Creating EFFECTIVE Podcast Intros and Outros - SIMPLE TIPS to make your podcast come ALIVE

Donald Fittsgill Jr, No more learning the hard way

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5 Videos (11m)
    • Introduction

    • Creating a Podcast Intro

    • Podcast Music

    • Creating a Podcast Outro

    • Tricks of the Trade


About This Class

Creating Effective Podcast Intros and Outros

Are you looking to make your podcast come alive with an effective podcast intro and outro? This class will cover the following topics:

  • How to create an effective podcast intro
  • Podcast Music
  • How to create an effective podcast outro
  • Tricks of the trade

This class is recommended for anyone looking to make their podcast intro and outro come alive.

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Good insight.... short, sweet and to the point. I am checking out the teachers voice acting class. Recommended.
Me and a couple of buddies are going to be starting a Dungeons and Dragons Podcast, and I had no blessed idea where to even begin! Gratefully, Donald Fittsgill stepped in to be that first paving stone on my way to successfully making something other people won't immediately regret listening too. Short, effective, and frankly engaging throughout the whole 9 minutes. Give it a shot, worst case scenario you're out less time than it takes to wait for your order at a fast-food resturant.
Very Energetic, straight to the point and informative. No extra fluff!





Donald Fittsgill Jr

No more learning the hard way

I am Donald Fittsgill Jr., the host of the podcast, The Donald POV. I have a bachelor’s degree in finance from Texas Tech University and countless years of professional experience in financial services. I've been described as a  passionate entrepreneur and lively mentor of entrepreneurs. I'm  also a course creator that has studied the fine points of instructional design. The courses that I create are structured to promote maximum student retention of information...

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