Creating + Launching your Shopify store in 1 Hour with Debutify | Jessica Lee | Skillshare

Creating + Launching your Shopify store in 1 Hour with Debutify

Jessica Lee, Developer | Designer | Shopify Expert

Creating + Launching your Shopify store in 1 Hour with Debutify

Jessica Lee, Developer | Designer | Shopify Expert

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12 Lessons (1h 37m)
    • 1. Course Introduction

    • 2. Getting Started with Shopify

    • 3. Shopify Dashboard

    • 4. Product Collections Overview

    • 5. Adding Products to Shopify

    • 6. Shopify Inventory + Collections

    • 7. Adding + Setting up Debutify

    • 8. Debutify Page Templates

    • 9. Adding Product Reviews to Debutify

    • 10. FAM Review and Lifetime Deal

    • 11. Maximizing Shopify: FAM

    • 12. Maximizing Shopify: Reconvert

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About This Class

Stop struggling to launch that new store!

In this course, “Creating + Launching your Shopify store in 1 hour with Debutify” I take you through each step of the process from starting your 14-day trial to launching in a day. 

You don’t need a ton of stuff, you need your products, your brand assets, and Debutify that it plus with launching before your 14-day trial is up you start bringing in sales without even paying for Shopify.

The truth is you don’t need to put thousands of dollars into your store in the beginning, you need to start selling.

In this course, we will go over : 

  • Getting started with Shopify
  • Getting started with Debutify
  • Shopify Dashboard walkthrough
  • Essentials for selling and serving your customers
  • How to maximize Shopify to increase sales
  • How to organize your store
  • Complete setup walkthrough of Debutify + Premium features

Everything you need to get started with any type of store and excel on the Shopify platform

This course is for:

  • Aspiring Shopify store owners looking to get started with E-commerce
  • Dropshippers looking to start a Shopify store
  • Side hustlers looking to create a stream of income by starting a niche store 

About your instructor: 

Hi. I'm Jess! I am the founder of Jess the Techpreneur and I create courses for non-techie solopreneurs who are looking to tackle tech in their business to build, launch and scale.

I am an 8+ year multi-platform designer and developer here to help you with automation, email marketing, website help, sales-generating tasks and more. 

Course Resources:




Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jessica Lee

Developer | Designer | Shopify Expert


"Use your gifts to help achieve the dreams of others" -Jess the Techpreneur

Hi, my name is Jessica! I am a tech nerd, blogger, and serial entrepreneur with a passion for business, e-commerce, and design.  I'm fueled by code, coffee, and most importantly family. With over 8 years of experience in the computer science industry, 7 years as an entrepreneur, and 2 years as a Shopify expert, I use a cocktail of knowledge in web development, brand design, and strategy building to help you create a business built on a web presence foundation that will thrive now and in the future.

For over 8 years, I've been designing, building and maintaining websites for others. Using what I've learned, I'll teach you how to benefit from tech in your business! You'll learn how to DIY your w... See full profile

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1. Course Introduction: the beautify is a free theme, with the ride range of premium features that I can guarantee is on your list of must have some when it comes to building your shop. If I store this theme is really set apart from the popular free themes that are available in the shop of Five teams store. The key difference is it's built with your customers in mind without leaving you the owner out of the equation. The hardest thing for new Shopify store owners is to get past the building of the store, especially once we have no design experience a website building because they feel like they lack the knowledge to build a start from scratch. This is usually very overwhelming for them, and most aspiring Shopify store owners or eat Harmer storms can't get past the theme buildings, so they never actually launched their store. Well, the Beautify handled it wonderfully. It took all the features that she wanted. Such a sells pop instagram feed deliveries, home witches up cells. They're all created with the theme in mind. So the people who made the theme are the people who made the apse so you don't have to figure out how to add in a their party. It also say issue a lot of time and a lot of resource is and a lot of money toe. Have these APs automatically come with this theme? Most times when you add in third party APS to your website, there's a issue with the site. Ah, speed. Most times it goes down tremendously. It becomes a horrible experience for your users because the website is so slow it does not low properly. Other times, one app may cost you $29 a month, so have in your store. And then, if you do not know how to actually add it to your store, the Coney, then you even have to hire somebody or go through their support to figure out how to get that installed and running in your store so you don't even have it available to you. You still have to do the research for you. Stop to figure out what works best with your theme and go through the trial and error of it with de beautify its completed for you with over 22 different premium features that you can add in. You don't have to worry about it. That's something that could be taken care of with the click of a button now. So that is definitely another feature of the beautify that I absolutely fell in love with. And being a Shopify store owner and a Shopify expert for four years now, building themes is not something that comes easy is something that puts a lot of work into it. And they really did this beautifully. They took a lot of the issues that she see one shopper, five stores, and they made it better. Even with their product pages, you have, um, the filters that are really prominent. You have be ableto have the sore by its is there is in your eye view. It has a different variations underneath each photo that sales badges right there. We have the sales pop on the end on the left hand side. Over here, we have all of these features that are already in here, where you can have your customer come in view. These products pick their variations. As the variations changed. So do the product photos. So the experience it's seamless. You're able to go ahead, click into the actual product and flip through even more you get so at your videos, you get so at multiple thumbnail photos, you have the, um, reviews. Here you have extra details. All of these things are inputted to this, to where you can easily add to your store without any issues. Customer experience is one of the top top things that needs to be addressed when building out a Shopify store. Now I will say that all of the features that you see across the board, the menus, the changing, the moving buttons, a lot of these things you can still have the store and not have to go through with everything you can add. Analyst as you like, you can see what works for your customers. What doesn't was gets them to convert What doesn't, um, the penny on your niche. Depending on who you're selling through those avatars, you're able to really customize the store for your audience, and it's already optimized for those those conversions, so you don't have to worry about if you have your home page structure correctly. You don't have to worry about if you have your products, say if you have the right footer information you want to add a guarantee. All of that is input it with the beautify theme. Beautifully. It is really well made theme. I even did for my own sanity did a page speed test, and it did not change. My site was loading up and maybe 2 to 3 seconds on. That's with huge photos. I was able just I just went in and through some constant in in my course that takes you through building your Shopify from start to finish in an hour. With this theme, Um, it's something that I was really excited to try out, and it was really great for personally. I recommend the beautify for any Shopify store owner, any type of store and Ni store, a job shipping store, any of those it really does not matter what industry you have. It is perfect across the board. It can be customized, and it's definitely a great starting point for anybody looking to quickly get started with building their own shop of high store launching ands selling before the 14 day trial is over with and even existing store owners adding this to your shop. If I store and adding those little um, those low goals the color schemes those branded assets. Putting those in your able to go ahead and switch out your current theme and seconds It's done, so make sure you check out the beautify theme. And if you are looking toe, launch your shop. If I store finally gets started and completing that, make sure you check out my newest course creating and launching your shop if I store in one hour with the beautify next time. 2. Getting Started with Shopify: So when you get started with Shopify, depending on what you are looking to do, if you already have a store, then you'll just log into your store. If you're guinea started with Shopify, you have a 14 day trial to be able to go and build up your store before you even start so before you even have to pay for their first month. So you have 14 days. The idea what this course is to get your store set up and about 2 to 3 days so where you can use the rest of the time to go and start promoting star selling so you could start bringing in sales before you even pay for their first month of Shopify. If you're unfamiliar with the shop of Five Plans thing, you ve got a Shopify dot com slash pricing or click the link in your launch plan to be able to get straight to the store. And there's three plants, which is the basic Shopify Shopify, An advance Shopify you didn't go through and see which ones you will like to go home, go with. Most people start with a $29 a month and if they find that they needs more features like providing gift cards. Then they can go up to Shopify plan, which is $79 a month. There is also a Shopify light plan, which is only $9 a month, but you will not get up online store. You'll be able to add products via the buy button. You can someone messenger, one Facebook and instagram, but you will not have a Shopify store, and that is $9 a month. So once you decide to get started, then you can click. Start your free trial or, if you're starting from the home page, there's always a sign up box. Here. You'll enter your email address and click start free trial you'll get. You're putting your information for your store name. This will give you your custom mural. Once you're logged in and you've started your free trial, you'll see you have the name of your store up the top. You will also have a euro that has your store name with dashes that my Shopify dot com This is your Shopify your well, it never changes. You can add a domain toe where, instead of that showing to the custom review you will have in this take in this one, it will be non tech academy academy dot com that will be the no main for this particular store. You can also do sub domains where they're stored. That non techie dot com There are different ways that you can ask fact. But whenever you reach for support whenever you go to higher Shopify expert, they will actually for your Shopify your well, that is your Shopify euro. Once you complete the sign up, this is where you will be brought. This is your Shopify dashboard. 3. Shopify Dashboard: you're Shopify Dashboard is what you will see. Each time you are logging into your store the backhand of your story. You will always see this screen and the your are you are l will always in an at me. This is your admin dashboard. This is where you can find on the left hand side all of the menu actions for your shop. If I store your orders, this is where all of your orders will be. Your products inventory that will all be under products customers Amanda and check out newsletter information will all be added under customers. Analytics is where you will find your analytics restore as you start to get traffic. Marketing is where you'll see a lot of marketing examples. You can go in and start promotions through Facebook. You can run at on Google shopping. That is your goal to with your Shopify. Marking discounts obviously holds your discounts, your automatic and your discount colds. APS opened up the APS that are one year store and also allows you to go into the APP store . It'd download on your Shopify sword. The abs such as kit or or instagram sales channels those things you'll find APS and you also ableto as cell channels down at the bottom. So as you Adam, a list will start to populate. And this is where you'll see Instagram sales channel Amazon E Bay, all of those places where your products will show up from this one dashboard. You will be able to go and manage all of those there now that the bottom is where you find your settings so that side never change. This. This middle portion is where you have, like a running list of just information tips, suggested readings and things to doing your store so you will see if you have traffic increases, you'll see your sales. You'll start to see customer marketing in this portion as you move forward with selling with your shop. If I store, you will also notice. After the stores lunch, there will be a stat section here, and then on the right hand side, another cyber would be available. That shows you your cells for the day and you'll be able to track your store activity. So by the time we finish the launch of the store, you will be able to see how your ad men dashboard changes. It will still look the same, but maybe a little bit more information in this area 4. Product Collections Overview: So from the sales channels page, we're gonna go ahead and go over to products. This is where you can add your products. You have all products, transfer inventory collections and gift cards. If you are planning on using the basic Shopify, you will not have access to give cars. But if you upgrade to the shop, if I plan, you will be able to offer gift cards in your store. Your collections are almost like categories of how you would keep your products so you can do in accessories collection. There's a home page collection that is automatically generated to be ableto Polian onto your products. Your home page when you're themes. So when you get started was building out that theme. You already have a collection that's there. You can believe the home pays collection if you don't need it and adding collections, it is very easy. You'll be able to add a title a description, and you can do a manual collection type, which means you will need to go and choose the products you will like in this particular collection. Or you can do automate it with the automated. You'll be able to add conditions toe where it will pull in the products based on the conditions that you have put in. So a product tag, maybe bracelets. So product tag is equal to bracelets, and it will add all of the bracelets if you wanted it to be. I'm Vera Bradley bracelets. You can add a collections, a product tech for bracelets and then a vendor of Vera Bradley, and you can set it to have all conditions to match. That will bring all of the products for that particular item here they knew Click Save and it will be ready to go. 5. Adding Products to Shopify: but you will click at products. This will open up the product editor. Each product will need a title, a description image a price. If you plan on using skews or bark holds, those will need to be added here. If you will like to track the quantity of the product and the story thing, you'll it's already checked. If you don't want Shopify to keep up with your immature eating, you'll uncheck it. So here you can said a setting where if you want to continue selling when the particular product desire to stock, you can check it. So even when the stock is a zero, it will still, um, be able to be sold. You can such a quantity here, and if this product is a physical product, you'll need to add the weight. If you plan to use calculated waits a shipping, you will need to do that. If you're doing something like a flat rate shipping fee, then weights aren't necessarily important in that aspect because you have a specific cost. If you are looking toe, have your products shipped calculated. You're going to have to do it by weights is very important that you put in the correct weight for each of your products, and then you have country of origin. And if your product has different colors or sizes, you'll click this from various and they'll open not, And you have your search engine listening preview some to go ahead and do one very quickly to show you the different way. The way to add the products here is your product. Type your product vendors, your collections and tax. So if you have a collection that is automated or you're looking to Maley at this product to a collection, then you can type it here. The home page automatically is created at any store, so as soon as you started Shopify store, you're gonna have a home page collection. So it's great. You can use that to see how those collections will come up, especially for your first product. And if you would not like to keep the home page collection, you can always theater Vater or delete it later. Don't. Once the product details, Arian will click save, and this will add your product to your shop. If I store, we're gonna go ahead and preview, it's and this will show in the basic name that we have on here and I believe its debut. So this is how our products will show. And this was just a mock up that I complete it with powerful. So it's a drop shipper. So we have all of our variants here, began adds occur. We could buy now so everything looks good there. So that is how you create a product with different variants. And if you didn't need the additional variance, then you would uncheck that box to where you just have that one product. So this is a completely filled out product page, and we have our product availability on the right hand side that we can manage. If we wanted to show up on instant of everyone to show up our Facebook and the online store , they're all checked. If we didn't want it to show anywhere you can uncheck and click done, and here you'll see us available in two of two channels and it list here. So that is how you add products to the shop. If I store 6. Shopify Inventory + Collections: So now that we have our product in, we want to make sure that we have at least one in as we complete the set up of our online store to be able to see how it's going to look on our team. If you want to go ahead and take the time they put in all of your products, then go ahead and take care of that. If you have a bulk set of products, then you can import them via the Sea SV template that they have available and that you'll be able tow. Add up to think like 500 products at a time. So if you have about 10 products, it's almost better to go ahead and put in the information that's needed one a product page to make sure you have the hang of it before you do it. Import Um, so this is where in our products we can do our inventory. If you are giving T shirts in or in this case, T shirts in, you can set the quantity to more. You can add to it or you can set it, and this just shows you how many's available and you can make the edits, and as soon as you save for each one, it's automatically update across the board on the online store, on Instagram, on Facebook everywhere. That's just selling that is pulling in that inventory. And with the collections, you can create a collection, which is almost like categories. So in this case, I'm gonna do a sample. One is gonna be teas. Is it for our T shirts? Now I can do it two ways. I can do a manual where I can choose the products that I want to have in this collection or I can do automated. If you plan on adding products to your store recently, like he once said, that something you like to update once a month, twice a week. Whatever. I will always suggest automated collections and will automatically pull that in and provide that product into a collection automatically. So if I want to go ahead and put the product title type vendor price tag, compare Price Lee inventory stock or variant title these air things that could choose to select a product by. So for this one, I believe I'm going to do the title and I'm gonna have it contain T shirt and I'm gonna add another one in case I want to have tea. And since I have two conditions and they're more than likely not going to say, you know, T shirt T, they're gonna be one of the other when the selected to have to match any collection. So if a product has t shirt in the name, it will be added to this collection. If a shirt has t, it will be added to his collection and can have either or so go ahead and save it and I have to use save it. If you have products that match these conditions, you'll see a products box come up and the products that were automatically added. Since this has t shirt in it, it was automatically added to this particular collection and s you want at a collection item that is specific to this collection. Then you can do that. If you do not use in a custom image here, it will use a product image and we can also view that online. It's gonna access for a password and that is how you create collections 7. Adding + Setting up Debutify: added a product and we've added collection. We're gonna go ahead and get our to beautify on our Shopify store now. Usually, when you go to pull themes, you'll click your online store, and it will open up into the theme area of your store here. Since this, this store hasn't been launched yet because we're still building it and automatically has a pass where Page. So if you view your store, it will show the theme that is already here. So the published theme that is currently up right now is the debut. And it's empty, of course, because we haven't went in and we haven't added anything for this minus our product. So usually you'll go to either free themes or Shopify theme store, where you can see the free themes that are available here and you'll be able to choose and publish or visit the theme store, which opens up and shows you the paid and free themes that are available to add that the beautified being we will need to go to the beautified dot com, which you have a link in about resource section. Once there, you'll be brought to the home page where you will see free download now. Now, before you do this, I always like to do it in the same browser that I'm logged into Shopify weight. That way, when I go ahead and download it, I can add in my email, Go and then click. Download now. So from here, actually, for that Shopify domain so we can go here and copy are I don't mean and it right here and click free download. This will redirect us and open up our store in a new window, and this is the dashboard for the to beautify. It automatically opens up into your plants, and you can see that you have a seven day free trial that you can use one of the pay themes that paid plans for, and you also have this free active plan here. It's plan has different features, so you'll get the theme across every one of them. With the free plan, you get access to Facebook groups support with the paid plan starting at $15 a month, you get email life chat and then, as of course, as you move up, you will get priority support. That adolescence is Oh, it's a at least 29. I believe adults that are available for you to choose when you go up to a paid plan. If you're looking to get all of the add ones, then you will be $47 a month. You can cancel it at any time. You can always downgrade toe a free plan, but you have the availability to use all of these add ones. Then you also with the $97 kitchen, mentoring, winning products and courses from the D beautified team. So, um, once you figure out which plan that you would like to go with, whether it be the forever free the starter, the Hustler of the Grow, you can go ahead and click the theme library. This will take you to the theme to be able to download it onto your online store so we'll click at two theme library. So we see the notification that says Theme is at it. You have you successfully added to beautify to your store. You also see the list of adults available we have add to cart cart countdown chat box collection and to card cookie box delivery time discount Save F. A Q page is the ground Page Emmett's or in quantity linked options Live You Mega Main meal newsletter. Papa Products has product video sales count now. Sales Pop shop protects. Dickie adds a car trust badges of still pack up so you can go ahead and start the free trial if you like, or you can go with the free being, so we're gonna go ahead and click. Customize the free feet. We'll go over the add ons, and I'll go through a walk through of the paid analysts so you can see what you get for the forever free and what you get with the pay version. There's no problem with starting with their forever free and moving up into a new pay plan . So once you click to customize, it opens up the online store customizer. So you'll be able See a view of how your store looks won the right hand side, and on the left you can see the various options you have available to customize for this particular theme. Up top. You see your page selector. We have your home password, product pages, collection pages, all of these you as you click it, it sends you to that page and your options on the left hand side change what was available on the page to be customized. So back on the home page, we have a lot of options that are already available For us to be able to go and start setting up, you can delete what you don't want, and you can add more sections to it so most. If you don't want to deleting, you just want to hide it. You'll click this I and you'll be able to see what it will look like with it not being available. If you would like to completely delete it or move it, you're click Remove section, and it will take it off of this block. When you add sections you can see broken down by block collection images, products, promotional store information, text video and advanced lee out with HTML So everything is right here for you. Go ahead and click so and and you'll see a preview on the side. On the left hand side, you also have a page for your theme Set knees. This soldier colors your typography, social media, your fabric con. Your current size search studies your review app. Your advance at easing your check out. These are things that are global across your entire site, so your colors would be here for you to be able to at and up the how you see fit. So this is where that folder comes in with your colors. Games were you to be able to add in the colors that you will like to use when customizing your store. So that's one way you're able to brand this particular theme toe where it doesn't look like everybody else is thinking. You also have a charm in you with this, and you can have some menus. One the links So you click ill at if you have categories underneath. That it was show when you click it and we'll look over in our navigation menus. How toe at those difference. Drop down menus so you're able to select your menus here, your primary and additional menu and then themes settings, which is your social media Ah, links, which are here a to the bottom. You can add as many as you liking you can on Lee at the ones that you would like listed on your particular store. You can also put where you will like the lion spacer the position for this to be so your header. Once you edit your header, the header is your logo This menu and your, um, quick links on the sai. You can set that and it will reflect across all of the pages and much like your footer that you can add it how you will see fit. If you only want the about us section, your quick links and followers, you can remove the newsletter just like you would above in this section is you'll just click. Remove content and it will adapt how it is able to lay in your product pages. You're able to go ahead and also see the different features that can be added to this page . So we saw on the demo all of the difference information that could be here on the side. A lot of them are adolescence. This is just the free theme. This is the one that you're able to get started with, so we have our product photo information. We have product recommendations you may also like underneath. You'll be able to show dynamic recommendations without adding any additional an Elin's related products. Similar products to this one, so it may show different teas and you'll be able to see it as a populace below your testimonials. If you want it to add a background color, you hand the ball color at a borderlands hop that is all able to be customized. Your testimonials. You can add images, texts and the author's name, and it will show up like this and the guarantee portion, which is here. You see, you usually have like a shipping parenti, a return policy. You can add those here four adding icons they use five Awesome, which you would just go in and the icon name to that box. And it will populate the new ICOM mature looking toe half. So this will have the address card and that we could put it here, and it will update their icon so you can actually use this place for any fake. You don't have to go and just have the icons that these have available, and you can delete these. So maybe only want one or two, you're ableto customize it. How you see fit. There's a very customizable theme that can work for you in various ways and with everything you have a check out page, you have a car page in a check out page unless you have a drawer. And these studies can be opened up in the Czech, the Czech house, and he's also, and you can update your background images your locals to make. This is branded as you can. You can update your colors for this so that it's a seamless view from your store, your product pages, your Carter page and then to check out check out would be the last thing they see before completing a part is, and then there check out caught the order. Confirmation page will be the last thing they see in your view of being yourselves fun. So it's very important to make sure that these are as personalized and as branded as possible. So I'm gonna go through and build out this theme and walk you through some of the things that, um would I would do for a particular store. And it's not gonna me. Vienna has any additional coding anything that takes you away from this. This is supposed to be a Z easiest possible, so I'm going to run through it in real time for you to be able to see exactly how I'm changing different portions of this. - Once you complete the customization of your fame, then you have the option to save and you have the options of published. I'm gonna go ahead and publish to make sure that this is theme that is going to be shown to my new visitors. So on the same page, you'll now see that my current theme is to beautify 2.0 point two, and it shows a view of how the site will look. And that is how you complete your one my store building. 8. Debutify Page Templates: So when we added in those pages, we added different page types. It's on the Contact US page. We have the page that contact us. We see that we have our form available for us. And they read this. This was our values, and it was the full with template that we have. So we have this. The information will go from end to end when we add informations who are full with page template for the F A Q page, We added just the regular page Suffolk. So we didn't have to put any information in here. It just gives you a regular pays and will refresh it. And you see, it's more brought in from your full whip. So this is probably and just a little bit more been this one, and then our about us Page is our boxed example. So this we see it's definitely it's even closer than our regular page, um, which it saw this. These are the different types. Very slight differences with some and, um, others are very solution heavy. So this has a form for you to use for your contact page, going to make sure that you only use that for pages that needs, ah, formats hash to it cause it won't only goto my email address and you will be able to review this through there. So that is the page types in the to beautify Shop of Five team. 9. Adding Product Reviews to Debutify: So now that we've ran through our entire online store, we updated our navigation. We see how it looked. Where are beautify? Theme is good to go. Remember, this is only the free version. I will do a video later. One for the pro Adam ones. So you could you just see what you get for free and what you receive with a premium membership. So next we will go on and we're gonna add those essential APS that we need in our store. Once you click APS, you see the abs that are already installed, which is our to beautify at. We're also gonna go to the shop. If I app store where you can find a wide range of abs that you can add to your store. You always will be brought to this home page of Shopify abs. That kind of gives you new places to sell. Are your sales channels finding an adding products sales and conversion optimization? Everything is broken down into different categories and then those categories are broken down. That's even more categories for what you're looking for. And of course, with this, with this course, I have added a couple of themes to your guy to be able to get started right away with the things that you definitely need. You need em o market E. You need Teoh. Add in maybe a loyalty program you definitely need to add in a or custom order confirmation page and kits. Kid is one of the most beneficial portions of Shopify, and it's free. Outside of the ads that you would go ahead in used to retarget those customers were visiting your site, bring them back to complete the purchases. So we're going to start with adding our product review app and this product review APP is made by shopper fight, and we're gonna put it into our to beautify theme. So we'll click, add app and they'll go through and I'll show you the permissions that this app needs. And then you will install once you in Saw will open up the product review at so where you can add these reviews to your product page. Now you're gonna needs open in two colds to peace like code one for the main reviews to show up and then you have the option of adding the stars. So we're gonna do both for Thisted tutorial. So in a copy of this, we're going to open our online store customization and another tab so we can make sure that we're putting it in the right place now because we're using a beautify theme, we have to put this code in a particular place. Usually you will go through the actual code of the website theme and added in. But the beautify actually has a section for it in your theme settings to be able to show up correctly when your product pages, which is in, like, a little box. So we have room go to review app and you'll find the instructions here. So it's gonna actually the gold toe edit cold, which is here in the actions Copy and paste. Your review, which it called in this file, which is the review, which it that liquid and copy and paste your review badge code in this file. So we're gonna start with the review, which it cold. So we're going to go to edit Colt and this opens up a new window so you can go back to the instructions if you need to. So we're gonna look for the review, which it I love using the search to be able to fi when I need. So we're gonna add it in, and then we're going to save you. See that the Assad they saved and we wanted at the review badge. So let's go back to this one. Click show instructions and grab this other piece of cold. Copy it and we will paste it here. So you have to pay pay places that you could put it. So you put it here and we could put it here. This will be on the product page and this is on a product created, so we'll save it. When we come back to our theme cousin ization menu, we're gonna refresh it. And on our products, we should be able to see now first the review Star badge and the review section of our products. We see customer reviews here, and we see are stars. And when we goto our shop page for grid, we also have the stars here. So as we receive reviews, these stars will update for the reviews. And that is how you add product reviews to the D beautify being so we'll verify and continue and because it is Ah, password protected. It will say they can't chick. So we've already checked to see that it's working so weakened by past that, and we've automatically come into our review panel of our product reviews. Here in the settings, we can always auto publish new reviews. We can receive emails when a new review of submit it. You can change that. The color of the stars be the theme or with a custom color. You can review how the listing is laid out in the text that is here. That is shown, um, for your customers, of course, any change that you make you want to save, so that is how you will complete your product reviews. 10. FAM Review and Lifetime Deal: Hey, non techies. Here we go with the new tutorial that is. Also a review for this is brand new email marketing platform called FAM. If you are familiar with absolute Melo or sumo, the email marketing even Sin Fox, now the king give ways that whole suite of tools that they have under their belt. They've added another one, and it's called fam F A M, and they guarantee that this will replace your entire email marking its aim for your Shopify business. Now, with Mole Shopify businesses, you noticed that it's very easy to get started. Is the maintaining its the growth? It's the bringing customers in. That's usually the part that's a little harder for people who have no experience with building the e commerce store. And they are promising to go ahead and help you streamline your email marketing. And they even even came with a lifetime offer That is great. So today I want to take some time and just kind of go through the set up of it because it may be intimidating to start something new, and we're gonna knock away that intimidation right now as we rolled through fam. So fam is a AB sumo pit is a sumo business, and they have created this new email marketing tool. It is a tool that is, is all in one app, you know, love those rights designs. And since your emails to your subscribers at the right time is very essential that your emails are reaching your subscribers but that they are also opening their engaged. The subject lines are there for them to catch attention and get writing. And sometimes it's very hard to deal with that when you're trying to run your store in at all. So here they have a where you can pull your data straight from your shop. A five story and instagram accounts. If you using instagram for your marketing, this is a great way to go ahead and bring in more cells with your email marketing. The more emails you send, the more profit comes in through your doors. The more sales you're making, the more products that are getting off your shelves, the more exposure you're getting so email marketing is a great free way to get in such with your customers, and they have made it even easier to go ahead and get started so they promised that it replaces an entire email. Some marketing team, by writing designing, is sending all of your emails for your shop. If I store I saw this. It actually released today. It is October 16th at the time of this recording and it was fresh. It is a fresh tool for you to get ah, hold of and go. You know how much it is to run your email, marketing it through mail chimp and Mailer light and convert Kit Using all of these different email marketing Suz You're easily looking that anywhere from 10 to $299 a month film is giving you lifetime access to their school. They generate their you're welcome your product promo emails in instagram emails that you can see that they're very simple straits of the point, which is what you want your email marketing to be. It pulls in the branding of your store, even your testimonials Down here you're able to create cell emails with a click of a button . So I wanted to go ahead and give it a try to see how, actually, how fast you can get started on what the work is actually that you have to do in order to get started, and I was shocked. It's literally going to take less than five minutes to get this up and running on your store. They do not have a free child, but you can go ahead added to your store. Look at the email Gia emails. Set that up, and when you're ready to start sending emails, you can either purchase the lifetime or you can. Parchin is through their monthly plans. They have a couple of testimonials here where you can see some of the bigger name like Toyota. Um, we're using this to push their email marketing, but the one thing I love about absolute well, the one thing I love about Suma Period is They use businesses from all backgrounds. They use the smaller business they used to sell a preneurs businesses that have been using their tools. They use the big name big box brands. So I love that about a sumo that they make sure to not Onley showcase the people who are making millions. But the people who are bringing in $9000 in extra revenue they do have a fee here for 5% if you exceed your plans limits so that it's similar to I believe it's kid. No, not kid. It's another email marketing tool that you can use where, if you exceed the 500 or $5000 that your plan that you have chosen, it comes with a fee. After that, they're pushing your using their tools to push through to get money, things you don't have to think about things you don't have to build. 5% is not bad. And if you start having consistent fluctuations and actually being stable at that point, then it's no problems that go ahead up to that next plan. So where you're covered anyway? So I have some more of the e mails from their testimonials up here. What they kind of put together. You have a sales email, we have a blah Gmail. We have even have an instagram email. So I love that they add this information in here. There is a webinar that will be happening on the 18th and you could click. Just click here to register, which is on the absolute mo website. I'm gonna put a link down in the description of this video and in the box post that will go along with this now, with each lifetime deal, the absolute provides their son. There's terms. And then there's a different price tiers. Here we have lifetime access to FAM. You must redeem your cult within 60 days. Usually, if you're if it's something of this nature, your good there's no problem with you. Go ahead, purchasing it and getting started with it right away. I don't think I've ever had a problem with not Ruby Michael's, but because if it's a deal such as this, I'm is something that I need right away. You can stack on limited number of colds, which means each. Once we get to the bottom, you'll see there's a single. There's a double on is multiple and single is a single stack, the single cold that gives you a certain amount of things. Stack two calls that gives you another amount of things. Three calls so on, and I believe yet, although announced about 10 coats and you can see the price change, you can see what it will cost you regularly, and you will see what it will cost you now so they they are GDP are compliant, which is great for the people who are selling through to the U. It's only for new family users who do not have a 16 accounts. You have to have a Shopify store to use this tool. They have that 5% fee of revenue generated if it exceeds your selective plants limit and then they have the C C A money back guarantee, so you're able to go ahead, purchase it. And if you use it for 59 days, and if it's something that hasn't brought you money, hasn't you haven't seen a difference in using it? Then you can. You have that 60 day money day back guarantee. You don't have to worry about it. So each plan has a different set of tools, has a different set of needs. So here you can generate up to 500 you could generate up. So 1000 with three colts. You see that monthly revenue goals up for each cold that is at it, although it's about 10 calls and you generate up to $5000 monthly revenue. And if you stack press that you would have Teoh. I believe contact? Absolutely, but you can definitely by another cult here toe ad, so you could just keep stacking until you're happy. So this is where the 5% fee comes in. If you generate over $500 with just the fam pie for so through your emails of your generating over $500 you will get that 5% feet. But if you consistently hitting past that 500 then why not move up its here? There are a couple of things that are kind of standard all the way across can eliminate subscribers. All available email types are able to go ahead and be sent here. The thing that I love about ab sumo is there helping the actual company of the tool spread there. Tool to small business. Honest to sell openers, toe entrepreneurs to businesses, period. And in that they're constantly if there your there being invested in their second and money that's being invested and pushing it into their actual platform. And as sumo has shown us as absolute hash onus, they're only going to get better with time. They take the research, they take the funding that they receive, and they put it right back into their platforms. And you can definitely tell through the block post for sumo through the actual sumo product through the King giveaways. You can see it all, and I love that they allow that at the time of this recording me, it has five tackles. Which five tacos is the greatest thing that you could have a sumo. And for each lifetime deal, you will always see a list of reviews and questions. So you have questions on one side and you have reviews on the other. And they these reviews actually have helped with purchasing and have helped would not purchasing. It's one thing to get started and you're you don't you have a lack of something In the beginning when you start having that lower rate of tacos, then it becomes something you want to stay away from until changes are made. So love seeing the foreign five tacos because that means it is a great plant platform already, and it's only going to get better. So with that, I wanted to go over to meet fam dot com, which is theatrical email marketing platform. You just use a very simple one pager. Just give you a number of the customer revenue that has been generated and the M O marketing them for you. Grow your business without hiring a marking Seem custom built for Shopify. You see there also advertising their lifetime deal. And you can answer my Shopify dot com here. So I'm gonna go ahead. You could find that by going to your Rico Jarrell of your shop. If I am in and go ahead and pace that in, sign up and it's gonna take you through to logging is your store. So I'm already logged. Dance was gonna open it. It's going to go ahead and asks me to and stall family will tell me it needs to view the Shopify account data view the products viewed the orders. So I'm gonna go ahead and install this app from there. You can get a quick walk through and you're fully automated. Market. This is the very simple interface. We have some Yeah, generated emails that they are provided me and affordable. Affordable is always great for those small businesses. Solis Click list get started, sits importing contacts. I love that. It gives you the rundown of what it's doing and the absolute feeding the developers. Ah, they sink both ways with Shopify sold Informational Shopify will be on Fam and FAM on Shopify So we'll start I set up well Ah Bodi logo. So now we're gonna go ahead and complete the upload of our we'll go. And if you have it already in your store thing, you will be able to go ahead and automatically pulling you. So is this I find you say no and it was try to find any other funds. So go from there. We were at our instagram profile we see is going to generate I e mails run down of what is actually happening instead of having that blank screen and we're gonna view our emails now . So this is our welcome email be a continuous email is automatically sent to our subscribers . When they join the list are subject Linus here, which can be updated and added, It's you can change the percentage discount or if it's gonna be amount and if there's gonna be a minimum purchase order, you can add that it save changes and we will go ahead and it will add in the information. From there we see you show our appreciation wearable to enjoy 10% off your next purchase, and we could click Use my discount. So here you can either regenerate and it will give you a new email. Or you can approve, so we will continue. Our next email is a primal email. Looks like it's gonna try of revenue to our store with upcoming holidays and events. It will is scheduled to go out to an 18. We have a subject line, are advanced information we can separated by segments. Start date. A promotion in date. This is nice tohave, and there's not much you can you have to do. If you don't like the way something looks, you could go ahead and always regenerate it. And as you if you're just getting started with your story, you can definitely finish adding your brand in and generate thes e mails again to make sure that you're branding colors are coming in. So after we create, I e mails is gonna access, um, to activate their accounts, and this is what you get when you a lock. You can say less active it now, or I'll skip pain for now. So if you say I'll skip paying for now, you'll see a list of emails that are scheduled in your aren't going, which is your which is your welcome email. And then we have a schedule email here. This is the fam dashboard. Pretty straight to the point, we can create a campaign here, a product campaign. Have a Syndey since high, very easy to use very, very easy to use. I love the interface and how minimalistic it is. You can go ahead and change. You have your support. I love a good support base. That way, if you run into any travels with using this, you don't have to worry about going back and finding where the support is, where the account information is at any time. If you wanna upgrade, click get it done and it will give will be able to add it through the Shopify app store. So if we travel over to the shop if I Absolutely we see that we're looking still at a five point no review, it starts at about $20 a month, and it gives us that description for is what? It's similar to the absolute page in the actual website of it. Um it only works for a shopper Vice towards the English currently have a media gallery here that shows kind of the back end of things. We see some instagram base e mails in there and then our pricing. So we have it at $20 a month plus 5% of revolution radio over $500 a month. This is the one plan that they have. So you're able to go ahead and get started with FAM for either $20 a month or coming over to Absa Melo And for $49 lifetime, you can get the same plan. So you're saving is the $540 would be the actual purchase of this plan and it's generate up so that $500 monthly and you won't have to pay anything again. So help this was a big help. I'm gonna go ahead and at the cold down at the bottom, so where you can get do the absolute mall page and the Shopify app. If you haven't gotten started with Shopify yet, you can go ahead and grab your 14 day free trial gets started in those 14 days and start selling before you even pay that first month. So next time 11. Maximizing Shopify: FAM: So the next app that I definitely recommend in maximizing your shop if I store is FAM is a a i m o marken E. That is created by sumo, and it connects directly with your Shopify store and in pools in your customers that are looking to go and sign up for your e mails. This is literally the best email marketing that I have found for e commerce. When you don't want to do email marketing, it really takes care of everything for your for you. You have your calendar. You have your email type. You can pull in is to ground post from your business. Instagram page. You can do your welcome e mails, you new cells emails, and it's all pulled from Shopify in Instagram and it waas for a price of like $20 a month. But they have since changed that. So it's freedom in style, and you have to pay, like 5% of the revenue generated from the email sense by FAM. So if you send email, you make $1000 off of the email than 5% of it would be paid to FAM, and I know it's capped at a certain part, but this is something that is worth it. Even the $20 that they wanted to go ahead and charge it is worth it. And I have a review and how to get started with FAM, so I will add that to this course also. 12. Maximizing Shopify: Reconvert: So one of my most recommended APS for you to add to your shop if I store is three reconvert app. It is a conversion machine when it comes to the thank you page. Most times are store owners were looking to give the customers to convert to a customer and make the sale re conferred. Comes in in adds additional details to your order confirmation page for your customer to become a returning customer before they even leave. So you're upping that minimum order purchase that she'll seeing your analytics. You are able to add a lot of different aspects to this, including axing for birthdays, pop ups with time sensitive information. Um, you can offer discounts of them for the next order, all without leaving this one this order confirmation page. The pricing is very transparent. For up to 50 orders, you're free. Once you started hitting 51 orders and up to about 100 you have to change to a pay plan, which is like $7 9 s in a month where if you have even used this app in your store when you are pushing for those conversions for those customers, those positional customers that are coming in. Then you can see the amount of money that you will have flowing in to your business, increasing those orders for you, increasing the views for you. And it's worth the $8 a month. It's worth the $14 a month it's worth the $30 a month, and it's very easy to get started when you go to the reconvert page and the Shopify still App store. Or you can go to reconvert, which is a link in the description of this course, and you will go ahead, start the process for added to your cart. We'll put in your shop. If I You are rail, you want to make sure you don't put that that my Shopify dot com and then we'll click at APP. This will go, so once you put in your name, you can go ahead your euro. It sends you to your stores off here, not logged in. You have opportunity to go ahead and get logged in, and you go through the information for what this app needs and then click install. Once you install this app one to your store, it will call to the trial of the information for this particular app so lets you know you're five minutes away from boosting your revenue by up to 15%. It literally takes you five minutes to set this up. So it's a great thing Teoh put in. It also says Then in the next page you will prove charges for the highest possible plan, which is up to $349 a month. But you will not be charged that unless you have the amount of orders um, for that if you have less than 50 what is in this free? If you have 51 orders toe hundreds, 7 99 you can find that on the website the pricing for the website where it will show you the tears that are available. So if you don't go up, you don't go past 100 orders. The month then 7 99 is all you'll pay. In the end, it definitely pays for itself. You can also view the price and table here, but you get a 30 day free trial to be able to go ahead with this, someone should click it then else and you to approve the charge. You see we have, um, 30 days free. It has a free of to 50 orders. Pump offline stars A 7 99 They cannot charging more than $349 in the United States every 30 days. If you hit the max number of orders, then you'll click. Approve Charge. You won't be building well. It's just since throwing your except me the subscription for it. So once you do that, it opens up the reconvert pulse purchase up sell page, and the next thing you want to do is to create a new template. This temple. It will open up into the editor, the looking feel of your theme editor, and it will only pull up your check out page. So this is the only thing that you will be added Me. You'll only have the header area, the left area, which is this side the right area. And you have general settings where you can put your pop up order tracking or product comments with your order tracking a U 17 track, which it to be able to give that updated information to your customers. So as soon as you go through and process the tracking for it. They will now see their tracking number. And they can come back to this page and receive updates as they go about. So we're gonna enable to order tracking to give that, Definitely going to put a pop up with the timer. You can do this on every impression. Display once per customer or once per order so we can do every impression which is gonna be when they complete a order. You came the put the information for the discount, which for the next 20 minutes on Lee get 30% off. Everything will be a delay in the pop up, and you can take them to a specific page of the website. Like all your products, you could take it to the home page by the far it goes to the home page. You can open it in a new window. You can set the timer duration longer. The pre made discount you can have here, or do automatic discount of free shipping of fixed amount or personage. So now do you did 30% off and then you have your decline. But in Texas is maybe later and that is the view of the timer you can customize does color here, some match your other settings. You want to make sure you have your colds available, though. For that the buttons are automatically pulled from your theme cousin ization. So your pop up is now set. We can go back and you can add product comments, and they will show where that particular they will come up, which is here. Why did you buy this product? You can submit it. You can change your placeholder text. You don't have to enable this, but those are your general, Sandy's and your sections. You have specifics that you can go ahead an update sewing your header. You have the information that's already said, like your colors, your logo's. You see the locals already pulled in the left side of Evie Order Confirmation Page already has that. The orders confirmed the customer information. In a tracking number, you can add additional sections with birthday collector widget. You can do a called the action a collection list custom html. A discount. You just want to type text an image with text link a list, which would be like a menu pulse purchase surveys, product recommendations, product up sales, a reorder button social follow buttons, social media leaks, social sherry and you can add videos so those that are different sections that you can add to your page, your order confirmation. I definitely recommend that pop up. And if you wanted to do the birthday collector, which it that's always good product of sales in reorder helps with those re occurring orders, you can give them a discount based online. A reorder are you deprive for. You can provide free shipping. There's multiple ways that you can do this to ensure that your customer has the best experience. And then on your right side you can add a section two. Also, if you find it maybe a little bit too much on this side and when your right side you can update it, how you see fit to see you, do your product of sales. Your reordering. Um, your social media follow buttons, which will have your your links from your theme. Ah, you could do a cause of action or collect their birthday and with the birthday collector is a great way to give them onto. If you have a loyalty program, mucus in special coupons to them for their birthday, and it kinda gives you one last push to get there re occurring, Order said. And once you have everything completed and everything, how you like the you click safe and this will become your thank you page. This is the order confirmation page that your customers will see when they complete in order. Once you exit out of the customizer, you will be able to breathe brought back to the dashboard for the reconvert and see your active template you can do. You can enable it from here once you complete your template. If you wanted to create draft templates, you can do that. There's also free templates that you can use. Your stats are here for each check out that is completed issues you are our oi your return . Very orders, average order any comments and just really set. And to get this enabled on your story, you'll click in able reconvert and your thank you page will be now active. So now each time that customer comes and completes our purchased, they get that papa. They get that time to become a returning customer before they even leave your sight, and then you add in your re from burning ants. So where, even after they leave, you can go ahead and push them? Asked to them They can get on your email marketing, listening you can market to them there.