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Creating A Facial GUI rig using blendshapes in maya

teacher avatar Bloody Actor, 3d Generalist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (1h 31m)
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    • 2. Lesson 1

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About This Class

In this course ,I will teach how you can create a flexible graphical user interface using only blend shapes and nurbs curves in maya.

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Bloody Actor

3d Generalist


Hello, I'm Brian. I am a 3d Generalist based in Kenya ,And I work as a freelancer for studios.

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1. Intro: Hi, guys. I'm Brian. And in this cause I'm going to be showing you how to create a official G wiry, using only blend shapes and nab scarves in my now in this cause I'm going to talk about checking the importance of the quality rigging, attaching the plane shapes to mash painting in the blend ship waits on designing off the official do why, and in conclusion I'm going to show you how we are touched. The land shapes to the main file to the main geometry. And I'm gonna show you how we use grab reformers reform objects that are on the mend. I really hope you enjoy this, cause now this course is aimed at beginners. But if you're killed, if you are used rigging in my rib carpets in my you may find some useful tips here and there. So I would suggest that you may stick around on by the cost and I'll see you in the next lesson. 2. Lesson 1: Hey, so thank you, guys for purchasing this cause. And I hope I'm going to teach you some new stuff. So in this in this lesson, I'm going to teach you on how. I mean, I don't show you how toe set your project valves now from their turn Father of linked or the link that dropped down low, you should find a turned found that you should open with you torrent. And you should be able to download the files to your computer. Now, mine are placed on the desktop. So basically, from start a project power, you go under the file and you and go to project down here. Said project is going to C minus on the desktop. So I'm already on that folder, and that folder wants you extracted. You should find it. Should have all of this falls. I mean, files in there so I could see Notre seen fouls. You have these 25 Because those are the funds that were going to be working with you, of course. And, uh, I'm just going to set said the main folder, this one because you said a folder that doesn't have all those files that have seen the inside this one. Does it give you an air so I won't set and automatically The reason So you said project is because my would have an easy time opening relocating files. So in this case since upset my project, I don't have to go and find this scene or such with scene. So I notes, and I really set my project. So I know. Click on the open. I will find this too fast. So this is the mesh. Just call it rape because it was character and working. And she's called Ray. So I'm going to open it. I see we have a file. I mean, the file and loaded. So it's just a quick sculpt in the rational into detail, but, um, good enough for reading and good enough for the cost. That me tackling right now, you can see this is the measure of going to work with and physically moved the skin share. That was only because I was using on a little skin shades. And you know, some of you watching this cause mysterious inventor Andre Or maybe another wonder, like very often, are there the high end renderers in the industry right now, So yeah, and as you can see, it's fairly simple measures. Nothing complex. So I'm going to open that file now. This is the bland ships for the blend Ships have a lot of music throughout the course. Now, I don't think we're going to be using one of them just going to give you They're going to believe extras for you and Comey. Use about from this French this range because it's risk of the same thing. And, yeah, so it's conceivable in shapes. Thesis, Surprise the left right I. And this is the resistant and nose near. Yeah, So it's basically that so that's how you set your project files and I'll see you. 3. Lesson 2: Hey guys, they were Welcome to lesson number three. So why should I mean not? Why? What is a facial? G y So do you are just is simply means a graphical user interfaces shot a short name. Jean you I graphical user interface now official Do I reek is is essential because possible it saves me a lot of time on its Not that complex, easy and quick and really interactive. It's a zone because it's much more easy to build. Official Do I rig? Using knobs comes like learning to show you a video of the rig finished so you can see this is warden Physically, I'm going to be teaching to create and it doesn't It's not even complex. By the way, you're gonna be surprised by the end of the course house, Simple is considered, does a lot of things. Now that is official. Jewel has been see, it's really interactive and it it really good when you're reeking, you don't have to, like, go all over the face trying to get controls that have here here They all just here stuck. My side said the same thing, that side of the head and you just key, the whole thing. And I mean, I think you frames is just really small, and it's really interactive for me. And I find that this maybe is my approach. And this is the best method for me, in my opinion, tow rig faces and because it's simply about that painting, since I mean, I start down since, really, but it's really time consuming. Actually, painting joins don't know controls here and there and for beginner that maybe too much so 170 time but showing out create this kind of a do I and it will really help you speed up your workflow. And basically, that's what officials do. Why rape is is what I would do at cost. So I'm going to hand on to the next lesson where we'll talk about some fundamental things that maybe you should mind before you go into, like facial animation and drinking. Know that? So I'll see you in the next lesson. 4. Lesson 3: Hey, what's up, guys? Welcome to the dad. Listen, So in this lesson, we're going to be talking about some important things and mainly want I want to talk about is mentioned. Apology. Apology is just simply the way the edges float. Image like in this case, you can Siri's It is a smoothly flowing around. Eyes would live flowing around the mouth. It's really important to mind apology, because you'll have an easier time reading. You don't have to struggle trying to make shapes or trying to make your brain. Ships are tryingto paint. Wits condition you an example. We were dropped its self selection. I think it's too big. Women just, uh, credible thinking that arrow. I'm going to go to it setting. So let me just reduces off selection. Great gifts. I think it's a little bit to be okay. That's enough now because my topology around the eyes really good. I will have an easier time pulling, still affecting down here. See? Supposed to be selfless. Yes, office. So you see, I'm going to have an easy time trying to manipulate they. The vortex is on the mish, so I have to get what I'm saying and food is clearly when you go to this us after like zebras that is notorious for not maintain the bullet. You know, I'm actually surprised that it had some really nice topology flowing around, but it's going to see around the eyes. The edges are all jumbled up. They look very bad, is going to see the problem, was asked why. I mean the problem that comes, that all that arises, if you don't mind apologised. This I was trying to push this points me. I mean, I was trying to push these points. So for that I was trying to push these points inside. Now, as you could see, I was having a hard time because there is simply no age running this week so that I may get a smooth look. That is the problem that comes off to the problem that arises when you don't mind. Apology has been See if you mind apology, pushing the points will be so easy and manipulating and painting weights when it comes to like, more done stuff in reading is going to be very smooth. Just know if maybe if you don't get what I'm saying, just know that you should mind a topology. Just make sure you have circles around these areas around these areas. Areas that you know are going to reform, not just quick. Sculpting is a brunch, and it's not part of the course. Okay, so let's go back to my So I hope you got in. What? I was trying to see that. Okay, many deactivate wire framed by the way. If you want to activate when everyone shaded, just go to shading and why remain shaded all in my team 16 inch in 17. There's this shortcut here. It will simply activate wife ring on shaded. So I hope you got in the importance off topology in a mesh. And because the minute you mess up it apology, you're gonna have a lot of problems when it comes to wait, painting and all that. So I really hope you learned something in seeing the next missile 5. Lesson 4: Hey, what's up, guys? Welcome. 2% for the lesson. Now this question. We're going to be talking about attaching the blend ships. I'll go ahead and open seen file in these cases going open, Ray. I mean, just reopen it and then import your blood ships. If you're working with your files, you can import of friendships from where you place them. So in my case, it's this one's. So blend ships. Now see, this one has killed him. Touched. I think it started. Brigade. Okay, So, simply what are blamed ships? They just me. Our experience. You. It's just a shape used to be formed Your original mission. In this case, you want this match to the form and form the shape off these other mesh. Now, let me just show you could gamble. Probably ships work because that so, as you can see, if I put my blanching violent one downs conform to the shape conceived, the arms go down and lives form the lips form like they tug this source mish and it's concede the I beings. No, that is just a demo of how blood ships work. Now that's what we're going to be creating in this course. So basically, I'm gonna work with all this is going to be turned concern. You just went to work today. But the most interesting one, some would work with this one. This is just think this is kind of interesting. It's an attitude. I think it's named then that one. They also think that brings good. Yeah, I think I'm going to walk with only this six and I'm going to military. So let me just invert my selection by holding down shift and Marquis drugging script. And I'm also going to be select my finish and ship till it's no. I mean control Did it? Okay, it's that stay. It only seems that controlled. It doesn't seem to work. So as you can see now, these other missions that I'm going to be using before we continue one thing, it never freeze the transforms or try to center the people off your blend ships. Let them were originate from the source mesh. Okay. Let them maintain their transforms. The minute you freeze, you're going to get some real issues happening to your mesh. I can see that the center people, this measure is kind of Mr let me just see it because they remember most of the centers. Well, okay, It's not Mr Mr Mr. It's because I have remembered because I moved it so never freeze the minute you freeze, this is what lab. Let me just friends quickly, you see? So it's frozen. Is my shortcut battery? Are you? Are the shot cut to you? Many to get me to your shelf? Is my control shifts? Then, in this case, it's on a modified frieze dress from then click on one So it's going to see. Click on What you want to make a shortcut for is going to see Just Pops up, I bet could deleted because it's a duplicate out. This one's so they're just shortcuts. So I was touching Rebellin ship of frozen in my transforms, And, uh, I mean climate. Bless you Quick that you see. See, this is what happens if you freeze your transformations or center your people. You obviously don't want that, so avoid freezing him, and if you're going to send them to another application, just duplicate to move them aside. Just don't move them. Send impure applications. It's called them and then telling them back don't feeds. Okay, so I think you've got him one I'm saying so. Physical. How do you're probably in ships your plebian ships? By selecting this source first, it's our sources. So I'm going to select all these six missions and then selecting the target mish as the last one. This one needs to target mission, so I'm going to go under. It should be under modeling, breaking in animation that the for many. So I'm good gonna form and simply click on the options. Let's see, we have prompted with a option box. Now this blend ship node, it just means this just gives you an option to rename or to name your blend ship Node. That apart applies here and before even go. But I can see that this one still has a blend ship not connected to me. You can see these xx is stay completion right now is a dam. So how you select your nose by their from the A. Just double click Select and copy his name by control Z o Command. See on Mark Amazing Windows Mission and pasting it. Just make sure this is selected by name. Paste it here and it selected now So late? It's I don't need that one. So let me just go back to my menu. Have been shipping it. It's this one yet. So simply just tell gives you the option to we need This is, uh this is more advanced. It's when you're skinny. This will only apply if you're skinning. You need long. You need to consider these Winnitzki. You've already skinned your vegetable joints. So there target ship options. I don't know what in between means, but all I know is if the few checked apology these will sometimes makes you up sometimes. Don't check this mostly if the mentions going toe another application. This bar tuxes have an i d a simple, a simple number that identifies them. So the minute you take these measures to another application, they come back with different tactics. I d. So if you checked apology simply telling my hate his body Texas the same number is this one because the source mission is do is being through another application. I don't have the same number. So you're going to get an era down here and it doesn't know what you want in this case. Um, open for leaving it unchecked and all of may be checked because I know mine is the same. Misha on the target just is a simple just delete these targets. But I don't want to delete them in case I wanna money related and you can click Apply. Okay, so I did not rename. So for that, guys, I'm just going to call these Great, because this chick is going really be iss h p Yes. Rabies is P for blend ships. Quit. Now the first thing you need to do is first case. Steve, you're building ships work this case. You find your friendship note here when your channel books, so you just click his team should pop up. And you can see if you had renamed your blend ships. By the way, they will pop up with their names, so it's gonna see ahead, renamed the mind so kind of know what is happening, Ray Attitudes mating thes one because, you know, they re chicks look at you now to do I think this is the one. It's like, you know, that kind of feel. So, yeah, let me just tested their own working. So I see attitudes. Yep, definitely walking. Don't worry about the arms. I'm going to show you how you move influence from this points, wink. Yep. And I was Don't worry about it. Eyebrows. I'm good. Tree How you touch them? Case. Just testing. Blink. Okay. Oh, okay. I remember. Have remembered I did not. I froze these mesh ho hopes. So, guys in their sixties image, I'm going to pause the video. Okay? Sort of. Sort of. For that, guys, I remembered add frozen this one. So I did not in freeze it. So with that, that is why my that's I mean, this should show you the importance of checking of something as well. So let's see you fixed. So name? Yep. Home now, is it to see guys been? Shapes do work beautifully. So I'm going to win the lesson there and will continue in the next lesson. 6. Lesson 5: Hey, guys. So welcome again. So in the last lesson talks about touching this blend ships, Do you mean file? What do you mean, mish and still a simple That's what I showed you. And if you have any questions, you can drop them down below. So when I'm going to show you how you move influence because obviously I don't want championships affecting my hands, Honestly. So this lesson I'm going to show you how to remove influence off areas that you don't need . So basically, what you do is you go into the before menu and you will find on the pain tweets here blend ship. So if you click on the option, it's going to bring its going to pop up grade. Minimized it. It's going to pop up this box for basically this first part is deals with the brush radius . It's going to see really being brush brush How? Okay, I actually don't even know what Ellen means. That scene you on, They think I know you've that capacity, these desert brush profile, so it's could see o k. Do you know motion may mean Okay, that that is so if you hold on B B and drug left or right, it will increase increased the brush radius. No working. I've understood where the oil comes. L is just simply the moxie. Mom, I think the moxie, Mom Brush radius You can make decrease because is concede e and put it up. I can't go past these points, so I think that sort and also it's escape. Zero pulls can obviously want to go as low as I want. So the brush profile suggests profiles. So obviously made paint with a long gun, which would go there after I show you these profiles. So it's going to see is a very soft profile. This is a like medium profile. Like mediums. Muteness is extremely hard. This is just a square, and it's really hard. Okay, so basically, these are the brush profiles. Now, this just shows you the targets for shows You what influence you're trying to paint in or out. Okay, So considers. Are all the friendships affecting my mean mish the pain tweets here? This is just simply, um, some paint operations. You can use odd, smooth scale. Most of them are not really that important when it comes to being shapes because it also use the same many when you painting off skin, right? So this one is one that is most important right now, value. And since this causes not advanced people, so that's I'm trying to avoid all the technical boring. I'm in the more advanced stuff, so the value is simply the vile, your painting it. So because I'm painting a limit, change that profile. It's really hard, because now I'm painting in zero. I'm simply removing inference. Now. White and black just simply signifies the violet, and it's why it's full at one when it's black. It's full of the Tuscan. See the softer brushes, a smooth radiation so great it's just in between. So it's to see if I put it back. Let me just do that. Put the bucket. One is you can paint in the weights. Okay, I feel a stylist or a welcome tablet. It's going to be easy for you because there's also pressure sensitivity. So the value another way, how a trick like using is if you hold down control, it invites. If the value is that one, it will invite it to zero. Now, if the value is that you do that if the value is at zero, is going to see it invited one. If you all don't control all command on the mark. Okay, so that is that Basically, I need us to paint off weights because I don't want this plane ships affecting areas that like my arms and only Mom's getting affected by Blaine ship that only deals with the lips. So this case didn't go back to a vehicle. But person que and you do like a blink writes like that. So has conceded Blink right does indeed work. But I don't want you to fix this place is so get back to your last You can just go back to the menu But that studios just press Why why does the shot cut to go back to the last two years? So in this case, I'm going to paint off the weights off the wink because it's the link it is affecting. So conceived by Pinto stopped getting this is Don't worry these yesterday, Miche reverting back to its initial state. Now, if you paint long enough, it should go away. I mean all the way it should be back to normal and all the way. Should we go back way? You want it? Do you want me to be community? That is me being since But you could you just paint. So obviously you can tell that this is quite tedious sometime. And really, if you have, like, 30 to 40 grand ships, why hand when the police your time painting all those sweets? Well, you could use this streak. The vein trick is there's the main note. Okay, You can use the main road to paint off influence, but sometimes it fuses some weird reasons. I don't know why, but you can use. See right now. Just decided to come back and see if I paint off stains off the wait for almost all of this once down here. So you wouldn't have to be worried so much about painting all like 30 witz. I'm in 30 billion ship weeks. So just faster about this back to zero. You sure? Critically how this one works. So it's basically what you will do is if you want paint off your wits quickly, just go. Component Mood pressing if eight end, select all Sorry. Select old. That violence and for even go limit pools and delete all these layers. See Avalon. Okay. So, um, did you read all those years? Let me save these. The final file read and final that. Yep. So the build it all the lives that were there and placed these bear ships in the layer Well , okay, mine has these change. If it's a bug, my husband issue mostly from 2017 off placing objects with layers that you've not selected . I mean to move even if, I mean, if you create a new layer even having not selective this so still plays it in newly eternal that nearly I don't know what's wrong with that bug helped get that fixed sometimes. And so what I'm saying is go to your object. Move. I mean, component mood and select all your components that you don't need your weights own this case. I don't need to wait after, like, this point, the top part can be and also this, but also doesn't need that country to know. So let these But so you can go to your component board and then double click back to you too. In this case, I'm going to flat see this value. These floods the wily that you put here the valley that you put here to these Varteks. So in this case, it's so when I hit learned you can see all the weights disappear. And now, if I was to held Yep. If I was do Oh, maybe apply, Maybe in shape. Could see doesn't affect my law. Mish. Okay. Now, obviously forever regions, you need to painting. And this is where you need to paint in individual weights, and I'm going to do that quickly is now. So now he left with very few areas. Sickly, make sure you that it's still there. But trust me, it's not there. So let me first. Okay, so first, I think Right. Okay, so I'm going to go to the right. So I always don't need influence in home this areas, and I'll make sure I'm using zero violin. Okay. Like I said, make sure you that their rates are still there. But trust me, they note, you know, it does that. No. There. So it's gonna see this move brush Just pretty. It's They mesh. Very rich. Please See that it is not there. I can't sing. It's only needed wakes. Any lead Wait up to this region that is only supposed to affect that area. So I'm not going to be concerned about that is so it's going to see now my link behaves correctly. Okay. Really good. Really nifty. Excuse me. Okay, So I'm going to go to the explain ship, which is my attitudes, and go back this case. I'll select my attitude here. So obviously I want influence of these ears. Only one influence around the mouth area. So don't painting. Could be. I just wanted to fit Regis that it's supposed to be effective. That is why I use a soft profile, because it has a really smooth for look and really morning painting. They think of me to use a hard brush from now because but hopes that was a mistake going in painting in. It's gonna see Snowden complex just broken down. The ideal g Most simpler, more simpler chunks. So yeah, physically, you're about attitude affecting only the labour area that it's supposed to effect and see. So I'm going to stop lesson here, and I'll leave you to paint your own land ship Waits and Elsie 7. Lesson 6: Hey, what's up, guys? Welcome today. Sixth lesson. So, in the last lesson, I showed you how to paint your bland shape. Weights? Oh, you blend shape influences. So this lesson we get today find, but which is designing. There you are. Now, basically, you can be a range of things. You can script a new while I come, um, for something on receipt. See, George, relation is going to see if you're good with scripting. You can script. You are like this one. Okay, so this is basically script show you could see. It's like a script like this. Now, that is not the main subject off our calls, but scripting sometimes does help. But you Why I'm talking about is the one that I showed you. Which is the knobs Cubs? Your Why, um you are like show. You mean initially video quick. I'm going to play it. Um, such forward thinking my desk Trump. Okay. So get very both. So basically, why I want, like this one. Sorry, I had moved to file. So is it the same when I hit play? That is what the why does. And I could say is a very interactive way to deal with your model, and it's where we're going to be grazing over. I mean, it's what we're going to be creating over the costs. So that's the game. So basically, one thing you need to know is adding limits in the that folder adding game. It's OK. So what? Blaming by adding limits? As you've seen in that video, um, the Nam's cops not move past the sighting point. Now that is very essential because you obviously don't want to control fly off. There's specified area. Now. They're different ways of creating Lee while you can use Adobe Illustrator and let me start with that right now because I want to get that out of the way. Basically, there is a link with Meyer. You don't even need to have my 17. I think I don't know for me division my specific any but and me open Adobe illustrator you can import the victor comes from Adobe Illustrator and use them in mind for ever property wanted used them for, So I think that's a very creative way. But as we wait for and will be illustrated toe open, I'm going to continue. Basically, I want to control for. All right. So the best thing to do is come I side now because this measure is important from Z brush the normals. I mean, the world position is whole. My stop. So I'm just going to create a new I feel. So I'm going to go to panels or the graphic graphic mean to d You can't move beyond contradicting three D space. And we're going to get a new one. Oh, I can also see eight created one, but including you and back camera. So you see, Get the back camera now. I don't have no need for these wife from cheated congested. Check it from this corner. So it's going to see we have They're back for you now. So basically how I start my creation ease by going to carve tools come and going to its options. Okay, Now it's options. This is where you specifying the type off. So you guys have a cold. You specify the type of option like the type off coverage that you want to come toe flowing . Cubic means smooth. When I used to be in shape or keep it does see cubic is a smooth one. Not for this case I want like a rectangle, so I obviously want something straight. So I'm going to go back to my create carve options and as can see, we have Leaney and not these other ones have never used them. I don't think they have been important for this cause but these two are the ones you should mind for now. So cubic and you can see we have to begin leaning so well Any adjustments straight when I select linear this is what happens What? How much Actually the car will remain straight. This is what I want because I want to create a square Now you can obviously create a square from using freehand, but that's going to be tough. One thing I like to do is snapping my creation to the grid. Okay, snapping my creation to the great. How do you snap? Or how do you create something where it snapped on the grid? You see these men you over here now toe uncheck this menus Just if it's like this with this air arrow pointing outside, it's just means that there's a menu heating so it against even tells you show he didn't snap icons so make sure this one is open. This trade is opened. Okay, Now, the only looking for is this one. Very fast one snap to grid has been. See the tool tips AIDS moved. Selected item to the nearest road Intersection point. That is what we want for our G y. So I'm going to activate this. And as you can see, I snapped with great. And the grid really helps it create a perfect square and see another way instead of clicking this one. Because so most of the time you will forget toe check This one. What I like to do is let me just tell it this one. Good. Probably care would press. Why? To go to the blast. Tore used I hold down. X X will snap to the good. I see the button alignment from X c v. And I think I don't know about B, but X e v was us the shortcuts to this. Most of these stuff X simply snapped. Agreed to see snaps to car V. The V snaps two points Vortexes, endpoints on Amish on show you could be go to my perspective and these were now you need to use. So we've wanted a control like this. As you conceive V does indeed snap If I hold being, that's not two points on a mish. So I have these points. Okay, If I pull it off limits center, it's people on the modify center. I'm good framing, holding down. If you can see it, it forms the shape of the head, their shape of the points I had snatched. Now I don't wanna get such shape, but it's good for you to know. So basically they're going. That is useful. Is this one? This one is Article continues for these courts. Now, this one just means snapped Project center. Let's say I'm creating a bone and I wanted to snap autumn article in the center. That is what it does. So basically, we're now creating a Jew. So let me go back to July, so I'm going to go to my car tools car and I'm going to hold on ecstasy. If I hold on X day, this one is highlighted, so I'm going to start agreed to create a perfect square is going to see we have created a perfect square in most cases, and you create a car. It's people to therapy at the centre. I think that's a creation often. Oh yeah, it's not Operation Option. It's their by default, so you can change that. So just know that your sentence that people toe and w or e r for scale you notice your people is not there because it just means it's not on center. It's minutes of the center of the great, so basically, I'm going to go to my personal shelf in the alma shortcuts here I showed out, creating shortcuts, holding down control shifts and cooking. So in this case, I'm looking for center people's. And there it is. So, guys, in this blessing, I have showed you how to use the snapping feature and how to get started creating the Cubs . So 8. Lesson 7: Hey, welcome guns to the seventh lesson. Now, I remember in the last lesson I said, I'm going to touch one demonstrator and limits. We won't make the lesson long because long lessons that boring and any. No, I didn't want Want to ball? You completed back in once, but yeah, you don't want a boy. So this western, we're going to continue from where we left off. Now what? Now we have one. Described me, Create some other shapes. You can create these shapes like I showed. You know, in this case, I want a cubic because I want an interesting shape. So let's see. Let's try. Let's try out and see what is fun. That is I had planned. I think I'm going to I'm snapping. Agreed by the lake man told me he was cold. He is taking a toe, My body, my body. But it's nothing to que me some big toe Me. So let me just create this, okay? I wish you could me write this down, but you can do that with knobs. Scarves? At least one of their limitations of using norms comes over 1234 So 1234 I'm going to count in words in two. There one there one day and down. Okay, Now this Abe, don't. But as I wanted. Okay. Okay. Okay. So basically, what I'm going to do is never replicate the shape and and that she was really crappy, so that I'm going to snap this grade like that, and I'm going to minimize this one. So I want, like, a slider, but its cycles just easy Go to numbs primitives and you are a cycle to be at the center. But they hold down J to snap. When you're rotating, it's going to snap like that, See? Snapped with an increment off put fight. So it's got C 90 degrees, so could also type that. So I'm going to reduce its radius, obviously. And let's see, it could see getting history is a bit in the Yep, there is. Our shape is the shape. Okay, so I want this to be the slider to slide this way. Okay, But now this brings the problem that I was trying to tell you about limits As conceit moves . Bust his point. Now What? I'm sure you asking. So what do you do? Let's make sure that this shape does not cross this part and does not cross this. But that's where we use limits. Before you added limits, just make sure you know how many I mean, how many units this thing is moving. And before you also do that, I'm going to freeze my transforms because I want clean values. OK, so and I am going to pirate this and that This beholding about P I'm going to edit Parent could see p so it's continue one. He's controlled foil on this controlled. Follow this because it's trending coming. So how do you add limits now, if you go to you attribute editor minds here, you can just hit this benefits. Yes, this bottom just hit This bottle should probably be dead and you go on da now I'm scarves the very fast tub, and there's concede limits. Information limits the information in this case, I want to limit my translation. So goingto hoping down translation So obviously I don't need the x Z. I'm only I don't need the Wyatt. I am only interested in it X axis. So let me first move until I feel I'm comfortable. So how maney Great unit. Has it moved too? So I'm going to copy that values by controlling down control. See? Oh, come on. See? A month. And that is what I'm going to use as a limited information as a limiter. So now this is not going to go here. I'm just showing you how the limited information works. So let me let me turn this back. That and I had not frozen my transforms. Okay? Because I want this to be the center of their origin, not frozen it. So for that, guys, so ignore for the need. So the to put something was wrong. So this is the new value. One point negative. 1.56 Soloway's zeroed out as God sees the benefit of freezing. So in a zero, because back So I've copied the value. So under limit information, I don't limit my ex. So this is the negative minimum side and then Mark's mom side. So I don't have a minimum side. So I'm going to and I don't have a maximum side. No. A minimum side. I forgot that this is the back to my maximum side. This girl Easy. So it's gonna see immediately. I do that off. The control cannot move past this point. It's like it's stuck there now and I'm going to please the other value here. Negative side so you could see the control does not move. It's basically it's simple. Is that that's how you add limits. Okay, You cannot Rotation limits. You can aren't skill limits you can add. Um yeah, basically those three. That's permission. Tools translate, rotate and skill Those other limits you cannot biscuit. How? No, we'll see. OK, if you do not want your control toe have all these because you obviously don't want a controlled of scale. You don't want your control to rotate and they wanted to move in the Z. I wonder why. So, basically, how do you have this? How do you lock this? It's just simple. Just go highlight all of these like this. Just hold on shift at the bottle and shaped like that and you should get them highlighted obviously on the visibility or two should be there. So by holding down control, you can check only know shift. You can add this election, even control our So I need to hide this. You can either lock them lock selected is simply lock them. You can't move over tit in that access. But I wanna look and hide Loken Hide simply means look and hide them like that. Because you now the translate X is there is no So you should do that is because you're giving the animator an easy time to walk the control because he knows his only supposed to move this axis. No other access. So basically, do that. I'm sure you worried that you may do this accidentally and your channels are gone. But how do you get them back? It's just It's simple. Let's go to the modify menu. ISAT mood If I see mortify, I did a tribute. No, it's not under the modify its under the edit edits and channel control at its general control. So you could see this when the pops up and does concede it shows, you know, on this plane on cable displayed cable. If you simply want them to be capable, you move them. These are done in this case. Aren't return my rotate holding down control to select more than one and my skill and also my two translates why NZ lived us. Don't put them. So you see, moving this way, moving with its shows The arrows pointing to your left. They moved this way. They bean unkillable, but they will be displayed image actually, what that does that you can see. It's like it moves them and locks them. It's like looking okay, but you can't still move. Basically, you can still do that because you can unlock them by simply highlighting all of them and worth clicking and say, Look okay and they should be unlocked. Have because you can see it's unlocked back. They're not capable. So you can highlight them again and say, um was it makes elected? Cable is it makes elected cable and remain is getting cut off. It's a kibble, and now they can be. I mean, key frames can be ardent added onto them. Basically, instead of doing all that, just save yourself. Yeah, so and is this it? Save yourself the hassle and just press this one and they moved to decide they'd be unlocked and cable. So stat. So that's for this lesson on this list. When I believe I showed you how to add limits on your controllers or your naps controls and I'll see you then 9. Lesson 8: Hey, what's up, guys? Welcome to the ate less. And now, in the last lesson, I did teach you how to are limited area control centres. See, we did addle image to this one and it can't move past it. So this is essential because you do not want you control to go in directions that you don't want you to go. Oh, you don't want the animated to mess up your official, do you? Why? So in this lesson, I'm going to be teaching you how the Adobe Illustrator link walks with my and one thing and it's no is knobs. Cars are just vectors. They use the same algorithms that Adobe Illustrator uses to make vector graphics. So it's stuck to Carly the same thing. It's just that in this case, it's in three D space. So I have that has made sense. So, yeah, now, if you a using my intern 17. I mean from 2016 to 17 to 2017 and 2018 my has a new motion graphics work it, and it's relatively easy for my entrance. 17 and 16 and 18 years is too. Bring in the vector graphics. Now. It's really, um advisable for you to upgrade to laters passions off my get this feature. But I'm going to show you for those people who are using to treat feeling below. And we'll show you how to import cars they steal away. So obviously you saw me trying to create a control. And what kind of messed up, And I mean, it kind of messed up. It did not appear as I want. So that is why we have illustrated, which has he reaches a very powerful vector graphics application. So imagine 16. Or if you have this feature in your mire, what physically you do is if you're innocent. Illustrator, let me open Adobe illustrator for minutes right now. And I could see I have a black slate. It's just filed. You have a blank slate and I had created these rectangle and some cycles. I think I'm going tohave increase its stroke with No, this is not an illustrator. Cost. This is just a quick show. You quickly out you get the ship. So it's just using this tour triangle to and your lips toe creatively so this can walk for something like the eyes. Right? So on the good thing was the illustrator is that I have a lot of flexibility. As can see, I can hold on to these corners and smooth, and you can really get the shape you want. Okay, You can really get shapes. That will be rather hard for you to create in mind. And let me just draw a quick rectangle to differentiate the bad, because I could see I'm having issues may not be visible for you guys. So let me just use a white and I'm going to send this back range sent back. Okay? So his or shape is gonna see. I could really come in miss shape in a really small fashion. I can even either points using this tool. Okay? And this is why Maybe you will You may want to integrate my illustrator because of its flexibility. You can see I can really come up with complex shapes. Economists will now that corner because it looks kind of weird. It's going to be really, really smart, complex shapes that really please the eye. And this is how most off those advanced rigs that you see have some very nice controllers. This is how most of them are created in Adobe illustrate. They just say they're not going to see. I have I really need control, right? So the problem is figuring out how this thing will come into my Okay, so it's really easy. Like I said, for the people who are mightily 7 16 and about you just simply highlights real estate is really funny. Let me just tell the background. Just simply highlight all the specter shapes and go to edit copy. And in my 2017 you click this FSV G icon. It's also far more under the create See? And what is this I think created, sounding before. But, uh, that's weird. Ever see again? Okay, that's where but as going to see this this option here called Paste it's simply going to paste the cars from illustrator It paste you could see in the carbs. Do you show up here now? I don't know why they ain't not showing up in the report may be disabled, but it's gone. Okay, that's, uh, that's quite weird. What's going on? Okay, let's limit would try that. Let me get rid of their go back to illustrator and get rid of these strokes because sometimes the strokes being issues. That's why you prefer liking little strokes, because it kind of confuses mine. So let me just nobody walks, okay? Don't know what's what's happening with these women. So let me just select one shape. May be having tap selective copy. I went to go back into my I'm going to eat paste. Okay, I've got an era now. I don't know what is happening with my 20 18 but I'm pretty sure that tools should walk very correctly. Mm. What might be the issue? Guys, let me pose and find out why my 2018 is not working. Because this is my 2018 me pulls because the guys that had I think it's a bug in my 20 eating. Or maybe they've updated some things, but Okay, I'm pretty sure that most of you're not using my 2018 So I'm just going to use you in 17. You simply do creaking that spg. And thus conceit is I paste here. It works perfectly. I think it's just something. Lives changed in March, 1980 on. I want to find out what now? It's basically that simple. Obviously, if you do not want these geometry. Just go on the geometry and Czech German to hear the exclusions. Then go to mesh gate cars for mesh. In this case, I'm going to disables polygon selection from here and there leads. I need to delete this, but outside No, I mean carves election. So that and the late that Portugal has can see the shape does indeed work correctly. And it has come Meyer. So that was a wrinkles on March 2018 issue. But that is how you work. You simply work. So it's gonna see you can even create a whole Fisher G. Why in Illustrator, and it's really quite easy. So in the next lesson, I'm going to show you how you import illustrated files if you're using my 15 and below. So I'll see you guys in the next lesson. 10. Lesson 9: Hey, guys, welcome to another lesson. Now the last lesson I could show you how to link Adobe Illustrator with my So in this lesson I have my 15 installed for the purpose of this cause for those people for using margin to future name below This is how I am mean in this lesson. It's I'm going to show you how you import the illustrative files. So basically on the create many you should see something that this adobe illustrator are object now it works a little bit different here, a little bit different in high. I mean, what women by saying that it wants to be different thing is just let's go to a real issue. If you save these days, a normal illustrator file like you save like its default options and going to save this is until entitled. If you save it as under Adobe illustrator Sisi, it's not It's going to air out. It's going to air out. So what you basically do is, if you want these knobs comes from these vectors to come in tow like Martin 15. No, you need to save it as on illustrate 35 I don't know why But this is Donen. Illustrative found that works. If you don't save it with this, it's no good toe open. Trust me. Then we can open. That is how I showed you in the last lesson by copy and pasting. Do the dynamic link between my and adobe illustrator. But that only disadvantage to that is that you must have more intricate 16 about so, migrant 15. Just make sure you save this as industry today is going to give you a warning. But just know, okay, and the files on the desktop. So basically, in Maier mean march into 15 I'm going to go to my 38 and go to your options. Just make sure that bevel is not own. You want Jesus carbs sometime. You want Babel in soup, you want pre geometry, But just make sure this is not just good cops. Okay, here's cards because you want cops and creep and I mean in click create. So when you click create is going to prompt and open a window for you to find the initiated file. In this case, minds on the desktop, as you can see I have entitled is the one that I just said so just like that and click open . As you can see, it did over. Now this is just the art bowed like the diner, like the size of the illustrated project. Now, the good thing is, you can let it since it comes at separate off. A citizen works really well on the other one. So sometimes I would prefer working with this one, so basically just didn't meet. If you do not want all this and you get snapped, these things back to center just modifies into people and I'm going to snap My body's over here to the center. No, I think I need to step. I think I need to parent this hairs about taking for this one. Then I need to snap this one to this center and free mean It's good. It's really big bythe That's not an issue. Could see you could just kill down. Freeze! Your transforms has going to see that the book to shape has entered well and I mean has been imported Well, in my confirms 15 he really looks nice. And you can really get the most out of this controls Now the next time you regain use. This is a tip to customize and build your own good controls or your own stylized controls. So basically, I think the same trick walks in my 2018 17 I don't know. Yes, still works. Let me delete first driving my 2018 because it's the one that decided to fill its considerable issued a project. I'm going to go to the options and carves, create desktop, and I'm going to open and see works perfectly well. So sometimes there's another way. There's always another way to walk around itself. So this is the walk around for the issue we experienced in the last lesson. So yeah, um, it's really neat way to create controls is, can see you can create something that is really stylized, something that is your own. I'm sure you've seen some flower shapes in Greg's, and you're wondering how held they create such a shape so physically, this is how most of them are made using Eunice traitor, maybe tracing a shape and bring it into my see what's so in the next lesson. Um, I'm going to show you some already made shapes I had made, and I'm going to make them available for you. And we go to use those ships to continue with a blood shape reading, so I'll see. 11. Lesson 10: Hey, what's up, guys? Welcome to this lesson. Now, in the last lesson, I did show you how to import the flowers from illustrator and how you can use illustrator to customize for the purpose of this Cause I'm just going to make you're going to use this simple G. Why? Because it's really going to take a lot of time creating the others. So the problems of this cost simplicity is the top priority. So it is just This is just duplicates of the 1st 1 that I had made. Now the good thing about duplicating it is that it had ready added the limits. The limits are still there. So one thing you need to know, toe if this thing was wasn't parented under Tous. If this new obstacles apparent adopted under this the minute you re scale the limits still remain. Remember, the limits still remain as they watch. So you don't be surprised to see that they're moving outside boxes because you've just changed the scale so and the limits are still present. You just need to figure out how many units it travels that side and readjust your limits, so make sure they parented now The only problem with parenting is if I try and freeze, you're gonna get this air. And that's because under the freeze options, if you go to modify freeze, transformations can see refusing the rotation scale and translate. And the problem is why it's arrowing out. Oh, it's giving you an era. It's because you only have the translate f and you told it a freeze everything. So I'm going to, as I showed you in the previous lesson, how you return the channels back for some time. So we're going to go to the Channel Control, as I showed you, and I'm going fast to bring them back till I freeze this thing and wrote disease scale and translate to R and D as Facebook them to decide and make them cable, then unlock them for the time being because it just the locked still would freeze. So unlock selected. Now, if I try freezing now, it should work. I receive the limits. Yep, the limits are gone. This is what I did expected after your frozen. Now, the reason as to why does this is because if it's frozen that this is a thesis, I mean that this is the origin point. Okay, so if this is zero and the limiters 1.5 years and see one for this one is out here. So you're going to add the limits came. But that's not a problem. The only issues you have to freeze your controls. As you can see, all of them are frozen. So, yeah, After you've done that, you can now go hide channels that you don't want to use and look and hide selective like that. So I'm going to simply go to my attributes editor for the first time and limit information . In this case, it's limited information on X, but the world if I limit, let me see how much it should go. And that's OK. So 0.447 going to copy that value and pressed it as the minimum. The minimum meaning has a negative sign on the marks. Imam, I obviously don't want to go past zero, so it normally goes past. Okay, What's happening should only go past this point now. I did not understand why it's doing this. This is quite peculiar and see Oh, okay. I'm really sorry, guys. Really sorry. I'm under the rotate. I don't y it opens that rotate. That's just weeks. Sometimes it opens to load it. And this is you up. Like that's all that's over that mistake. So I'm pretty sure it's the same thing for the other one because they're basically the same control. I just replicated and moved here. It's it's like that. And also for these, since it's just a duplicate, I'm going to walk on the fast one and see Okay, Okay, okay. I flip this one's around, so I am going to have to bring back why the translate Why see mystics to happen? It's normal, So yeah, translate why? And unlock. Look collected. Now, the translate X is what needs to be locked, so yeah, so let me look, translate X cloak and hide selected. And now you have translate, Do I? So, zero up to which point Specifically, up. Too late. The thing. That's good. Well, you copy that valuable copy. Sorry. Coffee that value control, See or command C and a Mac. And they want to use it on your limit information. So you translate X. I don't need the X. We need the wire. So zero for the maximum and the minimum, which is a negative and paste so maximum must minimal must have a negative in front. So don't be confused was conceived now it doesn't move. Same case for this one. Just check the translate necks and limit the translator. Since citizens are moving article and I couldn't see that limit put zero. So yep. And it's that he's going to that now. One more thing I'm going to show you. Save nothing. I'm going to show you is color coding. Obviously, when they're like, this is just generic to look at and it may confusing at times. Mostly, if you're in this veals over here, you can see it may confuse you. So I would suggest you color code. This It's an optional thing. So how do you call it? Could be color code by going to the attribute editor and going to the second tab. The first double color. Correct. Well, color code. Everything. I mean anything, parrot and that this main control. So you want to bear code them individually. So on the object display, um, drawing off rides enable over. So in this case, I want the main control toe have like a green green is confusing a very active green. And I did not know if selected the object or not. I can see that is how you can call them. Okay, So for these ones, you can color called them a different color. Maybe blue. And this one's a flashing red just enable overrides. And I should have done this before Dedicated to save me some time. Do you need me still? Okay. So blue I don't eat meat. Continue thought of opposing, but so it's necessary because these are a few controls and red for this wounds. Boom, boom. So he had to know Cool. I mean, to jump on their color you want? Yep. And you have this color coded and because he looks attractive and so easy to work with So you'd want things by the way. And it's really a section. So in the next lesson I'm going to show you handing the names. Here's that gonna get confused as to reach control controls What so 12. Lesson 11: Hey, guys. So in the last lesson, I showed you how toe just the color attributes of your controls and fix some issues that may arise. So in this lesson, I'm going to show you how to add some text here to differentiate. Um, you're controls because you want your text, Obviously, because you will get confused if you if you just live a G, why like that? So just going to create and your type toe? I'm not going to use any fancy phones. I'm just going to use the one that is there and I could see in my own from 17. It does create geometry, automatic coming and being kicking us to do that in the other previous versions of my But I'm just going to snap thes angle limits. These some Really, he's not snapping. I'm just using 81 80. Yes, negative one Peattie. And I'm going to re skill this smaller size if you want. You can send to your people, but now and for us to scale this small size and then I want to go to my back. You now there's no So I flipped it. It's because I'm using the back view here, And in this case, it would have been pointing forward. So confused me a bit, but yeah, So I'm going to go under the antidote editor and make sure that I checked this geometry. So on the geometry, it's just the same way with the cars you can disable extrusion and create carves from type . So I'm going to the select card selections that I can select my geometry and the latest, but you can see it does that now. I didn't want to get that back, so that guys, I do not actually even a just a day. Oops. So let me just that destiny quickly it I So the first control I want to be called Blink. So blink on the school l for left because you want a good name? I don't know what types. Yeah, and forgive me not doing that. Only so the select card selection and do myself very well by relating it. Now you group them because they are individual for now. So I going to group them, then snap this 1 80 Maybe even eating habits even snapped. Okay, I get so snapping on without holding down j. Interesting. Let me first go to my tool and issue of that step snap. Nope. I wanted to be off. I don't want steps. Now that is what is making snap snap when I hold down. Jay, that's back. So let me re skill this better you consent to your pivot. Let me do this quickly for this one that I can see you consider people. Now I normally want my things in a group so fascinated by it and random freeze. First place it where it's supposed to be, at which these this pointy and I want to place it in the graphic views tow, Avoid issues. Now this is the left. So it's physically this. It's nothing complex. So please it there and I think that works quite well. So I need to pull shit in. I think that's snapping. Feature is enabled on all of my tools. So steps, Neb steps not just lifted off down prison that like that, it's now correctly aligned. The good thing is, you can also color code these texts, like I showed you in the last lesson so I can go to drawing overrides and object to spade and can enable overrides and give it a B kinky. Kinda like the grand works. So blink left. This is for the left side. So basically, that's how you create text. I'm going to pose and create all the texts, and you should do the same for use. So April's so I've gone ahead and created the names is see blink our eyes on his attitude. That's why I don't get to create your own, because it's really the way you feel like naming. Just make sure your name you're naming makes sense for me because I was the animator on the rig. So I know that a team its attitude like the leap up and, uh, yeah, so there to do in the wing. I want this wants to be in the one controls orbit right side and that side. So obviously we kind of cold. And before we even go farther, so enable rides Some result enable over eyes does not work. If you select multiple options, I mean select multiple objects. You kind of have to do this mine early on, each one and every one of them. So is the great. Yeah, you see, that one is really bright and really helps you to distinguish so I can say is gonna see I'm saving continuously. I don't know how much I will emphasize how much I can emphasize you Just be saving your because my heart does indeed crash. Even if you cover ups, My I can crash on you anytime. So the other last thing left to do is to freeze the's transforms, freeze them. You can rename the groups. I don't think it's that necessary. Freeze Frieze Frieze. Yeah, I think they're okay now. And I want nothing. I can parentis, Ana. That's because I wanted to follow one. Moved them manually. So going to parent them under their respective controls. So that's and better. I'm pressing up to go to the group. I'm sure you understand what I'm doing. So you click on an object that has a group and you press up. It goes to the group itself. So that's what I'm doing. And only man shifts Select, gather, object and parent. So they should follow this like that. And, uh Yep. Obviously you don't want any kind of transforms thesis wounds? No, I'm impressed Japan into Sorry. I mean, component would so obviously don't want any kind off transforms on this one. So I'm going to get rid of the translate scale and okay being they rotate channels and make sure you have frozen before you do these. Otherwise, you do not want go back And we may bring back channels that you have from I mean, the channels that you are hidden so as can see the names are there and they look awesome. So the next Listen, I'm going to show you how you touch this G wide, the friendship. 13. Lesson 12: Hey, guys, Welcome again. So in this lesson, I'm good. Show you how you touch these controls to this to the bland ships. Now, um, I had my blend shapes, note and of dancing color changes today for visibility purposes because that great color wasn't visible on uh, yeah, just simply a bridal, a new lambert in the eyes and selfish Ada. So how you do that is by holding this the measures that you are too planning material to send you materialise. See my going Maya service trader olam. But so yeah, I think I just kind of someone symbol. So you must be under your animation menu because you won't find this key menu. Just make sure you are. I think in Martin 15. It should be under animate. You should find something called key. Sandra Menke said options. No, mine was open. Okay, mine was open. Now I have to warn if you have painted the blend ship waits, it's going to maybe freeze for some minutes. So that possible thing is make sure you've attached these bland ships before you've painted in your weights. Like you attach them to the controllers before you painting. Need you painted in your weight because it may be taxing to machine. I don't know why my freezes, but I think it's blind ship waits that makes it fraid so. In this case, we're going to select the blind shape node, by the way, another way for selecting a notice by going today window node editor and simply because you have dismissed selected, just click on the business should show the connections, input, connections you can see it showed a whole bunch of junk. But the node we're interested in is this woman. It's considered also select the same. Also select the same thing. So I paste still selects the same thing. So it's this know that you want, and this note should be driven the driven meaning. It's what is going to be driven by. This one's so basically loaded as a driven. I know Meyer is been free for some well, as it thinks, so, if if it feels I'm gonna have to post the video, it's and something normal. Just make sure you don't have a whole bunch of if you are maybe past six off for brand shapes. Make sure you don't pay paint in the weight before. Oh, give, um, give them separate. I mean, I touched them separately, like so that you can have a lot of blood ship notes because I found that walking with one for for all of them really makes my I don't know, money does my but mine does freeze. So I'm going to load this raid on this will be as hitch be as my driven. So on the centre been window. Look, this has driven. I was going to see my has, indeed, frozen. So I'm going to press pose until it decides to unfreeze. So my did not even take long. So? So basically, it's not loaded as the driver. Now that I'm in the driven, the driver now is the object control blend shape. So this case, this is the driver now, this works for anything. It's not only for blood shapes box for most of this stuff. Um, that needs this kind of a workflow. So in this case, this is the wink. So I'm going to The link was just a wink, right? Someone to use this one as the driver and used its translate X and I'm going to key. I'm going to keep Because But this is at zero. This should be at zero. So one key, and then I'm going to paste the name. You can also select from this point. So I'm going to paste the name but the link, uh, here so that I can have it control, but for do that let me first movies in this case when he said here, it's supposed to be, um no, it's supposed to be at this same test that when it goes Okay, Okay, okay. Okay. I messed up, guy. Sorry. So I think this should be descent. I think I messed up. I think I messed up big here. So this is that here? It's supposed to be You see, I think I need support. I think this should be descent now, since I can think I can freeze this, I'm going to have to re had just my limits. So forgive me for these fatal error. Guys, forgive me. So let me just fix this. So, guys, I went ahead and fixed this'll. So it's good for you to see is some blunders that someone makes that you cannot make them yourselves. So I'm good. Look, this is the driver again. So basically it's supposed to be at the center. I don't know. I know down that So it's supposed to be a scent of center. Should be zero. So that decided can be the attitude. And they said it can be doing because that's how the renaming looks. So I'm going to duplicate this over first. Believe this law stuff. I'm going to duplicate that over. And, uh, you can freeze c in C an issue, but you can freeze. But these should know for these ones, and you can also rename them. That's your option. So I'm not going to do that because the time is too much. So it's got limit load. These is the driver again and blend ship was already in. So I'm going to key again, and I'm going to move this because I wanted to wink and I'm going to go to my you can select it from here you can selected by the name so that he could selected by the name copy Paste. And I know it's the wink, so I'm going to adjust it one okay and heat a key. Now, if I I don't worry about this and supports really fixes. I now move. You can see it does control now. Basically, that is what they said. Driven key does. It basically tells my hate place an invisible key here so that when I met zero, there's no influence from there friendship. And when I met one, that is an influence. So that's how they said even keel box. Now you are going to also do this for the other other controls. So in this case, it's attitude, right? Yep, attitude right, I'm going to key. I'm going to move these over. I'm going to paste my selection there and I'm going to make sure it's acting like that and I'm going to key. And now we have C controls, the true of them, and physically it's that it's really that simple touching. The other blend ships should now be straightforward for you guys, and I'll see you in the next lesson. Now, in the next lesson, I'll have attached the whole of this controllers. It's still the same process. Now you're going to do yours for the right, the blinks, the left side and the links. So I'll see in the 14. Conclusion: Hey, what's up, guys? So welcome to the conclusion before I conclude physical. How you going? Oh, you who you control these eyebrows is by using something called a wrap. The former Now you need to go under your deformed many possibles like the object to be deformed and selective surface to inform the object on Go to deform rap and options Make sure that render influences on If you want this measure PC No, if you want to the influence measure to be seen and I'm going to use volume in yourself itself is more accurate but takes a lot of time and all those settings okay, And you can hit create Now I had already created mind so there's no need And let me show you if you if she wings it deforms. I've done that for both sides so I just wanted you to know that See does form now I have went head and down this same process that I showed in the last mission for the all they have been playing ships. Aziz, you can see we have a neat official do. Why, that can control the facial expressions and yeah, you get So I really hope you enjoy this cause guys, and it's really a pleasure to be discourses. One more last thing is well, on the file, there is some bonus controls I'm going to limit us, create saved this one and create in using and going to go on the file import in your assets folder have placed some nabs controls that I created has been, see, basically a capsule that import so some controls on and you can use soap saved us military . They can import some off this you're going to use them here, but some of them can entails will have a love heart shape something I created in Illustrator. Now make just just know that this thing Zion groups so make sure toe and groped them. So by pressing the up or going to you are liner and you can see there in groups so you can on group them from edit on group and you can mess with them. You can see so really need control. She can use them so they use. You can use them in your projects, whatever you want to do them. That's what you also remember There in the assets fold. So guys, Thank you for watching this course. Now, if you like this calls, give it a star rating and recommended to your friend. It will help support me by creating a lot of causes. If you have in suggestions, ever any queries for future courses, you can drop the Colemans down below. So thank you again. I really appreciate you for watching and purchasing these calls and also you in the next.