Creating Dedicated Landing Pages: How to Get Better ROI for Your Marketing Spend | Ryan Engley | Skillshare

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Ryan Engley, VP, Product Marketing @ Unbounce

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11 Lessons (31m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Marketing Funnel

    • 3. Attention Ratio

    • 4. Message Match

    • 5. I. Unique Selling Proposition

    • 6. II. Hero Shot

    • 7. III. Features and Benefits

    • 8. IV. Social Proof

    • 9. V. Call To Action

    • 10. Next Steps

    • 11. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Want to get the best performance out of your marketing campaigns? Learn how with landing pages.

Join Ryan Engley, VP of Product Marketing at Unbounce, as he shows you how to boost the conversions for your next campaign by creating a dedicated landing page with a single call to action. Instead of sending people to your website, which is full of different types of information, landing pages let you take control of a visitor's journey. Watch as Ryan breaks down the 5 critical elements of every high-converting landing page and shows you how they work together to create a consistent and compelling experience. In the class you’ll learn how to:

  • Keep people focused by with a 1:1 Attention Ratio
  • Create a streamlined experience with excellent Message Match
  • Build trust and credibility with Social Proof
  • Increase your conversions with a clear Call to Action button

No matter how customized your page is, sending traffic to a dedicated landing page instead of your website will have a significant impact on your conversion rates. Learn the basics here so you can get started with a landing page for your next campaign.