So now we're going to go on to the smaller plate. This one will be used, like for the dessert table. Um, but you cake on, put your cookies own cupcakes on what have you So, um, that when it doesn't always have to be as detailed as other one. Um, So I'm just gonna use my pattern into a clipping mask over the circle. Um and yeah, I'm just gonna have my pattern of all the cupcakes. and it will be a simple Is that so? That's my smaller plate. Um, and I already have the shadow on that one. So that one's this one's more intricate, more detailed. And this one's just, um, a little bit simpler. So since that's not the main attraction, that's just for after the main, um, meal at the party. That's just for dessert. So it's the second round of plates, and so this will be my napkin. So this one, I made myself the mock up here I made. I have this blue square that I did just to show the base of the napkin, get the general shape, and I have this black clipping mask out of. For some reason, I couldn't tell you what that is right now, but I have it there, um, and let's see. And then I have this other blue box that I have to show where the main image is going to go in the black acts as where the border will be. So, um, I mean, you don't have to have the border on a napkin. It's entirely up to you. I just always choose to do that because I just like the look of it. Um, Then when I have a border, I put these lines to separate the main image from the border. And again, I mean, that's not required. It's just something I really like to dio. So I mean, to make those lines, I just take the shape toy. I, uh, click the rectangle and I drag it down the length of the inner square here groups is the same color. Let's separate that Over here, there. There you go. Now it's here, and I just duplicate it, and I am rotate it and yeah, so I would just place them up snugly against it. And I make my line like that. So it's super easy to build up your own mock ups using the shape tool using your tablet in your pen, um, to draw it out. So I want to make it similar to this. So I'm going to do the white middle and then the pinkish border around the edge just so they show they go together. Um, because when you're doing art licensing collections and mock ups, you want them to look cohesive like they belong together. So I'm gonna bring over the pinkish one and clipping mask that and right away you can easily see that they fit together. Um, now I Let's see, I have to get the cup key. Not Yes. So I don't always do a line, um, on each piece, I don't do a line on my plate because I figure it's self explanatory and it gets lost on a plate because it is dimensional. So when that dimension is added in manufacturing, you'll lose that line. But a napkin, because it is so flat, it just fits in perfectly. And it adds that, um, line so that it just separates things a bit. So I'm just gonna add this cupcake in here. They said in the center and we got a napkin. And again, I'm just gonna group everything and I'm going to go up. Add in that, um, drop shadow, especially because this napkin does have a lot of white on the edge, and so that really makes it pop out. Yes. So we have a napkin, and what's left is a paper cup in this paper cup. I didn't make I got this, um, from any creator, but yeah, because the paper cup for me, it was just a little difficult for me and Photoshopped to make it. So I needed to find something that was dimensional for me to be able to show it was cup. So I'm going to bring in that white background, ready to make it to be cohesive with everything else I've done. I see. And I'm gonna make that border the same. So top and bottom. I'm gonna have that fuchsia colored border just so it fits in with the whole border thing I have going on. I'm gonna do that at the top, and I'm gonna duplicate that and bring it down to the bottom. And then I think I'm gonna add those yellow lines in here too. Um, let's see what happened. There were ups. I'm gonna get that collar. You bring it over. I'm just gonna add that in because I just think that will make a nice little separating line on the cup. Had some extra stuff to it. All right, So we have that line and now all that's left is to bring over a cupcake. So let's see, let's choose the final cupcake will bring this one over, so I'm gonna shrink this down a little bit more. Put it right smack dab in the center here. I'm gonna save it, and that's here. It looks like Make that visible and they go. I have my paper cup. So let me move the guidelines out of the way. Here's you guys could get a better view. And yes, you can see why I love working with mock ups made by creators because this literally looks like a real cup. It's the whole design wraps around the cup. It looks riel. Um, I can easily put that in my portfolio. And if manufacturers can super easily just visualized that on a really paper cup and they'll love that and they'll really appreciate the effort, the extra effort you put in for making your mock ups. So yeah, so mock ups. Like I said, there's super helpful for your portfolios. And I really recommend taking the time to make some good ones some well thought out ones that are good quality. And, um, that manufacturers comptel, that you took the time to make them nice. All right, so I'm just want to show you really quick. Some, um, other mock ups I've done just show you that there's a lot of options for mock up. So let's see, for example, of use or some bull mock ups I did of some fruit. I had some fun with those, and this is a apron. I did just a Paris apron. Um, as you can see, I do all sorts of different stuff. Um, this is a let's see, a journal that I did. So I just drew out. I took over my design and I drew out those little spirals of end there to make it easy, you know? And what else? This is some Valentine kitchen mitts that I did on the of the day. And yes, so, as you can see, I do a ton of different mock up. So there's a ton of different mock ups you can play with, so I really encourage you to, um, make him and see what you can come up with. 3. Mock Ups Option 2: Print on Demand Websites: So next up, what we have is I'm going to talk about how you can use print on demand websites to get your mock ups That way. Um, there's a number of different websites. There's society six, which is what I use. And I'll be showing you that, um, see their zazzle half a press red bubble. And I can't think of any others. I'm sure there's more. Um, I can't think of any others right now, but there's tons of different ones and I really like using print on demand websites because not only can you upload your work and you have the opportunity of also selling your work, um, but the website, they mock up your designs onto products super easy for you. So this is my home page here. You can see that they have a variety of just different products. Um, that they have to offer, they keep adding it seems all the time, which is amazing. Um, and I'm just going to go through and kind of show you. So this is the mug section that I have some my patterns on in my society six shop. And, um, what you could dio is if you. Let's see if you go into one of the images, so just pick. It doesn't matter which one. Anyone. That whatever collection you're working on, you pick that product. So let's say MM. Say which one? Let's say that I'll do the teacups. Let's say that I'm working on my teacup collection and I want to show the design on a mug for my portfolio. So I will click on that, and that pulls up the main page for it. And you can very easily you just right click on the image up here and just choose save as and you could just save it and then you'd have it. And you could easily put it in your portfolio that way, which is super awesome. And down here they show different options. So this is my pattern all laid out that I uploaded to the website originally, and that's the pattern that wraps around the bugs so they show two different views of it just of the pattern wrapped around the mug. Um, when it's awesome. So the pictures of really high quality they really show what the products gonna look like, which is awesome. So, um, just gonna show. You really click well, what they have to offer. They have art prints. We have iPhone cases here. Um, this is one of my patterns and ocean pattern in that you want to say that you just go right , click save, and you're good. So it's really a simple is that And I don't think there's even a limit to how much you can upload here. It's amazing. They have stationery cards, Um, here, which is super cute. They have. Let's see, I'll just go down the list on the left here to show you they have some clear iPhone cases, which I don't have a lot of my products on yet, but we're getting there. Um, we have some I phone skins here. We also have a laptop and iPod iPad, skins and all over shirts. Now, I don't think anybody is gonna buy these, but I just thought it was cool to see my work. Um, printed on these mock ups of shirts and I just thought it was neat. So I was like, Oh, you know what would just put it in there? I mean, you never know, like we have a donut one over there people love doughnuts. You never know. So, um, in the next shirts that one I'll have to get out don't know why that would cut in there. Oh, obviously, that was not meant to be up there, just a square. But yes, you do have to watch out on these sites that if you just upload a square pattern, that that's what did it look like on a shirt. So then we have leggings and I love these. I've personally I bought one of my own patterns on leggings, and they're super great quality. They're super comfortable and they're cute and they're fun and they're great for workout clothes or if you just wanna hang out in them and it's a good way to promote your work, too. But I mean, hey, you never know who might want some dinosaur like it's probably nobody, but that's okay. That's the fun part about these sites is it doesn't really cost thing to have your work up there. And if they sell, they sell, which is awesome. So they also have some throw pillows here, which is really great for portfolios. Um, I really love doing mark ups on pillows, too, and we have these long rectangular pillows. We have carry all pouches, and I actually top left there. I bought that pouch for my mom for Mother's Day, and I loved it and super good quality. And I ended up just taking a picture of it for my portfolio because that one I did happen to have in person. So I mean, if you do have that we do by some of your work, you can always photograph it, too. So they have tote bags. We have clocks which are awesome looking. Um, let's see what else they have. We have shower curtains, which would be so cool. I probably get my fox one. Um, you have rugs. Um, there's literally so many products you can get your stuff on you do they covers, which is super big for our licensing to. So that'd be neat to have your work mocked up on and put in your portfolio. And we have wall tape mysteries, those air great to hang up backdrops for videos or just hang up in your room. Your studio throw blankets? Um, see, they have handed bath towels. Like I said, they have so many options and always adding to it. As you can see from the long list on the left here, Um, anything? Things are new, their floor pillows. I think those are super cute and they have share, um, room curtains. Or to be cute for a kid's bedroom. Um, they have stickers, and then we have backpacks, which I just started getting into. So obviously mine don't look perfect yet. Um, but I can. They have a template where you could go in and edit it, so it's awesome. I really recommend you guys check this stuff out. Um, you'll have so much found with it. The possibilities are endless and guarantee you you will be at it for hours, cause you'll just love it so much. 4. Mock Ups Option 3: Finding Mock Ups Online: so up next, I'm just going to show you guys where to find mock ups on the web. Um, I was going to give you some re sources tell you about some places. I've personally gotten mock ups where I find mine. Um, yeah. So places to find mock ups. Um, first up is creative market, which I'm sure all of you have heard of. It's a great website that has mock ups, But even more than mock ups, they have thoughts. They have, um uh, where they have the alphonse. They have, um, stock photography. They have stock illustrations. They have scrap of paper, digital scrap of paper patterns. They have so much offer. And they're all the work is very high quality. There. You'd be able to find so many great mark ups there, So I really recommend you looking at creative market. Um, next up is a friend of mine zero Martina. If you go to her website zero martina dot com. She has, um, mark ups that you can use this well, and they're really high quality to I personally have her gift wrap mock up, and I use it for all of my gift wrap. mock ups for my portfolio for my website. I'm from Etsy Shop, and it's beautiful. It works like a charm, so definitely check her out. There's also at sea. While it's not the same as creative market, there are some people getting into, etc. Selling, Um, some mark up in stock imagery so I would check that out, see if there's anything you might like, and another option is I really recommend joining some artistic Facebook groups. I've joined a few, and they're really great to not only network and meet new people, but usually the groups. They like to help each other out, which is awesome in the art world. There's some great artists out there. We always love to help each other, and the groups usually have a resource is section um, whether it's called documents files. Resource is whichever it's called. There's usually a section where all the members contribute and participate in, um, give their two cents of places they've tried, like printing places, different suppliers, mock ups. So this is a great place where you can find mock ups with people, recommends me, even give a link to some mock ups that they've created and letting you use, So that's that's a great option as well. Another option is to take some online art courses, and this is super great Teoh Network to build your portfolio. And usually if you're taking an art licensing course type of thing, usually sometimes the resource is will include mark ups that you can keep in use, which is how I've gotten quite a bit of mine. So I really recommend that. And another option is our licensing info dot com. If you go to this link, there's a product called Product Markup Magic, which is super great. It comes with so many difference mock up options for you that are already made, and all you have to do is and put your work, which is super great and makes things so much easier. So I really recommend that for someone who's either looking to expand on their already existing collection of mock ups or if you're just starting out and you don't know where to start, really, really highly recommend that because that would just kick start you in the right direction , and lastly, you have your stock photo websites. Now, I don't really use this option anymore, I'm or so use this when I was just starting out. But you have your three images and you also have images you can pay for. But so that's an option. I just want to put it there a few guys, so you know, if you would prefer to do it that way, I had stopped using stock photo websites. Once I got into creative Market and start taking online courses where I really got a lot of mark ups, I had a lot of access to different mock up. So I didn't need to go on the stock website, um, stock photo websites anymore, but so that's an option. So I mean, as you can see, there's a ton of different places you can find mark ups online, both free and paying for that you can use on your computer. You can keep in a organized folder, and you can just make your own lockups and put your work on it and put it in your portfolio and you look really professional. And I really liked going destruction a lot because the's air made by people that know what they're doing and it's very professional and your work will then look very professional, which manufacturers and clients will love enable deeply thank you for 5. Overview of Mock Up Creation Options: So just to close everything up, I just wanted to go over again. The three different options that I talked about for getting mock ups together for your portfolio. So, um, I'm sure there's many more options out there, but these are the top three tried intrude ways that I have done. Um, and they've really worked for me, so yeah, I'm just gonna go over those really quick. So from left to right, left is option one middles option to and write his option three. So option one on the left is we run over how to create your own mock ups. So this was this example? Was drawing your own stickers and make your room sticker sets and thinking like a manufacturer in wanting a set. So changing up the background colors of them, um, outlining them so they look like stickers, Stuff like that. Um, Then we move on to option to, and that was working on society six and or any print on demand website that you choose to use. And with this, it just it makes your life still much easier, because you just literally all you have to do is upload your pattern to the website, and then it is put on to products. And you can, um, change how it looks. You could make the pattern bigger, smaller. You can upload a few different size options of your patterns so that they can spread out more so that there larger or smaller. So there's tons of different options and possibilities with print on demand sites that I really love and like, for example, with this backpack, all I did was I right? Clicked it and I click save and I was good to go, so you could easily just pop that right into your portfolio and you're good to go. So that's a fast method that really works. And the last method, Option three on the right here is, um, getting a mock up from a creator or a website that has already made them for you. And all you have to dio is place in your work into the provided clipping mask, and you're good. So this is a mock up that they're Martina made. Um, I edited it a little bit differently. I'm, um, added that top right corner there of my paper instead of it being a greeting card. There that she had. I'm just because I want to showcase my wrapping paper, but so your option three Awesome, because thes creators make the mock ups for you, and it makes it so easy. And the mock ups are always high quality. So that was places like creative market at sea from the Facebook groups, artistic courses online, Tom Zahra's website. There's so many different options, So I really encourage you to trial than out and just play around with it and see which versions and methods you like for making your mark ups. 6. Final Words: Hey, congrats to finish the class. Good job, guys. I hope that all of your questions and not mock ups and designing markups for your licensing portfolio were answered in this course. If you have any more questions, obviously you can just write it up in the discussion box in the class, and I'll get back to you soon as I can. I really hope that you learned a lot in this course and that you feel confident down to just go forward and make your mock ups and make your mark in the art licensing world. Trading mock ups is my favorite part. I think of designing and collection is just It's so much on just to see your designs come to life on products to picture those on the shelves in stores being sold. And it's just a fun, rewarding feeling. So I hope you guys love it and have fun with it as much as I do. And I hope this course there's really got you excited about the process of mock ups, and I just I want to wish you guys all invested block in your career and your mock up making adventurers whatever you decide to do with your art in this world. And I just I know you guys are going to succeed and do such great things. And I really look forward to seeing all of your beautiful mock ups hosted in the project gallery for everybody to take a look at and see so we can support each other. And I'm sure they're going to be awesome. So really looking forward to that again. Thank you guys. So much for taking this course of. I look forward to seeing you in my next class. Good luck.