Creating Gluten Free Freedom for the Gluten Free Newbie | Lynn Mendelsohn | Skillshare

Creating Gluten Free Freedom for the Gluten Free Newbie

Lynn Mendelsohn, Gluten Free and Essential Oil Expert!

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8 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Gluten Free Dining out Tips

    • 2. Gluten Free Travel Tips

    • 3. Gluten Free Mindset Tips

    • 4. Gluten Free Flour and Mixes

    • 5. Cosmetics

    • 6. Books

    • 7. Gluten Free Resources

    • 8. Let's raise a Glass!


About This Class

Have you recently been told by a health professional to go Gluten Free?  Are you having trouble seeing the possibilities?  Now's your chance to learn all the gluten free alternatives out there and have fun while doing it!  





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Lynn Mendelsohn

Gluten Free and Essential Oil Expert!

I'm a Certified Health Coach, Former Educator, Event Planner, Essential Oils Educator, Gluten Free Coach, and Creator of the Official Gluten Free Tour of New York City which was recently recognized in the Delight Gluten Free Magazine! If you're new to being Gluten free you should definitely contact me! When I'm not working, I'm traveling or being a massive Foodie (Gluten & Dairy Free)! I also love performing Random Acts of Kindness and helping causes close to my heart!

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