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Creating Fun Stop Motion Animations with Phone

teacher avatar Elena Fay, Watercolor Artist & Fashion Illustrator

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Tools we need

    • 3. What is stop motion?

    • 4. Storyboard

    • 5. Examples of animations with different number of frames

    • 6. Setting up light

    • 7. Tripod hacks

    • 8. Filming outdoors

    • 9. Project 1/ Moving forward

    • 10. Project 2 / Reverse video

    • 11. Bonus / behind the scenes of coffee stop-motion

    • 12. Final words

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About This Class


Hi everyone!

Welcome to my new class!

In this class, I’m going to show you everything you need to know to start creating fun stop motion animations using just your phone and imagination.

Stop motion may seem tricky, but in this class you’ll see how easy it is to create interesting animations without fancy equipment or complicated software.  

If you are looking for a fun creative project with your kids, stop motion will definitely keep your kids busy:)

Through the lessons we'll be covering things like:

  • setting up your workspace with quick lighting
  • tripod hacks
  • planning your stop motion movie
  • filming process
  • editing your videos and sharing on different platforms 

By the end of this class you’ll be able to create your own stop motion videos and have a fun project to share with the world on your social media.

Are you ready to create a stop motion magic with me? If the answer is yes, grab your favorite items you want to bring to life and let’s get started!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Elena Fay

Watercolor Artist & Fashion Illustrator


Hi everyone, welcome to my creative playground:)

I'm a self-taught fashion illustrator, dreamer and explorer.

I started my blog in March, 2012 to share my passion for art and fashion. Over the years this space evolved and became a creative outlet to share things I love, my inspiration and everything creative.

Creating art for individual clients and big brands is a dream come true because every day I can play with my favorite paints and call it a job!

Creating is my biggest passion and I'm so excited that I can share and inspire you to create as well! I hope you enjoy my classes and have fun making some colorful mess!

You can find me on

Instagram / Blog / Pinterest

And subscribe to my blog for freebies and fun updates.

See full profile

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1. Intro : Hi, My name is Elena. I'm a freelance question illustrator, an artist behind the block. Elaine. Afraid that come in this class will be creating fonds stop motion videos using just a smartphone at the beginning. Stop motion may seem a little bit complicated, but as soon as you learn the basic idea and how the actual process works, putting all the elements together and creating a stop motion will be really fun and exciting. In this class, I will walk you through my process and show you step by step off, creating stop motion videos. We'll start with brainstorming some ideas and creating a storyboard. Then we'll go through planning the filming process and setting up the perfect workspace, and then finally build fuming, editing and sharing your videos on social media. I will show you different ways of creating a stop motion, and by the end of the class, you'll be able to create your own video using your favorite technique for this quest. You don't need a fancy camera, expensive software studio or complicated set up. All they need is your phone or a bit of patients and fun ideas. Are you ready to create a stop motion magic with me. If the answer is yes, grab your favorite items he want to bring to life and let's get started. 2. Tools we need: here is what we need to get started. You need the phone tripod to take steady pictures. Don't worry. If you don't have one, I will show you some tricks for setting up your phone without tripod. We also need some sort of light, usually during spring or summer days. I should videos by the window using natural daylight today. I'm not that lucky with the weather. It's raining dark and gloomy, and there is not so much light coming from the window, so I'll be using limbs. I command to use at least two so you can put them on both sides. Till would shadows. I'm using one big lamp that is about the table. That's what you can't see the video and to a small clip on reading lights. So the more light you have, the more professional and brighter you need to have a look. If you don't have a tripod, there are lots of ways how to keep your phone steady so a ruler close beans stack of books can be really handing. I'll show you some of my favorite tricks. Next, you need to download stop motion studio application. I tried different Abbas before and so far, this one's my favorite. It's free, easy to use and has everything we need for creating a stop motion. And we'll also need something for the background. You can animate the wreck. Lone table. I'll be using this phone board that I found a target, and they also have some options for colored boards or colored paper, so feel free to use anything that will make you New Nation pop. 3. What is stop motion?: before diving into filming. I wanted to spend a few minutes and talk to you about the project and stop motion in general. It will give you a clear picture and will help you in the filming process. So what exactly is stop motion? That motion is a combination of lots of photos showing a moving object. Basically, it's a frame by frame video where you take a photo of an object more with a little bit. They cannot a shut moved again. Take another shut and so on, depending on the length off, even here, and when you put all those photos together and play them quickly, it will create an illusion of movement. Depending on the length of your movie, um, and how smooth they want to show the movement. You will need a particular number off photos. Usually that motion animators take from 10 to 15 frames for one second of a movie. To get a very smooth movement, you will need more friends, and in each frame you add just a really small change to a moving object, and as the opposite less screams, you have less smooth. The movie will be. It's actually much easier and quicker to make animation like that, and I will show you a few examples so you can see the difference. 4. Storyboard: when they work on stop motion. The first thing I do is brainstorm some ideas and create a storyboard. If you want to create very simple animation, like moving an object across the screen or from one corner to another, then in this case you're not gonna need a storyboard because there's not so many details going on. And if it's something more complicated and you want to include different angles or some kind of a story than storyboard will be really helpful. And here's how I work on my story word. I usually draw just a few frames to show the beginning, middle and the end of the animation. For example, For this animation, I made the storyboard where I show where the object appears, how it moves, where it stops and what's happening in the middle and then in one direction. I want all the object to disappear from the screen, and sometimes I just write down what I need for the animation 5. Examples of animations with different number of frames: let me show you an example. So here I have some coffee beans, which is my absolutely favorite thing to animate. And I'm going to move them around the screen or just from one corner to another. So the setting an idea is the same. The only difference is how many frames I'm going to add to each animation. In the first video, I start moving the beans from one corner to another. Let's play the video and see what it looks like for our next video. I'm gonna use the same idea, same amount of coffee beans. But this time I'm gonna move them slowly, and it will take me more frames to get from one corner to another. Now, let's see the difference between these two videos. You can see that this video turned out smoother than the 1st 1 but it actually took me longer to shoot it. So based on this idea, you can decide if you want to take less or more frames for your animation. 6. Setting up light: here is a basic set you can do without any fancy equipment. When it comes to lightning in your best clamp, clamp light will work just fine. I recommend to use at least two so you can put them on both sides till word shadows. I'm using one big lamp that is about the table. That's why you can't see it in the video and to a small clip on rooting lights. So the more light you have, the more professional and brighter your video. Look for the background. I use white form work and large piece of paper, white paper or wide board on the side will work as a reflector, and we'll make the light softer. Experiment with positioning your lights because depending on how close and at what angle you put them from the same. It will affect the shadows. You can see that when they start moving the lamp, the shadows start moving to, and they get darker lighter, depending on how far the light is. So play around with your lights and find the perfect scene for your stop motion 7. Tripod hacks: in this short media, I will show you a few hacks for stabilizing your phone without tripod. It's quick and easy to make with stuff that you already have in your house for the 1st 1 that you will need to close pins, clip them on both sides, do gently toward scratching and would be ideal if you have a case on your phone. Second hack is the easiest one. Onley need is a large coffee monk. Just put your phone inside and waya you're ready to take some videos for our next happy will need. Paper, cup or scissors and something having to put inside the cup. Make two cards are in shape of triangle on both sides. Put something having in the cop, so it's nice and steady, and here you have it. Using this chick, you can take pictures in the horizontal way for taking photos on a flat surface. You need to stabilize your phone facing down, and for this you can use a stack of books or some kind of blocks. I'm gonna use my kids jungle blocks and put them next to each other, and now we need to create some kind of a bridge so you can use a board or plank. I'll be using three rulers and put them on top. Make sure it's steady. If not, put something heavy on both sides. I will put books double check if your construction is nice and steady and that it doesn't fall down in the middle of your project and another collective if you want to take photos far about from the floor. So instead off our stack of books or blocks like this used to stools and put some kind of a plank on top. So the whole point of the cedar is to show you that even if you don't have a special equipment, don't try to stop you from creation. Look around. I'm sure you can always find something in your house that you can use for the project. 8. Filming outdoors: when it comes to stop motion. Film me inside. This consistent light is ideal because you can control the light shadows and how bright your scene looks like. And if you want to feel me, stop motion outdoors. There are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, the sunlight will be changing, and if there are clouds in the sky or it's a win today, it will affect your stop motion. And here's an example. So one second it was nice and bright, but then son got covered by clouds and lots of shadows appeared than the wind started blowing. And when you play animation, you can see how flicker it is. So it turned out not a smooth as I planned. If it's a sunny day and clear sky or the opposite gloom, a date and this guy completely covered by clouds, then you'll be fine because they will be not so many changes in light. Also, if you plan to fume a just a few seconds of a movie, it's not gonna take you the whole day to take pictures. So don't worry about sunset with moving shadows. The only thing to consider is clouds and wind 9. Project 1/ Moving forward: creating a stop motion is easier than you think, and the final hours out is all this fun, and I'll show you how to create one. Using stop motion application. The key to creating a nice stop motion video is to keep your camera steady during the whole fuming process. Let's open stop motion studio application. Click on New Morning and make sure that everything is in frame. Click on the camera icon to take a first picture, then move your object a little bit. Take another picture when you press on the red button. That's your phone really gently without moving it. Move your object again. Take another photo and continue doing so until you get to the place you want. You can also use a timer to would moving the phone every time you catch the red bottom. - You can preview the video by pressing the play button, and if you like how it looks, you can upload it to your phone so the video press on the air in the top left corner and you can upload the video to your social media. I'll just save it to your phone, and here you have it as you can see. It was really easy to make, and the result is super cute and one more cheap. If you plan to any made Elektronik toys, make sure to turn them off or remove the batteries. Otherwise, they can start playing right in the middle of your filming process, and you plan to create a smooth animation will sail just like this widow Santa. 10. Project 2 / Reverse video: by now you are familiar with the basic idea of a stop motion, and you know how to set up a perfect workspace. So let's create one together, and I will walk you through the whole process. In this medium, I will show you my favorite style of a stop motion where we do the composition of the image . The main idea off this type off a stop motion is we actually start with creating the very last frame off the animation. Then frame by frame, we start destroying the image and start moving objects around the screen. And when you play this more the in reverse, it will look like a little objects come together to create a beautiful image. And one of the examples is Revere Eo. I used for the introduction, and in this video I will show you how I usually shoots that motion using natural daylight. I personally really love fuming by window. But there are some things to keep in mind as I mentioned before. The light will change, and it will affect the color, photos and intensity of shadows. So when you should buy window using daylight, you need to do it fast. to avoid all this changes, and that's why I spend the majority of time on preparing everything I need. All items will be here on the desk and also setting up the space. So go grab everything you want to any meat and let's get started now. Everything looks good. Let's open stop motion studio application. Click on new movie and make sure that everything is in frame and I will make a heart out of pistachios that will be right in the center of the screen. The key to creating a nice stop motion video is to keep your camera steady during the whole fuming process. Because if in the middle of the key pictures you accidentally bombed to the camera and moved, we can clearly see it in the video. Also, double check that your phone is charged because there is nothing more annoying to be very close to finishing the project and realizing that your battery is almost dead, and if you'll try to plug in the charger, it will move the phone and will affect the video. Now let's move to the actual process. So I have some oranges, pistachios, some kind of decorations for the background, and I'm going to move the pistachios in the hard shape right in the middle of the scene. In your story board, you can describe step by step, which will make your process easier. This example will be really simple just a few seconds animation, so I don't really need a storyboard for this one. So I kind of pictured in my mind the whole process and how pistachios will get from this part to the center of the scene. Now I see that this branch, the creation, is too close to the center, and every time I move pistachios, it moves as well, which can make animation Chappy. So I'm going to adjust it, and it's not going to move when I take pictures. So before actual filming, I make sure that everything is in place and make all the adjustments. Click on the camera icon to take a first picture, and now, very slowly, I start messing up the hard shape and moving pistachios out of the screen. Then move your object a little bit. Take another picture when you press on the red button that your phone really gently without moving it, move your object again take another photo and continue doing so until you get to the place you want on a side note. Over the course of filming this class, the weather changed drastically. For example, a few days ago it was raining nonstop. Yesterday we had our first snow, and today is a beautiful sanity and waste on my short example videos. You can see that I use different setups inside and outside, and I recommend you to experiment as well, because you never know which one. Even like more. Until you tried, you can preview the video by pressing on the play button on by scrolling through frames. Right now, video plays in real time, but we want to make it play backwards, and to do so, press on the first or last frame the window will pop up and choose the option. Select. Select all the frames, scroll on through the first frame, press on the frame again. This window with options will prop up again and this time, select rivers and now salute the video and you can save it to the phone or share on social media. 11. Bonus / behind the scenes of coffee stop-motion : 12. Final words: Thank you so much for joining me in this class. I hope you had found animating and bringing your ideas to life. And I would love to see you stop motion magic. So when you're done with your project, don't be afraid to share with your friends on social media. And if you post it on Instagram who stabbed me so I can find your video as well. Also share you work in the project section. You can attach the video or a screenshot with a link to this video so all students from the class can find it and shower you with some lob.