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Creating Crystal Grids and Combinations

teacher avatar Katy Batt, Find your path and achieve your goals.

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

12 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Welcome

    • 2. What are they?

    • 3. Grid or combination?

    • 4. Combinations - How to choose them and use them

    • 5. When to use a grid

    • 6. What makes a grid?

    • 7. What do you need?

    • 8. Lets make a grid

    • 9. 8 point grid

    • 10. Infinity grid

    • 11. 12 point grid

    • 12. Thank you

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About This Class

Crystal grids help you to focus your crystal's energy on a specific intention or goal. Set up a tailor made grid and let the energy work its magic.

Grids do not have to be complicated and can become an integral part of your crystal practice. In this online course you will learn everything you need to know to get started and go through the process of building your first grid, step by step.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Katy Batt

Find your path and achieve your goals.


Katy is a certified holistic therapist. She has practised crystal healing for several years, working with a wide array of clients. Katy has now turned her attention to teaching others how to incorporate holistic methods into their lives, tune into their intuition, find their path and achieve their goals. This is through running many successful workshops and holistic retreats, and online courses. Over a thousand people, across six continents, have benefited from these methods. Katy releases a podcast weekly called, Crystals & Coffee.

Katy has a Masters degree in Philosophy and a Bachelors degree, with honours, in Psychology. Katy deeply believes that a healthy mind is essential to be healthy as a whole and this is the focus of her practice.



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1. Welcome: lovely. Andi. Welcome to crystal birds and combinations. Course. Thank you very much for being here. I'm Katie. If you don't make me before, I, um a crystal he love on and very much a crystal lover have been using them for many, many years. Andi, I'm on a on a mission to share as much, Chris. Knowledge is I can with you so that you can enjoy using your crystals to you may have already seen me in my previous course introduction to using crystals over there. You can learn a lot basics about how you use crystals, how they work, how she used them for you and around your home and your family and things like that. And then this course is a little bit more ferocious on using them in great formations. So in this course, we're going to talk about a little bit more detail about how you can use crystals together . So many crystals, all crystals or a case of used on their own. But when you combine them with others that complement each other, you can really generate some really great energy and ready in haunts the benefits that you're seeking from your crystals Andi. In creating grids, you can focus the crystals into a particular intention or a particular goal that you have in mind. So those are this a lot easier way of channeling what it is you want to use your crystals for is the very first toppings. So we're gonna cover in this course what some great combinations of crystals are, what grid is, what you need to use one, what you need to create one and how to do that. And there's also some example videos of different types of grids and lots of other useful tips on just some downloadable things. Foods take away to uses your own resources as well. So I hope you're looking forward to getting started. But I know I am. So click on to the next video and what they're going. 2. What are they?: So what are crystal grids on combinations? Let's start with combinations. Combinations are using a group of crystals, even be as little is to right the way up to a whole bagful or bowlful. If you want Teoh on, it's about grouping together crystals that complement each other and work well with each other for different elements of what it is that you I would like to achieve. So, for example, if you wanted to have, um, help with relief of anxiety than there are a number of crystals you can use for different parts of that, so you can use a certain crystal for the anxiety symptoms you can use. Sir Christopher. For protection against negative energy or triggers to your anxiety, you can have a specific crystal that induces calm on. Relax, ation. So the all three what together to bring? I could optimum benefit for you against the anxiety doesn't have to just be one crystal. By combining, the more you hit a little bases, you generate a lot a bigger energy field. Andi um, a bit more concentrated result. So that's why combinations of great grits, slightly different grids are, um, when you're using again a group of crystals that complement each other, but you're focusing them on a more specific intention or a specific goal on. Did you set them up for that particular purpose? We will go into a lot more detail on each, um, so let's have a quick recap on how crystals work and how you're going. Teoh have any benefit from them? A tool. So all crystals, um, have their own unique energy. Vibration or crystals come from the ground there, naturally occurring of their mind in order for parts of the world on. And therefore they each have a different molecular built structure, like everything we have built built of molecules, crystals. So it's all these crystals. Sorry. Crystals, molecules. They're rubbing together and generating energy. As with everything that's around us that gives off this energy vibration on its shooting into the energy vibration off specific crystal that brings that benefit and brings that help Andi great energy into into your life. They come in many, many different shapes and sizes. Different colors, different formations. You can have rough cut crystals, clusters, smooth tumble stones like this. They all have the same. If it matter what kind of make up. You have a certain crystal, for example, even am assist. You could have a tumble dramatist, a big cluster, few geode. They all have that same energy vibration. It's just that the rough and they are less treated. They are. The bigger they are, the bigger the wider the field. Um, but they will have that same the same based structure, that same energy that it's giving off. So we use crystals in this way. Teoh. We tune into their energy field for healing purposes. You can have them around your home. You can carry them with you. You could have crystal healing sessions. I'm a crystal healing practitioner where would have a person later on a couch and replace crystals on their body on the energy centers of their body? For them to be able to really absorb concentrated amount of this energy to assist them in what their help looking for healing for so by using them in grids and combinations were harnessing their energy in even more focused way to help us with our with our healing or help with study or released with physical symptoms you may have helped with Can you? Mental health symptoms you may have, or just generally enhancing and enriching your lifestyle doesn't have to be healing and negative. It could just be in heart, sing a positive in your life. There really is a crystal for everything. So I hope that clears up a little bit about why we would use crystals in a group and how we use them. I will go on now to talk about each combinations and grits in a little bit more detail. 3. Grid or combination?: So what is the difference between crystal combination crystal grit? Well, crystal combination is a lot more informer. It's basically having a much of crystals. So let's say, for example, we want to just enhance energy and just make sure we're bringing great energy around with us everywhere we go. So you could just grab, um, a group of crystals and keep them with you in your handbag, in the desk Drel next to your bed. Wherever is that you're looking to enhance that energy on it is just about grouping Christian together. So, for example, a very quick combination I grabbed from my box. Here we have an amethyst clear quartz out of rose quartz. So these three are what we call master healer stains. If you've done my previous course, the Inter two crystals, we would have talked about master healers in it. In a little more detail, I have been having these three together are great, but huge energy fields. Wonderful positivity. Com on love altogether. So if you want to keep that kind of energy with you all the time with flight, who wouldn't? You can have these three in your pocket and a couch all you can. Even ladies, you can even treat them in your bra If you have small, smooth stains, keeping them in your brown on the left hand side of your bra, particularly placed your heart. Um, your heart chakra is I. Do you a way to carry around your crystals? It's discreet. No one knows that they're on their right there with you. Allow the time so culmination is quite an informer. Cluster crystals. You may look at your crystal collection in the morning, and you're thinking about what crystals you want that day, and there's more than one that's pulling you towards it. Then take more than one. Take two or three, and it's that's your combination for the day. Um, crystal grits. A little bit more structured, a little bit more process involved. For example, we have this template here of a crystal growth of four point grid, with a center a sentence day on and grich are used for specific gold intention with palatial specific golden attention. Middle and then replace things related to that intentional, that desire out trump around it. Onda we leave that you believe that in situ, working on that particular goal of course, we're gonna go into this step by step a lot more detail later on. But that is the difference that you have combinations with your groups of crystals to carry around with you on. Then we have grids. You're a little bit more formal, a little bit normal process, because there's that much more focused, so we'll go into birthplace in turn. 4. Combinations - How to choose them and use them: so crystal combinations. We're gonna talk about in this video how to choose them and how to use them. So as I discussed in my previous courses and various other videos that I've done the best way Teoh choose a crystal that's right for you is to go by the energy that you were drawn to. The easiest way to do this is that you have a collection of crystals are a bunch of crystals that can't decide between Just lay them out in front of you. Take a deep breath, close your eyes and then place your dominant hand the hand that you write with, um, to hold it out with your eyes closed again. Breathing, breathing steadily on. Just allow your hand to hover over the group of crystals on. Try and tune into where your hands being drawn to, so you may feel that you have to be pulled to certain crystal. You may feel warmth. You may feel tingling. Lots of people feel different things, but there will be some that you are particularly drawn to, and it may end up landing. Tony Acosta crystals more What? So if you live with a very specific crystal then you know for sure. That's one that you're gonna want to use that day, and you can repeat the process. Is it that any others to build up your combination? Um, what is a very good thing to do is to practice this. It's not something that necessarily is gonna happen. First time it does take practice to chewed in and to really feel feel the energies of feel welcome to draw to on. You may end up building a kind of relationship with certain crystals, ones that are going to stay with you for a while. You're gonna use on a daily basis. And it's the crystals that you were drawled to, whether or not they are ones that you were consciously think. Oh, I don't need that ritual today. If you were drawn to it by energy, then you do need that crystal. You just may not be completely conscious of it. And then you may use the same crystal day in day out for weeks, months No, sudden, you're not drawn to her any more on that. Males will be because it's done. It's job right now. You're not needing that particular energy. So practicing this is is quite essential, really? And if you're doing this on a daily basis, then you're probably practicing it without even thinking. But if you s if you carry out this exercise, have your crystals in front of you. Take a deep breath and close your eyes. Place your dominant hand over the top on DSI, which crystal you are most raunchy. And then when you were drawn to a particular crystal, pick that crystal up. Hold in your hand on just take a couple of minutes a few moments and just really think about how that crystals making you feel is making you feel trumps. People relax. Safe. Are you feeling tingles? Heat? Are you wanting to put it on a You drawn to hold it to a certain part of your bodies are certainly shatter area that you are wanting to put it on again. Shot Chris. I'll discussed in my other courses round. I have other videos on YouTube that go into more detail about chakras. If you wish to know more about that, but the energy centers that run down your body, you may be drawn to hold that were still in the 3rd 1 for a certain reason. So it's great to practice this, and I've actually included blow this video a downloadable worksheets if you should be able to note down the crystal you're holding and how you feel about it on as you repeat this process. If you keep a record of that which you may want to use, the worksheets will use the worksheets for a prompt for urinate book, crystal journal or something like that. Then you can see how your intuition changes. Are progressives over time or will be drawn to different crystals. Or you're going to the same question for different reasons. It's a great it's a great exercised a key to keep a record of that. Just see how you're progressing, and it helps with your intuition on for you to become aware of what is your feeling. So, um, try this with trying to find your combinations. You may find your hat off your hands. Yours Alan Shearer, cluster off crystals and you may think, Oh, yeah, I wanna grow up those three today or you just repeat the process until maybe there aren't any others that you're particularly drawn to, and you have your combination for the day equally. There may be something that you you know that you want help crystals for For instance, I can't sleep very well or I've got this event coming up today. Or what is particularly in currency there have been anxious about. I'd like to have some crystals with May. Then there are some sort of predetermined crystals that you could use. And again, I've, um, another information sheet below below this video. You could download all or take notes off. You can log in and look at it on you. Haven't you found as well? It's so you can have it. River Teoh off. Just Cem. Pre pre prescribed crystals for certain reasons. Again, these all, um my my recommendations of crystals For these certain things, you may find that you're drawn to others, but it's a good starting point. If you are looking for something in particular reason to go off of off the crystal suggested there. Take a look. Son is a combination. The combination is simply just having a group of crystals with you. Justin heart for energy and hit a few more bases 5. When to use a grid: Okay, so we also have crystal grits, which I mentioned earlier off for a bit more of a specific focused intention. So if you have a particular goal or intention in mind, and a grid could be something that's quite beneficial to set up, for example, you may wish Teoh you intend you have an aspiration to achieve something in particular, whether it be before a job interview coming up. Or there's just something that you want to be able to achieve within the next year, something like that. A goal of yours that you have or it could be something you long going like. You would like to make sure that your house remains protected from negative energy. So you'd like to have some crystals that are always working on that, for you don't have always actively be putting them out. You have something They're working in the background all the time. Protecting your energy. You can set these up to protect your personal energy. You may have problems sleeping, so you want to have crystals working all the time with the intention of helping you to sleep, and you can set up a grid for that. You can even place under your bed or beside your bed. Teoh. Just always working on that for you in the in the background, the premise of a grid being that it set up for a minimum of a month at a time. So it's always there. Or it could just be that you come there for a lot longer than a month, but a minimum of a month, or working on a particular intention is building it energy all the time. And it's helping you to manifest what it is that you're desire ing the you your goal. It's in the center of that grid, so that is why you would use a great over combination. A combination of something, as we said, is a clutch of crystals, all the energy coming together working with you, whatever it is that you need at the time, Great is a little bit more forward thinking. Do you have your thinking of something that you want to achieve bias that maybe by a certain time, and that's when you can set up a grid for focused intention on its set? But they're doing its job and you don't have to rip. You don't have to worry about it. Depending on how long is that. Maybe a little bit of maintenance I'm needed broke will go into that later on, but ineffective set it up is that it's done. It's it's doing its job. So we're going to go into a little bit more detail about Titra grids when and why. You might want to use them on and then we're going to go through. We're gonna build a grid together in a video so you can see every single step on. Then there was some example videos of different types cigarettes that you may want to use on. And, of course, we've got some grip, some bread templates as well. So you're not going into it completely blind. Everything is included for you to be able. Teoh have the results is that you need to go from build your and grit 6. What makes a grid?: Okay, So what makes the grid? There are a number of elements for grid. We will start by looking at. We have the grid template, for example. Now there are some very complex goods up. I know if you look on Pinterest instagrams really, really complicated ones and just like, Whoa, I have nowhere near enough Chris else or have no idea how to go about doing that, then that's fine. You grids could be really simple. They could be a little is just five stains if you want them to be on. This is where this one comes in a four point grid. So the purposes of this video about showing you what's involved, we're gonna have it quite simple. So we have a great template. So we have our so we know that we need a center stone. We have some middle channels and we have four outer stones. So the stains that required for a grid is that the one of the very center is the focus day . So you would choose one stone which is related to particularly related to your attention, or you can use quite general healings. Then so am a fist rose Courts or a clear Chorzow have rose quartz here, for example, that would be the focus day in the middle. Then you need a set of what's called way stains now thes for gripped. This small wouldn't necessarily need this. It's usually if you're building out a little bigger, but for the purposes of including everything will include on this small group. Nothing wrong with including it. It's just not necessarily essential for such a small grid. So we have the focus in the middle, and then we have these channels going out from the focus stain. So these are the ways. So these are the ways that this energy is gonna feed out. So you could you would have a set of stones sitting on these channels here. Usually these would be these Could these would be all the same kind of stain for the perhaps to this example, I would say clear quartz, because again, it's a very general healing stone. It's a great amplifying energy. It's great, positive energy, and it does unclear. Courts itself does amplify whatever crystal is near, so it's a great one to use, and it's also really, really easy to come by in small tumbles you five bags of them relatively inexpensively, so they're great ones to build up grids with, so you would place great. So you place those stains on the grid as part the way stains, then arguably the most important stains are great are what's called the destination stains . So these are the things that are directly related to what your focus all your intention is in the middle. These are the ones that all those other stains the focus things in the way stains are feeding into these destination or desire stains. Names used interchangeably, um, are feeding into really amplify out the energy you're getting from the desire stains. So these final stains all the ones that are placed on the points of the bridge. These are the these are particularly important ones, thes of the specific ones that going to be going with your intention. So in this example, have a grade that we're building foursome self love, self esteem, just always wanting to have that kind of good energy about you. So we have the rose quartz in the middle. We have clear quartz going around in the in the way, stones and then so we need four destinations. Things particular to this intention with this intention being self love or self care, Things like that. So I've got here. We have some the petty lights. We have some Russian lights, some cracker put pink crackle courts and some red jade. All four of those stains are related in some way too. Emotional healing, healing, drama, self love in a strength, uplifting, happy energies that all of those together really build into that focus For this particular grits, those would be the four that it doesn't matter. A lot of their placed in this on this one is on each point off the grid. Andi. Then the another thing that you're going to need to what we call activate the grid again. I'm going to go into all of this later on, when we do our step by step building, get building a grid video. You will need a quartz point. So a quartz. So I have a clear courts point on. Do you could you could use Rose quartz and you could also use amethyst. They are the master healers. Amethyst is the type of courts. You need the crystal in some way to come to a point at the end doesn't have to be. This is actually part of a crystal warned that I had which unfortunately got broken so you can use the the tip of it now because it does point to an end. But you can. Also, you can find other parts of points of quartz that different are a different shape. But if I could get that to focus, sorry, but it's it's more of a stone, but it does come to a point at the end. The point is, what's important, so it could be any kind of wonky shape. But if it comes to a point somewhere, you can use that to activate your great on. Then on the final part you're going to need is your intention. You you need to physically right down your intention on your goal you want. It's great to work on a piece of paper and then fold that piece of paper up because that's what's gonna be placed in the middle underneath. That focus doing that's what's going to be. This grid is going to be working on it. Heart sinks. You need to physically write down in intention, so Those are the, um, those of the elements of a great you need to have your layout, your intention, the courts point activated, and then your stones. You focused during your way stains on your desert destinations. Danes. So we'll go into each bit in a bit more detail now about how to go about making one for yourself. 7. What do you need?: so very quickly. Recap on what you're going to need to build your bridge. You're going to need a good template for layout that you know well, you're going to need your written intention on a piece of paper that could be folded up small enough to go under your center stage. Your grid. You need to have a selection of stains and just be small. Tumble stains doesn't matter what size they are, so you'll need your main stone focused own. You'll need a set off way stones one for each channel from the focus stain out on. Then you'll need your destination stains, which is one stone for each point on your grids of four point bridge I need for eight point Grigio Need eight and so on. Your need. Some form of courts point because you will need that later on. To activate your grid. ANDI. You can use a grid cloth to protect the surface that's completely optional on and the other thing. Eventually, you just you need to choose where this script is going to sit because this grid you will need to states out for a minimum of a month or if it's one that you're wanting, Teoh be out indefinitely. It needs to have a safe place where it can't be disturbed. It doesn't have to be out in the open. It could be under a piece of furniture under your bed in a drawer. It doesn't have to be on show. It just needs to be somewhere where it's not gonna be disturbed because, as we've said before with crystals, once you've got Christians that you're working with and you're tuned into, if somebody else touches them, will they get disturbed by something else, someone else's energy? Then you need to cleanse. Recharge those crystals so that they are back in chain with you. Everything that we basically covered in the intricate course about how to keep your stones protected and how keep them working their best way for you. So you need to find a suitable place in your home where this isn't going to be disturbed as well. Eso Once you've gathered all those bits together, then we could build a bridge 8. Lets make a grid: Okay, so that's build our great together, a step by step process here. So I've gathered together things I need. I have my template have my pen and paper for my intention. I have my stains and I have my point for my activation, obviously, for the purposes of this video on making the grid here. But I would have a particular place that would want to put this on building in situ. So the example we're going to use here is a grid for protection. So it's a protection against negative energy in my home. We want to make sure that negative energy is dispelled. It's positive, and it's lovely. So you could find somewhere in a corner of may be the main living area in your home, or buy or somewhere in your front hallway of your porch something like that, so that you're protecting the energy going to to from your house. So first up, write down your intention so this attention needs to be a statement or a question. Or maybe not a Could you Will you please you? It's It's an I statement, or it's something so you say, as if it already happened so it's It's not like I would like to say, I would like to lose two stone If I have I have lost Tuesday or I, um, on the weight that you would be if you'd lost Tuesday. So you make at an I statement to make sure it's definite. It's an affirmation. It's something that you going to have happen. So for this purpose is I'm fine. Going to put down the energy in my home is always positive. Andi happy. So that is a statement. There's no question. It's a lot of asking for something is saying The energy in my home is always falls given happy. So I've written that down on a piece of paper. I'm gonna fold that up two relatively small, so it fits in the middle of my in my grid. So Okay, so you replace that you place that into the center of your space over a template. If you're using one, you have to use the templates bridge agreed on. You could just use it for reference, so you place that in the centre space. Now, the space, even using fuel, grij whether it whatever room it's in, it's quite helpful to cleanse and make sure the area that you're great is in is already at a nice, clear energy wise. A nice clear, Um Ah, high vibration place. You don't want to put it somewhere. That feels really bad energy. So you can do this in some easy ways. You can cleanse the area with a clear quartz crystal. You could have maybe put out clear quartz crystal in that place. The the night before will have one. They're just cleanse spaces. You do it. You can use a sage, but burning sage, much steak, you can burn sage incense or sandalwood incense. Also, what's really well, just something. Just cleanse the area. Just get out the negativity, a stagnant energy or whatever is built up there so that your grids being built in a nice, clean, energy wise space. So you've placed you cleanse your area. You've placed your intention in the middle. Now you need stop building the bridge. Now you build your bridge from the outside in, so we're going to start with our destination stone. So in this four point bridge, we're gonna start with the four outside strains. So this group, as I said, is about protection and keeping the home positive on protected from negative energy. So we're gonna use a lot of protection. States of the four have chosen skin around the outside. We have a black obsidian, which is great protection stone. It helps absorb negative energy but also gives out healing and comfort. Then I've also got some black tourmaline, which again is a rial. It's like a defender of negative energy. It puts up an energy block, if you like against negative energy, so we don't want that one in there. Then got hematite, another protection stone. It's now naturally magnetic, so that repels negative energy as well. It's a place in the other point, and then we've got smoky quartz, which is it's slightly more gentle protection stone it does. It does dispel negative energy, but it also helps bring calm, reduce anxiety. Andi, absence of healing in with its protection as well. So that's on the fourth point there. Then we have the way stains on such a small group, as I said, no necessary, really, to put it on if you don't want to. But for um, complete grid packs is that would be wasting their be channelled stones from the destinations don't into the middle. So part way on those channels, we're gonna place a crystal quartz on each element that on. Then this focus turn right in the middle is again It's going another protection Stone of related it to the intention, the purpose of the grid. So another piece of black obsidian are gonna place on top of my intention. So we now have operates off grid in city Andi. What we need to do is activate the grid. So what we uses are clear why, but my clear courts point in your courts point that you have and what you need to do with the with the court's point with your intention in mind, get yourself in a sort of a peaceful. Take some deep breaths and just focus on the intention in your head as you do this don't need help. Your eyes closed, but just have it in your head on. What you need to do is use a drawing invisible line between each stain to the other. So you're connecting more with an invisible energy line. So you connect all of the outside stones into the inside stains on, then to the focus Day on. Once you've connected all the stones with your invisible, don't worry about going backwards and forwards long as they're all connected to that middle stain. Why the, um, energy line you've drawn with your courts? Point you've activated your grid. That is the great activation. So once that's done, that's it. You're group is activated. Great is working. It's doing its job, Andi, it should be left. That, for this purpose is her protection. You're probably You could leave in place all the time. You just may need to make sure every now and again that you you don't want to get. You don't want to get bogged down with dust. You don't me just to get all the time and disturbing it all the time. But if it gets clotted or get dusty, that's that's not gonna be great for it. So you may watch dust those off each time. However, if you do touch it and pick up your crystals to clean them off, just make sure that you go back and you reactivate it with your clear quartz crystal, cause you've kind of broken that energy field by picking up the camp picking up the crystal and cleaning it. Whatever is that you need today. If somebody else comes in on they see it. They find your grade and they go, Oh, that's cute and they start picking up the crystals. That's slightly different. You're going to have to kind of re build your bridge again, because if they start to touch your crystals that were tuned into you than your crystals than their energies on it, so you're gonna need to cleanse, recharge the crystals on the rebuild, your grid. So it's best to make sure it's kind of out of reach or people that you know well found in your house. Then you know, to tell them to touch my crystals, which is what my family, under instruction of Don't touch mummies, crystals, that's it on that has kept up, basically kept out of their reach. Andi, where I need them to be. So yeah, maintaining yourself, reactivate somebody else. Such is it, or it gets completely destroyed. Then just start from scratch is just best to just start together and get some new energy flowing. So I've put um, below this video that is a downloadable grid template off the four point grid. Want to use your own reference? Andi, Um, we'll go through some videos now off different types of breads and some suggestions of what you might want to use them for. Andi again, some recommendations of the stones that you might want to use for that purpose. You don't have to just because I say, for example, one grid is useful. One thing it doesn't mean you can't use another one for it. They're interchangeable. These are just examples to get you started to get you thinking about what you might want to start using your grits for. So yes, other said you can find this this template below if you want to start off with a nice, small, simple grid, but this is an ideal one to use. 9. 8 point grid: Okay, So an example of another grade that we have is eight flint grid, which again it's quite simple formation. We have a middle stone, some clear pathways from the middle state into the destination things on the end. And then eight clear points off. Where to place our desire stains. As with the before a previous video, there is a photograph blow this video of the finish grid. So you've got a point of reference for that as well. So what we go ahead and do is we're gonna place our intention with this one. So the recommendation I have for this once it's a nice one to use for is health and wellness. So again, it's another great that you can leave and sit you for a number of time elected time for you a zoo ongoing state in Just enhance your lifestyle and make sure that you're hitting a lot of areas of your personality of your life. Stone. How you can really enrich the energy that's around you. So place the intention in the middle, which again is an attention off. You could do something like I have a happy and healthy lifestyle. I am happy and positive. I am. Oh, I am living my best life anything. Anything I am statement like that is great for this grid. So we have the intention in the middle. So again, we're gonna build from the outside in. So I've got a selection of crystals here that are Colonel will be related to health and wellness. You may not want you could double up on crystals. You don't have to use a complete different ones. You could use eight of the same one if you want to do if you really, really like it. But this is just a basis to get you thinking about crystals you can use and and as you go along and you get more and more used to doing it than your find ways off, I'm having it suit you. How you like it? Some recommendations for health aloneness wheel foot with eight points. Um, we have some red jade, which is great inner strengths. We have some green adventuring brilliant for the heart. Chakra is like it's kind of go to comfort. Crystal for May is like a warm, warm hug of energies. We have green adventuring. Then we've got room tonight which, from an emotional point of view, it's all about healing emotional trauma. It's about self love on and healing things that we've all got things that may have happened to us in the past, that we just need a little bit extra extra help with extra healing. My goodness, I just dropped off the grid. Sorry. Um, so I'm gonna put that down there like that. Uh, then I have another great stone called Kambala. Jasper Kambala. Jesper is a happiness day. It's another green stone. So what's very well with the heart chakra? It is just one of those ones that you can keep with. You just just keep happiness and uplifted and great high energy. So that's a great one. We're gonna place there as well. Then we have angel ICT, which it's It's a Blue stones that works well with the throat shop crap. So this is grateful, Open communication, expressing yourself speaking your truth. I'm being feeling comfortable enough and safe enough to be able to do that. This is really grateful. Communication and expression. Nothing that is essential, really. For living a happy and healthy last night. It's not to feel stifled. You can't say how you feel then have some century, which is a great motivator. Energy, stone. It inspires creativity. It inspires drive. It can help with fatigue and tiredness, things like that. So we're gonna put sit train on there as well, Then we have blood stain. So blood saying you may feel would be red, but it's like, actually is really most dark green with some red inflections in it. So blood stone is a great cleansing stone detox stains. Have you ever feeling that you've got, like, a lot of talk scenes of getting bogged down and you just feel like using a detox? A refresh, then bloodstain? That's great. Sore place. Bloodstain there on, then eight. So no chosen for this grid is smoky courts because it brings an element of protection against negative energy. And it also helps weird symptoms of anxiety, low mood and things like that. So we're gonna place that one there, Then the way stains will be clear. Courts just they They form a great enhancement between these destinations stains on one in the middle, that as this is a health and wellness big self love being about just living your best life and being there for you. The focus don't have chosen for this. Great is the Rose quartz, which is the love stain. It's It's perfect for all of those things, and it's perfect for this well on its the master healers that will place that in the middle . So those all of our recommendations for Health and Wellness group on eight point meal below this video, you will see a photograph of the finish grade so you can have. It's a point of reference on. Also, there's a downloadable pdf off this template. Should you want to use it again, you can apply it to anything. Doesn't just have to be healthy. Bonus. You could even put the health of bonus. Pick your four favorite stones to put on the four point grade here, all movable. He's just from suggestions to get you started. I see it. So that's eight point 10. Infinity grid: Another example of great we have is the incident secret. This is particularly good for grids that you want to keep in place for a long time, so ones that you want to have running along the time. So this one we're going to do an example of now is for prosperity and abundance. So that's something you may want to have ongoing all the times that you're always feeling that you have prosperity and abundance on. Also, it can also be very good for protection or protection of the home, because again, it's on an infinite loop. It's happening all the time. So the for example, going you stay for this one is prosperity and abundance. So we have our intention that place in the middle. So again I statement off. I am abundant in all things or I am abundant in and the list what you want to be abundant in. I am successful at anything that you want to have. It could be financial. It could be with friends. It could be with energy about having more time, all those sorts of things on ice statement or strong statement about those things that you want to have in your life. Excuse me. Placed that down and put that in the middle off your grit again. As with previous ones, you feel it. Below this video, you'll see a photograph of the Finnish grid so you can see for reference how it's how it's going to look when it's done. So stones that have chosen for this one There are no particular points as you do this Figure eight, but we're gonna use the two endpoints. Andi, the pathway. So there wasn't any sort of specific way Stones on this one bleeding from the middle out off, out in its a continuous loop. So we're just gonna place those destination stones across the loop. Um, for them to it's gonna connect together. So in the center for this one, I'm gonna put clear quartz because it's very it against the master healer. It's very positive, uplifting Stone on. It also helps to amplify any crystal that it's placed with, so it's gonna help amplify this grid, which is great. So there's some related stones to prosperity and abundance. I've chosen Amazon Night, Which is it? It's a healing talisman, but it also has a great affinity with financial success with having abundance is a great one that you might want to keep a very small version of it in your purse and things like that. So we're gonna place that on the grid, Uh, at the other end, the opposite end of the figure eight. I'm gonna put another green stage venturing this one again, not always necessarily thinking of prosperity and abundance in terms off financial terms. But in terms off, just feeding abundant in your life and feeling contentment off love on people and the quality of life in your lifestyle. Venturing really helps with that because it brings a lot of comforting energy. It brings a lot of safety. It just brings a lot of contentment with it. So we're gonna put adventuring on this great as well. Um, saying with Citrine, it's against a great motivator helps inspire create creativity, but it's also very, very good for bringing an abundance of things. Another one that you can keep in your wallet. So all of those things together, all very motivating and driven. So we're gonna place that on this grid as well. We also have some orange Conneely in here which is linked to your sacra shack row. So your emotions lie your emotional ties to things. So you want to feel that you're living your best life and you're feeling great, and you're feeling happy about yourself and things that you have a net. Carnelian is a great one for that also. Then we have Sunstone very, very similar to orange. Stone works well with your sacral chakra. Oh, it's all about enhancing lifestyle, enhancing your emotions, just making sure you're feeling, um, that you're feeling great. So we're gonna play Sun sign on there as well. On then, The six stone have chosen Final Stone for this grid is Goldstein. So Goldstone is linked to ambition on achieving your goals. If you have a goal in mind, gives you energy to feel driven and motivated and accomplish those goals. That's a great once place on this great as well. So there is a placed in the leap you'll see in the photo below about how those hell those are placed again, I said, It's it's a great This infinity loop is also great for protection because it's the one that you can have running all the time in areas of your house If you look up a little further of the example of the house, make a grid video. We build a projection grid in that so you'll see the sign of stains that you may want to use for protection grid. There's the template for this Great is below as well for you to download uses a reference you could use it as your good template or just to note the shape of it if you wish. Um, Andi? Yeah? Did you want to use the infinity? Great for something that you wanna have running, running along the time, something that's not necessary in end goal, but a constant hence infinity. 11. 12 point grid: another grid that you can use it to 12 point grij. So I have one here which is in the shape of a wheel, so we have to send tow center stain and then 12 around the outside. So a good example of using this grid is you may want to set this up at the end of the year going into January and set up your real of the year. So there may be something that you want to accomplish in the next 12 months that you would like to build a grid that's going to stay in situ for that amount of time. Two. Or until you know, indeed, you may achieve it with before 12 months, so it's going to stay with you until you've achieved your goal. So but you would write your goal down again as a positive I statement, as if it's already happened on a piece of paper and in place that center of your grid. So for the example, purposes that I've put here, I set myself a goal. No, it won't be this coming here, but the previous year I set myself a goal running 1/2 marathon. Um, I did run half marathon last year just on. And I was very, very pleased myself. Haven't done again since I haven't written off. But I've done it about the metal. I know I can do it. So I had to set myself of an attention if this is what I want to achieve, So the intention is I am 1/2 marathon runner. Oh, I am. So I am now. So this is the interface. The intention? That was that for that So example, then if so, it can be something physical like that. It could be that there's something you want to do it work. Information could be a qualification. Could be a holiday that you're planning. And it could be anything. Anything that's important to you that you want to achieve in the next 12 months. I choose a selection of crystals to help you that along the way. So this is an example speech drawer. So this is my This was my intention was to be 1/2 marathon runner. So there are lots of elements involved in having the determination, stamina, physical fitness, mental fitness to run a distant such as that. It's no mean feat for someone who wasn't even a runner, so there's lots of elements you could draw on. It's not just about being physically fit, its whole package. So, um, selection of things I've chosen for such a goal. We have rose quartz because a lot of self love, self belief. Andi, um, just they faith in yourself that you're going to be able to do It's the Rose Courts was one of those stains on 12 off the 12. Then we have one I've mentioned a few times already. Adventuring, because this is a comfort. Stay on their times in training on things that that you really need some comfort and some love and some good safe mother's hug protection, energy. So that's what adventuring gives your backs another state. Then those sitting, which was motivation drive, battling fatigue and tiredness with a lot of days where you just felt absolutely worn out from training. But you still need to get on with everyday things. So there's, um, a lot of drive on energy in situation from sit trains were put that down there. Then I've got red jade, which is in the strength on. You need a awful of inner strength for something like this isn't again isn't just physical strength. It's just determination. Motivations train faith in yourself that you could do it, chasing out the mining monkeys that telling you can't do it. You need a lot of of industry. So we've got red jade for that. Then we've got my favorite stone ever. My go to crystal for pretty much everything. It's my birth stains of things. Why have quite an affinity with it is amethyst. Amethyst is a de stress strain. It helps relax ation. It helps tension. It helps anxiety. It helps worry all those kinds of things, and this was essential. So Salafist on there there were about smoky quartz, which again is a bit of protection. Stone helped dispel. That's negative energy. A lot of negative energy creep in you doing something like that when you're trying to achieve any goal there all day. So you just feel worn down and you just need a little bit. Have a boost of protection against that energy. So smoky quartz. Then we've got a very uplifting, happy stone Kambala Jasper, which is all about happiness but lifting good luck. It's just one of those things that's just great to have with you all the time for those sorts of reasons. So that's a good one school in this group. T there, we've got angel light. So angel Light is it for two reasons. One. It's very calming, very soothing, but too, it's also great for communications. A blue stone. What's very well with the throat chakra, which is blue. So it's great about expressing yourself communication, the times where I needed Teoh be able to communicate how I felt to be able to express the importance of my training. Just be able to talk about how I felt the angel I have to go in there that we've got Goldstone, which has also been mentioned in a previous video, which is ambition, motivation drive to achieve your goal. So this tunes in very well with this great for any goal that you're gonna have because it's about meeting your goals. So Goldstein's then I've put in a blood stone as well, which again did mention earlier. It's a cleansing staying to detox and just cleanse toxins from the body. Just want to field clear and drain all that sludgy energy out, so it's another good one again. When you're working really hard for something that happens, then we've got some crackle courts, which is very similar to the Kambala. Jasper is just about being up lifting and about being happy on. Do you want to do this and just keep driven? So that's what's on there Then the 12th zone we have is black tourmaline protection zones. So this is this keeps behaved. So this keeps my monkeys away from us in the sense that people get in your head on. You just want some protection from negative energy. People say to you, Oh, I could never do It's like That's great, but this you're not doing it is me. So you want to sort of block out the energy and just know that you're strong enough that you can do it? So we've got some Black told me that So that's the 12 signs for the on the wheel of the year on then center stone of what? Clear quartz? Because again, it's a great one for us. Understand? Because amplifies and crystal, that's by, um, that is around master healers. That's a great one for the middle. And then we've got our clerk walks point to do the activation again. Below this video, you'll see a photograph of this finished grid so you can see what looks like institute and how you may want to. You set out for yourself, and there's also a blank download aboard Template Off Real of the Year for you to be able to use it for your own purposes as well. On their little further down in the bonus bonus section, there is another list off suggestions off groups of crystals you can use for different reasons against. Forget you started to get you thinking about how you might want to construct your own Briggs. So, yes, that's what we live for. A year I joined our 12. Thank you: thank you so much for taking part in this cause. I hope you've learned a lot about grids and combinations. We covered a lot of ground for you to be able to get started and build some confidence in tuning into your own crystals, feeling that energy and going on to constructing your own grids as well. If you have any questions at all, you have any feedback. We're talking about anything. Then my contact details are are in the course shoots and contact me through my website. You can send me an email and you could also find me over on Instagram as well. That's where I hang out most of the time. Andi, if you want to know more about crystals in general for for two different reasons different , um, different ways to apply them to use them, how I use them. Then check out my YouTube channel as well. The links are below eso. I also live below my email on instagram as well, so you can find me, chats me or just have a local wells I've got going on as well. Um, because I hope that it's been helpful and I really hope that you enjoy building your own grids, hand achieving your goals