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Creating Best-Selling Greeting Cards

Adrienne Gusoff, One Woman Creative Cyclone

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8 Lessons (47m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Lesson 1 Industry Overview

    • 3. Lesson 2 - Selecting an Image

    • 4. Lesson 4 Finding and Choosing the Right Font

    • 5. Lesson 3 Writing Copy

    • 6. Lesson 5 Creating a Template

    • 7. Lesson 6 Creating a Jury

    • 8. Lesson 7 Final Project


About This Class

In this class, you will learn the basics of greeting card design as well as  professional industry standards and tools of the trade that turn ho-hum cards into best-sellers. This course is ideal for illustrators,  photographers,  graphic designers, and writers who'd like to earn some extra money in this fun and exciting industry. 

If you've ever thought about promoting your work or making some extra money designing cards, this class will prove invaluable.  Whether you're considering marketing them yourself (i.e. via Etsy) or would prefer a royalty deal with a large card publisher (i.e. Recycled,  Papyrus),  you will learn things that will help you create cards that will get attention.  

I wish I'd known even half these things when I started in this business 30+ years ago!  I would have saved myself years and thousands of dollars.   But now YOU can benefit from my learning curve!





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Adrienne Gusoff

One Woman Creative Cyclone

Adrienne is a widely published freelance writer (books and articles), award-winning advertising and greeting card designer, product and game creator, teacher/lecturer and business owner. She is the author of "Dirty Yiddish Slang" (Ulysses Press) and among the most quoted humorists on the Internet. Currently, she has active card lines with Recycled Paper Greetings, Papyrus and Smart Alex, and edits/writes for Avanti Press. For many years, she wrote and starred in a line of best-selling Bubby ...

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