Creating Layouts with Your Calligraphy | Charmaine Al-Mulaifi | Skillshare

Creating Layouts with Your Calligraphy

Charmaine Al-Mulaifi, Calligrapher

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13 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Trailer

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Introduction to Connecting Letters

    • 4. What Are Guidelines?

    • 5. Connecting Letters

    • 6. Writing Your Name

    • 7. A Lesson in Hierarchy & Layout Design

    • 8. Basic Rules of Flourishing

    • 9. Designing the Layout One

    • 10. Designing Your Layout Two

      v day invite .jpeg
    • 11. Intro to Envelope Addressing

    • 12. Examples & Rules of Envelope Addressing

    • 13. Envelope Writing Demo


About This Class

Learning how to create the perfect layout is a vital skill to help build your knowledge of calligraphy! Now is the time to combine it all together, and create a beautiful piece. In this class, we'll cover how to create invitation and envelope designs.

What You'll Learn

We'll cover everything you need to know to create an effective and elegant layout with your calligraphy skills.

  • Connecting Words. We'll start off by starting to connect letters and words together. This is how we'll start to understand how different words work together in our design.
  • Creating Hierarchy. We'll discuss the different considerations of hierarchy that you can apply to your own layout.
  • Adding Flourishes. Finally, we'll add the finishing touches with a focus on how flourishes contribute to the spacial design.
  • Design the Layout. We'll finalize the layout of your invitation including where everything is placed.

What You'll Make

In this class you'll use your calligraphy skills to layout an invitation design. We'll also cover the basics of designing the envelope that your invitation will be sent in!





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Charmaine Al-Mulaifi


My name is Charmaine, and I started Everly Calligraphy & Design because of my love of handwritten text, my interest in design and a passion for hand made, creative things. A hand made business card, a place card, envelope or invitation elicits a response like none other in the day and age dominated by digital correspondences like texting and emailing.

I started studying calligraphy several years ago after graduating with my Masters in Decorative Arts and Design from Parsons, and was see...

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