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4 Videos (32m)
    • Class Preview

    • Diamond Shape and Gradients

    • Polygon Shapes

    • 3-D Cube Patterns


About This Class


Want to create cool geometric shapes? 

We will conquer three distinct geometric designs. 

We will start slowly and begin with a simple diamond shape. We will review how use “snap to grid” in adobe illustrator to easily create these shapes. 

Next we will cover polygon shapes and design one with a texture background. 

Lastly, we will do a 3d cube pattern that we can use as a background or texture. 

So let’s learn together!

11 of 11 students recommendSee All

This class gives clear, detailed instructions for making geometric shapes in illustrator. Lindsay Marsh patiently demystifies the art of making sparkling diamonds and custom backgrounds using simple step by step processes. An excellent addition to my skills library. I recommend this class to anyone interested in any sort of graphic design.
This has been a helpful class. Watching has inspired me to experiment with geometric patterns for branding projects. I like the way you apply gradients to add another dimension to your designs.
Heather Lee

brand identity strategist

This is a very useful class for anyone wanting to explore a range of vector drawing tools for creating and finishing geometric design elements and patterns. Thoroughly recommend.
Chris Heath

Writer | Designer | Illustrator





Lindsay Marsh

Teacher & Freelance Designer 13+ Years ✅