Creating A Realistic Still Life in Cinema 4D

Patrick Foley, Visual Artist

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12 Videos (43m)
    • INTRO

    • Setup

    • Object Creation

    • Dynamics

    • Composition / Camera Placement

    • Lighting: Part 1 (HDRI)

    • Camera Settings

    • Texturing: Part 1

    • Lighting: Part 2 (Plane Lights)

    • Texturing: Part 2

    • Render Settings

    • Photoshop Finalization / Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class, you will learn how to create a 3D still life using Cinema 4d and Photoshop. 

We'll be going over an abundance of techniques ranging from dynamic placement of objects, to texturing them with sophisticated glass materials made from scratch.

You will leave this class knowing exactly how to build the photo below from the ground up, taking away the necessary skills to create renders similar and different in your own way.



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Patrick is amazing teacher! Today was my 1st day using Cinema 4D and he really made it a LOT easier to cope with! He explains so much stuff. Thanks, man!
Thank you so much! This helped my out a lot. One piece of constructive criticism I could give is that sometimes it's hard to follow for a total beginner because you say "that thing" or "this thing here" instead of the actual terms and names of the values you are changing or clicking. For a noob like me, that was sometimes hard to get :D but other than that, great tutorial! This was my first one from you and I hope to see many more :) Thank you for sharing!
This is my first class ever in SkillShare and I am really glad that I take this class! I enjoyed it so much and could know more functions in Cinema 4D. Looking forward to watching another vidoes as well. One thing I would like to suggest is that It could be nicer If there is English subtitles because sometimes It's hard to understand as my first language is not English. Otherwise, It's pretty awesome! Thank you so much! :)





Patrick Foley

Visual Artist

Hello, I'm Patrick. Many know me as Patrick4d. I've been creating photorealistic abstract renders in Cinema4d and Photoshop for awhile now and was overwhelmed at the support and buzz surrounding my Instagram. My work has been featured by Photoshop, The Motion Designers Community, TheGraphicsPr0ject and more.

So as a thank you, I've decided to share some of my knowledge. I will be releasing a new class every month so hit the follow button and jump aboard!

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