Creating Magic: Learn How To Arrange Your Flowers Beautifully For Any Occasion | Rosa Rugosa | Skillshare

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Creating Magic: Learn How To Arrange Your Flowers Beautifully For Any Occasion

teacher avatar Rosa Rugosa, Rosa Rugosa, Not Your Typical Florist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (23m)
    • 1. Hello!

    • 2. Creating a Tall Black Vase Display

    • 3. A Table Centrepiece for Winter!

    • 4. The Perfect Hand Tied Display

    • 5. What To Do With The Dreaded Garage Bunch...

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About This Class

Learn how to easily arrange your flowers so they look beautiful for any occasion!

In this class, I'll be teaching you how to create a gorgeous Hand Tied Display, an incredible Tall Black Vase Display, a centrepiece perfect for winter and what to do with a bunch of dreaded garage flowers!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Rosa Rugosa

Rosa Rugosa, Not Your Typical Florist


Hi, I'm Rosa and I'm the owner of Rosa Rugosa!

Rosa Rugosa is a florist based in the Worth Valley area, who offers a personalised creative service. We strive to exceed our client's expectations and as a result, have a loyal and happy customer base.

Rosa Rugosa is not your typical florist and much of our creative work comes from word of mouth and recommendations.

Our bouquets are designed to the highest quality and using the freshest quality flowers.

We specialise in wedding flowers and we offer a personal wedding appointment service to meet our brides so we can get to know you and design and create your dream wedding flowers.

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1. Hello!: I am Rosa from Roseburg. Rosa Flores Best in Howarth on Welcome to creating Magic Flower Workshops. We'll be using my 25 years of florist experience to create some quick and easy flower magic . Let's do this. 2. Creating a Tall Black Vase Display: I It's Rosa from created magic file workshops. And we're gonna make a call print display in a vast waves. So why to amaryllis absent foliage box it really nothing else. Beautiful Mom Blank. I'm a realist, and they have a little bit at each other. Like we found the edge. Just pull it off. Have no loss. We've got some steel racks and I want to tell Look, so the easiest way to get tall look is too tight onto a number Relis, You can't canes in these. I'm realist, just like God k to stop for pain that I don't know in there for a week and the years just absolutely beautiful. When I go back, I never want to take him away. So I'm just gonna create a lollipop. So we've got steel glass tied onto this warm on this head. I'm gonna put all the amaryllis at the same point and turn Turn on six. You should just do it. Absolutely. Life they go. So now I want a tithe top time really high at the top because once the flowers open, this shit is gonna get covered. Not too tight not to break into it at the bottom. This is a little that I have used for many years, many restaurants, and it's always an absolute winner now. But time these up, please. So just straighten that collar with castor oil. Alaves, this is going to stop with flowers from falling down fast. Oh, creating so much magic today. Way we have created so much, much, Jake, you just don't like to use. Don't call it fast. Because of nine old together into the vast, I will still tend to give a bit funny walk discoloring in the water. God, when the Opens believe you may those clients are your people. Come to your house and see this open. They're gonna die. It's gonna be a big East white, beautiful flowers you never seen. How simple is that? Thank you so much. Create magic again. 3. A Table Centrepiece for Winter!: today, we're gonna make a Christmas table of arrangement with a difference. Created magic with a difference. Not quite. Traditional Safar sit on it after a pause. He bad? No deposit plastic this away. Says I've just wrapped it round because we're gonna put this in the middle and secure it. So I got some strong wires. I mean, just don't go through. The away says if you use the tape. So it's not gonna on the tree case. This is the way funeral directors do. A test crisis is I'm talking nice is again. I'm just gonna cover this using any guy in college, and I'm just going to show may be honest. Look, gee, I'm just gonna create a nice look all the way around. Pick some nice spaces up. He's not. I still use it. It's lovely running for the holy amount, creating a lovely edge. This is just God and Connie for everybody wants to get. Show that she leaves, we get theirs. They all want to quiet down. Well, im die. How about some more? I V We'll decide that he has a little plot very on it. When that submit, Mama chose some leaves in between. If he leaves her a bit scratchy, just treat him off unless you stop. Just you just cover in the best. Been holding. We're not going completely. No little better raise. So we get a nice coverage now scheming at. So I'm just shooting in just covering the away so she just don't want to see any of the grave. Anybody could do this. You could do this with your kids. A nice thing to do with them Que teddy family if you have a different view. Really? Cool it. I've got some long pieces of ivy and I love I absolutely loving. So I'm just gonna push to say that the edge I come around the beds I'm just gonna all the end by putting some long wire all night. You don't want it to fastened. I can create little interesting lobes. It's looking beautiful. I don't need any pharmacy, Mom. It loops. Well, this is good practice for me. I'm going to a demonstration next week for the gardening club, and I've got to make some arrangements just out all the forms that the bring may when your flowers So a Patek in this one with me, I think don't get too carried away. I've just cause I am one slope and of course, leave showing it. So we're gonna dio That's what we dio so looks a little danger. See, I'm not gonna I'm gonna create some, like I'm not gonna shoot him all way around. I'm gonna do it was like, yeah, shot just right, men. He's got just a little sense. Put it closer together. Nice. Grow together. I don't need as many and the more effective, I think. Okay, Flight. I love a lot. Gorgeous Berries. You can pick these up anywhere. Is she just doing some nice little walks outside? Open it. This side Nearly done. You'll experience go way stopping office, right? And most from the edge. That's why we've raised the awareness is still just absolutely beautiful. Fit for any Christmas dinner table creating magic 4. The Perfect Hand Tied Display: Okay, Now, don't get both down with this ham tab. Okay, everybody, when they come to the workshops, they'll go absolutely crazy when the thought of a ham time. But it's really, really easy. We just got a mixture off various flowers. I've got some gypsum amaysim ancestral had American leaves, roses, chrysanthemums, eucalyptus emit twigs. You start with four while pick Any flower picker rose up on everything you dio is turned to the side. So we put this in the middle and turn it to the side. And that is all your doing. Really, really simple. So we just create in a circle so all the stems aspire only just to pick any bits off. Put some college in between it. And so this is going to help it stay in position so you don't have to put things in circles . Five threes. I think a nice mixture of flowers looks gorgeous. Lots of interesting colleges, interesting textures. We love textures at rosary Garza. This is beautiful, Alatas head. I'm just gonna look just easier to it. Down the middle, you puts the mouse trail round. I'm 10. So all you need for this is your string and diseases. No big Lacey's jobs or anything. Just what? Guys coming together so quick and they fly. The do disappeared a bit. Even mind disappeared. After all I've done. Just pop him up. Put him up. This is not a problem. Well, some softness in some jeeps feeling around the edge today. A Niskala on this, um, It around the edge. You can rest it on the table. Can you see how I'm like leaning on the terrible? This is just gonna help you. You need a really big risks. Strong rest. That's the only thing you don't need. You've got, like, really strong hands when she's done this. Because the absolute we're told when you send him out to the Brad's, it's like, Oh, I hope the price But it's gonna take you offer. Hold it for a I'm just gonna finish now. Can you see how it spiraled just by turning it is not just 10. I'm flick based God, yes. We'll put a bit of interesting a Bumbo on some twigs at the side Couple leaves which we're gonna staple. You're gonna love my stairs. You will string here. Thank clear all the mess off. It's nice to have a nice clean station. I'm just tie any off. Hold the stems. Really tied together. Rest him on the table and just cooked. Cooked across again. You need sone Answer. Please discuss the walls. Few girls. Shut the middle's out. This is just help it stand a bit better Missile. Um, now we're gonna wrap it. It's really strong lease. I've just got some cared for inside about meeting Big and I folded in half because I think he just protects it a little bit. Markets, they get leave. You put the home side in the middle. Besides, no, the pieces straight right around get you. You just make too little flags. You've got to put flowers in the way just gently. You can feel when it's heavy enough. Just checking. But stands Corbett. This is the finished result, and we're just gonna pop it in the bucks. Finished. Marchi created just a few fancy little twists on your leaves. Okay? With a point outside 5. What To Do With The Dreaded Garage Bunch...: Hi. Welcome. Teoh Ross Over Goes is created Magic Flower Workshop on today I'm gonna show you what to do with a carriage Bunch. You haven't did a pound. You said your husband down with some flowers because you want table for capsule. Fabulous. You expected him to go to the florist? He's called it. The courage brought me back. And Farage? Bunge, You want me up a couple of stanza? Chris? Um, a bit abroad jet. Bet they aggress if you OK? Some what? The ouster. This is what you got? I'm gonna show what we've even got extra pin up. I want to show you now what to dio To create a spectacular intersected with your husband's garish bunch. So you've come down with your spend. You've got your garish bones. You think? Actually, Aiken, great magic this. I just need some help. I don't need some props, so you go find some vices. I know I've got all these matching, but you could use jump, John. She could use any fast, as long as you've got a little one foot the centre pace. So I just need outside to get fired from some things. Well, my wall So I'm going to start with Chris. I'm gonna be pretty. Well, I'm chopped. Oh, it's a fit. Why that my big ass called himself. That's what My little heads of flowers And I'm just gonna put my head down. Down? I'm put them in the edges off the several. Thin anywhere on, then. Thank Samia. I'm gonna get my eyes. I'm pulled back down to stick, man. Another piece walking down the other side Not bother. There is not going down to bomb because it will do once you get its water ID. So I'm gonna fill Mrs Walton and then to the other beds. One of co pays off. I just just chop him up. I've got one rules. I guess I'm gonna come in and say, Well, we have a florist in today, and then you could do a little sneak Look at your husband. Yeah, it might take a bit ally and got wet. They would go Gamage, punish