Creating Habits That Stick - A Step-By-Step Guide

Catrinel Girbovan, Life and Business Coach, PhD

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12 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Science of Habits

    • 3. Essence of Time

    • 4. Intention

    • 5. Keystone Habits

    • 6. Breaking Down Habits

    • 7. Setbacks

    • 8. Rewards

    • 9. Commitment

    • 10. Tracking

    • 11. Class Project

    • 12. Summary and Conclusion

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Project Description

Let's keep this simple, choose one behavior you want to turn into a habit and track it for 30 days!

Required Material:

  • Copy of the Habit Formation form
  • Copy of the Habit Tracker form
  • Pen/Pencil

1. Print the attached Habit Formation form & fill out the required fields as detailed below.

2. First, pick one behavior you would like to turn into a habit! Once you decide on a behavior, you will then define your intention and describe why this behavior is important to you. NOTE: Try to start small but pick a habit that you're excited about incorporating into your life and avoid choosing elusive habits.

3. Proceed by identifying your three R's (the Reminder, the Routine or actions you will take and the Reward(s) you have picked for yourself).

4. Anticipate setbacks and come up with solutions in order to overcome them as they arise.

5. Using the Habit Tracker form included, track your behavior for 30 days (you may use the tracker to track your habit(s) beyond the 30 days and reprint as needed!)

6. Share a picture of your completed forms & let others see how you overcame setbacks and what rewards motivated you!

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