Creating Amazon, eBay or E-Commerce Listings that Drive Traffic and Sell - Quick Tips! | Sam Chifley | Skillshare

Creating Amazon, eBay or E-Commerce Listings that Drive Traffic and Sell - Quick Tips!

Sam Chifley, Entrepreneur, Lecturer, Consultant and Investor

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5 Videos (25m)
    • Introduction

    • Course Project Explained

    • Listing Title

    • Listing Description

    • Tips for Listing Photos


About This Class

Do you want to learn how to create stunning eBay and Amazon listings that, drive traffic merchandised your product and sell. Obviously you do!

In this short course you will receive actionable tips that will help improve your listing quality. Providing you complete this course and undertake the prescribed project you should be able to improve the conversion ratio for your products. This will result in more sales!

We will look at the title and how to be detailed yet concise. The description and how to write a sales copy that sells. And finally we will look at images and I will provide some quick actionable tips to improve your product image quality.

I look forward to seeing you in the course!





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Sam Chifley

Entrepreneur, Lecturer, Consultant and Investor

Sam graduated from University with Honours in Law and Business. He then went on to study a Masters of Commercial Law and concurrently completed his Graduate Diploma in Entrepreneurship and Leadership.

Following his graduation he went on to work in Commercial Law in Hong Kong. As part of his role, he was responsible for reviewing business plans before they were submitted for review by financial institutions for funding.

Once he came to the end of his contract he used his business...

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