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Creating A Facebook Page

Charlotte Buchan

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About This Class


The objective of this lesson is to assist you create a Facebook page for your business as well as explain how you can use it to promote yourself. The lesson will use an easy to digest step by step method to achieve the final goal and by the end of it you will have created your own page. The class will include a simple yet helpful exercise to aid you in creating content for you newly formed page. One which can be used more than once and can also be applied to other social media.

This class is aimed at people who are a company, organisation or institution. Those who do not have a physical premises from which they sell their trade.





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I always strive to deliver high standard work and aim to be efficient, expeditiously meeting deadlines. I am always ready to explore a new creative challenge!
I work on a variety of projects in the areas of:
1. Graphic Design (Leaflets, Business Cards)
2. Animating (promo videos, logos, projection visuals, animations)
3. 3D modelling (modelling, texturing, rendering)
4. Website Design (Structure Organisation, Layout, Imagery, Coding, Social Media linking- Facebook Pages etc) <...

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