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Creating Instagram Reels and Editing Videos

teacher avatar Cara Rosalie Olsen, Floral Designer + Watercolor Instructor

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 50m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. How to make an Instagram Reel Part 1

    • 3. How to make an Instagram Reel Part 2

    • 4. Learning How To Edit Videos with the app “In-Shot”

    • 5. Learning How To Edit Videos with the app “Unfold” Part 2

    • 6. Importing “In-Shot” Videos into Instagram Reels

    • 7. How to Create Beautiful Still Images with the app “Unfold”

    • 8. How to Create Beautiful Still Images with the app “Unfold” Part 2

    • 9. Best Practices and Tips for using Instagram Stories Part 1

    • 10. Best Practices and Tips For using Instagram Stories Part 2

    • 11. Conclusion

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About This Class

If you haven't already been informed, Instagram is changing the way its platform is received and experienced. None of this is especially surprising, as they've been pushing a video-oriented platform for a while now and seem to be aiming for a TikTok like venue. While I personally prefer vintage Instagram, a place to scroll through beautiful images and absorb high-quality content, in order to remain accessible to the apps' preferred user experience, I have begun implementing more videos and reels into my my grid.

You may have already noticed that your "Explore" page is filled with more than videos than images, a change that took effect at the beginning of July.

This has caused quite an outcry among small businesses, which is warranted, as videos CAN tend to add more work to an already overloaded artist. Artists are not battling creating what they consider mediocre content for the off chance their work might glean a few extra glances, rather than being shoved to the bottom of queue with those who are strictly posting still images.

So, what are we to do? Spoiler Alert - I have IDEAS and I THINK you're going to like them!

I retain that there IS a way to abide some of Instagram's pushy measures so that our platform remains authentic and our time there purposeful. Instagram is a community. Actually it's millions of communities within a community, and finding YOUR community is (hopefully!) why you invest so much time and energy into those tasty squares. If you're like me, you may have already accumulated a glorious network of relationships that have made the time invested building your brand (hours and hours and hours!) more than worth it. 

That said, many of us use Instagram for business and it's important we are doing everything possible to foster new relationships with our customers, which can only happen if we're using the app to its most lucrative extent. IE: exposure. It boils now to this: more eyes on your feed means more potential sales, collaborations, licenscing opportunities, blog interviews, etc...

If you are already putting out quality content - meaning your copy is strong and you are regularly inviting people into your space to have meaningful conversation, and of COURSE beautiful photos that tell a story - your story, the story of your process - then what I have to share here with you will give you the tools and education necessary for staying relevant and, most important, VISIBLE.

You DO NOT need to be a tech savvy individual to gain wisdom and direction from this class. I do not consider myself techy in the slightest, however I have educated myself on a few key apps that have allowed me to roll with the changes, beautifully and honestly, rather than against them. I am going to share all of this with you NOW!

How To Make An Instagram Reel:

I will take you step-by-step through how to make a reel, adding music, effects, text, etc... and show you how to post it to your grid.

How To Make An Instagram Reel Part II:

Picking up where we left off working with the voiceover feature. 

Using In-Shot Video Editing App:

Showing you how to use one of the most user-friendly apps out there and the one I employ for all my editing needs. No fee for this app!

Using In-Shot Video Editing App Part II:

Picking up where we left off, adding music and adjusting the speed of the video to meet Instagram's video length requirements

Importing In-Shot Video Into Reels:

We move back to Instagram once more and I show you how to collect the video we made in In-Shot and turn it into a reel.

Creating Beautiful Still Stories with the app “Unfold”:

I will walk you through another of my favorite apps, which allows you to customize, create, and save beautiful graphics for Instagram Story use. I also discuss with you why it's important to present your stories in an aesthetic and engaging way - which keeps people tapping through your stories, which bumps up your visibility. No fee for this app, unless you want to upgrade.

Creating Beautiful Still Stories with the app “Unfold Part II:

Showing you more options inside Unfold and how to implement them into your stories directly from the app.

Sharing Best Practices and Tips in Instagram Stories:

Covering how to add music, links, close captioning, countdowns, ask questions, poll your audience, all of these helpful measures in helping you engage with the community.

Sharing Best Practices and Tips in Instagram Stories Part II:

Continuing our dialog about how to best use stories to engage.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Cara Rosalie Olsen

Floral Designer + Watercolor Instructor



Hello, hello!

Goodness, I am SO glad you are HERE :-)

A quick intro before you dive into the lessons!

My name is Cara, and I am the owner of Rosalie Gwen Paperie, an online floral boutique. I’m also a watercolor instructor and can be found teaching budding artists in the Orange County, CA area. So if you’re local, please consider joining us for an in-person workshop!

Teaching is my passion. There is something incredibly beautiful about witnessing a person come into their creativity for the first or tenth time. I firmly believe words such as "talented" do not exist when approaching the creative realm. Every single one of us has been given the ability to share our story through the vein of creation, and it's simply a ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hello and welcome to class. Something quite a bit different today. You may be used to watercolor and gouache tutorials for me, which I absolutely plan to continue sharing with you. However, if you are on Instagram, you may have noticed that there's been a few recent changes that may or may not be effecting you personally. What do these changes mean to you? So if you are somebody who uses Instagram mainly to do or mainly to share just what's going on in your life to keep up with your friends and family. The changes really aren't going to mean a whole lot. If you are a small business maker or owner, excuse me, a maker or a small business owner. The changes could be quite impactful. You may have already noticed around the community that some of your artists are feeling a bit weary, discouraged, frustrated. It can feel at times like one step forward and four steps back. And a lot of that is because of the way the algorithm works and how it enables us to view and see one another. And if you do not have a large following amassed, if your engagement is already kind of low, then these changes will continue to act grievously upon your account is just unfortunately how it works. Me personally. I have not appreciated that changes. They really haven't affected my business because I and this is something I encourage. I got off Instagram a long time ago and figured out how to continue generating revenue to keep my art alive and not contingent upon what Instagram is or isn't doing. So, I highly recommend Starting in email list. If you are a business owner, you have not done that. That would be step one. Get that e-mail list, get people interested. Obviously, you need a website for that. Even an Etsy is a great place to start. But once you have pulled people off of Instagram and 2 and intimate space where you can connect with them. Worlds open, it is fantastic. So that's something as another discussion today. What I'm really excited to be able to do for you. I never expected to be teaching a social media class because it is just, it's not my forte, but there is a need for it. And I thought, who better than somebody who is completely not tech savvy to encourage and inspire some of you who may be needing this information in your life, how to do it? So if you're not already aware, instagram is moving toward a video center platform. So basically this means that in the past we've promoted and shared still images and there's been a lot of effort and time and craft and care put into the way that we photograph and share our work for me personally, this is huge part of my business. Photography takes a lot of work and it's something that means a lot to me as far as my branding, as far as how I share my art with the world. Videos, not so much. I think that there is a way to do it beautifully, it authentically, and that's what I hope to share with you in this class. However, I still feel like the majority of us want to come to Instagram and have this sense of calm and peace as we look at these images that have been carefully curated. And when I say curated kinda with an asterisk next to it because, you know, like this not curated. But we all understand that behind this perfect little square is the sweat, blood, and tears of an artist who is working her tail off to bring you this moment, this condensed little truffle, if you will, of of her, of her process. So I think Instagram is kinda going for a more of a Tiktok nature and could just be a generational gap thing. But I am not interested. Needless to say, I have not been implementing a whole lot of videos in my grid. However, I have learned a few tips and tricks and techniques to kinda stay relevant because that's important. If you are going to continue using Instagram for your business needs, you have to work with the app and not against it. So that's what we're gonna do today. I'm going to share with you my favorite editing app. It's how I edit all my videos when I have collaborations with other companies. And they ask for a time-lapse video, how to add music to it, crop it out of the right filter to it to keep the art process authentic and honest. And I'm also going to share my favorite Story App. So where I create my stories that I then upload into Instagram and use to also share. Sometimes Instagram is a little bit limited in text and what not. And so I'm going to show you and out. All of these are free by the way, you do not have to buy anything. How to create beautiful still stories. And so you can all show you all of it. It's easier once we're talking about it, but you can share these segments of whatever it is that you're sharing and promoting. And it's just beautiful. I'm also going to take you into Instagram and just unpack all of those little features and buttons that may just still be mystifying to you as to what the heck does this do? So we're going to also go through that. I'm just going to share all of this goodness with you and we'll unpack it all. The idea here is, I want you to be able to use the app in a way that still feels genuine to who you are. That doesn't feel like more work and that isn't utterly time-consuming. It is. Let's take a little bit more time and it will take a little work just getting comfortable with the apps. But as I said in the beginning, from somebody who is not even remotely tech, these apps are great, they're user-friendly, they work, they're beautiful. And I'm hoping to save you a lot of time, hoping that you will feel excited even to share more of your work in video form, whether it be through an Instagram, real as those are what Instagram or promoting. I'm going to show you how I make my reels and add music and just the whole shebang, it's going to be great. So if you've been feeling discouraged, where you're frustrated, this class is for you. I made it just for you. And if you are someone who's just using Instagram, There's a lot of great knowledge packed into this class anyway, that's just going to educate you about the app itself. So I wanted to show, normally I do a voiceover in the beginning just to kind of get you guys straight into what we're going to be learning. Wanted to just share my face and my voice and my heart with you. I know it's been frustrating. I know. There's just been a lot of discontentment lately with how Instagram is running things. So hoping to just meet you here today, we're going to do some great things and I'm going to help you figure it out. And it's just going to be great and wonderful. Okay. All right. Let's get started. I'm excited. 2. How to make an Instagram Reel Part 1: Okay. So let's jump right in with the number one requested request that I received when I was pulling what you guys would want to learn and that was how to make an Instagram real. And being somebody who is not tech savvy, I completely understand the overwhelm and the anxiety that ties in with having to take on techie stuff in addition to the copious amounts of of things that you're doing, you know, are ready, the photographing and managing the website and all of that. If you are a business owner such as myself, it's a lot. If you are just more of a hobbyist and you just want to understand how to use the app, then. This is also just great for you. But I know there's been a lot of overwhelm as to like, how do I do this in a way that is authentic and it's not just putting out video content to, for the sake of putting out video content if that makes sense. So I have my iPad out that way we can see things just a little bit bigger. And I'm going to walk you through exactly how to post to real. So this little plus button up here is how you add a plethora of things. Post real story, highlight, IG, and live. So we will go through, obviously, you probably know how to do a post already, but we'll walk through some of the other facets of it as well. But let's start with the real. And so it says continue editing your video. So I had to practice a little bit with a video beforehand, and so I'll walk you through that from the beginning. That way you can see what it looks like. So when you click that button, right now I have the iPad close. So what you see is essentially the back of the cover. So it's a black screen. If I were to open that screen, then you would have this on the back. So you can see it's kind of doesn't make any sense with the print on the background, but just to give you an idea. So you have this black screen. So what you can end up doing is pushing this button right here and you can record. So here I am. I am recording a black screen, la, la, la. You see up here you have 30 seconds. That is exactly how long your real can last. You can do anything below that as well. But thirty-seconds is the maximum. So here I have recorded now 20 seconds of a real. Obviously I would be using that to shuck, to shoot live. And so it would either be like a process video or a studio tour, whatever it is that we're you know, we're, we're storing a railing. And then we would then push the preview button to see what that would look like. So we'll do that. As you can see, it's just a black screen, me talking. See in the background you can hear. So that is one way that is not the most common way to shoot a real. What people particularly prefer is using a previous video. So what you do for that, as you head down to this button right here. And what you can do is scroll through all of the images and videos that you have saved on your iPad or your phone. Obviously, you'd probably be using your phone. I'm using the iPad because it's bigger and it allows you to see better. So let's just do this one. This is a real or excuse me. It's a video of me doing some up-close things with my Christmas ornaments from last year. So obviously I'm kinda come in and close. Now this video itself is 55 seconds. So what is naturally going to happen here is that it's only going to take 30 seconds. And now I can decide which of those three seconds I want by scrolling this bar here. So you can do the first 30 seconds, or you can do the middle thirty-seconds, or you can do the end. It's completely up to you. Obviously, it doesn't really matter here, so I'm just going to use the beginning. And then what we can do is add. So if we wanted to see what that would look like. Well, here we have some of the black portion because I didn't delete it from the last one. So let's go back and let's delete that whole video and we'll do that one more time. So we have this button down here. Click on the ornament video. I'm going to pick the first 30 seconds. I'm going to hit the Add button right up here. And then now it's saved. So now we can hit the Preview button to see what that's gonna look like. Now, before we do that and move on to the next stage, what we might want to do. Is add some music to it. So this little icon right up here at the top is the option to add music. So what do we can do is turn the camera audio all the way down. So if you're not wanting to use the original sound that you're using on your video. Turn that down to 0, and then you'll add the music. Now you'll probably have some different options than I do. I think this is based off of the music that I listen to you. I'm not really sure how all that works, but you can search anything you want. So like one of my favorite artists is Ellie, whole cover. And so all of Ellie Holcomb will come up. So I'm gonna go ahead and select this one. Okay, So you can see how immediately by adding music to the video, it gives it a whole different quality. This was not a high-quality video by camera handshaking because I don't have it in. My tripod, is just me showing my ornaments. Probably for stories, nothing too fancy. It wasn't going on my grid. But you can already see how the content is elevated by adding audio as often as possible. I try to add audio because I feel like it makes it so much more engaging moment. It's one way to continue to bring people into your brand, allow them to understand you as an artist. Haidt, you even share similar music tes, if not no big deal. But I tend to pick something that's sort of universal. Like I, you know, if I was a big Pam Tara or Pearl Jam fan, you know, I may not pick that behind just because it's not going to relate to everyone that if you are a business, your idea and your ear, your goal is obviously to reach multiple people. So my suggestion would be to pick something that's somewhat neutral in that regard and just allow it to speak for the content. You wouldn't want to have something that's totally not true to what's happening here. So this is supposed to be like a relaxing, up-close and personal, but that doesn't mean you couldn't put something in that's like a beat. So totally have lots of options there. So we'll add that. And then I'm just gonna go ahead and add this one for right now. And I'm going to turn it just so that we can continue to walk through this. And so once I've added the music, I'm going to hit Done. And then you can continue to edit it if you want. But once we have that all done, then we have more options. So what we could do, which we probably wouldn't want to do, but we hit voice over. So per pushing this little button here, I could then say, and here I am sharing my ornaments with you, aren't they so lovely. Yada, yada, yada, yada. So that little button right there is what does that okay. I'm going to show you how that works. All right, Go pushing this button. Hello, hey, aren't these ornaments just so pretty? All right, let's see how that sounds. 3. How to make an Instagram Reel Part 2: Okay, I was troubleshooting off screen so that I could figure it out and win more seamless way. So they were being kinda funny about the voice-over plus the music. So that might be something that you can't do in tandem. You'll obviously want to tinker with that. But I did the voice-over. So you can see here I am recording. Okay, so that's the example of the voice over. Obviously you could do it longer than that. You're explaining things now I'm coming in close. Yada, yada, yada. Next. Okay. So once you have actually, let's talk about one more thing. Let's see. Just, even though I personally don't tend to use these things, I wanted to show them to you. So these are a bunch of different effects down here. And they're all pretty crazy and I would not suggest them. But you can add routing pyramid, turn that down so we don't have to listen to that over and again. You can choose pretty much anything that you wanna do like that one's kind of pretty. But the idea is that you've shot the video in a way that you already feel like is beautiful and it doesn't really need the jazzing up. But if you want to, if you're just kind of playing around and being fun with things, you can obviously go through the different effects here and just kinda see what your options are. Obviously some of them are kinda crazy, so I'm gonna go with none and hit done. And then this is where you also have the opportunity to put things into your real. Now, I'll be honest and say that I try not to model up my real with too many overlays, meaning I don't really want anything on top of them. The video is the video. And what I'm featuring is where I want people's eyes so I would not pick a sticker. And I'll be like, well, you know, it, unless it's pertinent, I would say omit it. This is something that is typically used in stories. It's, that's more of like a fun casual atmosphere for reals. It's on your page and you don't know, you want you want to keep things uncluttered. Someone to take this, drop it into the trash can, right through there, and then go back to here just so you can see, if you wanted to do a GIF, you can search through Jeff psych, happy. And then you're going to get all these shifts that are happy. And then you can go through, you know, you can push sound on the time, whatever it is that you want to put on there. Again, I would use that more for stories. Okay. And then you also have the ability to draw on your pictures. So if we hit green, we could make some really chaotic and unaesthetic scribbles on there. Obviously we wouldn't do that. So we hit Undo. Done. The last thing that you can do, which could be kinda fun, is say, you know, ornaments. We are live now. I don't really like that text, so let's see what are other options are. We can go down to these buttons and no one's kinda q. And we have all sorts of different fonts. This is the one I tend to use. This one. Oops. And this one. So if I wanted to, I could hit Done. And then I'm going to obviously resize that by pinching. And same thing works for your phone. Obviously your phone smaller so you would pinch it together. Ornaments are alive and I can put it wherever I want to put it, you can make it really big. Ornaments are live. But again, That's something I would do in stories. So I'm gonna go ahead and say done and pop that right into the trash can. So let's just say that we hadn't done a voice-over and it still had our music, so we're all ready to go. We've gone through everything. We're going to hit next, and this is where we land. So this is the next step. After you've created your real, you now have the opportunity to add a caption, which I would suggest people tend to want to hear a little bit about what it is that you're showing them. A lot of people, brevity is, um, is the goal. And just keeping things short and simple, I kind of do a little of both. So there's some times where it's just a, Hey, here's a quick teaser. Enjoy. And other times when I want to be really thoughtful and intentional about what it is that I'm saying. And so I will fill in to the max capacity. And people are usually very generous with me and like I'm actually read your post all the way through, which is saying a lot because it probably took two minutes in a venue that typically takes half of a second. So fill in that space. Next, you have this option to share on your feet, or you can hit that button. And now it's only going to share two reals, which means it will be invisible on your feed. It means that people will have to actually visit your reels button to see what you've created. So usually when I've created a real, It's something I want to share on my feet, get more people to look at it. So I'm going to hit that button. Next option would be type products. So these are ornaments. So if I were to type in ornaments, I have the set that I made for this cow. So it's the exact same set and although this is a custom order, I can go ahead and add her, but let's just say it was available to anyone. So we'll hit Add. Now it's added. We hit done. And then if I wanted to even tell her, I could tag people and then I can hit that button. And then obviously these are people that I'm following are following me. Let's just say that this is my customer, even though it is not. I'm going to go ahead and add her know she has added right down here, if I wanted to talk, someone else could do the same thing. Even though she's not my customer will just hit Done. And now we have a caption or sharing to feed. We've tied the products, we've tied to the customer, and we are ready to share it. So obviously I'm not going to share it because their ornaments and people would be like carrots July, where are you showing ornaments, although that is a thing. So I guess it wouldn't be too horrible. But anyway, so that is essentially how to create a real, It's pretty easy. I hope that that kind of explain all of the different options, how you can go with things, how you can shoot lie, how you can edit a previously videoed video and just have different options there. So let's move on to the next segment. 4. Learning How To Edit Videos with the app “In-Shot”: Okay, so we have swiped out of Instagram and now I am in my browser. This is where I keep all of my apps and let's pop over to one of my favorite. Well really it's the only one that I use. It is called in shot. Now if you are not already familiar within shot, actually, let me go back here. If you're not already familiar with in shot, I think you are going to love it. It is one of the most user-friendly video editing apps that I have found. It is also free. They do offer a pro options. So if you love the app and you want to see what other things are available, obviously, you can upgrade for a small charge. But I find that the standard features that are included with the app work really well for me. I don't do a whole lot of videos. It's something that I try and be intentional about it. You know, I think a lot of people have a video format platform and it's just natural to who they are. They share a lot of process videos, but a lot of me and my brand is about the still images too, and so much of the mood and the story is captured in the way that I photograph. I spent a year devoting myself to photography and really honing that because I feel like it is such a special part of telling your stories. So whether you be, you know, on that end of things or the other, I don't think that it's bad to have this education to be able to use it when necessary, and especially to help bump you up in the Explorer page. Now necessary or not necessarily, is going to put a lot of new and fresh eyes on your work. It's something that accumulates over time. So if you're feeling like, okay, well, I'll just post a video or two and get a hundreds or thousands of lives. It's not really the way it works, not even for me. My account is currently somewhere around 67 thousand and my videos actually perform pretty low. It depends on what it is that I'm sharing. I spent a lot of time on a video and it's something really valuable to my audience, then yes, I can end up getting somewhere between, I'd say five to 20 thousand views, which is decent. And anything that goes over that tends to go viral, which is obviously fantastic. I've had a couple of my videos go in that direction and it's wonderful and it wasn't planned and there was nothing that I could have done to make it happen. I wish I could pass on those viral tips to you. But if you're wanting to stay authentic to your brand and not just create videos for the sake, like, likes and exposure. This is definitely the way to do it. So this app just makes it so user-friendly. So we have photos, collage, and video. I'm going to show you the video. And so this is basically really old material. This is my hazel when she was a baby. But what I've done is I've taken one of my most recent videos that I created for a collaboration with Laura Ashley. You may have seen the shows that I painted on my feed. And obviously I recorded it in real time and then I went and edit it and edited it in this app for them because they wanted to use it as a timelapse. Time-lapse, time-lapse videos are super popular. People loved them. They love being able to see your process in a way that looks like it's effortless and it is not. I always make sure I tell people, you know, it may look that way, but just know behind every stroke was indecision. And is this going to be the thing that ruins my creations? So people love that though they love being able to see how it came to be from nothing into something in a byte size video. So what I would do is take my video, which is right at 33 minutes and 52 seconds. And I hit that button and I'm going to hit the green check mark down here, which is to add the video. Okay, so at that point, we have a lot of little tabs down here and note this could probably feel quite overwhelming. So we are going to go into each one individually and have a look at what they do and how you can use them to best make your video. You do not have to use all of them. I want to say that up front, but I will show you at least what each one is capable of doing. Okay? So here we go. I'm going to bring you in just a little bit closer so you can see we have Canvas. So this is going to give you the option of how you want to present your video. So we have just the regular Instagram right here. And then we could do no frame. So that's without any border is not going to fit into your grid. So I would say depending on where you are going to share, it was so wonderful is that there's so many options. So this is the square option. This would be the portrait option, which if you don't already use that on Instagram. Instagram allows you to post videos and stories in two different shapes. So you can do the typical square or you can make it a little bit bigger. I always make it bigger. I think bigger in this case is better and being able to show more of the art is fantastic. Now, let's just say, because I'm using, I'm filming this video specifically for Skillshare. I'm creating this video horizontally even though I'm showing you everything vertically. But let's say you wanted to use this for my website down here. Now I have things horizontally. This is such a wonderful feature. Being able to shape things differently. You have multiple options. So if you wanted to put, post this video multiple places, then you know, you just the gamut. Okay. So then you have I believe that's Tiktok. I've never used that one. And then you have your Apple iPhone, the 55, 5, 8, and it just goes through all the different sizes so you can play with all of that. However, however it meets your needs. So I'm gonna go with the 45, which is the portrait. And now what you could do is you can zoom in if you want. So I could, if I wanted to get really close here, instead of having a video that has the borders on the side, I could zoom in and now we have something that's really close. I didn't wanna do that. I could even have more of the blurred area on the background. And then there's also the option for background. So I'm going to actually unzoom myself here and just go back where we were right about there. Hit the background button again. Now, oh my goodness, you can just have any color in the rainbow that you want. You could even have a gradient. So meaning it shifts from purple to blue. I again, just kind of being honest with you as I was when we were creating reals. I don't try to and a whole lot of fluff to the video because I wanted to come off as clean and just as natural as possible. But there are a few different options down here. So what you could do is hit that first button. I'm going to zoom out a little bit here just so you can kinda see what that's gonna look like for you. And now you have basically the image repeated on the sides. Kind of a nice effect. And then now you have the same thing but it's blurred. This one is just a slightly different shift, more blur and most blur. Okay, so again, you can play with these kind of things and oops, I hit that button. Xs out, okay, so now you have all of these different options as far as how you want to present it. And you can even do patterns. Oh my goodness. How fun are we with our polka dots? But let's just not in C we did. Okay, so we'll go back here. I'm going to just say no, let's just keep the video as is. I like it. It's clean and we're going to move forward. Okay, music, again, huge, huge, huge fan of music. So we hit that button. Now, we have three different options here, tracks, effects, and record tracks. We're going to be the music that this app provides to you automatically. These are all free to use. They do suggest putting the artist's name somewhere in the caption just to give them credit for it, but you are allowed to use this music. Now, I'm going to be very honest with you and confess that they're not really great choices. There are a few that I like and I will share those with you. But for the most part, I'm not a huge fan of what comes with the free option, but there are a few good ones. I do like this one. So this is called someday and this is from the past memories. So what we do as I'm going to copy that. So I've hit copied and now it is ready. I'm gonna hit the Back button. And it doesn't look like it went over. Okay, let's try that one more time. Past memories someday. And I hit the Download button this time. I can never remember if it's download or copy. Okay, so let's download. So once it's downloaded, then you hit use and now there you can go. You can see it's overlaid on top of the video. So that is our music option. Now, if we wanted to kind of move things around, we could, we could take this. We didn't want to start the music right away. We can move this bar over. We can even shorten it if we wanted to. There are a lot of different things that you could do. I am going to advise that this video can be really long, so I just want to give you at least what these things do you and then you can kind of go in there and see what's going to work for you. So let's just say we like it. Or go back to the beginning and play. We'll do that one more time. The whole effect. Okay, so you can see it's really beautiful. Piano music is one that I use commonly. You kinda use it again and again because it just works. Kinda funny thing, it's a little somber, but I just feel like it has so much mood attached to it. So we'll watch that. We'll watch the whole video once we've edited it. But I just wanted to give you an idea. Okay, So let's look at the other options. The other thing that we could do if we wanted to, would be to go to iTunes. So if you have an iTunes account, you can hit iTunes and then it will access your library so you can pick one of these songs. Now just be aware that Instagram will put up some copyright issues. And so I really don't suggest using something that's very, very popular. I always put the artist in my caption. But sometimes Instagram will block a video if there's copyright issues, you can always try it at the very worst. The song doesn't show with your video. But it's something that I run into occasionally, but not always. So it kind of just depends. Okay. So we're not gonna do that one for now. We're just going to keep it with the free music that they provide. So we hit the check mark and now we have the music overlaid. Now, really the first thing that I'm going to do before I do any of that is to go to Let's bring you in closer here so you can see is go to this button, which is volume. Okay. There's a lot of noise in my house. I have two small children people, and they create a lot of noise. It's not a peaceful environment. In fact, even right now, I'm surprised that there's not somebody screaming in the background. So even when I'm in my studio with the door closed, there's a lot of background music that's just going to naturally appear in my videos. So what I do is I take this button and I shoot it all the way to the left. That is going to take off of any background noise. So that's the first thing that I do. Now if you want your background music in there, you can leave it as high or as low as you want, but that's my preference. Okay, so once that's done, the next thing I'm typically going to do is chop up my video. So I'm going to walk you through my process and then I'll walk you through some of the other different options. I wanted to take you through Canvas and music because I do tend to use those. And like I said, the next thing that I would do would be to chop up my video. So let's just say, Okay, here I am at the beginning. I have not started, I'm just filming. I'm setting things up. I'm kinda getting my brushes ready off to the side. You can't see that, but that's what I'm doing. I have the shell, it's in the spot where I want it. And now I'm going to figure out, okay, here I am waffling all over the place, let alone maybe here, I don't know, Maybe there. And this is the part that is so beautiful that you don't have to show if you don't want to. I think there's a lot of beauty in the process, so by all means, show it. But just for the sake of a streamline video, what I can do is I want a la, la, la. There we go. I finally have put a stroke down, so I'm going to go right before that. So it looks like, Oh man, she's so sure of herself, she's just going to launch right into that video. So you have the cursor right there. I'm going to hit the split by them. Now. I'm going to tap the side that I do not want to use. Okay. Now that that is highlighted, I'm going to hit the delete button. There we go. It's gone. So now we have a video that starts right on cue. That's where I'm painting. And, you know, obviously there's going to be more moments where I'm not painting. But, you know, it doesn't, it doesn't really show because the next thing that I would end up doing is to adjust the speed. But I wanted to show you one little clip. Obviously, you can kinda keep going through here. If you wanted to do one of those videos where you see people show kinda different stages of the process. So rather than one giant time-lapse where everything sped up, you can chop up the video and show still images. So that's another option, that's something you can do. I don't do that a whole lot, so I'm not really going to feature that here. But I might go through and be like, Okay, let's see. Here's a huge window of time where I'm not really doing anything. Split that again and then okay, finally I pick up the brush again. They're tap that split again. Tap the part I don't want and delete. Okay. Now, what you can do, which is what I like to do. I just feel like it makes things a lot more fancy is to tap this button. And now you're going to get a transition option, which is so pretty I think rather than it just jumping to the next clip to make it a little bit more seamless. You can use any of these. I think these ones are with the Pro. Um, I really don't find that I ever need to do anything that's extra fancy like that. But if you're wanting to add a little bit more pizzazz to your video, you can check that out. So I tend to just use the basic transition. So it's going to show, okay, there we go. I go from there to there. It's really quick. You can't adjust this bar and make it a much slower transition. And just kind of slow people down, which is kinda nice. You know, you have this, this very rare opportunity when you are inviting and engaging people into your content too. Offer it in a way that makes people pause. That's usually one of the kind of things that people have to say to me when they visit my page as I read every single word or your work stopped me in my scroll. And those in this day and age, that's really the nicest thing anyone can say. They can say you are worth my time. Which we all know there's never enough time. I'm trying not to live my life in that reality, but to be intentional. And so if you're going to ask for people's time, then the least you can do is make it beautiful for them. Okay? So I'm just going to go a mid transition. So not too slow and not too fast. I'm going to hit this little check mark now. So now I have my transition. Obviously, I would then need to go in at every single spot where I've split the videos and add those, those transitions. So you just hit on the spot where you can see that there are two videos that are separated. So super easy. Okay, I'm going to pause this segment because we're running a little bit long hair. And I will meet you back in this app to go over a few more of the capabilities. 5. Learning How To Edit Videos with the app “Unfold” Part 2: Okay, coming right back to it, we're still in the end shot app. We have covered canvas music. We've split the video, we've deleted pieces we don't want and we have covered transitions. So that's really almost just about it. That's all I would use even though there are so many different things. So if you wanted to, in fact, I do use this one occasionally, so let's cover this. So this is a filter option. Now, I feel like we live in a day and age where things are so over filtered. And I hope you don't mind if I'm sharing kind of just some of my business thoughts and perspective, I wanted to give you more than just a and then do this and then do that and then do this. But really give you an inside look at the, the thoughts behind why I do or do not do certain things. So I hope you find that valuable. If not, and you're just wanting like, okay, now what do I do? Obviously, you can speed up this video. There's a little button in the lower left-hand corner where you can fast forward. You can speed up this video to like 1.5 or even two times. So I'll be like talking to you really fast, but you'll get through the content. But I would prefer to just kinda slow things down and share with you just my own personal choices and what has made Rosa leak when papery the brand that it is. So I do love a good filter and I'm just going to be super honest about that. If it is authentic to my brand and if it shows my art in a way that is not misleading to my customers and my audience. I use a particular filter that does kind of add this sort of Moody, almost like baroque quality to my work. But what I usually almost always do, because the idea is that people want to trust you or you want people to trust you. You are creating something trustworthy with your work. And if you're constantly using different filters, people are like, what does her painting or what does her sewing or food or whatever, whatever art it is that you're sharing. What does it actually look like? And there's going to be hesitation to purchase something if they're not sure of what it's gonna look like. So when I do that, I always follow it up with a picture of what it actually looks like. A high-quality photo that has been taken in bright, unfiltered light so people can see, okay, she's just kinda sharing a little bit of the mood behind the peas, but this is what it actually looks like. Wonderful, I feel good. I'm going to move ahead with my purchase. So that is that for this, there are obviously so many different things that you can do. So let's just hit filter. You have. So these are going to be, I think some extra ones. Let me see. Yeah, so unlock all the features. So that's going to be for in shot Pro, which I don't know what's in there. I don't use it. Again, I'm not a video platform person. I'm more still images. I use these basically for time lapses for the collaborations that I work that I'm involved in with companies. So that wouldn't be the one that wouldn't be something that I need. But if you are really wanting to focus on videos, you may want something that's a little bit more professional. So you haven't original. You have bright, which I used to use. Bright is basically just brightens everything up and you can kinda see it sort of washes things out. And so what I would do is take this bar and move things down to the middle. So now we have something that's a little bit better than that, but not quite as washed out in harsh. So right there in the middle. The middle really is the happy place. So that's the one that I used to use. You can then hit adjust and there's all of these different options down there. Again, I can walk you through this app and we could do every little editing thing, but I'm just kinda show you mostly just what's pertinent because I feel like that's the part that makes people go. Nope, nope, not for me. It's too much I can't learn all about, and it just makes people not even want to try. And so I want what you're learning here to be approachable, usable, and relevant. So I'm not really going to walk through all of that. Oh, pardon me. There is an airplane I think over and a little fact is that we live in a spot and so they're Orange County that is pretty close to the beach, which is marvelous. We get a fantastic ocean breeze. But come to lie in August. It feels like a dragon's arm pit because the humidity spikes. We are not so fortunate to have air conditioning so the windows remain open and rather than have me Sweat in this little studio of mine, I have opted to leave the windows open, which means there may be some background noise. Apologies. But you're helping to keep my clothes from not sticking to my body. Thank you so much. Okay. Back to our editing. So if we wanted to do contrast, we can hit the contrast button. Again. We just move this little bar here. Added contrast, taking out contrast, warmth, we can make it really warm, turn it yellow, or if there's too much warmth in it, we can cool it down a little bit. Now this is what someone, many, someone's tend to ask me about photography and it also works with video. So let's say when you took a video, the lighting was not ideal. Obviously, I suggest by a window natural light. That is That's what we're shooting for. But if that is not available to you and you have just to deal with what you're dealing with then. So be it. And there are ways that you can get around that. And you can use these different components down here. So if your video is more on the yellow side, you can take this little button here, this little drag feature and cool it off a little bit. So taking some of the yellow out, you could then, if your video is on the green side, a lot of people get green videos or they get blue videos. Very, very cool. Again, you can add the warmth back in, so take away some of the blue. These are the two that I use most often, warmth intent. So tent is going to take out the green and add a little bit more of the pink. And so you have to figure out what the static you're wanting to convey to your audience. And you're going to have to try and be pretty consistent with it. That's the goal is that people come to your profile and what they see or some pretty consistent images. It just makes people feel safe and comfortable. It makes them feel like they can trust your brand and that is ideally what you want. And so being able to tinker with these features and make almost everything that you're posting identical is really going to aid in the overall visual. So we could, that adds a lot of pink and that makes things very green. Okay, so right here in the middle, I really am fine with where it's at. I wouldn't make any changes. I had great light and so I'm just gonna leave it right words that again, you can go through saturation, make things a very orange if you love that orangey tones, so many people do or take out saturation and make things really pale and faded, which is another aesthetic that people use. So it is really depending on what it is that you're trying to what sort of mood you're trying to convey. Okay. There's a whole bunch of other ones. I'm not going to use those because I just truly don't even know enough about them. So let's go back to Filter. And I will show the one that I have been loving lately. So I'll go to original. This is story. This is kinda moody. And I, obviously, if you've seen my stories on Instagram, I love a good moody filter. Now this is a little much for me and so again, I'm going to take it down to the middle so you can see that's what it looks like without it. And it just kinda adds a little bit of mood. Things hadn't more texture, a little more shadow. Um, I, it's just, it's just a little bit. And so you could obviously go all the way up if you want some, some drama. And I didn't use the prettiest background here. It's a towel. It's what I use when I'm painting because it's soft, it's used, I can trust it's not going to slide all over my desk. And obviously that's the most important thing to me when I'm creating a product for a company. So we'll just leave that at full volume. So we now have story as our filter selected. Now listen. If you have chopped up your video before you have chosen to add the filter, see there you'll learn that there is an order of things That's just best for you. I'm not gonna tell you you have to do things in this exact order because that may just not work for what you're doing, but you may want to do the filter feature first before you chop up your video because then it's going to go, It's going to use for the entire video because we have done a little splitting. I have to go in and manually hit story. It doesn't take too long, but you would probably if you're chopping your video up a lot, want to do that first, so make a note off to the side. In the order you want to do things. Typically, this is what I do. I do volume, get that volume down and then filter. So figure out what that filter is or splitting it up. If you're gonna do lots of splits, do the story first. After that. The next one would be speed, which is what we're going to go through next. The last one I do as music, I showed you that first, but I'll show you how. That's kinda the final touch. Okay. To make this a time-lapse video, obviously, we need to adjust the speed, so let's do that. Okay? Right now, it's at the speed that I filmed it out. That's not going to work. This is a 33 minute video. Nobody wants to watch a 33 minute video of how a show was painted. Unless of course, I was teaching a class on how to paint a shell. But that's not what this is. It's just to show I turned this into that. And here it is. So we have the capability to, if we wanted to, we could slow things way down to slow motion. And if you were doing different segments, chopping up your video, you may want a certain portions to be slower. So you could choose that slow motion to show like, oh, this is the beauty of that stroke slowed down and create a really cool vibe. For me. I just want a straight time-lapse. That's typically what most people want. So let's just go for that. Here we go. We have now it's at nine times the speed. Let's just show you what that looks like. Get a feel. Okay. So this is nine times the speed, not even really that fast, that's pretty slow. And k, So this one, we haven't done anything yet because it's still on the normal speed. Again, we have to manually an individually set the speed or whatever feature we're using to each spot we've cut up. So again, you might want to make some of these changes. First, I don't suggest speed and here's why you won't be able to see things very well. And you won't be able to cut things up as precisely as you might want to in a time-lapse video. It doesn't matter. I used to get really hung up. We'll just give you my little backstory real quick on wanting to make sure that there were no down down moments, you know, down parts of the video where it wasn't doing anything in a time-lapse, nobody's going to see that. So you really don't have to worry about that, don't worry about cutting everything. Again, you might want to put the video so that it starts right when you're painting. But other than that, you know, chop off the end if you know, the camera's shaking or whatever. But in a time-lapse, nobody's going to see anything because it's going so fast and it's not a time-lapse. Obviously, you're going to need to be a lot more precise. So just my $0.02 there. Let's go back here. We have speed. Okay, so that was it nine times. Let's go for something a little bit faster. Let's go 49. I, let's just make it 50. Okay, now we're gonna see what that looks like. A 50. Okay? We'll go for this one at 50 to just to kind of see, get a little bit more of the video. Okay? So now you can see this is working at 50. This is typically right around here. Maybe even a little slower, is where I work, but you can see things are happening. We're moving through the content. It might be even a little bit too fast, so I could go back to speed. Where are you? I always lose track and maybe drop it down to 40. Okay? This, again, this is just different options if you wanted it so fast as to make it indistinguishable, you are literally an X-Men moving through time. Nobody knows what you're doing. This as the speed for you. Alright, there we go. It's so fast that you're like, okay, there's nothing and then it's painted. Not my suggestion. Somewhere in the middle, let people see what you're doing, but move it along. And then once you've selected your speed, you'll have to go through and obviously select the areas that you want sped up. So all the different segments. Now what you can end up doing at the very end, if you're like me and you kinda wanna like zoom in on the last image. You can hit this little button down here, which is the freeze button. So this is going to add three seconds to your video. That way people can actually see what you create it. If you don't add that the video is just going to cut off and then repeat again. And people aren't going to get a look at what you create it. So I suggest adding that. It's a nice little effect. And then let's see. The last thing that we would do. It would be to add the music which we have already done. There are obviously more options that you can pick. But the idea here is to get your video either one under a minute so that you can post it on your grid or to get it at 30 seconds. So then you can like we've already discussed, put it into your real so yes. Let's just say, Okay, this video is at a minute now. I'm going to speed it up to get it to thirty-seconds just for the sake of this. And then we'll go back to the real. So you can see, let's see if that helps. Okay, we're at 35 seconds, that's good enough. Okay, so let's go back to the beginning. The music was already overlaid. And let's just see how this all looks. There's only one transition. Typically, I would have a few more. C. For some reason the music isn't working. It could be because we changed some things around again, I like I said, I always do the music last. It's like the finishing touch. So let's just do that again one more time. Tracks, don't know. Excuse me. Let me see. Tracks featured. There we go. And I was like Where was it okay, featured and then we go to past memories. And the one I liked was someday use k. So now we have that HIT or checkmark. And now let's listen to it. Okay, so you get an idea. There's obviously about 10 more seconds to that video. Um, but it's done. That's it. And I know obviously it'll take a little bit more time as you tinker with the video. And again, there's so many different things that you can do. The only other one I will show you real quick is text. If you wanted to put your handle on here, that might be something cool for you to do. If people aren't really paying attention to who's posting it, you can kinda make it a little bit more obvious for them. So shift and let's hit at. And then we go back to Rosalie when papery. And then we can resize that and put it wherever. We could even go in here and change the font. So you have different options there. Want to make it a little bit more subtle, or if you wanted to. Let's see. You can move this so you can take that and then move it wherever you want. So you can decide you want at the beginning of your video or at the middle. And then if you hit that again, you can use, you can put it wherever you decide you want to put it. You can also bold it and fill it in. So it's more obvious, I tend to just kinda hide it in the corner. I don't really use it so much anymore. But when I was just beginning to build my following, It's something I did because I'm like, Hey, look at me first and come see what I did. Okay, So we'll leave that there. And so at the very end we're all done. Let's pull you out. So you can see here, we're gonna go to the final button, which is this one right here in the upper right-hand corner. Save the video. You're wanting to save the resolution at 10 ADP. Save. And now it's going to process for a minute. So I'm going to let that go through and then we're going to pick right back up. We're going to go back to reals just so you can see how I would then implement a video that I've created and in shot into reals. Okay, See you in a second. 6. Importing “In-Shot” Videos into Instagram Reels: Okay, We are back on Instagram. We are going to create a real using the video that we just created and n shot. And I'll do a sped-up version of this. So it's not just the whole thing all over again because obviously you get what we've already covered. But let's just go to here, click our real. Then. Now we have our original video, which is 33 minutes and 51 seconds, condensed into a 35 second video, we've chosen a different cover image where I start right on the show. And we've also added a filter which you can kinda see it just Crispin's things up, gives it some quality, some depth and dimension. Let's go ahead and click that. Okay, so now listen, the music is already in the video. We did that because we were planning to post it in our profile on our grid. What you can do is if you wanted to post it to different places or use it for multiple use, you could then hit the Add button right up here and hit the Preview. And then you would go here to music. There's that camera audio again. You just take it from a 100 down to 0. Now you can go ahead and add a different songs so you can search someone. Colleague I was showing you with iTunes rather than taking it from iTunes and dealing with some copyright issues. And you could then instead search the same artist here and there's not gonna be any issue. So that's what I would really advise. So you can have, again, we have something a little bit more upbeat, little more perky, something I might choose for this video instead. The other song I think is more for like slow motion kind of thing that I've used in some of my marketing strategies. This law are per game, are fun and we're done. Let's do next is down here at the bottom. And now we're back here again. So you're covering caption and deciding if you want to tag things, tag people, but it's pretty easy. Again. All of this was done in just one app. So you can see that there's so much potential for using it and multiple places. And obviously as you begin, it will take you some time to figure out the app. But now when I do something like this, I felt it on my own. And then I upload it into n shot. It takes me maybe five to ten minutes to turn it into this, which It's pretty great. You know, we talk about videos taking hours and hours. This does not take me hours and hours and it's why I do it. Now. Obviously when I'm creating classes, the time is worth it because I'm being compensated for that time. There's no guarantee with a real that this is going to then boost your exposure. That's the hope that you're making as beautiful a video as you possibly can in the hopes that people will then save it, which says something that they can do. I'll show you that little bit later when we're going through stories and then share it, comment, all of that helps to just bump things up and get it noted. So, you know, if you don't have a lot of time, but you're still wanting to dive into the world of video editing. This is a great place to start. Okay, we're going to move on now. 7. How to Create Beautiful Still Images with the app “Unfold”: Okay, so we're going to move out of video and now we're gonna move back into sharing still images in a beautiful and intentional way. Now, as I've already mentioned, a lot of time and study went into how I photograph my work. I don't use anything other than an iPhone. I know a lot of artists feel the need to purchase a camera that is going to elevate their work, which I totally believe in and support is just haven't found, but that's been absolutely necessary from where I'm at in this moment. Eventually one day when I'm not wrangling small children and I have time to sit down and figure out all of those little buttons and gadgets I may make the investment, But for now, I know my iPhone inside and out because I've made myself an expert on what it's capable of doing. And I have a few apps, just a few that I'm especially knowledgeable in and I know what I'm capable of doing. And it is enough to continue elevating and building my brand. So that's my little piece on that. You'll have to decide where exactly you're at and what your needs are. Obviously. Let's move into one of my favorite apps. I use it all the time when I'm sharing any sort of launch or news, or just want to share my work in a beautiful way. It's called unfold. And now this is another app that is completely free. You can upgrade to unfold plus, and you'll have a whole slew of beautiful options including videos. Again, it's one of those things that you could really lose yourself and all of the little things that you're capable of doing now. And I I'm, I'm of the mind of I already have a full plate on wanna keep things relevant, but I also want to keep things simple. And so the free app works for me. I think that you will find that it works beautifully for you as well. So what we're gonna do that, go ahead and make this bigger just so we can see what we're doing. And I'm gonna go ahead and hit the plus button right here. You have the option now to choose a story or a post. No, I don't typically use my unfold images for my post. I use my photography photography for that. And so let's head into the story. Okay. Would you like to access your photos? Yes. So depending on obviously what you're using, you will have to give that permission to use the photos. If not, you will have to manually give them permission for each photo, which can be sort of a noxious. So decide what's gonna work best for you. Okay, so tap the plus to add the first page of your story. So with this app, there is the potential to add pages. And so you essentially are telling a story, which is usually what I do. I don't use the story part of it. I tend to create individual images, but if you wanted it to all be like it just in one area of this app, then you could create the whole, you know, every little piece that you want for what it is, the true sharing, and then be able to share the whole thing. So I'll show you and explain some of the acts that sounds confusing without actually walking you through it. So let's hit the plus button. Okay, so these are animated and obviously unfold is going to try and get you to purchase the plus because then they get paid. So these are the options with plus. This is Classico. This is really the only one that I use that comes with all of these options. I've used almost every single one of these in different ways. And that is just one page. Could then this one, you have all of these, this is all free. You guys. So many beautiful options here. Okay? So that one is going to be free with unfold plus. So there's gonna be some have the little plus next to them like that one does not, so you can use that. But the ones that have plus signs on them are obviously going to be ones that you will have to pay for. So let's just go to one that I commonly use. It's very simple and it has space for an image, had a space for text. Okay, so you can see it shows up here as blank. So what you'll end up doing is tapping that button. And then let's just pick. I currently have a ton of wedding bouquet commissions on my plate, so that's what my iPad is filled up with right now. So let's just go. I'm trying to find something I painted that recent. Goodness gracious. Oh my gosh. These are all a million years ago. Let's just go with this Laura Ashley pattern. I did not paint this. This was based off this was the inspiration behind what I painted, the fabric that they provided for me. Okay, So we have this image. Now what we do. We want to edit some of this stuff. So hit that button, double-tap. Now we can put in what we want to put in. So we could say Laura Ashley fabric. Okay. So I don't really like how that's laying. And so I'm going to hit that again and I'm going to stretch it out so that it's in one line. And I have to tinker a little bit. Okay. So there we go. So we have Laura Ashley fabric, if I wanted to make that all caps just to kinda make things. All right, come on. There we go. Be good if I knew how to spell it. Okay, we'll push that down. And then if we wanted to do any font changes, this is where we would do that. So we have our keyboard, Here's our text. Again, there's going to be a lot of different options with the plus. I. If I wanting to be fancy, I will use this one. And I feel like it's pretty, it's something a little bit different, but it's pretty simple as well. And then I can go in here, can move things around if I want to make it bigger, if I want to spread out the letters. Again, there's so many different things that you could do. You could put it on a different line. There we go. We have Laura Ashley fabric. Let's move that up just a little bit so we have some room to write. Now we have this space. So I'm going to say new painting coming soon. That's see. And then we'll just add a little stay, stay, stay tuned for the reveal. So that's just going to get people interested. We have a picture of what it's gonna look like. And we're going to be showing them a picture of the actual painting in the future. Again, we could go to the text. If we wanted to do something different, we can hit play fair, which I think is a nice one. Also, canula is nice. But I tend to just use a mirror. Again if you want to go in here, lots of different options. You can even upload different font, font options. Okay, So this is all placed pretty good except this is kinda feeling a little crunch. So I'm going to bring it down just a little bit so that everything has enough room. Now remember, you're posting this on your Instagram stories so you don't want anything really down here or, you know, move it up there because then it's going to be crowded. You want there to be room for things to breathe on there. Okay, so then once we're done with that super simple, we're going to go up to the very top button and we'll hit Save. Okay, So this is where we have some different options. We can save this page to the device which you may want to do. That way you know where it is, so it's on your phone now if you wanted to directly just put this on the stories, you would hit this button right there. So now unfold wants to open Instagram. So obviously you would need Instagram on your phone. Open. Here we are. We are at Instagram. Stories is already done for me. Laura Ashley fabric, new painting coming soon. Stay tuned for the reveal. So this is what I was saying about having things a little higher up. You don't want them to get crunched by all of the stuff that Instagram puts around the border. So that's that we could then hit the Send To button and then it would post. We could do a lot of other things. We could add more text. So if I wanted people to subscribe to my newsletter because that's where I'm going to be debuting the new painting and that's where people are going to have the first opportunity to purchase the painting, which is a park that I offer my subscribers. Some of my originals get scooped up very fast. And so I like to give the people that have deemed to state intimate with me in this journey and are open to receiving two to three emails from me a month. And don't feel badgered when I have a collection launch and it tends to be more on the five to 10. Those are the people that I am. So, so grateful for. Just a side note on that. If you're not already building up your email list and you are a small business, that's something you want to do immediately. It's those are the people. Those are your people, and those are the people that you want to cater to and nurture and offer them first looks and first opportunities for everything that you offer. And a wealth of other perks as well, which is what I do throughout the year giving them exclusive sales and any other thing that I can think of to just let them know. I am so grateful for them. Okay. So if we wanted to do that, here, is this the clincher? If you do not have an account of more than 10 thousand. Unfortunately, the link. Option is not going to be available for you. I think that's I think it's a dumb. And I hope it's something that Instagram is gonna do away with soon, but for now, that's where we're at. If you do not have more than 10 thousand, unfortunately, you're going to be stuck. But what you can do is invite people to respond. So you could hit text. And you could say, message me with your email address and I'll add you to my newsletter. And so it can make that much smaller, make it a little bit prettier. Pop that right there in the middle. And now you have a little note there. And obviously you can change that around here just in case you are super, super green to Instagram stories and what it's capable of. You could change that. So that now types out at you in time. And this one obviously is just the regular I'm sorry, that turns it white. So we have to turn that off. And so now it's white. If you wanted to use color picker up, I went out of the frame there. See, I'm trying to get you guys close enough so that I don't miss anything, but I got shot and frame there. Okay. So let me go over those one more time. So this one is going to type at you in real time. And then if you don't want that each went out off, that is going to either bolded. You have no bold, bold black, bold white. Okay. If you wanted to change the color here, you go to your color picker. And you can hit this little button, which is my favorite. And now you can pick a color from your image, which I think is so pretty so I would pick something I tend to like the white font, like that. It goes beautifully with everything. I may even plop it down right here in the corner. I wanted to go with whatever I'm sharing. I don't want it to go against it. So you do it in a way that it's just a static. Okay, again, that's just an option. If you don't have the link feature, you can think of other creative ways to continue to keep people involved and engaged. But, you know, great way to, you know, build up your brand is to collaborate with other makers in a giveaway and that will help to increase your following two. So it's a nice, it's a nice feature. I wish everyone had it because it is so convenient. Okay. So we're gonna put that right there because I do have the swipe up. And so what I'm going to do is I'm going to hit the Geoff and I'm going to do Swipe Up. Okay, now I have all of these different swipe up options. I'm going to look for one that's just very neutral. Um, but that's bolded. And sometimes you have to actually not write out the whole word to get more options. Instagram is super weird like that. And so if you don't find what you're looking for, take out some of the words or the letters C like that one didn't come up before, but now it's in, now this is the one I tend to use because it's bold and it will go over the picture. Okay, so we have swipe up. Then I would include my link. Now you can do product shop or IGTV, IGTV video or web link. I really only use the web link. That's, that's what I'm here for. So I would then type in the exact link taken from my website. Do not type it in from memory because your fingers, if they're anything like mine, are clunky and you're going to miss a letter or added letter, copy it directly from your website. Okay, so once you're done, you're done. Link is added and then you would send it on through. Okay, So that is one option with unfold. We're going to stop this segment here just because it got a little bit long. And then we'll pick back up with another option. And then we'll come back into stories and I'll show you some more things that you can do in your stories. Okay? All right. See you in a minute. 8. How to Create Beautiful Still Images with the app “Unfold” Part 2: Okay, so here we are back in unfolded did want to show you the other options. So let's say you did not want to post this directly to your stories. This is something that I do a lot and it saves me so much hassle. I as I've already mentioned, I'm a mom of two little people and I have to plan way in advance whenever I want to do anything or less, I end up extremely overwhelmed. And so what I'll end up doing is creating a bunch of different graphics. And then when I'm done, I will save it to my device. Now that is saved, I can then click out of here. And it's saved here, but it's also saved in my photos. Okay, so there we go. I can then go to Instagram and pull you out a little bit too, so you don't have to keep moving things around too much. Sorry guys. Tinkering with the settings here. Again, not the most tech savvy person. So you know that there is hope for you. Great, beautiful hope came back into Instagram. There's my friend Hailey. Hi Hailey, you're so cute. And then we go here. Oh, that's for a post. We need to go to your profile page and then Go story from the device. It's already saved right down here because it's the most recent thing we did. And we're going to plot that right in there. Okay, So that's the other way to do it. If you're wanting to save graphics and use them at a specific time. Okay, let's head back into unfold. So now we did one template. I'm going to show you one more just so you can kind of get an idea. I want you obviously to spend lots of time in this app, get familiar with it. It's a game changer. It's beautiful. And I think you're going to have so much fun if you are not using flow desk, That's my e-mail system. And again, I think there's probably already flow desk tutorials out there for you. I'm not going to do one, but it's another game changer that just make things so beautiful. You're making an experience for people. So just rather than sharing images in the easiest way to go one step further, people notice these things. They feel the integrity behind your brand. They can feel that effort that you're putting into your work. It means you believe in your work, and it means that other people are going to be more likely to believe in their work if you put your work on a pedestal and you value it and you honor it, the only natural thing as for other people to do it, I've seen this time and time again. And it's something that has continued to allow me to just have tremendous growth both on Instagram and just many different avenues. So I cannot recommend that enough. These little steps, these little extra things make a huge difference. Okay? So, so many different options, let's just say. So if you're making a story and you had that first image that we shared, the Laura Ashley fabric new painting coming soon. So that could be the cover page of a segment of stories. So then you could do something like this where it's just strictly images. Okay, So now you hit the button and you have the capacity to add in three photos. Let's just go with these beautiful bouquets. How beautiful is that? So rather than just sharing the bouquet, 123 and as three different stories, you can now share a little bit of like a collage kind of thing. And so you can leave that just as is. And it can be like a middle portion of the story that you're telling in your story. A story within a story, if you will. If you wanted to add something more to that, I wouldn't because I feel like the texts kinda clutters this specific template. You could Let me go back. I think I just okay, there we go. You can hit this little button down here. And you have the option to put a text box in. Like I said, maybe, maybe, maybe you can fit something here, make it really small and sweet and humble and discreet. And you could put, you can't even see it because it's just so small, so I'll make it a little bit bigger. You could say something like I can't wait to share it with you. Something small, just a little something, but again, I wouldn't. So I'll delete that. And then you could obviously you could add some stickers. So if you wanted, that's what the plus. Okay. Some of them are with the pluses. See which ones not care. Remember, there's a couple that domes at this one. This one. Okay. So if you wanted to add like a little sticker and then you could add the text box on top that says, you know, so beautiful. Okay, so we move that over here onto the sticker. Sometimes this is really finicky. There we go. So again, I don't think it needs it, but if you were to have a different template, that sticker feature might come in really handy. All right, so let's go ahead and delete that. Delete that. We don't need that. So let's just say that's like a middle part of your story, so we could save that to the device. And so now we have not. Now, if we were to go to photos, we have this as our cover and then we have this as our middle. Okay? And so let's do one more. This is so much fun. I love unfold. Okay, we're going to start all over again. Going back, hit the plus button. We're doing a story. And now we're going to hit the Classico. Again. You don't have to do Classico. There's film and effects and scrapbook. I think Classico is the well classist, to be honest with you, but you can decide which ones you like the best. So let's say you wanted to tell more story as you finalize whatever it is that you're doing. So let's hit that one so you could put in, as I worked on this Laura Ashley painting, I found myself swept up. I'm just rolling with this year in the beauty of vintage and timeless. Our bladder la, la, la, filler it in. But obviously it's important and meaningful to you. Hey, so you have your important info there. Now, what you could do again is to put this on the background. So now you have your three different images. So let's just pretend that's beautiful. Save it to device. Let's go back to photos. We can see what that would look like. Okay, so we now have cover story, middle story. Let's pretend that's all Laura Ashley related. And now we have the story that concludes it. This is how it was, this is how I created it. Thank you so much for being a part of this. It was an honor to share it with you all of the things that are true. And you have this beautiful little border that just ties it in. Easy peasy that took what, a few minutes. And now you can save all of those things. You can either put them directly in your stories like I showed you, or you can save them for the moment when you've just emailed out your, your email newsletter and you want to get people over to your website. And you have Instagram bolstering the support to your website. And it's a beautiful thing. It really is. So checkout unfold. Don't feel the need to try it. You're to upgrade to plus, but you can you can try it and then I believe you give them your information and then they will charge you after a certain amount of time. So there's other, other beautiful facets within this app that I really don't even know. So unfold would like to ask to access my camera and microphone so now I can load a video. So let's just put that one in there. Already has made music from n shot. So that's the great thing about these apps, is that they work interchangeably together. So we can take what we've done in n shot and make it even beautiful by putting it in the unfold app. Okay, so there's the original. Now we have a bunch of different filters, but we've already filtered it up so we're good. Okay. We can move on. I don't think we ever effects. We could add glitter to it. Oh, look at that. Glitter. That's just a little much. But again, we have all of these different things that we could do with this video. So now we could put it into our planner. So if we're planning to post several things, we can get an idea of when we would want to do that and also how we would want it to look. If you're interested, there are a ton of different apps out there that will show you a preview and a profile of what your grid. Just going to cancel this for now. What's your grid would look like with all of the different images that you plan to post this as helpful for those who are like me and our particular about how they want it all to look. It gives you an idea of what it's going to look like. And you can plan out things in advance and then you're not feeling pressured the morning or the day of, you know, in like all this photo doesn't work, that folder doesn't work. It's just done. Okay, so we'll save that to the device. And you don't even really need that. I'm not going to use that. But let's go ahead and close that and then we'll jump back in real quick. I just wanted to show you where you could find things. These are your projects, so these are the past things that you've done. I don't typically use my iPad for this. I'm on my phone, I'm using my iPad for you. And so all of the templates that you've used would be there. You can use them again and again. So it's not just a onetime thing as relaunch or what you can end up doing is if you liked this template and you didn't want to have to go find it again and you hit that. And then all you have to do is delete all of these. And now you add in your three photos again. Okay, So that's a super quick shortcut to and then let's see, is there anything else? That's really all I use. So I'm not going to really expand on anything else just because it would be out of my comfort and I would not be an expert in it. So that's that will wrap up there and we're going to head into a little bit more on tips and tricks for stories. 9. Best Practices and Tips for using Instagram Stories Part 1: Okay, We're back in Instagram. Just for those who are very new to all of the different components of Instagram, I did want to just show you where things are. So this is your grid. This is your, I have a draft there. These are your reals. This is IGTV. So I have a bunch of different videos in their tutorials. This is shopping. So this is where you have if you are selling products where they would be. And these are the posts that people have tagged you in. So like I posted my shells and someone else posted a shallow attacked me. So let's just really quickly just a little tip there. Okay, So then we have our button again. We're back here with post real story story highlight. So let's do a story. If you wanted, you could use these different features here. Create boomer ring layout. You can really just get creative here. Let's say you wanted to take something live. So I'm going to pull you back and show you what things would look like with a filter. Okay? Okay, so here we have my iPad looking at the paintings behind the camera. So I want to show you what you have down here. These are some of the filters that Instagram just manually adds to your stories. But then you can also, if you see it, a filter that somebody else is using, then you can save that, save that filter and then use it as your own. So I used to use this one all the time. As you can see, the original would look like that. And then that one's just kinda brighten things up. It makes it really glittery. There's this one. Oh, sorry, that was the one that I used. So then there's that one more orangey. I used to use this one a lot. This is the mint filter by Soy Diego. It just kinda adds a little bit of a cooler attend. This one's really fun. This is called palate. So you can see the name down here and you just make a little note off to the side and you can search for these filters. And then it just picks up the colors that you're using or that you have in your artwork. So that's really fun. And this one's really cool. It's called curved frames and you can tap it. I use this one a lot. And it just adds some really pretty beautiful filtered and plus a frame. So let's go ahead and just shoot with that one. So let's say we're doing this one and we're gonna go ahead and hold down on it and be a little weird here, but let's just go pretend that I'm doing a video here. Okay, very fast, very, very sloppy, but trying to juggle the iPad. And so we have a close up of the artwork so you can kinda see what's going on in it. Obviously, things would be done in a lot more slow. I would have better control over the phone and it wouldn't look so choppy and jumpy. But then you can then send this to your story. Kind we're not gonna do that is, it's very weird and people would be like, I don't get it. So we x out of their discard. But there's so many different things that you could do. So Let's just go, I'll show you. I'm gonna go home. And there's Helen. Helen, Helen is one of my favorites too. Let's go to who uses a lot of filters? Trying to think. No. Okay. So there's my friend Laura. So there we have her filter. Okay. She's using hopefully she doesn't mind me featuring her in this video. We have pure. And so that's what it's called. And then we could then save the effect. And now we can try it. Okay, So we are using the same filter. We saved it from her story, and now we have the ability to use it. Okay, So we've taken a picture using the pure filter. We could then send it to it, or we could discard it and do something different. We can take video with it, which we would just hold down or holding. And now we have a video of it. So that's how you would save a filter from somebody else's story. You can also search filters, but that's the easiest way to do it I've found is just go straight to people. That's how I tend to find all of the filters that I really like. And the ones that I want to use. There are the ones that are like-minded business makers are using. So thank you, Laura. Thank you for being my demonstration. She has beautiful, beautiful artwork. You'll have to go check her out when you have a moment. Okay? So that's pretty much what we're working with with stories. If you then wanted to save something already in your story to your highlight, you can flip through here, and there's the Highlight button. You could then add that too. If you have a collection down here, I could add it to my holding on collection wherever you want to. You can add that highlight. That was the Shell collaboration with Laura Ashley, the ceramic pumpkin. So obviously I used unfold for that. There. I did a little bit of both. This was just a regular image and then I used the features in Instagram stories as themselves. And then I'm using the link with the swipe up. So that one's pretty simple and straightforward. Okay? So that's pretty much as much, pretty much much has pretty much much. Just on stories. We're going to head back into one final thing. So let's keep moving. 10. Best Practices and Tips For using Instagram Stories Part 2: Okay, Just teasing you. There are a few more things within stories that I did want to show you. Okay, so let's go to that button again story. And then let's just go ahead and do I have here will find. Let's just add this one. Okay, so again, we have our music by n, we can search for the music. So let's just put the sunshine in there. This is kinda cool. You have the option to choose how you want the image are, excuse me, the song to display. So you can have big bold typeface. Obviously that kinda covers up the artwork. And so you may not want to go for that, but you could obviously make it a lot smaller. So that's the second kind of neat. Okay. So there's the big one. You can pinch it and make it smaller. And then that's the next one, a different typeface. And then there's the third type face. A little bit more. Here you have just the logo along with the artist, and there you have the album. I tend to use this one because you can make it nice and small. C happens when you do that, is it changes around. So I hit Done. Now you can pinch it and put it down there, nice and discrete in the corner. This that won't show up. It will block it once you have your story posted, but you have your music and they're now if you wanted to add a link again, you go to here and you put your web link in there. Then there's a couple of few a couple of you I am on fire today, guys. That's the end of the day or closing it off together. So there's a few different things that you can do and story features, and these might already be very common to. I'm just trying to cover everything in the event that stories in it of itself is overwhelming or confusing, I wanted to just explain these little facets. So if you wanted to mention someone, you'd obviously enter their handle, That's the mentioned button. You could add a hashtag. You could ask a question. So if you wanted to engage in the community, this is a great way to do this. So you can either have them ask you a question or you can ask a question and how people respond there. So this is kind of a fun thing to do. So you would say, Do you like this ornament? Do you like this ornament? And then you would decide 72 people would then respond there. You could, if you want people to ask you questions, as it says already, ask me anything I'm available, exclamation point. There you go. So that's a really fun way to just kind of get people involved in your stories. That's really what all of this is all about. To create content that is inviting people into your space. You can have this cutie little button. And this again is a story exposure booster. And so the more people you have responding to your stories, the higher up you are going to be in the story. Q. So those little bubbles that appear at the very top, when you are in scroll mode. It will be the people obviously that you interact with the most, but just after that will be the stories that are receiving the most feedback, the ones that will potentially be of the most interest TO so you could do. And then people would obviously hit the all the way button. There are rude people out there who are like, it's only 10 percent queue and they will only move the bar 10 percent. Because you know, everybody, every world needs one of those. So that's that if you don't want to put that in there, delete it. Next option would be to put a GIF in. You could do a poll. So you could say more ornaments like this. And then you have yes, no, you can change these. They don't have to be yes or no. You can you can say bring it on or not for me, whatever it is that you are wanting to put in there. And then you could do a quiz, you could do a countdown. So say you are launching a collection in two weeks. Whatever the name of your countdown is, the name of your collection or whatever is coming. Christmas 2021. Hit that button. You can then scroll through and hit the exact time and date this little button has all day. If you don't want to All day, get more specific. And you could launch it at 04:54 PM. Okay. So we'll just hit that. I'll do that one. There we go. So now we have a countdown. People know that ornaments are coming right here. Oh, you have to have a name. Ornaments can shrink that. Ornaments are coming in 23 hours. So that is the gist of story capabilities. I did want to just pop in and add those things. I wasn't going to initially, just because most people who are using Instagram have figured out that part of the stories. But in the event, I hope that that was helpful, just allowing you to be more comfortable with how you are using this app. 11. Conclusion: Okay, So we have just wrapped up, we have gone through the gametes. I have shared with you all of my tips and tricks and techniques for creating, sharing, promoting beautiful video, video footage, stories, reals. We've gone through at all. And I hope, hope, hope you are feeling just excited, ready to tackle this, to not be frustrated by having something extra on your plate, but rather figuring out a way to weave it into your process to just make it feel as though it belongs there. That's our whole right. Is that nothing be artificial or processed? It's, it's just feeling natural to what it is that we're doing. So that's that I did want to conclude one more thing. One of the requests that I received from someone was how do I be more engaging in my stories, which someone said specifically, I'm not good at showing up on camera like you are. And contrary to belief, getting on cameras not my favorite thing. I will choose a voiceover when the opportunity presents itself. But urine artist, well, you might be an artist if you're someone who's just using this app, again, as just a way to keep in touch, then this may not be so important to you. But if you are a maker in some form, getting on camera in your stories, engaging with the community, allowing them to see your eyes, hear your tone of voice, see your face. It's a big deal, It's a part of it. In fact, I'm going to let you in on one of my like, my fears. Not really a fear, but sometimes I wonder, do people like me or do they like my art? Because sometimes I feel like people buy my work because they, they like me switch. I'm listening to it and it sounds like a very narcissistic thing to say. But I think people feel especially connected to me through the sharing of what's in my heart about whatever I might be talking about on Instagram, whether it be my babies, whether it be art, whether it be my auto immune conditions, whatever it is, it's important in my life and I'm speaking about there's always a large group of people who just feel especially connected and that creates a intimacy between us. And I think oftentimes people are more lead to invest in those people. You know, people might buy stuff from just any random person that's selling beautiful things. But what I have amassed around me at this point in my career are people who genuinely are invested in me, my life and my work. I have collectors now who are chomping at the bit to get a piece from whatever collection it is that I'm releasing. And to have that as priceless, it's sacred and it's taken a lot of work to get to that point. Good work, good, hard, beautiful work, but work. And that's what I think we are working towards. I think that's what we should be building towards. And so another facet of sharing your work rather than just the beautiful finished product, is how you got there, the story that leads up to it. And so I'm going to encourage you, even if it's just once a week to start, that you pop on Instagram and you say hello, and it doesn't have to be long. I would, I would encourage that it's not scripted. You could just say hello, just popping on here real quick to say hi, because you're having a great week. This is what I've been up to, let a lot of law whatever it is and, you know, you don't have to keep the video. I think a lot of us were like, we see something and we think, Oh, that was what was one take whereas I shared a blooper reel awhile back of how many times it actually takes to work through whatever it is we're talking about to get the final cut. So give yourself grace, take a few cuts and find a way to integrate that part of you into whatever it is that you're already doing on Instagram because it's important people just want to see you. They want to see the person behind these squares, these beautiful work that you're creating and you're sharing with them. So you know whether you are an artist or not, if you or even just a hobbyist is still, is something that I feel like is so important word. We're getting to a point I think, where I just saw a robot deliver food to a table the other day it was on some news thing. And I was like, not only is that eliminating a job market, don't even get me started on that. But I mean, not even having like a personal touch when you go out to dinner. It's just we're getting to a point where I feel like we're losing contact with each other. And although it can be awkward, although it can be uncomfortable, I think people genuinely appreciate the vulnerability and the courage it takes to put your face with your gray roots and your poor lighting on camera and say hearing, I'm hearing and take me, I have something to offer. It's beautiful, it's good. And leave it at that. So you are worth it. Don't ever for a moment think that you're not enough to give that side of you. I promise you are. And I promise it will be life-giving if you haven't already implemented, implemented this facet into your business or whatever it is you're doing on Instagram. So thank you for letting me jabber you. I don't tend to do a whole lot of that in the beginning and ending of these videos. But I felt like this class merited just a little bit more talk about my thoughts behind, um, what it is that I've shared and how to continue to build your platform. And, you know, it's not about the numbers, but it is about the connections. And connections do equal numbers at times. So I'm trying to find that right way to put it all together and gave you this chunk of goodness to take with you and just to continue doing whatever it is you're doing because you have been called to do that. So thank you. Thank you for giving me this space today. Thank you for allowing me to share my education. You could even call it that myself learned trade. But if you have any questions following this class, don't hesitate to write to me, I'm here and I would love to continue this dialogue. I'll do the best I can. I have two small babies at home as most of you know, but I am always happy to chat via Instagram. I'm great and answering my message is not so much an e-mail unless it is website related. So but I also have a team member to help with some of that stuff too. So anyway, thank you for your time today. I wish you well, but lots of love and peace to you as you move forward in pursuing your dream career, whatever it is. All right.