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7 Lessons (41m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Resources & Inspiration

    • 3. Procreate Tools & Interface

    • 4. Creating Pumpkins

    • 5. Exporting Your Pumpkin

    • 6. BONUS! Animating Your Pumpkin

    • 7. Class Project

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About This Class

This is the first part in a series of short, fun classes on creating fall themed art on the iPad. The first class is short and sweet-creating pumpkins! Just in time for some Halloween fun and getting our toes wet with Procreate and animating with ImgPlay



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Jei -

Sharing What I Learn On My Art Journey


Hello and welcome to my profile page.

I consider myself an artist in training. I'm on Skillshare to learn and share the tips and tricks that are working and have worked for me. Good luck on your own artistic journey. Happy arting!

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1. Introduction: hi and welcome to my class, creating fall themed art on the iPad. This is the first of several quick and easy to follow glasses to get you started using different art app on the iPad or similar device. This is a companion to my other class, creating a digital journal on the iPad. For this part, one will be using procreate, but feel free to use another art app that you feel comfortable with. This class is all age and level friendly. You can complete this in under 20 minutes and have a fabulous pumpkin or to toe add to your journal or what nots. I'll also include free resource is and bonus videos on animating your pumpkin as well as more process videos. For this class, you'll need an iPad or similar an apple pencil or similar Silas Procreate, Oregon. A. Similar aren't application. If you do decide to do the bonus, which is animating your pumpkin, you will need image play or in similar application for your glass project. I want you to upload your pumpkin and share it with the rest of your classmates. Feel free to share an animated or non animated one. We just all want to see your pumpkin. That's enough about the class. Let's jump right in and get started 2. Resources & Inspiration: Let's go ahead and talk about the resource is for your class. So these air three great sites that I highly recommend on I personally used the 1st 2 all the time for different projects. And the great thing about thes sites is that you can use these for both your commercial and personal projects for free because their copyright free and these are great for inspiration . When you're thinking about what kind of pumpkin you want to do, as well as when you're drawing you now, you can always check out the class resource section for images and links that I've personally found helpful. And again, you have the three links at the bottom. Feel free to check them out at any time. 3. Procreate Tools & Interface: So let's go ahead and start talking about pro creates tools and interface. So when you first open up procreate, you'll see something similar. This is your gallery view, and hopefully yours isn't quite as cluttered as mine. Um, what you're going to want to do is go ahead and start a new canvas. So you're gonna go to that little plus symbol in the right hand quarter and touch that, and then you'll be presented with different size options for your canvas so you can see some of the ones that I've saved in some of the ones that come as standards. If you don't find one that you like, feel free to go to create custom size. So once you do that, you'll then see something like this, which is the canvas view. And if you click on the two squares, you'll see your layer options. So as you can see, I have two layers, which is really important so that we're not painting directly on that background color or that background layer rather, and to the right of that, we have the color menu on the left of that, we have the eraser than the smudge tool and then the brush tool and the brunch tool is the tool you'll use most often for painting and drawing your pumpkin and then going further down. You have what I think of as the manipulators. You have the transform tool, the selection tool, the filter tool. And then you have the option tool that little rich. And if you click or touch rather that little wrench, then we'll have the option, um, under image to insert a photo. I remember how you went out and you gathered all those great reference photos. Will. Now's the time to insert one or more of them into your canvas so that they can inspire you and influence you as you're creating your pumpkin. So as you can see, that's what I've done. I picked a photo that I really liked. I liked the face. I like the shape and I like the color. So I have that to help me as I'm painting my pumpkin 4. Creating Pumpkins: let's get started making our pumpkins. Now that I have the canvas set up the way I want with my reference in the left, um, I'm gonna go ahead and start showing you a few different ways that you can go about tackling your pumpkin shape. Um, this will be in real time, and it's a little bit long. It's about six minutes. So feel free to speed this up as needed. I am gonna walk you through it. Um, and one thing that I want you guys to keep in mind is that these are just the few ways that I've done it, but feel free to do it. However you feel, um, makes you comfortable, so starting that I'm going to go ahead and create a new layer. And on that new layer, I'm going to start sketching out a shape for my pumpkin. And for me, I usually didn't kind of take my time. And I can be really slow sometimes when creating art. So hopefully it won't take you as long. But if it does, no worries. Just relax and have fun with it, I guess. And so you can see here. I'm just working out the shape, um, working out the top. And then I'm figuring out how I want my stem to look, and I've decided to deviate a little bit from the reference picture. I'm gonna go ahead and have mine leaning to the left instead of the right. And once I'm happy with that, I'm going to change the opacity. And then I'm going to create a new layer underneath that. And then I'm going to use the selection tool, which looks like an s, and I'm going to kind of trace the outline of my pumpkin. And I'm going to choose a color from my pumpkin just a solid basic orange, and then using my finger on the dot, I'm going to drag that over to the selection, and it will feel kind of like procreate magic, I guess. And I'm gonna do the exact same thing with the stem. I'm going to outline the shape, pick a color that I like and then put my finger on the little thought in the corner of the circle and then drag that over to the canvas and you might have seen my brushes flash for just a moment. I'll put a link to the brush pack that I'm using up in the class resource section. It's a fantastic pack, which unfortunately care of the name of offhand. But it's free, Um, and I'll have a link to that. Hopefully will give the creator a shout out. He was really nice to share it for free, especially. But anyway, I'm just working on that a little bit. And once I'm happy with shape. Excuse me. Once I'm happy with shape, I'll just work a little bit more, um, on the top to kind of help myself later tell the difference between what's the top and once the bottom. But you don't have to. So basically, I just took that transform tool, and I'm moving over my pumpkin so that it's out of the way and I can do another pumpkin, and I'm also going to create a new layer for my second pumpkin on the second. Pumpkin is a different way you can do it. So after you have an initial sketch, you can just take your brush tool and turn the opacity all the way up. So if you see on the left hand side, there's like that little menu so that bottom little slider, move it all the way up and then outline your shape. And then, just like the selection tool, pick a color and then drag that color over and you'll see me do it again with stem. So you see me outlining the shape and closing it completely and then dragging the color over to the shape I just made. And as you can see, the bottom didn't fill with green because it's already filled with orange. So I'm just taking my brush and going back and just straightening that out a little bit and then working on my top. And now that I'm happy with that and get it moving with the transform tool and then play around with shape a little bit, make it a little bit taller, maybe turn it a little bit, See what I think about it. I mean, you can do whatever you want. It's your pumpkin. You can hear really flat. You make a really big you could make it really skinny. It's up to you. And now what I'm gonna do now is the method usually use, which is just play around until I like it. So I didn't even really need a sketch for this, but since I already had it, I just kept it. So I'm gonna take my brush and just continue to put paint on the canvas until I have a shape that I like. And then if I don't like a particular area, I'll take the eraser and erase parts that I don't like, and that's what you'll see me doing for the next few minutes. It's just kind of doing that, finding a shape that I like and then erasing the parts I don't and so on and so on. And then again, on the left hand side, you can see me playing around with the sliders. That top slider is for the size. The bottom slider is for the opacity. So how much paint you put on the canvas and that little middle square you can configure under the settings with the wrench? But I have mindset to the eyedropper, so some things to play around with. And if you're thinking, Oh my gosh, what then? Don't worry. Feel free to ask questions in the class section or feel free to check out. Some of those links. All provide to the actual handbook as well as to other classes here on skill share that go way in depth and to procreate. But again, this is just a quick class. So I'm gonna be showing you just the tools that we're gonna be using for this class and talking about those and so again, working on my shape. It's looking a little bit like a orange tomato, but that's OK. Still working on it, still kind of deciding what I want to do with it. And now I'm carving in a little bit with the airy sir so that it's not quite so round, but also not quite as square. And you can see I'm playing around with the opacity to make sure I have nice clean edges. And once I'm finished, I'll go ahead, emerged down that sketch layer onto my final pumpkin, and I'll move that play around the shape just a little bit until I'm happy. And so now that I have three that I like, I'm just gonna line them up and I'm ready for the next step. Now that I've got the basic shape down, I'm ready to start were healing the details and for this is about 15 minutes, riel time. I'm going to go through it, you know, at a pretty leisurely base. So feel free to speed this up. There's not gonna be a lot of commentary because it should be pretty self explanatory. But if you have any questions, feel free to ask, and I'll try my best to answer. But basically what I'm going to do is I'm going to be working on the finer details like the light, um, the shadows, the shape of the face, fleshing out the step a little bit more so that it looks a little more three d will all of it, actually, and not just the system. And one of the big things I'm going to do is I'm going to use Alfa Lock. So if you open up layers and the you touch the picture, um, of the pumpkin in layers, you shouldn't get a little pop up, and you should see Alfa Lock and with Alfa Lock um, checked. Basically, what is going to do? It is going to take all of your transparent part of your canvas or the parts you haven't painted on and is going toe lock that area. So now you're free to paint entirely on your pumpkin without worry about going past your public in shape. So I really love doing this because it keeps it nice and clean once you have a basic shape , and so from there is just basically playing around. Like I said, with color and light and just do I like this doing out like that, so feel free to speed through that or watch it if you like. 5. Exporting Your Pumpkin: Now let's go ahead and export that pumpkin you've created. Once you're happy with your pumpkin and you feel that it's finished, it's time to get it out of procreate on the way we do that is by exporting it for me. Personally, I like to have a transparent background if I'm animating something, so to do that, I go to the layers, which is again the two squares. And then I go to that bottom layer, the background layer and where it's got the check mark. I touch it and it should disappear, and your background should be transparent or clear. If you like the background that you have, feel free to keep it. But once you do that, you're going to go over to the wrench and then share and you'll have file options. And those file options, um, will allow you to export it as a J peg, Um, a PSD, a PNG and so forth and just keep in mind if you wanted to be transparent or clear, you need to share it as a PNG file, and so I'm going to show you a quick clip of me doing that so you can see that again really quickly. I'll do it one more time, cuz share P and G and then the options on where you want to share it. 6. BONUS! Animating Your Pumpkin: Now let's get into the fun part, the animation. So now we're onto the fun part, which is getting it ready, Toe enemy. And for this I want to make it look like there's a Campbell within. So there are flames flickering, and I do that by duplicating the face. Um, and I play with Layer Moz to give it a glow effect, and it's a little beyond this quick guide, but you can also go up to the top left where they're filter options and then selection options and play around with Buller and things like that. But for now, we're going to keep it simple. In this clip, I'm going to show you I've got a few different faces of in a duplicated fume, or and then I'm going to touch in. And then I'm going to choose one of the layer Moz like color dodge or, um, like color burn screen. Lighten things like that, and I'm also gonna play around with the opacity, and you'll also see me touching the check mark and then touching it again to see what it'll look like when I animated and it starts to flicker. So go ahead and do that. - So now that you have all these different layers with faces, it's time to start exporting. Each one says a little bit tedious, but you're just going to do what we did in the prior video. Um, exporting. We're gonna do that a few different times. So it's just basically, um, de select are high the layers that you don't want and then export the layer that you do want and then go back. Um, high that layer, show the layer that you want export that so just kind of rinse and repeat, rinse and repeat. And I'll show you a few times you can see me turning all different faces and turning off other faces that I've already exported, And I'm saving it to my photo library to make it easier for when I open up image play and start making a video from that. And if you need to, you can repeat this section, but we're gonna move on. So I do want you to be careful. Um, up ahead or coming next are going to be some flashing lights. So should that trigger any medical conditions, please be careful. Maybe just skip it. Um, maybe fast four through it because it is going to be flickering very rapidly as we try to figure out the pace. So just keep that in mind, okay? And then moving on, I've opened up the app image play. Um, if you don't want any ads on your finished product, you will have to pay a little bit for it. But if you don't care if it has a watermark, you don't have to pay eso. As you can see, I have four different images. And so once I open it up, I'm going to go ahead and start selecting the images that I want. And so now that I have the you can see, the speed is really fast Year, right? That doesn't look quite as natural as I would like. So I'm going to slow it down a little bit and then speed it up until I get the right timing or a timing that I like. And so once I've done that, I want to crop it. Unfortunately, that's something you can't do in the current vert version of procreate. But I think in the next version you will be able to, but here I am, cropping it And now that I'm happy with that, gonna play around with the timing just a little bit, and I like it. So I'm gonna go ahead and share it. And these are the options that I have. And then I'm good to go. I'm finished. 7. Class Project: Now we've come to one of my favorite parts of each class, and that's the class project. Now for your class project, I'm looking forward to seeing either your non animated or animated pumpkin. So please do upload and share those as well as any tips or tricks you might have picked up about procreate or the art app of your choice. Thanks for sharing your time and hopefully your pumpkins with me and happy creating. I look forward to seeing you in future classes on creating art on the iPad.