Creating An Amazing Lead Magnet For More Subscribers

Christoffer Gullin, Random Tech Guy

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5 Videos (22m)
    • Creating Your Own Lead Magnet

    • Finding The Perfect Lead Magnet

    • Creating The Lead Magnet

    • Increase Your Opt-Ins

    • Your Assignment


About This Class

Hello and welcome to my latest course here on Skillshare. Today, we are talking about lead magnets and how you can create your own lead magnets very soon.

A lead magnet is something that you offer a visitor on your website in exchange for their email address. What many websites do is to say something like “Sign up for our newsletter” but to be fair, how fun is a newsletter? More often than not, that newsletter is just links back to the website and most likely, I am already visiting that website.

With a lead magnet, the opt-in is something like “Create More Content with my time management tips”. When they enter their email, they will get a short report or a video about time management.

You could say that a lead magnet is something like a bribe to get their email address. It’s one of the best methods known by any marketer to grow their email list.

The problem is that when I often land on a new website, I don’t have the option to opt-in to their email and if I do, it’s to get their newsletter… That’s why I have created this course, to show you how you can create your own lead magnet that your visitors will basically throw their email address on you to get.

What you have learned after being done with this course:

  • What a Lead Magnet Are. I will go more in-depth in the course and also explain a bit further than in this description
  • How you can find amazing topics for your lead magnet. Having a lead magnet about something random is not enough. You want to have a lead magnet about something that people will love to get.
  • Actually creating the lead magnet. This is so much easier than most people think.
  • Getting people to opt-in. I will show you some simple techniques that you can apply on your website today, for free, to get more subscribers.

On top of that, I have also prepared a small assignment for you just to make sure that you are taking action after the course. It’s not a big one, but it’s vital for lead magnet creation.

So enroll now so you can get more subscribers to your list by tomorrow!

See you in the course,

Christoffer Gullin


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A very useful class on how to design your opt-ins
Partha Gupta

Set your goal and work hard for it





Christoffer Gullin

Random Tech Guy

Hi there!

My name is Christoffer Gullin, 23 years old living in Sweden. I have studied network and system administration on University and is now making an income on the internet.

I love computers and hardware overall and it is something I am very passionate about. I am spending most of my days on YouTube watching reviews and other people building computers (don't tell me you are not spending hours on YT).

I also love working with Software. I am using many kinds of software in my daily life. On Skillshare, you will most likely find classes regarding software. It can be Photoshop, Camtasia, After Effects or anything really! 

Have an awesome day,