Creating A Webcomic | Kendall Lyons | Skillshare
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3 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. The Introduction

    • 2. Sketching Out The Story

    • 3. From Paper to Digital


About This Class

I've created a course on creating a comic strip! Now, I'm focusing on teaching how to create a webcomic. J

oin me as I walk you through my journey on creating a digital version of my webcomic and how you can do the same! 


1. The Introduction: here on skill share. I've talked about creating characters and doing character development. I've talked about how to design your characters and what you may want to look like, who you may want tohave in the Siri's. I've talked about sketching and keeping up with a sketchbook and journaling, and I've also talked about my comic strip by and by, and I've talked about that an awful lot. Well, now I'm really excited because this is a chance for me here on skill share to do something different now that I have the technology and I have the resource is I'm taking my comic strips toe a whole new level. I'm doing something where it's all digital now. And with my surface three tablet, I'm going to show you how to create a Web comic. Now I know that there are other Web comic classes that air here on skill share, but I wanted to bring my own style in my own story to the course, and I hope that you join me as we talk about how to take your work and get out there. And then, after creating the comic how to share out of self publish it on social media and on all of those major sites. Let's get together. Let's start learning how to create a Web comic. 2. Sketching Out The Story: Usually I either write a script or instead I'll even use my sketchbook to sketch out my ideas. And I'll use that opportunity to kind of put together how we want my characters to potentially look or what's going on with the story. And then I get my five inch by 17 inch Fanboy comic strip boards by cancer, and I'll put my idea together on paper first a lot of times before I even touch my tablet. And as I sketching as I put my ideas together, I don't sketch. The aren't perfectly, but I try to put some form of how my characters to look and how want their facial expressions to be and where I want them standing. And I set up all the placement for my panels, which in this case I did three panels, and I try to put my characters together with the way I want them, and this just helps me figure out exactly how I want things to look. But when I really finalize it and when I make it look nice, clean 3. From Paper to Digital: you know.