Creating Beautiful Abstract Art, Quickly and Easily With Watercolor & More!

Jules Tillman, artist | creative coach | #CreatingBeautifully

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6 Videos (23m)
    • Let's Create Beautiful Abstract Art with Watercolor and More!

    • Tools & Supplies Needed

    • Let's Paint Some Beautiful Abstract Paintings

    • More Techniques With Watercolor & India Inks

    • Bonus Techniques for Added Layers and Depth

    • Class Wrap-up


About This Class


Hello artists and creatives! In this class you will learn how to create beautiful abstract paintings using a variety of mediums, including watercolor and India inks.

It's an easy, fast way to make abstract art for your home! 

We will use the different mediums, and see how they interact with each other using a variety of techniques. This part is so fun and kind of feels like an artsy science experiment!

We will ultimately use all of this knowledge to create a gorgeous piece of abstract art using my own meditative method, where we let our inner muse direct much of the artwork for us. 

I've even added a bonus video, for those of you who want to take your project to the next level with added layers! 

By the end of this class you will feel confident in creating small abstract paintings for your home, as gifts, or even to sell! 

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This is a super fun, quick class! Loves the intuitive process and the flow of the medium. It was just the thing I needed to get me out of an artistic funk!
Julie Brunelle

Creating an Artful Life.

fun & some good tips
very easy to do!





Jules Tillman

artist | creative coach | #CreatingBeautifully

Hi! I'm Jules and I'm an artist and creative entrepreneur. I'm the boss behind Creating Beautifully that is a space to celebrate and cultivate your creativity! Whether you’re an artist selling your work, or you just want to have fun making, I believe that everyone is (or can be!) an artist, and I hope that when you visit that website, you feel empowered and excited about creating something new!

 I love helping others live a more creative and successful life! 

My business classes are bite-sized but packed full of information for creatives who want to sell more of what they make. From setting goals, to branding their social media, and beyond. I am passionate about combining business and creativity.  

My creative classes encourage and support your curiosity, embolden you, and spark your inner artist. 

I have one of those minds that hardly ever shuts off (thank goodness for meditation! In fact, for me, making art is a form of meditation.) I'm constantly exploring new ways to bring beauty, creativity, and happiness into the world -- and that fun part of art-making is the side of art that I like to bring to my creative classes.

You can see more of my art at and follow me on Instagram @julestillman. I'd also LOVE it if you follow @Creating.Beautifully on Instagram. 

I hope to see you in my classes!

With gratitude,