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Creating A Custom Branded Website

teacher avatar La'Toya Green, Graphic Artist

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Selecting Your Images

    • 3. Creating Photographics

    • 4. Placing Photographics Onto Your Website

    • 5. Adding The Content To Your Website

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About This Class


In this Class you will learn how to create a beautiful website with vivid images and stremline text. It will be a simple to use site which will draw viewers in, & in amazement! Your viewers will want to engage because of the orientation of it, as well as tour the entire site. This layout is very simple & anyone can do it.

Meet Your Teacher

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La'Toya Green

Graphic Artist



Hi there!

   I'm an Entrepreneur | Graphic Artist | & Web Designer who's helping others to visualize their dreams while also turning them to reality!!! My next class is coming soon... *Follow me for more updates... 

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1. Introduction: Hi. Welcome skill share. Welcome to the create your custom designed website class and we're going to talk a little bit about creating your own website. In this class, you learn how to use custom images to have a clean presentation on your website. It will be more centered around your product or your brand or yourselves, which, you know, at that point you are the brand. So I'm just here to help you find out more ways to customize your website and to make it look very appealing. Um, throughout the class, we will upload your images through at graphics to your images and I will also show show you how to organize your website and how to lay out everything so that it's a smooth and seamless transition throughout your website. I'm so glad and excited to have you as a part of this class, this branding process and this custom web design process. Thanks and I would four to seeing in the next video 2. Selecting Your Images: Hi, everyone. Welcome to selecting your images. We're gonna talk a little bit about the images that you will need to use in order to complete your class project in your class project, you will be using some of the photograph ICS that we will be creating to please on your website. I would suggest using images that you prefer to showcase, which would be your logo. Personal branding images as well as products. Make sure that it's a clear, crisp image that will go along well with cohesive designs throughout your website. This is the central because you have to have some type of ah steady streamline uniform flow throughout the website In order to hold your viewers attention. I'll show you how this works in our next video, and I also show you what it means to create a photographic See in the next video. 3. Creating Photographics: Hi. We're gonna talk more about creating photo graphics, and we're going to go to one of my favorite websites, which is camera dot com, and that's www dot c a in v a dot com. So here you can see you're able to create as many photographic that you would like. There are social media postings, presentation, poster, Facebook covers, Facebook, post flag graphics and so on. Um, so wide range of different sizes to choose from. And if you're not familiar with the side is off, say, for instance, a Twitter post or Tom the Facebook posts. Then you can find out here what the dimensions are, and you can also create post from this website. So today, what we're gonna do a little bit different from what people normally do on camera is that we're going to create some graphics for our websites. Um, let's just see here. I'm going to go back to some of my designs, and, as you can see, many of them I've created in camera, which has been really fun. Um, I want to kind of, um change. Ah, certain photographic in here. So I'm going to click on this one. I am gonna just go ahead and zoom in on the screen. And I really just want to take of this this section here, so I'm just gonna go ahead and deleted. But as you can see, you click on things and you can edit it as you need to, you know, So click on them and then dragged them if you need to shown here and so that's perfect. And so then I want to download it now with this photographic. I really need to down this for the wear, which you also download your image, your photographic for Web as well, because we'll be using it online on the website. And there's a difference between downloading for print and web. So we're gonna go here to download, and you can see here where it says for Web and then it's is ah, PNV. Now I like to use, um, high quality P and G for Web. But since it's saying for Web here, we're just gonna go hit him, cook on this one and download it, and most of these photo graphics are free. But if you decide Teoh, you know, purchase something that you would have to pay for it, but I haven't purchased anything, so this will be a free download. So then I'm just gonna go ahead and save to the desktop. Uh, same we that I was, you know, explaining earlier that it's easier to find your images when there saved on your desktop. So this is actually an image that I've already used on my website. And so it just talks a little bit about me and, um, you know, that's kind of like what I was explaining about using, um, you know, your own brand. It, uh, images for is either images of yourself images of your products of your local. But, you know, you kind of want it also line up. So just gonna go ahead and click off of this for a moment and go back to Canada. And so, you know, if you could hear on the the little sign that says Campbell, then it will bring you back. But yes, when you decide to make, um, something in camera, you just want to kind of click on the more. And there's like lots and lots of different, Um, lay out for you to choose from, so you can basically just pick whichever one you like and get started on your photographic film. I look forward to seeing it. And thanks for watching. See you in the next video. 4. Placing Photographics Onto Your Website: Hello. In this video, we're going to get more into, um, placing your photo graphics onto your website. So by now, you should have created your photographic and kind of have an idea of where you want to place it. Hopefully, you have created at least three of, um to start off with because it takes quite a bit of them to fill up a website, depending on how much content or information you want a place on your site. So we're gonna go ahead and look at the website that I've started creating, and I use we believe that calm to create website. So that's W E b l y dot com weebly. And, as you can see here, some of the photographic that I created using Camba. I've applied to my website, and I believe that it's really an amazing sight. Um, you know, it's seen less. You just scroll through, and, um, you know, it's just custom. It's nothing like a normal website where it's just a bunch of Texas more imaging. Um, of you know, the concept is more of images. When you click on each image, it leads you to, um you know, a different landing page on the site. So, like I was showing you earlier, You know, you just kind of wanna create these in camera. And then if you want to place your photographic, what you're going to go and cook on its image, and that's on any own Web platform that you're using and then you're gonna go ahead and just add your image in make. So and, um, you also don't wanna click on upload a bull from your computer. Just gonna go into these files here, and I'm gonna use this one. So the click open, you upload your foul to the website. Yeah, it's seamless. And say, for instance, if there is a gap, that's another thing. We're creating your photographic. You want to make sure that the background cover their the same because if not, you'll get a gap here. But there is a way to fix it. So you just want to click on your image and you want to go to spacing and for your margin, the bottom margin. You want to kind of take it all the way down to zero, and then you want to go to the image below it. Well, just basing in top margin and you wanna make that zero as well. And now you see here like it's seamless. There's no separation in the images. So if you decide that you want your whole website to be, um, a black background, then you want to make sure that all of your images are a black background. Now that's a for instance, when you add content, which this is some content, which is the ticks here, Um, you want to kind of go back into having a white background? That's fine. You just have to make sure that you have some space or than between celestic and see. I put two spaces here to give it, you know, a little bit of, ah, distance, and then you can go ahead and add your text box and then go ahead and type in your text, which is your content, and it's still seamless. So you just want to keep in mind, um, those key things, And when you put those things into effect, then you know you have, ah, seamless site. Um, you know, hear the background on this image, which is a photographic, and it's really awesome, you know, it's two different things, but it's photos would text in a moment. When you cook on these images, it leads to another part of the site. Um, at the same time, you know, I decided to go with the little bit of blue here, so I had to remember to add, um, you know, spacer here. So as long as you add your spacers, it will help everything to be cohesive and also, you know, um, just lying up really well. So I hope you've enjoyed this video in the next video. We'll talk a little bit more about content, so I see in the next one. 5. Adding The Content To Your Website: I going to talk more about, You know, adding content to your new homesite that you're working on or existing. And when you're doing a custom website, you really don't need that much text because it will take away from it. As you can see here, some of these little images or many images that I have created using camera to break down different elements of the same and what that did was it made it have a more custom feel rather than we continuing to describe with the design lab offers by. I'm writing it, um, in the black text here, I decided to use images so the key to creating a custom website is to use more images then you would normally use instead of the tics. Uh, websites that contained a whole lot of text can sometimes be boring. And then it will, you know, lower your customers or your readers away. You know, sometimes they just can't consume all of it, and they me leave. But if you want them to kind of tour around your site, you know, being treated and visit it, then you want to just, you know, different pages to these images and that way they can go and read. Um, you know specifically what it is that they need to read and then move on from mayor. Um, especially what memberships likes like this one. It's, you know, really beneficial to do it that way. You know, it's also really been official to have links to, um, you know, the membership site area, um, where they can purchase the membership connected to the photos every photo that I upload. I normally have a link attached to it so that it will lead to, you know, a certain landing page. The key to a custom site is, too. Allow people to take action. That's what you really want your readers and your customers to do is to take action. We don't want them to become bored or, you know, distracted by a whole bunch of writing. So, you know, basically, you just want to keep it fun. Keep it simple, and I'm also have and about me page. But course I named it the design for newer page, and it just talks a little bit mawr about me, um, and things of that nature, but I hope that you've gotten a lot of this course. I can't wait to see your projects. And also, if you wanna leave, uh, link to your custom website in the discussion area, feel free to do so. Thanks for watching. And I see in the next video.