Creating Complex Storylines for a Novel You Will Finish

Lindsey Backen, Bringing Stories to Life

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7 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Introduction to Plotlines

    • 2. Beginning with "What If"

    • 3. Creating Your Basic Plot

    • 4. Adding Physical, Emotional and Spiritual Conflicts to Your Plot

    • 5. Adding Supporting Storylines to Your Plot

    • 6. Adding Romantic Interests and Enemies

    • 7. Finding Your Master Plot


About This Class

Do you have trouble creating compelling storylines that carry your plot to the end of your draft without running out of steam? In this series of videos, I will show you how to add depth and layers to turn a simple plot into a full-bodied storyline that continues to grow and evolve as you pen your first draft. Remember, you have a story and only you can write it.