Creating Abstract Patterns from Everyday Textures | Marta Berk | Skillshare

Creating Abstract Patterns from Everyday Textures

Marta Berk, Happy Arting :)

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6 Videos (22m)
    • Class Overview

    • Finding Everyday Textures

    • Applying Adjustments to Texture

    • Tiling Seamless Pattern

    • Adding Color and Details

    • Bonus: Vectorizing Texture


About This Class


Welcome to class on how to create unique abstract patterns in Photoshop inspired by everyday textures that you encounter in your daily life. Things like tree bark can be converted into a cool and funky pattern, or that cobbles tone street you walk through everyday can be turned into this cool seamless pattern.

This class is good for beginners as well as advanced designers.



You’ll learn:

  1.  How to find and observe textures in your daily life.
  2.  How to use Photoshop to adjust the texture to its basic shapes.
  3.  How to tile it into a seamless pattern
  4.  How to color it and add details for a more interesting appeal. 


  • Camera or smartphone to photograph your texture.
  • Photoshop for the rest of the process.





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Marta Berk

Happy Arting :)

Hi. My name is Marta Berk. I'm an illustrator/designer based in New York and creator of whimsical patterns, quirky lettering, and cute characters. I love colors, texture, and fun twists on old compositions. My artwork has been licensing on some amazing products, from stationery to rugs, giftware, and more. I feel lucky to be able to do art for a living and can't imagine doing anything else.

Feel free to follow me on social media and check out my other works.

My Links:


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