Creating Custom Color Trends. What Non-Designer Entrepreneurs Need To Know. Art + Design. | Aerie North | Skillshare

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Creating Custom Color Trends. What Non-Designer Entrepreneurs Need To Know. Art + Design.

teacher avatar Aerie North, Designer + Maker ♦ Art Gallery Education

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

4 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Lesson 1: HEX Code Colors

    • 3. Lesson 2: Add Custom Colors

    • 4. Lesson 3: Animate Your Presentation with Custom Colors

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About This Class

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Any graphic artist will tell you that trends are important for commercial success.  Commercial success is critical for an artist to stay in business.  Artist + Designer Entrepreneurs make trends + implement them into clients branding that attract new customers for the artist’s client.

A trend that all non-designer entrepreneurs can utilize are color trends.

This class is for non-designer entrepreneurs who want to learn how to create a new color palette in Google using current color trends.

Lesson  1: HEX Colors

Lesson 2: Adding Custom Colors

Lesson 3: Create an Animate Slide using Color Trends

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Meet Your Teacher

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Aerie North

Designer + Maker ♦ Art Gallery Education


Award winning artist, maker + teacher.
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1. Introduction: hello and welcome in my class called what non design their entrepreneurs need to know about color. We discussed how important color trends are to marketing your brand to appeal to a wider audience, and I introduced you to the color palette trends of 2017 and in my course, animate your class intro with Google Slides. We went step by step to create an animated slide that communicated your brands tone, style and mood in this class. We're going to combine your new knowledge of 2017 color trends and Google slide animations by teaching you how to add new colors to Google slides so that you can create dynamic, trendy intros to your presentations and classes. Google offers a standard color palette that doesn't include new color trends. I'm going to teach you how to add custom colors to Google's palate by giving you the hex codes for the new color trends. What are Tex coats? Join me in class to find out and for creative news. Please sign up on ari north dot com 2. Lesson 1: HEX Code Colors: hello and welcome back to class and this. Listen, I'm gonna teach you how to add custom colors to the Google slide palette. Google comes with a standard palette of colors, and Pantone issues new color palettes for each season, and they also introduce a color of the year in December for the next year. During the Fall Fashion Week in September 2016 Pantone, which is a standard industry color matching system, issued their 2017 spring palette of trendy colors. And this is the palate. Pantone issues each color and I d number, but not a hex code number. So we need to look up the hex codes for these colors to be able tow, add them as custom colors to our Google color palette. Ah, hex code you might have seen before, always starts with a HASHTAG and then has six digits. A combination of numbers and letters and Google recognizes thes hex codes. So if you wanted to add any of these colors from color dash hex dot com, you just have to enter the code in the custom section of Google Slides in the Class Project section. I've listed all the hex codes for Pantone's 2017 spring color palette, and I've also listed them here. Now what I've done is just created a white circle so that when I enter the hex codes for each of the colors, you will see the white circle turn that color perfectly. In the next lesson, I'm going to show you how to create the custom color. I'll see you there. 3. Lesson 2: Add Custom Colors: Hello and welcome back to class. In this lesson, we're gonna turn these white circles into the color of the squares they inhabit. Let's start with primrose yellow. I'm just going to click on the shape and change the fill color. Here we have the standard palette and we can customize if you're going to change text color , you just come over to text color and create your custom color Here. It doesn't matter where we create the custom color, whether it's in the text or the shape, it will correspond in both of them. So I'm gonna come back to the shape click here on Phil Color custom, and I'm going to change this color to F six d 155 I'm going to keep the hashtag and just backspace. It doesn't have to be an uppercase letter F six d 155 and I can click OK or enter. You see that the color value has changed and there we go and there it is. It's disappeared, but it's exactly the same color. Now let's do this one. But this time I'm going to just change one value in the code to show you that it is a different color, clicking on the color coming up to custom. See, there's our primrose yellow custom, and this time I'm going to back space and do E. D. C d See instead of two. I'm gonna enter one. It's changed our color value, and if you could see that is slightly off, its a little darker. So now I want to come back and put in the correct one custom and just change this to to. And you could see now that it's exactly pale dogwood, let's change hazel not quite a bit so that we can see a difference. Feel color custom 08 and enter and you can see that's much different. Now I'm gonna add the correct value. 95 Let's change all of these using the correct one, - and now we have the custom colors off the 2017 Pantone spring color palette There, also over here in our text colors. So if we wanted to change any of our text to one of the trend colors, we could now, in the next lesson, we're going to create some text and animate it. I'll see you there 4. Lesson 3: Animate Your Presentation with Custom Colors: Hello and welcome back to class. In this lesson, we're going to create an animated slide using the 2017 Pantone spring color palette that we created in the last lesson. We're going to create our slide right here in this file. But if you didn't want to do that, what you would have to do is select file and make a coffee. Because if you just opened a brand new file, you're not gonna have our new colors. So you can either make a copy or stay in this file and create your new slight. So I'm just gonna come over to number one and do control de so that I replicate my slide. I'll come back to the 1st 1 and I'm just going to select everything here on backspace to get rid of it. Now I'm gonna add some text boxes. The 1st 1 I'm going to change the font and change the color I'm going to use our lap is blue and make it bold. And I'm just gonna put the first few words per text box in because I want to create this flying from all different directions. So what type what non designer entrepreneurs and I could just wide in this. So everything's on the same lying and I'm just gonna copy and paste because I've already selected, which fought we want and the size and the color with non designer entrepreneurs need to know about. Let's see, how does that look? I'm gonna select everything and move it over. Just center it a little bit. What? Non designer entrepreneurs. Let's make a little space here. I need to know about as, like, that box and copy paste again creating custom. That's good enough for here. Copy and paste color palettes. When I create my animated slide, I always keep in mind that b round button will be in the center. And I don't want to cover any important information up what non designer entrepreneurs need to know about creating custom pallets. And I do want to add that this is working with the 2017 color palette trend that has the information that I wanted to have. I'd like to put a graphic here, so what I can do is just select that entire graphic Copy it and I'm gonna pasted in to my first slide. And here I'm gonna make a copy of it and I'm gonna crop crop it. So it has just one bar and I'm gonna take the 2nd 1 and I'm gonna crop that one so that it has the bottom colors. I want to bars one with the top colors and the bottom colors. And then I'm going to center those more or less So it's OK if these colors air being blocked by that round and your button for the class because it's a graphic and it's just the colors. I'm just adjusting the side. It's gonna bring this down a little bit and bring that down a little bit. Okay, so this is our first slide. What non designer entrepreneurs need to know about creative custom color palettes. And here I want to add make another one in Google Slides. I like that. Now let's animated. I'm going to select my very first box, come up to slide and click, change transition. There's no transitions. Now, this is where we're going to be creating our transition. So I'm gonna select that objected that I have already selected on our slide and we can pick any of these options. We can make it this this particular text box appear, disappear, fade in, fade out Flying from laughter right for lying from the bottom of the top and flight out from the left Right, bottom top. We can zoom in and out and we can spin it. In my previous class, we used the fly in option and that created a very dynamic, fun, energetic animated slide. We wanna have a dynamic slide because this is a dynamic subject. So we're going to do our fly ins. So the very first text box. I want this to fly in from the bottom. I want to be far away from where it is now, so I'm gonna fly this in from the bottom. This is the first animation, so I want to keep it on Click Weaken, Select how many seconds we want because I want this to be very dynamic. I want it fast. I'm going to make it a 0.8 seconds and then just click on my next text box. And I want this to come in far from where it is now, but not from the bottom, because this one came from the bottom. So I want this one to fly in from the left flying in from the left. This time I wanted to do its action with previous. So as soon as I click on the very first action, everything that has a with previous will all happen together, and I needed to make it the same amount of time I'm gonna click on my next box. And I want this to be opposite to this an opposite to this What I did. So this came in from the bottom. This came in from the left. So I want this to come in from the right with previous for 0.8 seconds and then finished it off by having this coming from the top fly in from the top with previous for 0.8 seconds. We're going to test that out by pressing play because we didn't do anything with this. Graphic and text is just going to stay on the page. Let's hit play and we will just click anywhere. I just click on the down button to start it. There we go. That came in at a nice speed. I wanted to see that again. Play. I'm going. Just click my down button. That was very nice and dynamic. I'm gonna leave the colors here and I'm going toe have both of these flying together at once from the bottom. So I want this to come in, fly in from the bottom after previous Let's hit play and see what happens. Here we go test there. That looks very nice. So that's how you make a. That's how you make an animated slide. Using color trends that don't already exist in the Google slide palette. I hope you enjoy this class. It was definitely a pleasure teach. If you like this class, please give it a thumbs up. Please also visit the Animate Your Class intro with Google Slides, lessons and also the class. What non designer entrepreneurs need to know about color trends, which goes into a lot more detail about why color so important to business. Please stay in touch. You can sign up on airy north dot com for creative news