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Creating Different types of Ad Campaigns on Google Ads

Sagul JP

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12 Lessons (1h 25m)
    • 1. Overview of Google Ads

    • 2. Keyword Research Fundamentals

    • 3. Keyword Match Types

    • 4. Search Ad Campaign Setup

    • 5. Display Ad Creation

    • 6. Designing Display Image Banner Ads

    • 7. Advertising on Youtube

    • 8. App Advertising on Playstore

    • 9. Remarketing to Previous Website Visitors

    • 10. Remarketin with Customer Lists

    • 11. Conversion Tracking

    • 12. UTM Tracking with Google Analytics


About This Class

Google Ads is a advertising medium or platform developed by Google to help business owners and entrepreneurs to advertise their products or services online on different ad networks like Youtube, Playstore, Google Display Network and Google Search. This class teach you to set up and optimize different types of ad campaigns on Google Ads.


1. Overview of Google Ads: Hi there. So in these outlets and showing you hold located burning goal. So in this, like really show you the basic interface. So you could about seeing this in the international formal video. So did so. The glass. So this is you, all of you. If it like this, you can see all campaigns. So if I create a multiple campaigns, you can say the next year on since argued that only one camping you can see when the company that is the campaign in its water drive. So these campaign to put simply deported in the main dashboard like these are the groups. So why don't I have groups? The main money off the campaign is to bring looking for the order, right. So add rooms are the bigger based on keywords and in the such a list. So if I going to pick on totals, there will be a more than 56 qx year. So weddings in London, Choice by the doctors in my life jobs. So this kid whatsoever Common Done right, So Hoddle's so it's so tired. Alexis de Common Tom here. So it is Google in the group light on my So we can see is the aggro. So this carbon content see what's what they don't. So I told her, right. So I was grouping this kid. What's in tow? I hope so. Large melon when you see another. So you're gonna see this. Kipper ties Tom's lawyers. So a group of this in tow, that's why I'm doing this is to improve the quality, the scope. So what? It's 1/4 to school. I just want more singing next lesson. So if you're ready hard copy the key word. Dramatic Our copy. So do this. I'll segregated this absolutely separate, right? So cooking jump on toe conference here. So these only add groups on these other questions about God. They live in the cool such presents. So if I go on order ordination Bellantoni so it has scored Didn't get sold off or nothing. Persons here it's on the sixth Best for community are different. 6 55 persons. I got sort of a cliques within seizure off long before, right. This will be a number off. Persons are what I got from mobile phones like nuclear syndicated mobile phones on recurrence, indicating that blacks and so when the company right So this is the networks. When a drug is the medal, it's very published, Max here. And these are the timings. When my district, right so next to the recommendations will recommend you some keywords and other attacks toe get off. Had for fumble under you can. So you didn't see like so we saw the observation on the committee. Who will here? So next week we had extensions. So I have that so many expenses here so you can see the extensive by kicking the extension steps in the added expense instead. Here. So this is the extension type off call extensions shown your in the induction video. I want alone cards using this extension. Right. So if you use a trick on this mobile number, if indirectly go to the planet off the moment, so from them that you can just barely holding on core input about the booking state. So the instrument landing since the orderly, separate landing by this, and they don't want me toe, no clear credit separate lining for that. But I recommend toe courteous, separate lighting by just if you're running for business, right. So I just use the one paid up the order on. So in extreme Mickey, what's here? So eventually what's the most clicks? Most impressions. So you can just click consort the this in the order But taking on this So next to the audience Sobolev, a pre defined Adolf audience, they don't definitely getting really so to entry barred calories sweets miss for your business. So next is demographic CIA They do to the age, gender and also didn't come toe in many countries also comes out our liberal but something just like us it does. They also income another Bill Gates, right? So it that's all we that looks like on it is the tools options you're gonna go on such for new API. What's with people plan on before running the campaign like you So you can go on such for your keyword and see where whether we are distributing gold, right? So this is the event manager on Is the commotion school and Alex another labour stuff here . So I have a showing this digital in the formal essence for no this going both are in this school. It's a very complex if you take something to get most of that this poor right, So that's it for now. I was in the next few minutes 2. Keyword Research Fundamentals: hi there in this letter going to show you how to do keywords research on Get these keywords in, putting toe second and start building your delights. So there so much number off fiber. I mean, keyword told somewhere in the Internet, the primary to, like went really on this planet from pool and words. So if you do some Google about this keyword such tools, we're gonna get a lot of idea. So I'm going to click on fostering enhancing what seems to come list in this block. I seem to start coming something good, competent on the street that I can see the keywords off your competence. Their ranking on bouquet was much so here. This will admit variously status fast in this rub, and that's come to the I would find her. Next is most what explorer on the next media seems to have committed. So you can see. And unless the did anyone in this kind of law courts pressing a button dot com as mentioned . So neighborhood admission some 10 feet stools. Next comes the only six interceptions your new teams keep toe. I mean, the people that I was, it's been mentioning Senator still come right. So next week, the maximum chance on Cuba's excuse by So they have so much to title in the market. So it's up to you whose toe enough the paint. Or so I'm going to be on simply to like Alexa gaffe dot com. So you mean you know the meaning? Often it's right. Religion is letting somatic indexing the same afterwards. Are you in more ways than with sexual smell? Because he's the wiring is clear, so I'm going to just see hudl sing you So that's going So this story, obviously electric keywords for these sin que where you can sell it was also to get the idea off. What business intent getting People are searching for business online so you can see what does your gut the key? One stinky work on this told you sound anything less importance in New York City based orders in York City based products in your city Bank Square. So I guess it would be some what's with Sommella things, right? So I'm just going to copy this on page it in the adverts plan. So since the best one for this came out of such, you can get the keep of almost in give a free throw a few everything. It seems like a more masculine experience that takes always based on box to you with this. So I'm going to use the open three sq exported here. Thank you. We can just giving the locations. Another little stuff. You're so I'm greatest. Give us. Right. So this pecan savior so right, it is a full on goods apartments for me. I'm just using Google and our languages so negative us you can into negative keywords which you don't want to target on. You can get rid off this our recent monthly warrant or less than you want. Oh, get clicks on extra breathing ideas closely with my search jumps another little starts, right? So this is the day drink and keep what stream pure. So if you want to lag sometimes in the key word and see the results, we can just keep an issue. So I'm just picking one. Get ideas. All right. So that you can see an 80 wooden's as I want 40,000 on fire under 20 touches that is adamant slated for the past four months. And you have so if they go inside For United States, the Parliament is right. So it isn't the average We've been in the entropy, So if we can work this in tow, you know the US dollars if you come around for us dollars six U. S. Dollars, so it is only worth here. Goes suggest So we can both on this on to the ridiculous our weights public, right? So if they go and kick on plan if you come like that so you can add and number of Cuba's as their wish in the country. So you're gonna try and check whether what will be the big lemon? You're OK to get harmonically So I'm going to enter a run 65 secret $1 on going to spend a day. But it off 6 57 legal. Then you must on site. So if I don't so I will get down 52 point for 64 1 clicks and impressions with this right for that scene, you can go on unless he was like this. On the 100 by year's tool, we lose our father some arid areas and schools. So cheap hotels, goulash group Chipotle's dumps in the group and likewise it will group The Abu's, based on the most such offsets jumps in the key words. Right? So based on this again, just like I plan on, get the stats from me, right? So just go and do some basic sets on these stools like it seems not going mosque. You what he would find her. Another letter softens just reading this back post from Naperville and rending on Get an idea of how to use killer systems. So that's it. Final everything. The reminiscence by 3. Keyword Match Types: hi there. It doesn't show you the types off key works already been cool. And what's for dessert? For that? Keyword types are enabling, right? So what is the board match? Type on extras. The first match on the lawsuit. Digs admits a papist negative bullets, right, So they're on a date skewered late, resulting video. Right here they are the love guru so you can see the pasta, please board match. So if you enter months that's in Google. It will trigger actuator with these. So if it isn't just for humans, caps also been together since the campus they are sending off hydrate. So with the problem off, this given type is that it's about must I. P's will get more clicks on either and clicks, since it is not only that right? So I don't recommend you to use this time of keywords by your any you are campaigns on. The next take is broad Matt's money for you so it funds and there I mean forcing within the dark knight and face much so the Army ticket would leave the words with somebody's mentioned before. So in this case, someone's ads will be forget. One leave the place symbol that is one. See spending the key work, right. So next time it will be faced much here. So first much is nothing but the key word is in terrible in the courses like this for the anti material won't leave this world. This place is presenting the cable. Eric lost our in ju meaning more words can be incredibly in front. Off the cable are after the que at first sight So nothing but the keyboard is a keyboard Places interpreting the courts here in the last eight will be exact match keywords for the extra big to get one, Leave this voiding say the bracket is searched on, right, So this is called exact match Keywords on next type is negatively once it can be, the key was like that will look like if you don't want who trigger adds I mean, if you don't want to get access to certain keywords, you can add a minus symbol in front of the keyword on going on together ads for those little to excite. So that's it for me. Thanks. Keywords. Lecture in the 4. Search Ad Campaign Setup: Hi there. In this lesson, I'm going to teach you how to create a search at Andi, bid on global toe, get her rankings and kicks. Right. So let's get started. Coined the convents. Time here on extra stupid on the person. Guilty. Right. So pick on new campaign. So we're waiting doctor dates for on the search results. So let's search here. So what's your plan? My gold. Just fix Xperia, which so I'm going to get leads here, so I'm just keeping one needs. So these are the greatest set off as you can use that against you. Like to reach a goal. So I'm going, Going to use get set free seats are You can also get abdominal. Also get phone calls. So if you are reason, get phone calls. Type off gold feels that it's on the had deliberately leading to the phone data from there you can directly connect you through is right. So I'm going toe click on Get Massachusetts for now. I'm just getting us Haydn long larges dot com. All right. The district in one continue here. So the campaigning will be here are so in doing desk campaign and I'm going to a place in certain alone. So if you click on this General, Yes. So if you display some keywords related to the upset in the actions, a port attacks off mood. Right? So far, no, I don't want like this on this planet. So if you want to, you can just click on yous. So in extremely the Congress here, for example, I'm going to use here we are for four girls in your keyword, so I'm just treating you all right. So I just keeping so you can just click on on one such And it's cube, insidious as Willis, as to the religions, didn't want toe medical locations like cities post, you can just post the postal course on the country's usually right. So far. Now, it seems the example pyrite. So I'm going to target you have a room for based on your record Monday. Can't all the multiple locations here, so yeah, the language will be English next. I'm going to spend our own, you know, $50 means something. This 50 us stories here, So it's inter currencies India. I don't want oh convince us or take it as an example of $50 here, So the real method will be standard are subject. So if you go send it, you won't be more than day by the times they are read it off. Basing a month safe. You're spending for under a, which is revisiting the next time daily budget. You won't be spending more than merely by the so if you reflect isolated, we will charge more than the day by day and by you will get the results for them. Right? So the next time putting struck a different beauty. So, Maximus, please means if you get if you've been for this type of strategy, will get maximum strength will be a lot of money. You know, places acts to get maximum tricks from you. So these are the different left off building studies available. So my referencing started at such location, right? So this in they were like, I want Oh, hang on the first page on fostering in the center. So I'm just gonna direct relocation on we can create new port for eternity. Top off the results. Speak right. So I set up the first base different speech anywhere on leave. Very simple. So namely royal dog spirits provisions. Right? So you go and see whether I mean just a minute so you can focus on the conversions on automatic silicon waas before the different I'm very thing. I mean, the bidding started the as some rectal. I'm just giving you just We are here. So next the start inundates where they have toa start and stop an hour and you can just You're the timings in the next. So dynamic, such accidents get out of my story. So would a lot of really your dad's for you if you check this box. All right. Goon uses in that Self Europe's it already. It may have some catching up site, so using that data will create some acts. But I don't want toe created now, so I'm just wondering, are taking the next 16 cycling extensions. I mean, there are different types of cycling's expressions available, so I usually lose one by one. All right, so this is sadly extension, right? Fashion is the silence text, so I'm going to see hotel best sort of, right? Best sort of in and white, right? Getting this. Oh, call more days. So I'm just doing some random next year on it will be high time. Since this is the Thailand. I'm using a phone upset. No, this absolute small. Where? Later toe business. So far, I understand I'm using these upset, right? So just contribute here, So yeah, you can see the sighting extraction site. So this is the main at below this in patrol these alien extensions. So what is it yourself using cycling extensions? It will increase. What city? Or so Syria is one of the matrix off quality school which they said you are drinking with relief. If you're quality, sport is less on the unit for bidding for a moment. You won't get the strength since the call it score is on off the important thanks in good rankings, even if you pay. So next year's seedlings. You want excellent options so you can use custom urologist back the click getting from cycling your elections so that I don't want oh, set up. You know, I was shooting the separate lecture later. So you can said the race preference on the starting ended all the schedule. So as you wish, you can set up the time you want toe set up, right? So they send the signal sent it already. And for the total, he's a garden, right? So I don't want Oh, and it's a bit now. So these are the sole side. Think extension work. An extra will be called extensions. All right, so a lot of expenses like that simple highlights off your business. Have you told your you? Right? So they speak until you can see you can create animal and that display in a load number off fighting's sorry colored extensions here, so it will help the You said toe pick your this is our the advantages off picking your business strongly. So in extremely colonics consents, say, if you're giving this must just click on to leave here. You can see this is the number. If you click on December 11 do the they got off the phone from there contentedly conduct the business one. Or are the administration right? Next? It's audiences so you can create custom audience since our you know, As for my concert marketing, that is more marketing. You can just create custom audiences and tolerate them. So if they pick on face unsure the number off audience, it's later toe the Can we go right So this is already really finding goals in this is that it's not enough data to get up. So next year's abduction recommended former, but only now that each other campaigns select audiences with the option to Dr Sweets. I So I'm just getting the step on kicking. While you can also go on, see addition settings for you. So this is track testing, but extensions? We can add the reason you have played toe the search results and you can tell you at extensions extensions. So when extensive, they like the basics. Vincent's so district and going tickle all the extensions you right. So just click on sale and continue. The next dance will be dough. Add keep marks to the group. One of the key words such menu. He should create Agra, please. On the intent off the keyword. Such a loser. So I'm going to show you. Hold on good ad groups and copy the data here. So one using the seas so hidden against, like, an organ of sight. But even you, the key body else I'm getting photo right. It'll take on and on. I will tell you some diarrhea so we can just click in. Listen, will you be at the right moment? Earnestly. But it's a time printing process to fortify this. Just go to the keywords clamor. So it's a little strange sword and want to use it. But I said no. So I'm going to use the devious Ashinoff have scored joining the previous adverse your planet tutorial. We should advocate. What? Yes, we will do some running data like your areas. So after verifying this, country groups automatically Tobu Oregon man period. And so So I remove the with a group here, actually, from the initial status. So New York accommodation stayed off group, which has he was little the term accommodation in your right. So if I want black this group to the campaign about feeding, I'm just going to click on decide to plan here so we can to December 5 rooms here on the contrary plan. So this would be the forecast before you can test it out by building the I want here, we're going to spend for a rag campaign. So if you could go on last to get a new campaign, are adamant, nonexistent campaign. So since we all agree added for dumping you can click is on sale. So this high roof will be up out of himself this campaign. So in the case, China's the airport me are creating. Now I'm in the camp were cared enough. If it's like this ongoing 67 continue, It should be saying to me camping. Right? So no, the setting 70 on get accident drops. All right, so let's click on this. So next race too clean the hard for the ago. You can just copy this data. I mean, the ankle glamour. So now the advert ad groups having would have been sold to the camera creating. But you can also add memory The key words here. So you can just copy the data from the Alberts people planet on so far. No, before 65 year for the room on Kyle, I will be here. So if I click on Chipotle C would be out of here. Right? So just about much Cuba. You can ascend in the keyword types with you there. So much types off. I mean, exactly to be exact four tips off your talent. So my parrot type is I recommend you to use this phrase match If we can keep what's here. Um, you know, as first my so another example, issue can just go on to conquer radios. So it s que corn cheap. What does you are on? DSI also had the 10th keyword nasteex automatically. So country bang here. Just click on the heart for an extra kick on mats types here on Kay Connell on exact match office match based Daniel Kammen. So I'm going to click place much here? Yes. So just copy this data on restricting the all right. So I'll copy the RV. Mr Fastow grew and a wide coping. What I So you can just click on the seven continuous if it in the lost step. So save the report indicated to the campaign. So I'm this peak on this. I'm going to keep the country. But you can create whose? Okay, click on you at so great, right? They had no So the family will be example like heightened in all. Come here. So the ad text must match the keyboard. We are using more number off cdr for you. We don't use eventually were quiet. It's called will be reduced. Andi, If you cost you more right, so based on the ad room. They are group based on the mean the search terms in the keywords, right? The act accordingly. So I know I'm just getting to the end of next year. So this place that you can do some a condition even if you don't out this link the clearly my dad, obviously. But you can display some random link to actively. Who's that? All right. Still, this link by the user picked on the thinking to retire, taken to the final. All right, so this culture would be the best order. Example. Second killing. So you add X must matching the keyword things such as So you contributed to our city are usually since all right, so best what you know and like sleep. If I am using the sticks, the actual together in a way that you said so therefore takes with this he would come. All right, so next just done on pick on day one company. So that's it. You created the camping here and so on is going very old with different things on Eventually we long campaigns. It's a failure. It's a complex will just go on a loan for something to get expert this average to right, So just can't continue to campaign against the accommodation us when Ottoman Turkey. What? Right. That's an order Automatically store here. And this is the movie, Amanda. Security. So I'm going to create the So you will need to get some advice based on to die are given on gradually the campaign you like after some do you from the good, right? So I'm just going to get it this since I don't want toe African me, Captain. All right, so that's it. Located the such a campaign. So next repeated this lad campaign, I've been showing the next lesson. Bye bye. 5. Display Ad Creation: Hello there In the last time we saw how to get such a camera, right? So, you know, and I will show you how to play this bad campaign and goal and words for the death click on camp Instruct on click on this last time. Can you come from so district on this display camping here. So just become the primary body off your plate. So in this case, I want some leads for my website. Right? So standard dislike companies that this place ads on the states Don't approve my ghoul accents on demand companies. Nothing but the activity splayed on the commission's upset teammate. Right? So I'm just going toe Constand capital. And so the steps I didn't like, no dot com very upset and click on. Continue. So I'm going to name it does. I am here on. We'll talk it. So let's keep it us. India now on the language and the English on one of the buildings. Ready, delight. So commotions are people. Impressions are clicks. Commissioner, Chairman, we can just click on any of this, You know, I'm going to click on, so manual sits big on before clicks. All right, so if he said, Well, well, impressions here. Well, we tried for people in persons, so I don't want toe that district. One questions here. All right, so someone brings on average. I wasn't settings. Is Adam listen so well? Credit displayed handprints indicating zaun are 1 20 types of facts. So if you sat on this, the best performance will be before them given importance in the Mr Company. All right, so that's I think they believe the something Ford options. Are anybody here? So, Mr Nitta Camel, you can just pick on enough. This tradition so adds credibility are in a new one. I just said the Demings here. So next we start and end its so you can get this for starting and it for the campaign. So it should be the mobile tablets are he sees anything like you want. All right, So my prevents initial on already basis. So next is frequency capping. So many definitely want toe the user to see you so willingly done. We will impressions. Or we can sit on a play limit on the impressions. So the only on legal presences for lead side So locations people are food interests are people who are looking since people so interesting to our two persons, right? These are different options using location offense so you can get camping. Your elections attracted them separately near where I enjoyed it in the separate today. Up. So, Danny, guys planting this so you can based on the interest if you show your bags. So I don't want to use it now. So, content exclusions so had some all content. All right, so if you want Oh, exclude content enough this tendencies and speak on this. Right? So my name finally here. So here comes the audience port. So which type of audience are goingto so? This is very marketing audience. I mean, if you are considered the website, if you said it's a very upset already you can read other than using this. But for now, we don't have any marketing data. No upside. Who get more getting done? Yeah. I mean, a job could diagonal upside. I've been showing this separate. Listen. So next time off audiences affinity audience. Some issue says so. I feel you drawn circuits if you're going in dark. If that can be based on this keyword, right. So like and always new technologies Technolo benefits. So you can afford custom mama audience here if you're some data already. All right, so the next time with me being done. So this really in modern Continental custom intent, Right? So based on the doctor, you say we control, let them hassle. So just you just made to go a certainty. He only wanted toe blouse. Um, get ideo the place or the cute, right? So I do this. How about us? Sorry. No. Well, this kick on and, uh, formations, he would be a given this other new audiences present in the content on It's not already in market oriented, based on the long term and just all right, so parent accommodation things say things that is interested in travel and accommodation, this activity to get on the upsets impulses, right? If he reflect at school, that's and supple. So next, really big demographics. So this will be on the agenda of the age and destroyed us, so I don't want toe this a bit Now. I've been told you can and credited hospital. It was so extreme in London waiting so you can talk. It kind of based on keyword stuffing on placements. So my method is using statements. Say, if I'm going toe you PC police training, I'm going talking the people websites like based on key. What's literally Tony SecuritEs? I'm just keeping when he does you for whom did? Off Circuit City related toe. Iran executes lieutenants. But I put it on SecuritEs, you know, really was like abs and categories. You can also using Android on those, right? So Asano Gulas first donate hundreds of sites needed after in seconds. So they use a rose into six out close relation to alternate second. So I just go and showing the ads in this upset. All right? So you can just keep going. I don't know that name, which is saluted. We have benefits. I'm going to give a cute story when I felt it Upsides in electronic circuits. I'm just kidding on. Actually, I'm giving, so if you give some hopes its yet So I will just click on on this website based on this we can talking about in this based on the placement here, So just people wanted done. So if you want target audience missed on the keywords art off it, you can use these options. So whenever you use any stuff, separate keyword are a little kid wearing Google. And you know, if he goes for any other upset the admission so that really, if you choose this option so I can see course in training, so might be peace weeks in training here So you can just fire this sleeve Uses such as this what the display ad will be shown. Battery goes. Even if they are going for checking football school, it can be sure, right? So the next option will be The topic based on the topic has been sitting right. So anything searching for, like, drawn. So So I think on these topic belatedly attorney circuits you can see elliptical their points of data fits and Tony components upto 20 fiber and trying to be terribly to get a turn. Circuits right. So saints in entering technology, physics this later So you can just click these content targeting based on interest. All right, so next year's toe up for the adds toe before that I want to find out a minute. Are getting so using this option way following go to automate automation waiting on controlled automation. If you don't want to use school were automation. Just click on more automated Alberti to say already yourself as a singer. So for now I'm just living it with control Radio automation. But I sad will be some random later here and certify or so next is tau a protein despairs are you can also select talking to someone Are you using like this? And so after learning so you can see this one cannot. From this bad you will get some extreme That is bad. But I So you're gonna also up for the image this one terrified on the next time for me once again. So you're gonna 40 minutes here. So who was kind of afraid on being later committed to upset? So since it is based on electron ICS, you some He made it a little electronic, so you can just concert for the stock images, and they will All right, so I'm just keeping one. I didn't wanna start. Come. So we've been scanning groups. See what I've often wondered is available on bringing the images. Little You are all right. So you can selected from here on place it in the agd it. All right, so This is one day buff image. Grayson. You can also hear that one That's with abusing this Pontiacs I spent. So I have ensured the next that's it become us. So far, only splats is an exception. So before that, make sure we're display based on the supported sixes and four months my goal. So this would be the solution All things like this that mouros toe dependent. So I will show you how to be it. The exact stays off outs in the next level so far noticed I'm going to So you example. And here. So this would be that I am going toe place in the state out targeted type in the placements dog adoptions using content market I mean content, interest. So if you just click on this on truth fights, I'm just Mandela vision and it could get water right? So my eyes are my recommendation I've been doing. It's actually not Phil, you know, you're actually feeling are it should be closer to the content they were targeted. So I'm going to use second ST dot com, right? So if I grant for circuits today, so this is an don't subside, So if they require what is accused concrete here. So this isn't like you say. Fight this bad below this, it will be close to a little to the right and showing the last minute. So if it best this thing kind off immediately as more tensions to quit their than the Sonia Gandhi maze in the So the next time we show you how to get the Arabs using can walk the Arlington you don't want if you don't want to, Harry for release any medicine for you For that it follow Hellsing necklace by. 6. Designing Display Image Banner Ads: hi there at the showing. The last lesson is all the senses are only good for the bags if you will approach the world on custom left and right, So if you are will in US Toe Heron, the Senate, you can go and hire them prison. In this type of resolution, images are you can win by can more dot com. I have three. So for that you can also go and created will need to write, which, because somebody based on the size and split off the in ways and website your duty. So who's its former located? Some a former acting without some basic knowledge And that Sobule as some Sophocles guru, Did you say no from that? Using the software we can create a wounded German reacts if you have some a lot off knowledge in a symbol on that creation. All right, so far rounded. Going to skip this step since I don't know my job as chairman and CEO, says hard yellow. Anything here to provide me. Some were logging toe this software. It's a fear you can just go on, send it for fear went here. So since I have already out some 20 just waiting to get in here. So, Herum in the logging panel. So I sit here in the last lesson 60 remains. I have shown the other someplace. So if they want a Graydon had off the intercourse 1050 I'm just going toe taking this. I must indeed. You can feel it yet. So in extremely tender cost one. Fight it off. Keep going. No. So next to show just plans to detaining my nephew. Andi, you think the idea? All right, so this isn't tight ball that you can see in Red States for voicing. So I like when you create all the Sezer's fights and hopefully two separate groups. All right, so you're a mullah. I'm in the spatula house. Two things must read. One is well, come election. It should because something bad. I mean, it could be like examples. Kick your sign up for this so called action, but it should be present in your ads on next beating company. No, the name. So this doesn't in your act for months on end? The CBD called action, But toe, get your use. US leader, landowner weapon. All right, So I'm going to show how donor three meters from Internet. Little in carpet relation. So just within keeping dot com on just like whatever fume anyone for in this case, I'm going to search for look, soak import All right. After all, in any of the Mehlis you just the signatures using this butter on basic here on one. Forgot to add the call to action and company logo on the name, he told adding those this to school in a row. Total despair, marketing on their websites, claiming the ice and protect. So that's what I know You're London Hold appeared custom Max using Kenmore and put it on, but I 7. Advertising on Youtube: hi there. So I was like, I'm going to extend you how to be a really racked Andrea. Some YouTube, another disappearing act using wool accents so far that just condemned by somebody's in the campaign. Stop on pick on you coming here. So in the last election, saying how to get the search and this lad you've seen Goal Amber's So for wearing the whole video ads I wanted a simple shopping at. So your shopping and you need to have I would like to add works. Unfortunately, I don't have any documents for its simple, like getting in this bag that I'm showing you lost. Listen, So what are the flat? I mean, shopping acts have been shown examples. So even such for by my phones on land from watching the show. So this is what shopping at. So you continue, you know, you can prevent us. So if you want our e commerce website, you need to leave. These comets expected lag Rex wanted. Then we can put it with the creation off shopping. It's so let gets this stuff on definitely goingto creation off video acts. And that's keeping one really, actually so that my family would believe Correction. Here. I just keep more. Continue. Right. Signed this naming it does friends yah on the anybody Be age 65 Random value. So how is this possible to spirit imitating the previous lecture Off display advertising on These are the sorting. It's so Larry goingto averages are you don't so for lady Interesting. We can just put it on YouTube videos alone. You can elaborate on YouTube. Search results are real partners on the pregnant, right? So if you want a place on this to neglects, you need to change the I need you here. So I'm going to show born on board consolation. Right. So if I pick on this, you can read books. I'm going to see whether I can So you can see the unions have been chicken right? So far. Broader band band contribution. You can. I really think this works, but for lead generation, we can only admit it's on YouTube videos. So I'm going to concentrate on needs. Interesting. Picked on. Continue. So this name does, on my average by the Truman 65. This a random number on the languages and increase So Tarlac CPI is nothing but hospital question. So you can also take the bidding started based on the Coors Field City Hall, right? So if it in the constant can also change, the building's salad is here. So for lead generation, this is the only police at this point like this and Congress. I want you so that 6 50 or something rejected and click on contact Execution toe a wide embarrassing on the standoff. It's on your right, So you abuse. So next inside is one. Settings can also said addition, settings like frequency capping how many times you want to actually appeal to the same user , Right. So with this, you can see the African suggesting options on Xtreme, the on screen I discuss about this in the lost it's awfully speculating on going to in the group s trail here and the model of 16 the general raised tractors and other stuff. So the audience is maybe the market audience, our audience Are you, you know they have civilians. So if you want to meet your T if you are, if you wait until you say three months ago, you can target them on. I mean, I love the last part of this so you can you can deliver him on market your product to YouTube videos here. So the next time the content marketing I mean content already based on the content, you can target our customers here. So blessed ones will be this YouTube channel, YouTube, videos, websites. You can just input the name, Name the upside over the, um Well, the keyword I anything. Just talking them. And similarly for topics and keywords dispensable this stuff enough in the last reel off this paralyzing such a random radio on radio on usually attacked. So I'm just trading in gold here saying so this is on you. So this is an official, you know, general, in the video before coming on this step. So I think on that I'm just using this video so as elite collection and you can just use instrumental only What instrument? You can just see this toe exam and understanding. So the vaccine you so for interestingly released only on the matter. So what really the electrics on the contraction show? So when this heightened techno legis dot com is my love, this will be seen, right? So connection to be sign up for anything as for your this languidly. This is sample Video 1000 one will deal with copyright me for dressing on galex right foods hitting here. So, like, OK, today I know. On the next. Really? Add me. So I'm just giving us add trail. I'm taking 17 Continue. All right, So no. Well, care to the campaign. Once it has been approved by the Edward Stink manually, the company go, like began for generating leads. Right? So that's all Google adwords. He was. This blood is on cool on other. So that's it for now. I haven't seen the next lesson. Bye bye. No. 8. App Advertising on Playstore: hi there in this office and restore how p a YouTube video ads and already on YouTube and other little spin it takes off Google accents using landmarks like So it's left. I'm going to show you how to create ads for your app on already some golden Network on getting sold for around. All right, so just go to a campaign Simply people assembled here on extremely the new campaign. I just keep going, you know, for the select the platform you want to place. So I'm going to select the handle right here from this in putting the name. Since I don't have any, I'm just using come up as an example. So just name It has trail on next meeting at next year. So actually watch videos. Yeah, online. So next remove the next four feet. This is, for example, for new videos just demanding some random next year. Going in style. I mean, going into and those text based on your interest whole. So said for the video. If you win, you usually you can just use this video for this app. Are you looking at it? I mean admits can't get one on day release for you. So you got flagged images? If you want intimately acts can be also be uploaded. So what? I did something I discussed leasing the despair campaign creation we can use to create those adds an uprooted here. So here, this is all you can go in such on on this planet back. If you like this on on, you do. Look at this place. Your this look off the baby are pretty right. So make sure you are gonna stakes that makes the user toe. Suddenly you are raising, right? So next location, we're target on languages. So this all the campaign position with the left one up mission technique that is installed volume on extremely kind of missions with target, so it could be al viciously. All right, so what is the meaning? 6 50 on how much weight has been for each happens. So I'm going to spend own right, So it's a random. You think it's a illustration so inextricably start inundates location options on X click on seven countries. So just the settings you have done continue to campaign. So now that we have created the campaign, right, so one citizen with a good thing. The who had go like on you get store in spells from your subscribers are the people who are undertaking for you. So that's if I know we are seeing on limited off creating ads in elaborates on that elephant that will show you how do during marketing right soar it seemed there. 9. Remarketing to Previous Website Visitors: Hi there. So it didn't affect We have seen how to get on convince on different what's using Google adverts. So such as this plateau rising Relax and celebrate for in this electron going to in traditionally world are free marketing and show you how to install dramatic drag on your website Ondo Ramadi. All right, so for that you need to go toe audience manager on works. So this awesome automated creation off Google AdWords using the data Vo Soto doing more reading you not doing stunts that he mattered back into the website off. You want to be talking? I saw what time? Just goto our installs here. So these are the different tools for the longer than you. Just chickens pulling AdWords with this. It was so I'm going to skip this. Enjoy photo instead of tag. I mean the remark. Antagonist upsides for the district police. $3 in the top right corner on people. It sorts here. So you're agencies collect basic adults off parameters to put inside Syria, feed personnel to acts based on your ask you to activity. Right? So it just kind of society here on next will be business type here so I'm going to pick on costume. So we're going to do this if you are with me, it's not starting this. This so next. Me custom parameters like you want target. So this click on this on you consider continent. So this is the tag. You're going to insult your website. So if you have any, most experience it according you can just go ahead and patient website. You're losing it said made, offered similar Are PFE or joy? Anything like any coding languages. So for Don't out when he will say I do you know where friends you can just go and pay Show this court in both breast using plug ins So you and I don't know any holdings like to use this court and tested in the WordPress site. Right? So there's corporate is on. So this is the oversight that it contract all the he wants for in your head. I mean, the people were sitting upset can be read all her life. All right, so just go to that more off or press on by water instead of legging called inside peasant food us so you can just go out and search for plugging in the blood in water place off WordPress. So just keep on adding new, Been sort Edison told us. Right. So I already played tennis instructor gangrenous is taking here, so just go instead. Doesn't. For so I think, as in sexually here. But that should be present in between header at the backs. Right. So this corporate on, it's a chip. You can see already. I there's someone licks. All right, so this is deep off Facebook on if you want. I can just basically, and sorry. So you can see description repeater in the head section. Right. So this press control really to place the culture, So that's the best record here. On the next will be Stephen Court and started stomping on a big time. So if you want to back separately this we can track used this court from the one senior bids, So this also may be best under head. I mean, the head of die. So this copied and you seem like this impatiently. So for now, I just I don't want to use this court on the market since it's different from me. Have a great to do it now. So after I think that the copy and paste of the U. N. Court and the immigrant putting here after clicking cell they put MySpace track in the header tag off the website so it can't like all the pages it's off uses The last thing that I have already instruct these hotel. So what next? So we're almost on apartment are in source for this company. That is really something that I already installed the marble in court and I will show you how do doing more now? So that's going on in the future. I mean, the place symbol and click on recipes just are abuses Our customer list for this is one way off on Xtreme the custom infinity that I really discussing after finishing this. So I'm going to try and what that message is, right? So just click on with said the city's here. So this is deedle time this winter trail here on next visitor for her beads. So I'm going toe to top of page. So these are the different types off rooms available here for our simple Sekoff this operation. I'm going to use it off Asia. We want to use the options based on overcoming. Go. And we just next we imagine. Hi. So you can have any animal. It was. Can you recommend me? So I'm really It's only one rule here for so I want to use your These are the conditions for two hours will be tried Tengri news he wants here. Right? So just I'm just fighting the heightened in all of this. I saw him be around instead of the Doug already for already installed. Living with that water that attracted some who please. And you can see some numbers here. So things we are doing it for the first time. You don't see numbers here, so we know what it was. It was into this upside. It will be the Is this audience list on that would be good based on receiving so include in journalists, you can start with increased. Our will can help them catch off around the palace. So next would be member simulation. How long you want the numbers to be in this list? So maximise 5 40 here. So, based on every command, you can just give you later. So for me this season, if on extras great audience for what we have here in the audience. Yeah, for the next step is to go and create acts for these. I didn't want any audience. Just go great company so we can do the marketing on respect in this layer. And William facts, You think so far? Demonstration purposes. Waiter used to play here, so that's click on leads on me. So I said, This culture is cemented off reading a normal campaign. I mean, ominously campaign. So anything you pretend is, we just need to go on click on how their interactivity business. I mean, the marketing and the audience is this kick on this and you can see this one's you. L done creating the okay that the ardently spell. So if I think that I mean the chicken people one filling up the details a great company once distinct, that company set up on you can see you add to getting for people who are, incidentally would say in the last but least all right for the least one way off the mark in campaigns on the next race will be This is like this. The only difference is down. Some elements of the audience, like mobile numbers on humility is base it on cool and birds. So just a minute So that I will be discussing in the next lesson and I will create somewhat intense using your made it up to my 10. Remarketin with Customer Lists: Hi there. In the last time you saw how toe we're back on insulin Novo upset right? And I dont show me holding on the camping off marketing in gold. So this lesson I will show you the continuation off my cutting with approving or customer list Consistent humility are, I mean, the customer mobile numbers. So let's go. The tools here on Picon audience manager, the next one, me taking remarking depth on next year's kicking this single on. Okay, customer, please. All right. So we can just name them. I mean, the audience name? Sure. And even our own plain text date off condition off the email phone number, anything. So, for you have any list off your customers. You can just click on this on up to to fight on a pointed toe adverts. So it will take some time for us to get rid of this data here on Once it's run, it will $3 people using the that made it is a moment for them. Listen. All right, so since I don't know, I can't do any marketing. But they did the same step that I showed in the last video. We just need to name the audience Mitt on this cold with paralyzing our YouTube ads on do the same steps that I showed in the past. We off the market. Right? So next let me show you how toe create customer tracking tag on installing. All right, black. 11. Conversion Tracking: hi there. So in the last time you saw how to create and inside remarking tax on are Upset Toe on July . That's right. So in second show how to upload the data like emails and use them to remarketing on you do on this planet, Right? So in this that I'm going to show you held in style, custom pregnant courts on her fate and conditions on Abbot's. So let's get started. So that's about the tools here and click on commissions. So you mean utilities. That's what. So just click on placing richer on crack Convention for upside after phone calls are import commotion formulas. For now, I'm going to lose upset you. So this entire. So you say money for conventional. You can use different, but it's like it's condition based needs our business type. So I'm going to use same value for your lesson, since it's the most video So sad, all my commission toe blake or interaction. So come at me conversion on click or interaction, right? So convincing will be that it is on next to be to condition in the one days and include commission. Yes, and I don't motion with last week so just trickle wherein continue. So sorry. Lead. Sign up our measure on your venting. Ask your risk. So I'm going to be offered keeping ship. So I need to business. So sorry. Trail to three, for example. Here. I'm going to pick on quit and continue. So the next step, we still can. What? I mean, copy this contract came court and based on our website. So this would be different from the market in court Remark unfortunately basted on all base of a title that it can track And we user who are sitting every paid off. But I'm not talking is for And what you know Measuring actually all takes a view that is thinking on budgeting aborted landing on. Thank you, bitch. So if this technical is present on that thank you page can be counted itself. So you should be best this accordingly. One grade off. You're upset, but you want to track them a second motion. We can use this by and selling the maggots in front of a website. Our school manager So I'm going to use the court, have a coffee. So I uninstalled the I went inside the Google site Homer upside. If you are done, you disruption in water and then just click this second option for So we used this from this advertisement. Right? So just click corn aged or so they're going to track Pedro. So just copy this on. Based on the on the page you want Oh, as commotion. All right, so I'm going to claque, for example. I'm going to use home. Made us dissolution are you can use any page you want to try. So we feel if we wanted to use, you know, be somebody's in course safe present. Planets are countries, but I mean this webpage, The Russians are completing the single site, so I'm going to business school. I mean, this commission call on this page, so let's go toe. What person? That's more here. This with me, this place that it's headed approach to a complex piece. Of course. So just Yeah, this is here. So where nobody used to come through this website on lands on this page, you can call it a motion so you can use this condition court to track anything a sign up or a protest. So very wanted. Blacken questions. You can just paste this cold here. So it's It's better with a light. So I'm going to use a plague in call market tests so you can despues WB's against or come and Listen website. So even alto Add Facebook pics Attacking condition called on alcohol. So just shut this on. You can place it talking fish. All right, so we know where that is. It's the spirits can go on a motion. Right? So after this, just click on a bit and be safe, right? So far, not I'm going to use this so that something was attacking them. If you have seven this for another user visits, you can see conditions on your home. That's more so we can just click it on, become commissions. Yeah, so we know where you can see a conversion is contrary here. All right, so if you understand the basics on, I'm talking. So that's a funnel had seen in this election. But why 12. UTM Tracking with Google Analytics: Hi there. So indeed, listen, I'm going to show you how to fact campaign your things in custom. You're a builder. So two billion custom your But I just go to Google and type on ur builder here. So they're just gonna falsely So using this tool from Google, we can track custom euros than real site from the source on the median off the your coming from. So for this little lighter than campaign, I basically custom yours at the end of the campaign. I'm practically custom. You're right. So in good and bad so we can use this custom colors. So just like encrypted you earlier high technologies calm camping towards will be so if you're going to use bad words. So it has had words mean impotency. So an extra this company meeting will be so George displayed anything? Ask your wish. You want to track on extras? Campaigning would be totally in my case or anything. Spl different light. So you can see How did it start? Commute him so sad. But so do the medical search and you don't camp anything, right? So why did you use on the U. S? So you can just go to Google on. I mean bad words that sport and see I groups like so you can use this custom wheels for custom and groups using the camping with the same rights as camping. You can use the adverts name. I'm Dad with ginger on track, which aggregates for plumbing. Well, why? I'm suggesting stepping school. AdWords pregnancy is much lower than Google analytics. You can see commit to something where pigs and compatible with next So nothing can you might do is just copy this urinal on, paste it in the eye groups. You want a track as being finally over here. So for usual campaign, you're creating just business. You're at the restaurant groups or anything. Want to crack in customer Big. Just input the data here on you can see the results in the acquisitions on all companies so you can see the sort of medium, right? So amber to the source. And we didn't have such acts here. So since I'm based on this, you are I mean generally or in the last time off the campaign finishing stretch it, showing a one list to exist. So this is use off campaign your lender so just go ahead and create on camp in Europe on fish it in your pregnancy can go out. So that's it for this course. Garland. A lot of storage on. There's just going find the knowledge or game, this place course on. Please ask the questions. If you are waiting in the Korean sectional freely, Me. So that's it for no, but by the best for your career.