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Creating Engaging "Narrative Infographics"

Jane Lennon, Software developer and graphic designer

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9 Videos (24m)
    • Why narrative infographics?

    • Step 1: Create the scenes

    • Step 2: Find the images

    • Step 3: Color palette

    • Step 4: Put it all together

    • Step 5.1: Design Process: The garden and the outsides

    • Step 5.2: Design Process: Placing the images in the set

    • Step 5.2: Design Process: Coloring the rooms

    • The result

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About This Class

Narrative infographic: Let the viewers understand without reading a single line!



Infographics are definitely a huge trend. But is it creative and eye-catching an infographic that has just some numbers, percentages, icons and text? Are the viewers able to understand what is the article content just by the graphics?

Well, that is a challenge!

Let's make infographics that narrate the story and make viewers understand what is the article about without reading a single line.

In this lesson I will try to intrigue your creativity in order to think more from a story telling point when designing an infographic than just put on your project some relevant icons, numbers and texts in pretty colors.

You will mainly work with already made icons in order to create the class project infographic and the important and fun part is to concentrate in assembling the relevant to the story  icons into a big cohesive graphic.

the noun project is a very good source of icons, but feel free to look around for the icons that fit you and post any sources you know.

I hope you have fun!!





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Jane Lennon

Software developer and graphic designer


My name is Jane Alefragi and on skillshare I go by the name Jenny Lennon. I have studied Computer Science and Graphic Design

I have been working for almost 7 years in the software industry as a developer. During this time I got to collaborate with  UI designers a lot and developed an interest for their craft. That was when I decided to expand my knowledge and study graphic design. 

Today I have a passion for both fields and I draw great satisfaction fr...

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