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Creating Isometric Abstract Cube With Cinema 4D And Physical Renderer

teacher avatar Reimagine Fx, Reimagine Fx

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Geometry

    • 3. Noise Mapping

    • 4. Bounding Box

    • 5. Camera Settings

    • 6. Shading

    • 7. Lighting

    • 8. Render Settings

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About This Class

Welcome back everybody in this class we are going to take a look at one of the most popular techniques in Mogragh industry that is creating an isometric abstract art. We are going to learn what goes into creating such an isometric look at how to create an abstract shape and how to shade this kind of abstract scene. Enjoy the class

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Reimagine Fx

Reimagine Fx


Hello, I'm Amar Shinde.I'm a FilmMaker | MotionDesigner | VisualEffects | 3DArtist | ArtDirector | Freelancer | Entrepreneur. I've been creating CG,FX and Abstract renders using Different kind of softwares. The goal is to experiment with different softwares to learn new stuff and get interesting results. I've been teaching in this industry for 5 years and really love sharing my knowledge to whoever seeks it.

Thank you for choosing my class and i hope you'll learn something out of it. Enjoy the ride!

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1. Introduction: a what is in your guys? Welcome back to another class, this class and very excited about since we didn't really look at how to believe and ice in the abstract that I submitted. Technique is very popular in the community, so way. Look at this. Look, Those geometry and how protection it has delighted completely inside someone without any use of party planning. So I put this place on one of the best in all of this class is that you can apply the same with that. 2. Geometry: all that guys, So let's start off by grating are abstract. So first of all, let's start off by taking a cube on. We just have a default cube, and what I'm going to do is just skill the size off this early, lower maybe around 10. And and so we don't need that high school value. So once this is done of what we're going to do instead of cloning are small cubes onto a last you elected us demonstrate what I'm trying to say. But take this cube. Andi, make this cube inside of this. Make this funeral object on and off. This says you can see if you have something like this. So instead of doing this, what we're going to do is stay the mean cube and kind off making a great array off it so we can make some scaling genius too. So I'm toe brought this on my Polona to make drones off it on right now, my moody said, the object that by we that's why we don't see anything. So I'm going to change this to a great degree. So we have this great green, so I'm going to meet the size to our own thing then and then said You can see we have small cube going on If I go to my autograph If you just trading middle mouse button to go inside of your photographic you or you can also hear this small Britain. So this is perfectly allowing, like very that on here. Well, not exactly, because if I increase some off my counts now, as you can see, all the cubes are intersecting with each other, so we don't need this. So instead, what we are going to be doing is first of all, make this as close as let's make the come around everything then and then and to bring this closer somewhere around here. So, as you can see, we have 1990 which fits perfectly for the X and Y, and for busy and the same So 90 centimeters for the distance. And we have a perfect you're going on now. If I Ingres any count from here, I'm still going to get that same other where the cubes are intersecting with each other. So what we're going to do is change the mood from en pointe to port Step 95 increase the number of count. As you can see, it will extend bullets Step. Just add those geometry and it's going to take this and make this around like, 15 15 50. I think that will be enough for us. Uh, yes. So this looks good. It will run a little bit slower, so just don't only Orender instances, so it'll be a little faster. 3. Noise Mapping: All right, so now we're going to give this a little bit of shooting. So usually, what do we do when we have young? We are working with Boehner. We usually go to mobile off, selecting defector, select at random and then play around with the ski uniforms scale and then making this miners. And we've done in this all. But as you can see, this is not exactly what we're looking for. Someone readied the random and instead, off signal animistic. I'm going to take a shooter. Effective Onda should lose kind of freedom is the same. But this one advantage to shooting we can shoot a way we can add a kind of you can see assistant parameter do it if you go into the shooting. Should I? Here we can apply all of this inside of sugar, which you cannot do it, said a friend. That's, I think, shooting issue. Taking a shooter as any factor is a far better option than taking around with Victor. So I'm going to go to my parameter and we're not going to touch the position I'm in tow. Seven. Select my skin and minus 70.5. As you can see all arse cubes are getting smaller. So if I take this and minus one, as you can see, the cubes disappear. So I want just a little bit gradual value. Just so. The cubes are visible to minus 10.9, and they will. So now what's the point of this Making all the cute smaller. So if I take this to make something like 0.0.5 for the demonstration purpose and long to go to my shooting and now I'm going to demonstrate something like creating a shading and telling cinema 42 how to skill each and every pattern something to kind of giving cinema 40 a data to work with the which pattern to make it smaller and which took him bigger. So the white areas, As you can see, we have taken the noise. The white areas will be completely untouched without any skill effective, but the black area will be affected by the shooter reflector and was going to skill them down. So as you can see, we have this normal noise early. Nice. I'm going to make the block Mosquito 500. We do see something, but not too much. So that's the reason, because our Rasheeda is school dull. It's kind of in middle of grayscale value. So what we're going to do is increase the value to 95%. And as you can see, our noise get brighter. So it's more contrast. No, Andi. Well, back to my parameters and minus name. There we go. So we have interesting looking cube, completely made out of cubes and small pattern as well. So what we can do now is go to your lunar or your shooter on simply going to your shooting and you can play around with the seat. If you don't like a Patton, you you're looking for Simply change to see I'm going to do with this. Let's create another. I brought this inside of a nun on its called This. I mean, Cube on going to take the floor. All right, let's bring the floor down. Good around. Traffic views. Onda, Uh, minus 75. So I go to my plane and let's make this around 2000 and one segment one seconds of this perfect from this floor 4. Bounding Box: Now let's create those cages with our memories. So to do that and select my memory and I mean do copies the same cloner as we have on this we put. So when you're done with the Bee, Sting just dropped this inside of at Emory and that's it. Now, as you can see, if I just 11 stillness off instead of you put and and says you can see if I move around we're not getting exactly what we were looking for. We don't see any cages. We don't see anything. We don't see any lines. And the reason is because after Marie don't work doesn't work with the you can see instances. So in the lunar residency are rendered, instances is checked. So we have to uncheck this to me, the atom visible because that American work with instances so done this off and instantly you will see this right, something toe Pick this up and I'm to go to my memory. I want to make the spiritist one cylinder radius to Mary Point to very small on spear two point for me. So since we are dealing with, like, small detail cubes, we wanted to be very small. It's possible. So let's turn on Army. Ncube, Onda. From here, your system will probably get a little slower since we are being with lot of Germany and taken, I'll call this cage on toe speed of your you can see Vieux Port. What you can do is just make this only visible in render. So double click on your first on dark and it'll don't red. And that means don't show this inside of you. Put all right so it will be. Only then did in the when value rendering. So if I don't my rendering on as you can see VCR at Emory's, but we don't see it on our people. 5. Camera Settings: Now we will create a camera. Let's take a camera on this on. And, uh, as you can see to create. And I saw my trick. Five. We need an isometric look right on to achieve an isometric. Look, what we're going to do is simply change the projection from perspective. So I submit in the Senate, select mommy in Cuba. It s to focus on your thank you. So now we're focusing on our mean Q. One thing before we carry on is just go to your render settings and in the I'll put precept Just select one que are either too. OK, I'm going to go with one careful now and from the final rendering, I'm going to such a toe. OK, so let's zoom in a little bit right, all right. And I'm going to add a prediction day so I don't mess around with my camera 6. Shading: Now we are ready to do so some shading with it. All right, let's the public on a model manager to create a material and took all this abstract Ah, and yeah. So I moved to actually create one morning for my abstract onder drop Bootle beef inside of minor. It's easier to keep everything organized, so you don't mess around with your stop. So let's go to our material manager. Here we have editor. I'm going to go to my color and select a surface and a metal, right? So vehemently. Now, instead of taking this default color, what we're going to do is actually click on this little Adam to open up settings. And so nobody gives you some in bill presets to work with it. If you pick on load preset, you will find. As you can see, you have so many Grady INTs which are completely inside off cinema 40 you don't have to install any third party against, so I'm going to select any you can see color scheme. I won. I'm. If you're not happy with like this color, you can simply inward this as well. And I'm going to remove this force Since it is getting repetitive and remove this or I can select this. Um, I want more and I'm I can simply take this girl. So now we have, like different types of color now moving to go to my reflect INTs. Delete 30 for Spitler at GX on being the attenuation toe additive, speculates Tampa zero. We don't want anything speculator on in the left panel making directory, and let's give it a little bit off presets how the reflection should work. Let's say it's a jail material, so don't really little bit kind of glossy, kind of rough and kind of glossy, like a gene material. So I'm not going to add any roughness toward, But if you want, you can adult with Darkness story. If you like this one, nothing I'm going to do is I'm going to copy this shader and I'm goingto based it on my bum channel and I'm gonna remain the strain, do some more around fight, just adding a little bit off. We can see revision with, So let's close this up and let's drop this on our menu. So if I didn't do this now, as you can see our gives, look something like this, which is very interesting. So let's double click on your model manager and open this up. And here I'm going toe good a color. So now we will create some material for Active Adams at Emory for our kids. So I'm going to make this complete black five plus in black and in the reflections on Do Like This Default Strickler. Let's take a reflection. Legacy, um, make it added a visible no speak less turned on. But let's make this electric is well, so just a reflective material. All right, let's drop this on Ah, kids. And let's call this material gauge as well. So let's create a material for our floor that was like on your butt will manager and let's actually, what we're going to do is we're going toe radiant. And, um, let's open this up. And Lord, you said this one. So I did. We can take some single color, or we can also take a greedy in if you don't don't want to take an ingredient, you can also simply like big this fella, which is inside of your abstract. As you can see, if you have one of these killer you can also take that color as well. So let's clean this to floor. Or you can also take a Grady in its shortly approve. So undertone of the reflecting its I don't want any reflect INTs for this. I'm going to make it a complete mad object. So we have done all the shooting we needed that everything is completely pictured and light are not light. Exactly. So now we jump into the lighting. 7. Lighting: and put lighting park. All you're going to do is actually taking a physical sky. You can also take You can say point like I'm just going to show you a little bit of radiation what you can do with it Definitely play around with this tow experiment with this to learn more. But I'm going to show you a little bit of aviation story. And as you can see, if you have this point like going on if I go to my light and don't the visibility like to volumetric on shadows toe soft map? As you can see, we have someone going on. We don't see pretty much anything. And there is in this problem because our light dissidents I'm going to take this a little lower. Let's bring this. Yeah, So now we will see some William attacks going on, as you can see. So the light was probably girl inside somewhere. So that's why we wouldn't be able to like we went they will do See the light. So let's bring this somewhere around right here on this on. And we have something like this now, As I said, this totally depends on you. What kind of look you're going for All right. So I'm going to believe this light. You can also take a PVR light. Andi, let's bring this back and render this and you can take multiple area lights and just play along with it. So you get something like this. So I'm going to get out of my camera, actually on and select your life, Onda, Let's turn rounding Instituto food for now. All right, so let's bring this down from backwards. Let's give this up. So I'm doing I take on my light with us, you know, for your tags and select target. And what target will allow us to do is make a target for our life. So light will always be constantly looking at that object only. So I'm going to drop my abstract for my target. And if I move around my late now, as you can see, the light only looks at my objects on toe hit control C control you to do to get this and I'm going to bring this backwards somewhere around here. Let's bring this up. Yes, on a movie. Make this white flight. Yeah. So I have two lights going on. Let's see what the result is. I m to make the intensity toe 100 Andi 100 again. Let's it, Brenda. Oh, as you can see, we can see a light which, well, done off in a bed barred means anything. I mean this light. If you want to remove this light, you can simply go to sign up attacks compositing and you condone not seen by camera which will just turn this off. But I don't think I don't. I want this light. I'm just going to play around with one light to see what kind of sector I'm getting. And yeah, I think this is like for this area. It's looking good. So now for the main thing, which is adding the actual light on that IHS, select your physical sky and I'm just going to add render to see what my sky is doing. So we have this kind of light going on, which is not bad, but I'm just like my physical Stein Just so rooted this So my shadows are a little bit backwards, lets you drink now to see where my shadow that getting okay. I think this is looking lines, you know? So this just read backwards, is there? Yeah, some of them on you. So now this is what I'm getting you like? Yeah, Some notable with this. No, we're done with the lighting and hesitancy. Physical Skyworks Pretty good with this. You can also select in HDR I if you like, but it can as assure you you can also take PPR light or some point lights and a little bit of sport lights on. You can like this, but I think this effect looks pretty good with the physical skies. Will Sexual using is generally have produced Create a material for it and drop your image inside of your luminous and that's it. 8. Render Settings: Now we jump into the render settings on some important things to take given urine dren during the final render. So we're here in the settings and year I'm going to switch to physical. So in the physical, I'm going to make sure my sampling quality is set too high. My effect emitted occlusion and Indian occlusion is just contact shadows that are like really close to your object. Oh, colliding objects which are there. If if the immune occlusion is not there, doesn't look that much realistic, so immune a pollution just gives a little kind of like good results. Well, nothing we're going to add is the global illumination. So we have 90 light bouncing around so for Dalits and keep this medium so we can hit in the interview. But we can see what's going on. So as you can see, our anything has been done. And as I said, it looks pretty good with this on, and it was pretty quick as well. He was only like two minutes 19 seconds. So miss alone with this definitely play around with this different kinds of the noises. As I said, go to your abstract ongoing tell a few shooter you have All these noises promise around, maybe take different kinds of noise, play around with the brightness and contrast, and you might get some different results. And if you don't like the old Isom after camera, you can also go back their perspective. Canada You kiss and with you can zoom inside off right around here and let's bring this up and you can select your camera and select a focus point. Something like this on Good. You're in the settings fiscal Donna, where the fulfill Onda, uh, would a physical and me that the future one. So now you will have something like microscopic kind of thing going on on. You can see the feel is too strong for this will probably take some more in the name that's not an issue and just going to lower it, since this is just for demonstration purpose, and I'm also going to be loading money and investing's Let's Donald GFO Now it's window. So, as you can see, you can get interesting result by just messing around with your camera summed up the field and swollen toe. Definitely play around with your sittings. Some noises on the creative process totally depends on you may be taking a different cue. Maybe do the same effect with spears and so on. As I said, it totally depends on you. This is your creative process. If you do make something out of this, definitely send me on Instagram. I love to see your work. So I hope you get something out of this. If you really make something definitely show me love to see your work. And if you guys have solution for the next mass Definitely let me know. So with that said thank you for speaking of this class. I hope you liked it announced. See you next time.