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Creating Captivating Instagram Content

Andrea Cannon

Creating Captivating Instagram Content

Andrea Cannon

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12 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. IG 101: Let's Start with the Basics

    • 3. Do it for the 'Gram: Instagram Photography

    • 4. #Filtered: Editing with Snapseed

    • 5. Up Your Game: Editing with Lightroom

    • 6. Your Time to Shine: Instagram Posting

    • 7. Why Click Follow: Your Value Story

    • 8. Create Your Community: How to Build Your Following

    • 9. Likes & Comments: How to Boost Your Engagement

    • 10. Highlight Reel: Stories, Highlights, Reels & IGTV

    • 11. Show Me the $: Monetizing Your Account

    • 12. Work Smarter Not Harder: Instagram Resources

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About This Class

Instagram is a powerful form of visual brand expression. Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner, blogger, content creator or influencer, this class will help you outline your Instagram strategy regardless of your niche.

In this course you will learn how to create captivating Instagram content. This class covers the basics of account set up, Instagram photography and editing tips, how to use analytics to make sure you are creating Instagram content that people will actually see, how to provide value to your followers, building your community on Instagram, how to avoid common mistakes when using Instagram, how to monetize your Instagram, apps/websites that will make your life much easier, and much more.

As this course is applicable to everyone interested in creating Instagram content, I cover examples that include clothing companies, hair stylists, fitness and travel influencers, bloggers, and more to make sure it is applicable to everyone. I also include specific examples from my own Instagram account as well as pictures from my blog in the portions about photography and editing.

Some of the apps and websites referenced in this course include Canva, Tailwind, Planoly, Snapseed, Lightroom, and Everlinks. These resources will help improve your efficiency and style when creating Instagram content. These resources will also be incredibly helpful with your other social media pages outside of Instagram as well.

In the class project, we will focus on feed aesthetic with 9 posts that look good together as well as define the goal for the Instagram account. This goal will help shape our Instagram content going forward and pre-planning content will help take the pressure off of having to post on Instagram.


From the creator:

I am excited to have you join this course on Creating Captivating Instagram Content. While I have had an Instagram account for many years, I spent the last two years really perfecting my content creation strategies for the app and I am thrilled to share these with you.

Thanks for joining me!



Meet Your Teacher

Andrea Cannon is a pharmacist, triathlete, gratitude practicer, and avid traveler. For both business and pleasure, she has taken more than 250 flights yearly for the past 3 years (pre-C). In addition to being a travel hacking enthusiast, Andrea enjoys hiking and spending time with her husband (Austin) and dog (Dex). You can connect with her via her blog or on Instagram @andreafcannon .

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Andrea Cannon and welcome to this course on how to create captivating Instagram content. Instagram is a form of visual expression and a way of making your own brand. Let's say you want to buy a product, whether you saw it in an ad or were searching for something directly online, you find exactly what you're looking for. But then you scour there company's social media pages. In this instance, it's Instagram. And you find out that they only have about 200 followers. Instantaneously, the credibility goes down in your head and you're starting to wonder if you're going to get scammed. You look around for reviews and eventually you decide to go with a different product. Whether you're a small business, entrepreneur or creator. Having a strong Instagram presence is important as it makes you appear more trustworthy. In this course, we'll talk about how to attract customers, brands, and new friends to your account. So join me in the next video and we'll go ahead and get started. 2. IG 101: Let's Start with the Basics: In this lesson, we'll get started with Instagram. Basically. If you already have an account, stick around anyway. As in this lesson, we're going to cover how to set goals for your Instagram profile, why you need a business or creator account, and how to format your Instagram profile for success. The most important thing when starting out on Instagram is having a goal for your account. Are you as small business trying to attract more customers? Are you an entrepreneur trying to get the word out about your services? Are you an educator trying to help the community? Are human influencer, trying to work with brands. Regardless, you want to make sure that this goal is set up from the beginning. That way we can make sure that 80 to 90% of our posts, at a minimum, relate back to this goal. If you're brand new to Instagram, you'll want to make sure you start out with a business or a creator account. If you already had an account, you want to make sure you transition is over to a business or creator account as well. Either one you choose is OK, it just needs to fit the goals that you just decided upon for your Instagram profile. Now why do you need a business or creator account? Well, there are some Instagram terms and conditions that talks about why this is particularly important. But besides the legalities, I specifically want to highlight that we want this business or creator account for the analytics options. And we will talk about these later on in this course. We will go more into depth about your overall Instagram feed in a later lesson. However, when someone decides whether or not to follow you, they'll be looking at your profile and they'll make this decision in just a few seconds. And they will base that likely on your profile picture, your account description, and your first six to nine posts. So make these things count. Go ahead and look professional. Add a profile picture that's representative of you and your brand. Go ahead and format your account description. Make sure is includes a shortened version of your goals that you just decided on for your Instagram account. And make sure you add six to nine photos before following anyone else. This will give people an overall feel for your account and to make sure they can make that decision about whether or not they want to follow you. Now that we've covered the basics of Instagram, including setting a goal for your account, converting to or starting a business or creator account, your account description and your first six to nine posts. In the next lesson, we'll discuss the basics of Instagram photography. 3. Do it for the 'Gram: Instagram Photography: In this lesson, we'll discuss the basics of Instagram photography. Now, content that does well on this platform isn't necessarily the same content that does well on other platforms. However, considering that this is your Instagram profile, it can look however you choose. Just keep in mind that this is a visual platform. And so photos and pictures should be visually appealing. A couple of tips in order to make your photography for Instagram successful. We want to make sure that our photos are clear and crisp and not blurry or fuzzy. Most phones can take very nice pictures and so you don't have to worry about getting an upgraded camera. I only personally that an upgraded camera within the last few months, since both reasonable and possible to create a professional looking Instagram without upgrading your equipment. Now let's look at a few examples of photos. The photo on the left has a landscape that is obviously tilt it. Take a look at the horizon. The photo on the right has a landscape with horizon that is more visually flat. Now you may have an artistic reason that you need to make your photography Tilton. However, unless there's anything special, visually appealing and captivating content, has a horizon that is flat. The next tip is around the rule of thirds for photography. Imagine that each of your photos has a grid. We want to place the horizon in the top or bottom of that grid. Additionally, we want to place any interesting objects like people, interesting trees, flowers are animals on those grid lines as well. This rule can get a little tricky on Instagram as you can post both horizontal and vertical photos. However, once they're in your feed, they display as a square. So there are times when it may look like you're cutting off important parts of the photo if you do follow the rule of thirds. Now, if someone is in the photo, makes sure that that person is looking in the direction to where the rest of the scenery is in the photo. So if they're at the edge of the photo and they're not looking at the scenery. It really looks weird. So you want to make sure that the person is actually looking in the direction of the scenery. Lastly, you don't have to use all photos if photography intimidates you or if you're using your platform for education or other reasons, it may be more appropriate for you to post graphics instead of pictures. One way to do this is on They have free and paid options on that platform that you can check out. Hopefully this lesson provided actionable pointers to improve your Instagram photography. These include having clear Chris photos that aren't blurrier, fuzzy, keeping the horizon Street. The rule of thirds to know where to place the horizon, as well as the other objects that are in your photo. Where to place the person. So it makes it look like they're actually gazing at the rest of the landscape that's in the photo. And then how to create graphics on Now, there's other courses on skill share that go a lot more in depth if you need to master any of these topics. However, the basics here will definitely help you get started. In the next lesson, we'll be talking about the basics of Instagram photo editing. 4. #Filtered: Editing with Snapseed: Welcome back. In this lesson we'll discuss editing your photos for Instagram. Now, sometimes Instagram or just social media in general, get a bad rep for being too filtered. So all decisions regarding editing of your photos should be in accordance with your Instagram account goals and your brand. Now the photography basics we discussed in the last lesson are important. If you took a bad photo, doesn't make any sense. That person's looking in the wrong direction. There is no filter that's going to take that bad photo into a compelling or captivating photo. Now, editing isn't necessarily required. I personally didn't edit any of my photos until they hit about 5 thousand followers. But I had to do with the fact that I just didn't know how. So you can grow your account without editing your photos. It just may be a little bit more difficult, but it still is possible. The reason for this is because people will make a snap judgment as to whether or not to follow you. And a lot of times that has to do with the captivating photos that you can wow them with, that are sometimes enhanced with edits. That's why editing photos can be important in growing your Instagram account. There are many great apps out there to use for editing. However, I will discuss two of them here. The first step is snap seed, the second is Lightroom, which I'll cover in the next lesson. It's not seen as the perfect app to use if you're new to Instagram photo editing, its features are not difficult to figure out and they're free. It's definitely where you should start if you're feeling overwhelmed by this entire process. Snaps IED has filters, which they call looks, as well as other basic editing tools that you can utilize. And I'll show you how to do that here. So how does this work? You select the photo that you'd like to use. And then first off, you can try out the different looks are filters that are available as Preset Options in app. So you can scroll through these and editing is all about a personal preference. So I might choose a look that's different from the one that you would prefer. However, that's just part of the style. So once you find the look or filter that works best, that's kind of where I get started. Then I go through the rest of the tools that are available. So I'm not gonna cover all of the features here. And you should definitely play around with the app as you'll be able to tell what's most useful for you. However, the HTTR tune feature can help with landscape photography. The healing feature can help remove objects from the photos that you don't want to be there, such as my husband's arm. Additionally, you can also do tune image to help with other individuals settings to change on your photo as far as editing goes. Once you get your photo to looking the way you wanted to, you can actually save the look or filter as your own so that you can go back and utilize it on your next photos. You will get better and faster at editing over time. So if you're not currently very comfortable with editing, don't feel overwhelmed, but just start with this app. Hopefully you've enjoyed this lesson on editing your photos for Instagram was snapped scene. In the next lesson, we'll take it up a notch and we'll use Lightroom to edit our Instagram photos. See you there. 5. Up Your Game: Editing with Lightroom: Now that we've discussed the app snap seen in this lesson, we will talk about Lightroom, the way to up your game with your photo editing for Instagram. If you've already been using Instagram for some time, utilizing Lightroom is a way to take your content from good to captivating. The app itself is free, but some features are paid. That's why I recommend if you're new to photo editing, I would get started with snaps. He'd first, and then get more comfortable with editing and the whole concept before moving into Lightroom. If you have heard of presets before, this is likely coming from Lightroom. Presets are very similar to a one-click editing, where it will change all of the features of your photo in one-click. This is similar to the looks feature from snap scene. However, the cool thing about the presets in Lightroom is if there's a particular photographer or influencer who's photography style and editing style you really like. You can see if they sell their presets and purchase them. And that way you don't have to do all the editing yourself. Lightroom has all of the features that are included in snap seed, but it also comes with both a mobile in a desktop application. So depending on how intense you want your editing to be, light room may be the best choice for you. There are additional courses on skill share regarding the use of Lightroom, and I would definitely recommend that you check those out. If this is something that you're interested in learning more about. Hopefully this overview of Lightroom will help you get started. In the next lesson, we'll discuss Instagram posting. I'll see you there. 6. Your Time to Shine: Instagram Posting: Welcome back. In this lesson, we're going to discuss posting on Instagram. If you remember back in the first lesson, we discussed that you needed to have a business or creator account due to the analytics that are provided to those business and created profiles. In this lesson, we're going to discuss why that's incredibly important and that has to do with analytics. These analytics are located in the insights tab of your profile. And they cover things like accounts reached, which covers impressions, website clicks, and emails, et cetera, contents. So the interactions that you have from your content, such as likes, comments or shares, saves, as well as followers. So this would be your growth over time, as well as they would cover things like the demographics of your followers, including their location, their gender, and their age. And then they will also cover the time of day and day of the week that your followers are the most active. When I was using Instagram for personal reasons, I would typically scroll on Instagram sometime between 09:00 AM PM, 12, kind of before bed. And that's what I'd wanna post as well because that's when I was on Instagram. Well, I kind of thought that everybody else would just be doing something similar to me because that's what I was doing. And it turns out I was way wrong once I converted my account and actually got an access to my analytics. And then I realized that 09:00 PM to 12:00 AM was actually the least popular time on my account as far as activity of buy followers. So therefore, that's why having Instagram analytics is incredibly important. Use these business analytics to decide when to post. Now if you're countless new or you have a small following and it's all over the place. Aim for sometime between eight AM and ten AM, your local time, and then adjust from there as you gain more followers. In addition to posting at the right time, you also want to post using the right hashtags. Currently, instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags. I personally use all 30. There are some strategies out there that say that you should use less than 30. Well, what I recommend is testing it out for yourself. I typically target Instagram hashtags that have under 500 thousand other photos that are posted there as well that utilize that hashtag so that it's not immediately lost. Once I click post to find relevant hashtags, you can look at other people in your niche or your competition and see what hashtags they're using for their success. Instagram did have a related hashtags feature that they recently removed. So if they don't get that back, you'll want to make sure that you have other ways to find hashtags on your own. There are several apps out there, and one that I've used before is called hashtag expert. Although this is a paid app, but it does give you suggestions for hashtags. So you could see if that's something that you're interested in utilizing. If you're not able to brainstorm them yourself, I would encourage you not to use the same hashtags over and over again. And personally, it's Michael not to use the same hashtags on back to that post. This has to do with something called shadow banning. Shadow banning has to do with when Instagram thinks that you are utilizing the same hashtags over and over again. And it's likely spam because they're thinking there's no way could be possible that each of your photos should have the same hashtags. So that's why I would encourage you to at least mix it up between days and not utilize the same hashtags back-to-back. I've only ever personally been shadowed in before when I've gotten pretty lazy with my hashtags. In addition to hashtags, you can also tag reshare accounts in your Instagram photo post. This will encourage those reshare accounts to share your photo on their page, which exposes you to their new audience that maybe had not senior photo before, and can help you with Instagram growth. Finding these reshare accounts well likely require some digging. So be on the lookout. And I've personally created a spreadsheet with reshare accounts to help me keep track of them to make sure I tag appropriately. In addition to reshare accounts, you'll also want to keep in mind your overall feed aesthetic when you're posting individual Instagram feed posts. What this means is what will your profile look like when people click on it? Do your photos seem to go together? These can take the form of having the same filter on every photo, to having every other tile BY a graphic. Or going to have to do with a certain color scheme that isn't necessarily a filter. Regardless, you definitely want to have a plan going into your Instagram photo posting to make sure your account looks good. Hopefully now that you're armed with your analytics, a hashtag strategy, re-sharing accounts, and a plan fetus static. You know when to post and how to get eyes on your content. In the next lesson, we're going to cover exactly what you should post to make sure you get those followers. And they stick around. 7. Why Click Follow: Your Value Story: Welcome back. In the last few lessons, we've discussed how to take an edit, great shots, how to create graphics, how to add hashtags and reshared counts, as well as how to plan your fetus static. All of these things are incredibly important to getting eyes on your account and gaining new followers. However, have you ever had someone follow you only to unfollow you later? And I'm not referring to those people who were playing the follow unfollow game, which I definitely don't recommend. However, I often say that people come for your photos and they stick around for the value that you provide to them. And this often comes in the form of your captions. Now value takes on many forums. You can provide entertainment or be funny. You can provide insight into your life where people feel connected to you. You can provide some sort of education or help other people out. Or your content can be sharable or safe bubble. Now, each of your Instagram posts should provide some sort of value, can be one of those things and doesn't always have to be the same thing. However, you can do your own test. Try posting on Instagram with just one line, 30 hashtags and several reshare accounts. And then do the same thing to 30 hashtags, several reshare counts, and equally as good photo, but this time include value and see which gets more engagement going viral often comes from content that is sharable, safe bubble. So the more often that you incorporate these into your planned content, that bigger your reach will be. When you're thinking about content for your captions, keep in mind they don't always have to match what is going on in the photo. For example, let's say that your hair stylist and you're trying to grow your client base utilizing Instagram. You can take pictures of people's hair that you do. And then talk about, of course, the color and the cut in your photo captions. However, you can also talk about other things. Diy hair tips, specific products that you utilize, the reasons why you got into hair, that background about you and your studio. If there's anything special, all kinds of different things. And this can help people feel more connected to you because you've shared those pieces of information as well. Hopefully this has been helpful regarding providing value in each of your Instagram posts. As a reminder, this can be in the form of entertainment or humor, insight, content that's helpful or educational, as well as sharable or salable. Regardless, you should focus on incorporating some sort of value into each of your Instagram posts in order to keep the followers that you get. In the next lesson, we're going to discuss how to grow your following. I'll see you there. 8. Create Your Community: How to Build Your Following: In this video, we're going to discuss how to build your Instagram following. Now, of course, you're folding is going to grow naturally because of the content that you're posting, the hashtags that you're using, and the reshare accounts that you're also tagging simultaneously. But we can also accelerate this in other ways. One of the ways that I have rapidly increased my Instagram following has to do with targeting engaged followers of other accounts. So what I'll do is I would take a look at some of the relevant hashtags in my niche. When I take a look at these hashtags, then I would go to the top posts. Once I'm on the top posts, I start with the first one. I go. I engage with that post by liking and commenting a relevant comment of at least five words. And then I go to that person's account. I look to see whether or not I think that they would follow me back. An example of that would be someone who has 40 thousand followers and is only following a 100 people, they're probably not going to follow me back. However, if the person has, let's say, 8 thousand followers and they're following 4 thousand people. There's a solid chance they would follow me back. So i would click fall on their account. In addition, I would like three to five other posts and comment on at least one other one with a relevant comment of at least five words. Relevant comment needs an answering their question on their caption. I'm saying something particular about the photo descent, just like, ooh, this is a nice picture or wow, great capture. This has to do is I really like your dress. It looks great on you. Or these flowers in this photo are very beautiful. Or a love that hairstyle. Or while you're looking incredibly fit in this photo or something like that, just depends on your niche. Then I'll go back to that photo that's in the top, and I'll go down the comments. Start with the very first one. I'll click on that person's profile. I'll assess to see whether or not they'll follow me Doc likely you're not. And then if I think so, I'll like three to five of their photos comment at least one relevant comments, you know, answering a caption or something like that of at least five words. And then I'll go back to the comments. So that original photo, I'll go to the next comment. I'll do the same thing. I'll take a look at their profile. Let's say there's somebody that it's clear that it's a bot that I'll just exit out and I'll go back. I won't do three to five likes in some comments at that point. Instead, I'll just go back, go to the next comment. And I'm really doing this because those people are engaged Instagram followers. So they're likely to be engaged regularly and maybe they'll engage with my profile. And that's how I have built my following of engaged Instagram followers. So in the next video, we're gonna talk more about how to boost your Instagram engagement of the followers that you do have. I'll see you there. 9. Likes & Comments: How to Boost Your Engagement: In this video, we're going to talk about how to boost your Instagram engagement. So Instagram engagement isn't incredibly important metric, definitely more important than the actual follower number that you have. If you have a 100 thousand followers and you get 20 likes on your photo, it's going to be very weird, right? But if you have a 1000 followers and you get 200 likes on New Photo and ten comments. That's great news. You have a higher engagement rate. And that's where we're going to focus on for this lesson. In the last lesson, we discussed one of the ways to gain relevant followers is to provide comments that are actually pertaining to the picture that you're referring to. So for example, you're responding to the caption or you're commenting specifically on the photo. And that's one of the ways that you can boost your own engagement, is when people actually respond to your photo or they provide you with a comment instead of just saying thank you so much. I really appreciate it or Yeah, it was great. Insead just actually responding back to them with something of more substance. That's one way that you can boost engagement on your account. Another way to do so is to ask questions in your caption. Supervised that value that we were talking about two lessons ago. But when you're done with a value, ask a question and have your audience respond to you. It can be relevant to the caption to help you answer an additional question, or it can help you answer something for the future. Like, you know, you can give them information on a particular location and then you can say, hey, do you like the location tips that I provided due on more of this? Or you could also say, Have you ever been to this particular location? What did you think or what was your favorite part, right? All different ideas and ways to boost engagement on your own pictures. Similarly to asking questions, you could also ask poles, and these can be done in your Instagram stories and we'll talk about stories more in the next lesson. But asking poles and questions can help formulate your content going forward. And it provides a way for people to interact with your content and want to come back, especially because they feel like they had a part in designing your content for the future. So asking those poles or questions, or having people vote one way or the other is definitely another way to boost your engagement. In the next lesson, we're going to talk about some of the additional features outside of the Instagram feeds, such as the new Instagram reals or Instagram stories. I'll see you there. 10. Highlight Reel: Stories, Highlights, Reels & IGTV: In this lesson, we're gonna talk about the features that are found on Instagram outside of the regular Instagram feed. These would be Instagram Stories, highlights, reels and IGT v. So let's start with Instagram stories. Instagram stories are a way to have a less curated interaction with your audience. These are things that are typically not as edited, more real life and often are involved you talking either directly to the camera, providing poles like we talked about in the last lesson, quizzes, et cetera. These help you get to know your audience better and help relate to the audience that will follow you very closely and regularly on a day-to-day basis. If you're familiar with other social media platforms, Instagram stories was a direct competition to Snapchat. And Snapchat has that 24-hour feature where you can see all of your posts for the day on Snapchat in a story. This is a very similar concept as your, as your Instagram stories will actually disappear after 24 hours. So therefore, you want to make sure you're constantly creating new and captivating content every 24 hours in order to make sure your audiences engaged. Now not everyone will watch your Instagram stories, but you can continue and to encourage people to engage with them via your Instagram feed. Some of the things that you can do to encourage more engagement. Our offer specials or things for people who are only washing your Instagram stories. One account that I follow that I really like does a Wednesday special where everyone say they do a 50% off of their merchandise for just the first five people who happen to respond. So that's a really good way to make sure that your audience stays engaged with your Instagram Stories. And it really helps them to feel connected. Now while your Instagram story content will disappear after 24 hours, it doesn't mean you can't save it and reuse it for later. Now I wouldn't reuse the same content over and over again because those loyal followers that you have that always watch her story will recognize that if you keep using the same content constantly and they'll actually fast forward and skip your story. And that's not something you want to happen. However, if you reuse it, let's say once a month or something like that, could work out really well. And that way you're only creating the content once. Additionally, for really good Instagram story content, you could consider saving this as an Instagram story highlight. A highlight shows up under your profile bio before your feed. And it's something that you can use that's constantly there in the form of a story for people to see. Now, people who are trying to make a snap judgment about falling. You may see these highlights and can kind of look back on the things that you've posted before and help make their decision as to whether or not they want to follow you. I'll be honest, I don't use highlights that often, but I've seen people do a really good job of using them. And they've done that by letting people know that they've saved certain things in there highlights so that they can go back at any time. This is especially important for people who have, you know, things that they are focused on a specific product launch. Or if they have a specific area of content that they want to make sure that everyone can reach back out to. Reals is the newest Instagram feature that was just added a few weeks ago. As of this recording, reals is sort of a direct competitor to tick tock, if you're familiar with that social media platform. And it currently allows for 15-second videos that can be edited or just more live features of what's going on in your day-to-day. Since Sony a couple weeks old, I don't have a ton of templates for utilizing Instagram reels. However, I will say because it's a new feature, Instagram and other social media platforms tend to really promote their early adopters. So I'd absolutely jump on the trend of utilizing Instagram reels in your day-to-day content. Now, since Instagram reals has not been around for a very long, I've only actually posted five different reels. So what I can tell you that I've learned so far is that the real set you actually post directly to your feed tend to do significantly better than reels that you just post in general. So makes sure there is something that you can posterior feed. You can select a specific cover photo from your camera roll in order to make sure that your feet still has that curated look that you're probably going for. But then the video itself can be a lot less edited if you'd prefer things that tend to do well, our tips or specific things about your day, anything like that? Like a specific morning routine, exercise routine, something like that. The one that's doing the best for me is actually a photography tip so far. But I'm going to continue to try and test it out and I would encourage you to do the same thing. Now, Instagram also has the IG TV feature, which is sort of like a direct competitor to YouTube. So if you're thinking about getting more individualism is specifically beyond the reals function, which is only 15 seconds, then IGT B is for you. Now of course, you could figure out a way to post these to both IG TB and to YouTube. And that way it cuts down on the amount of content creation time. But either way, it's another good feature out there for you to consider using. Hopefully now you feel more comfortable with the additional features of your Instagram account outside of your feet. These include your story highlights, reels and IG TV. In the next lesson, we're going to discuss monetizing your account and taking those vanity metrics of likes and comments to dollar in your pocket. I'll see you there. 11. Show Me the $: Monetizing Your Account: In this lesson, we're going to discuss monetizing your Instagram account. Now we'll start with the more obvious. If you're an entrepreneur or small business, you likely have freely and services, products or services that you're offering people. And you'll want to make sure that you're constantly letting them know about your services and what you have to offer. Do you have a new product? Is there a new launch upcoming? What can your customers expect? You'll constantly want to be letting them know as you'll be gaining new followers all the time. Now if you're a blogger and you're providing additional information outside of your captions, you'll want to make sure that you don't just tell people one time what blog topics you have available. So for example, let's say today I make a post related to hiking and select City. And then later on, a few days later, I should reference back to that post again because some people may have missed my first feed posts, doesn't access everyone, or maybe I have new followers. So in a few days, I'll also once again remind them in my feet that I haven't New Post on hiking and Zoellick city. And I'll provide them with additional reasons why they should check out that post. And this is something that you'll constantly find. Not only do you just need to tell people something once, but you need to repeat it several times in order for them to actually decide that they want to engage with your offer. The same thing goes with Instagram stories, because these delete after 24 hours, not everyone will have seen what you had to say in your Instagram story. So therefore, it's best to tell people more than once. Now that doesn't mean that you should just save the content use of the first time and just repeated over and over again because people will get tired of that as well. But you need to make sure you're constantly letting people know what's going on on your blog. If you're a blogger, if you're a content creator or influencer, you're likely going to want to work with brands in order to showcase their products in exchange for either free products or money. Makes sure that you reach out to these brands either via some sort of intermediary website or via their Instagram, DMZ, or email. This is a great way to collaborate with these brands and grow your following, as well as make sure that this isn't just about those vanity metrics of likes, saves, comments, et cetera. Collaborations can pay significant amount of money if they're done correctly. Make sure that she worked with companies that you felt comfortable with and that you feel OK with promoting, monetizing your Instagram account isn't something that you have to do once you hit a certain number of followers, like 1000 or 10 thousand, something like that, you can really start monetizing your Instagram account as soon as you hit a, an engaged Instagram following. And so that's something to consider when you're thinking about developing your Instagram goals for your account. In the next lesson, we're going to discuss some resources to help you create captivating Instagram content more effectively and efficiently. I'll see you there. 12. Work Smarter Not Harder: Instagram Resources: In this lesson, we're going to discuss applications and resources that can help you create captivating Instagram content. The first app that I'd like to recommend is Canva. Canva that can be incredibly helpful for many different things, not just Instagram's. So getting a handle on canvas is a great idea. Going to You can find different templates sizes for both Instagram Stories and Instagram posts. Other things that you can find, there are things that Pinterest, pin templates, blog post templates, etc. So this is really a good resource to have in your toolbox. Now, camp-like is free as well as paid. And you could start with the free membership and decide if you want to upgrade from there. You may not need to. Canvass the suggestion that I had for people who'd like to create graphics. But it's also a good way that you can just add on your logo or something to your photos in case you're concerned about people taking those from your account. There next to apps, I want to refresh you on our bows, snap seed, and Lightroom. These are the editing apps that I recommended earlier that I would highly suggest that you take a look at when you're working on your captivating Instagram content. Both of these can help take your photos from good to next level. However, if you're not that familiar with editing, I would definitely recommend that you start with Snap seed if you're ready and more familiar with the rest of the outline here, I would suggest that you move to Lightroom. Lightroom is the game-changing option for you as far as editing goes. And this is where you hear about things like presets and 1-click editing for your photos to really enhance them. Now two apps that I use regularly for my Instagram stories are cut story and story art. So when recording videos for your Instagram stories, you'll notice that they only post in 15-second intervals. So let's say you stop right here and you record a video just on your regular phone video recording software. And then you go to post it on Instagram. If it's longer than 15 seconds, only the first 15 seconds are actually going to post. So the way to fix this is utilizing the cut story app. The cuts story app will actually cut your video in 15-second intervals that fit along with what's required for Instagram. It will also offer the opportunity to cut your video in other links for other applications that are out there. But since we're only focusing on Instagram, that's all we'll talk about right now. Now the other app that I utilize often for my stories is story art. And this is the way that you see people utilizing different features outside of what's regularly offered on Instagram stories to make them look a little bit more edited, kind of more like a yearbook look, rather than just the photos that are included in your Instagram story. This absolutely isn't necessary, but if you're looking to take your Instagram stories to the next level, I would definitely recommend this story. Our app. Now one of the downsides of Instagram captions is you can't actually have links in your Instagram captions as of now. So you'll often tell people to refer back to your linked in your Baia. Now the downside is if you have a link in your bio and let's say today you post something where it says, Here's this blog posts referred to the Lincoln my bio. And then two days later you say, here's this great product referred to the link in my bio. You'll constantly be changing that link. And maybe the people who are just now seeing that first post where they want to see your blog, they won't actually be able to get the right link. So one of the ways to get around that is to have a link in your bio that can actually refer people to multiple different areas. And for that, I use ever links. Ever links as a way to have a different photo, a video, subtext, different links, collaboration opportunities, et cetera, all in that one rink. And that's definitely something I would recommend if you're trying to take your Instagram to the next level. Now lastly, as you're growing your Instagram account, you'll find that consistency is absolutely key as far as getting and then maintaining your Instagram following. Now, consistency can be different for everyone, and I wouldn't recommend that you start out with three posts a day for every single day, for the whole week, for the first several months of your new Instagram. But you could start with once a day or a few times a week and then assess what works best for you. Regardless, a lot of people hit Sort of a wall with their Instagram where they get almost burnt out on posting on their Instagram account. But consistency is absolutely critical in order to get and maintain that falling, like I just said. So one of the ways that you can combat this is utilizing a website that actually helps you with auto posting. And one of the things I like about these apps is that you can prescheduled your Instagram content as well as see how your feed will look with this particular photos that you've selected and make sure it fits that fetus setting that we talked about earlier. There's two websites that I recommend for this. The one I've used primarily is called plane only and plunged only can be helpful because you can see the way that your feet is going to be laid out and really get a handle on what looks good and have those things auto posted. Now there's a couple of downsides to plan only wish there constantly upgrading it. So what I'm saying right now may not be the case when you go to take a look at it. But right now you can't post carousels or reals directly from linoleum. However, up to 30 photos loaded in an auto posted a month is free. So that's a definite park. Now the website that I would recommend is called tailwind. And I actually don't use tailwind for Instagram, but I use it for Pinterest myself. So I know that it is a good and reputable website. The thing about tailwind is that it allows you to post up to 30 images for free and after that it will be paid. However you are able to post at this time carousels from tailwind, although real since it's such a new feature is not yet incorporated and I'm not sure if they will be eventually, you'll have to check that out for yourself. However, after those 30 photos, then it turns into a paid application. If you're already using tailwind for Pinterest or you're thinking about utilizing TO inform interests, then it may make sense to go ahead and use tailwind for Instagram as well. Hopefully, you found these resources useful in creating, captivating Instagram content. And I really appreciate you taking this course. You can follow me here on Skill Share so you can keep up with my future courses as well as interact with me and ask me any questions. As I'm sure, Instagram will be constantly evolving their features. Additionally, you can follow me on Instagram, utilize that same thing I taught you earlier, liking three to five posts and commenting, irrelevant comment. And, and that one, I would definitely say that you've found me from this course. I look forward to connecting with you in the future. Thanks so much for your time.