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Watch this class and thousands more

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. No Self-Pressure

    • 3. No Self Guilt

    • 4. Balance

    • 5. Small Aims

    • 6. Conclusion

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About This Class

Welcome to Infinite Personal Training 6 week video series. This video is week 6 which focuses on Creating a sustainable lifestyle! 

This is the final video of the 6 part course! After everything you have learnt throughout this course, now is the time to apply it to your daily lives. This last video focuses on the steps you can take to use what you now know and create a sustainable lifestyle for yourself.

After this video, I hope you can make simple changes that create lasting impacts in your life! This is a great way to end the course for you to understand how to use this knowledge you have gained.

In this class you will be learning: 
- Simple methods that will help you create a lifestyle that you can follow long term
- Steps to make sure you stay on tack

Good luck to you all!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jia Jian (Melvin) Ang

Head Coach at Infinite Personal Training


Hello, I'm Jia Jian (Melvin)

I am a Personal Trainer and Head Coach at Infinite Personal Training. Due to content moderation, this page focuses on Mindset, Mindfulness and Lifestyle to create and achieve in fitness, health and weight.

My mission is to inspire others to be inspiring by changing lifestyle habits and creating a sustainable lifestyle that you will enjoy while achieving the results that you desire to achieve!

We have always had the passion for creating new and better lifestyles for people in the wider community. Our approach is simple and sustainable while building a supportive community throughout your journey. Expect support and guidance with accountability to achieve the greatness you have always wanted. To see you thrive is the reason why we do what ... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Okay, Welcome to the course on creating a sustainable lost all. Now, this course will provide the basic steps to help you create a better last start moving forward, a sustainable over the long term. Now this is important as change is always difficult, especially if it's changing a last are that you've been so accustomed to and comfortable with. So when many of us want to change, we go for something drastic to get what we want as soon as we can, only to realize that, you know we can't live like this. So that's what this course is going to cover today. It's going to outline simple steps you can use to put yourself in the best position in headspace to move forward and create a better last all for yourself in the future, something that you can create and keep over the long term case. I enjoy this course 2. No Self-Pressure: Okay, so the first thing that I wanna talk about is putting no pressure on yourself for us. So that's that's the first step to creating a more sustainable laugh star. I said, As long as you are making progress and moving forward, you are already winning. All right, so I just want you guys to remember that you don't need to master everything you have learned straight away. You should take simple lessons from each aspect and slowly add more positive change as you go. Simple lessons will create long term change. Don't think just because I don't get this right, I won't go anywhere, right? That's not the case. It doesn't matter how slow you go. As long as you don't stop, you could be happy with that. So it's all about the application of simple changes that you've learned, not the complete renewal straightaway or up. Growth takes time, complete renewal. He's just unrealistic. So complete renewal very quickly is just unrealistic. It's never gonna happen. Growth takes time. Change takes time because it is a process for us to get used to the new aspects that we're adding in. So if you're trying to do everything straight away. It's going to be very, very overwhelming it. That's a lot of pressure for one person to handle. All right, Like I said in the intro Change in this current last night is very difficult. OK, so growth takes time, so make it realistic about dying. Put pressure on yourself. Which brings me to something else that I want to mention. Okay, and that is that we should not expect profession, but we should expect progression, or I really want you to remember this about the last thing you want to do is put pressure and stress on yourself and end up giving up because you feel like you've failed and nothing works. If you feel like that, take a step back and reevaluate what stage you're mentally at. All right, get yourself into the right state. Yeah, before you focus with the right strategy, and then you'll get the right result and then move forward progressively at your own pace. So get into the right state and they follow the right strategy, moving forward progressively at your own pace, and the right result will come right. That's the presentation get into when you start feeling lucky. Putting a lot of pressure and a lot of stress on yourself, right when I say at your own pace, I don't mean for you to take this, as you know, taking your own sweet time, not bothering too much. You know, I'm just gonna let it go for another week, alright? It's not talking about that, because if you don't do anything, then obviously you're going to get any sort of result that there's a fine line between still moving forward and unlearning too much pressure on yourself. I said, Like I said, it's all about progression. You're not perfection. 3. No Self Guilt: Okay, so the next point on a addresses do not feel guilty. So we shouldn't make ourselves feel guilty because of the actions we've done. As I said, setbacks about to happen. And when they do self, you will only make you want to give up more in many say to yourself that your failure. So why should Detroit? The most important opinion of you is from yourself or so the way we speak to ourselves in the way we label ourselves is more important than we think, all right, because their actions will manifest from our thoughts, are also feeling guilty will bring you into a downward spiral. You'll tell yourself that you have failed again. You would then think that there's no point trying, so you'll think, you know, I'm just gonna give it give this week and Mr Nasty. And so I screwed up today the rest of the week. It is a right off. You get to stop that and then you'll start to lose progress. And that's the road. A lot of people end up going down, and it doesn't later anyway. Good. Yeah, I myself have been down that road before, So still cute It's kind of like a way for us to give ourselves an excuse that we can just, you know, not try because we're very ruined it. So why keep trying when I say instead of doing that, instead of giving ourselves that self guilt? When setbacks do come when we do do the wrong thing, it's a point to accept it. All right? Yes, I did it on, except that you've done it and then understand why you did it. You know where your emotional eating did some stressful situations suddenly come about and nowhere that you weren't expecting? I mean, that caused you to do something wrong. Um, you know, understand exactly what triggered the situation. Teoh make you do something wrong. And then once you understand it, once you understand what caused it, you can better prepare yourself for when the emotional the situation arises again. All right, so that's a much better process for us to take. It's more about acceptance and understanding instead of just making us making ourselves feel guilty. And I'm making ourselves putting ourselves down because that's gonna make things worse. Eso do not feel guilty about the things you've done except it understand why you did it. So when it arises again, you can handle a lot better 4. Balance: Okay, so now we're gonna talk about the next point, which is It's all about balance or also our life. And our lifestyle is all about balance. To create something that can be sustainable, you need to balance things out so no one can eat salads for the rest of their life. No one can exercise every day for the rest of their lives. No one can guarantee that they will get eight hours of sleep for the rest of their lives. No one can be sure that they will never encounter a stressful situation again for the rest of their lives. All right, it's just not possible. We don't know what's gonna happen on. We just need to be able to get ourselves in a mild state where we can handle it. I say everything will happen, be it positive or negative. It's just balances. It's gonna happen regardless. So when it does go through it with no emotional attachments, Okay, If you feel like a cheap meal, for example, you should have it without holding onto any negative emotion such as Oh, no, I screwed up. You know, I screwed up my whole week because of this one meal, right? Don't let yourself get into that mind. Stay. If you want to stay up late one night and speak with friends, do it. All right. Don't worry that you know, you're gonna get unlimited hours of sleep tonight. You're gonna get the for eight hours. You know you're not gonna be arrested tomorrow. I don't get you something. That negative mindset, because everything is about balance. These things can all be done once in a while. With that affecting your progress in creating a sustainable laugh. Start moving forward, right. These things won't suddenly stop your progress because you've done it once. About the thing that will most likely affect your progress is the negative emotions that you attach one to these events. You know, when you attached a label on to these events, such as it is a bad event or it's a failure. Yeah, that's what's gonna affect your progress the most. Right? Let yourself live a little in a controlled manner. So you understand how to enjoy your life, but don't get carried away. And you also know how to be disciplined without getting carried away. All right, so it's all about balance. 5. Small Aims: All right. So the next point that's gonna be covered is to choose small aims, right? Be realistic with what you're trying to achieve. Set small aim so it doesn't get too overwhelming to quickly. All right, So a way you can do this is kind of you choose some part of your lifestyle that you feel is lacking attention, or that you feel that you're not doing the best in that might need some help. And then I want you to implement a small change. So, for example, if you feel like you don't give yourself enough time to unwind and relax, you know you're always stressful, Then maybe spend around 15 minutes on a Saturday and a Sunday just to meditate. Let yourself feel the change. They go through these small little changes that you can implement with that feeling like it's too overwhelming and that you still feel the change. Once you get used to it, you want to get used to what you're doing. When money becomes a habit or part of your lifestyle, you can add to it. So, for example, you could add more days that you meditate or you can meditate. On Saturday and Sunday for a longer time or once it becomes normal, then you can add another small change to the same aspect of your life or another aspect of your life. Maybe it could be sleeping. Maybe could be health. Um, your nutrition or exercise. I want to stop running small little changes. You want to start feeling the change. You feel the benefit. It becomes part of your last start, and then you can set some other small aims on top of that. And that's how you will slowly progress over time around what you start to feel. The change in the benefit. You'll probably never want to stop right, because the whole point of this is to keep yourself motivated to change. A lot of demon dimension comes from not seeing results from effort, but if we create simple changes that can be realistically applied, then we will be able to see the benefits, and an intern will be more inclined to continue eso as you go forward. Just set small aims, set small targets 6. Conclusion: Okay, So that's all the points always gonna cover today, Just before I end off. I just want to add one last little step that you should always try and apply and that is to be present. So be present in your life and with the people in your life. Don't be afraid to feel your emotions, Understand them fully listen to your body and mind. Listen to what is trying to tell you. You know what you can do about the future? Do it. But what is out of your control Shouldn't take any emotional hold on you. When I said be aware of what goes on in our minds, daily presence is just an appreciative way to live. Okay, so I hope you go asking All start to live, um, or present life on then, while creating all these sustainable changes to your last thought just to make it an overall improvement. And while you're being present and living a life that is present, I really hope that you guys don't compare yourself to others, which is another important point that I want you to take away before Ugo or I don't compare soft. The others don't watch other people's journeys off improving their lifestyle because, like I said, right at the beginning, everyone's lost all these slightly different. Everyone lives a different life, different circumstances, different experiences and everything or everything that we have been through has molded us into who we are now in the life we live now. And there are so many aspects of your life and others life that are different. Some things you might find easy, some things other people might find slightly easier. Or I don't compare sort of other people's journeys. Don't see them succeeded. Thank you. So I have to do it exactly the way they do it, because sometimes it just might not work for you, all right, and there's nothing you can really do about that. But accept it all right, so live more present life. And don't compare yourself to others, or I choose your own journey and then walk it yourself. That's the only way to get the most sustainable last if you choose it yourself, not let someone else choose it. I hope you enjoyed this course and all the best with the changes that you make in the future.