Creating 3D Virtual Tours : From Render to Device | Jake Denham | Skillshare

Creating 3D Virtual Tours : From Render to Device

Jake Denham, CGI Artist | Official V-Ray Mentor

Creating 3D Virtual Tours : From Render to Device

Jake Denham, CGI Artist | Official V-Ray Mentor

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21 Lessons (44m)
    • 1. Creating 3D Virtual Tours : From Render to Device

    • 2. Download and Install 3ds Max, Vray + Photoshop

    • 3. Introduction to Modelling in 3ds Max

    • 4. Modelling a Shell in 3ds Max From Plans

    • 5. How To Copy and Paste Between 3ds Max Scenes

    • 6. Adding Windows and Doors to Your Interior

    • 7. Creating Wooden Floor in 3ds Max with Floor Generator

    • 8. Find 3D Models to Use In Your 3ds Max Scenes

    • 9. Materials

    • 10. HDRI

    • 11. What is a HDRI?

    • 12. HDRI Light Set Up in 3ds Max

    • 13. IES Lights in 3ds Max

    • 14. Cameras in 3ds Max

    • 15. Vray Render Settings in 3ds Max

    • 16. Camera Check

    • 17. Output

    • 18. Post Production in Photoshop

    • 19. Upload your Virtual Tour

    • 20. Set your views

    • 21. Upload your Virtual Tour

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About This Class

Ever wanted to create virtual tours from computer-generated images? Join Jake Denham (of Luxury Visuals Academy) as he shares a start-to-finish process for creating virtual tours and publishing them to any device. This 45-minute class is full of tips on creating 3d models, photorealistic renders, post-production, and publishing your own virtual tour. It's perfect for all levels of 3d artists, designers, and architects who want a behind-the-scenes look at the process.

In the class, we will use 3ds Max, Vray and Photoshop to create our 360 renders, but these techniques can be applied to most 3d applications.

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Jake Denham

CGI Artist | Official V-Ray Mentor


I am a CGI artist and Official V-Ray Mentor who is passionate about helping aspiring CGI artists. Most of my work is done at Luxury Visuals - a site I created in 2011 to share my experiments in becoming a more effective CGI artist.

Originally from Cambridge, England I trained in Video Games and received a Masters in Digital Design from The University for the Creative Arts. This took me to Monaco to work for the yacht designer Palmer Johnson Yachts. From there I began working from my laptop and travelling the world. I hope you enjoy the courses and I look forward to seeing what you create!

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1. Creating 3D Virtual Tours : From Render to Device: hi, guys, and welcome to this class on how to create 460 degree walk throughs. We're gonna create Web based walk free, meaning your kinds again vowed to view your renders on any device, whether it be a fine PC or tablet. It doesn't matter what operating system they use. Just they need any device that can connect to a Web page, so there's no app store download on their side. We'll walk through step by step, how you create the scene on. I've also included the same file so you can follow along. We can use a free 60 degrees, seem to demonstrate what room will look like from multiple angles, and the user can interact with the images and use hot spots to move from one room to another. A 360 degree walk through is a great alternative to an animation, because we only have to render one image, whereas with an animation would have to render for a friend every second of animation with one. But this project will start out by rendering our image using three DS max and Fear A and I've provided the three DS max and be Racine files so you can follow along now. There's also quite a few Web perhaps we can use. And for this tutorial, we're gonna use ice by 3 60 and free versions gonna work fine for what we need. So if you want to start creating 360 degree walk throughs, click next and I'll see you in the first lecture. 2. Download and Install 3ds Max, Vray + Photoshop: So in this video, I just want to go over where we can get for DS Max be Ray and photo Shop. So go over to work this Andi, They have a free trial. Freedia smacks. Even if you have free is Max, it's stored a previous version. I recommend using the latest version and getting the Fate Day free trial currently using 2019. So download that on install it. I'm also gonna be using V rates. You go to the rate we will feel next on. There's a fake they troll on. We want this free. Yes, be right for free. Yes, mats So that standing with that, it's still there On finally, we will be briefly using further show. It's not sure required for the course, but again, if you don't have five shop, it is. It's one of the key tools that I use every day, and you can get troll again on your adobe site. Down over with these. Install them on D open up for us maximal. See you in 3. Introduction to Modelling in 3ds Max: first up, we're gonna need a model to create our free sixties in. So I've create this scene. It's based off the interior visualization course. So if you do want to learn more about going to a lot more depth over in the interior visualization with fear a course and there's also a Corona courses. Well, so this room here is taken from that course on in the next Listen, I'm gonna show you how to make that room, but what I've also done is extended the room. So I create this hallway. Andi this'll extra room, which is pretty much a mirror of this one in exactly the same way is that create that. So feel free to create your own version of this. Or you can always download my version if you wanna skip the model in part. But I recommend running for it. It's always good practice to create your own scenes. 4. Modelling a Shell in 3ds Max From Plans: Hey, guys. So let's take a look at creating an interior scene Fast up. We're gonna need Teoh important cat and make the walls and windows. It's gonna be pretty basic modeling, and I'm going to make this as quick as possible so we can start creating wholesome images. So it's not the most exciting bed. But trust me, we're gonna need wars, and it's going to get exciting soon. So for now, let's get this shell modeled if you already know how to do this and you're following along with the interior bedroom scene and feel free to go to the resources section and download the scene for the room that I've already created on, Move on. But you never know. You might pick ups and tricks from the video. So first up, let's download the resources for this section. So let's open up, catch, start, and we're going to file and pull. Go to where we've downloaded cat. I'm working up based cat or the default should be fine. So just here. Okay, so interior scenes in So first thing I do is hit control aids, select everything on I would change the color to black as it will make everything easier to see. You can also hit J turned grade off. Now we can see everything nicely. So the first thing you want to do is make sure that cats coming in correct scalp so I'd create a box and just measure the wife of this door. So around 70 centimeters is fine. So that works at 69. That makes about right. So you could delete that books and to make the wars we're going to draw in outline and extruded out. So it's do this. We're gonna go to create and lying. So I'm gonna write, tick up here on snatched tuggle and make sure any vertex is selected and in options that you got snapped frozen enable access constraints on display. Rubber band on. It's a nephew process. You see that when you go to create the line, it snaps that it cat. So what we're gonna do is quickly to around capped plans, and you can always go back and straighten him up. So I'm gonna quickly through that, and I'm probably fast for with this. So now with our lives selected, we go to modify, select Vertex, and we could just go for him. Make sure that everything's lined up correctly. Dragon, Certain axes, Teoh. Line them up toe perverts as well. But I think in general we've got most of this spawn. Okay, now we're gonna add in extreme on a fire. If you type e X into the modifier list, this is the quickest way to navigate. If you know what modifies you're gonna use, I'm going to make these wolves to under 40 centimeters high, and we're gonna do the same for the other line. Just make sure you select the line of the cat. Go to modify list press V X extrude Now coming up to four years. Well, we're gonna do next. Is that as Polly? Fine. We can add scroll down and attach this rule. So they're now one object you press paid zoom prions act to zoom and next up we're going to create a new books. We're gonna make that new books to me is high so you can track dragging in and we can come in later and tight about 200 here and we're gonna use this is a reference high for our door . So that door is going to me is select these rules Go back to the modified tap, select edge and in the front view by pressing F to select all of the vertical lines. Crispian said against get back in perspective, you scroll down a bit and just find connects. You connect on, okay? And we snapped, still turned on. We can pull these up and snap it to me. A high reference box. And now they're lined up in Turn it off. It's like this box and delete it now it was selected. Let's select face Polygon Zoom in on was select these two faces. I'm gonna hit the lake and then changed my selection to border Select these two on hit bridge So you can see now we've created door. We're gonna do the same for this window. So again, let's make a box and we'll making about 60 high. I would do the same thing we did before we selected wars. Great edge and then in front of you selectively edges Well hit connect and we'll snap that toe all reference books. We can turn turn off selection, slipped box and delete that. And in edit, Polly slept polygons. Delete them, select the borders and Connect Hope Syrian Bridge. I would do the same. Italy, borders and bridge. Now this couldn't make floor and ceiling. So to do that, we can right click on hide selection with selected, so we can't see that now. Just turn off the group by pressing G. Andi. Let's create a line game and snaps his own. So we can just actual around this close, this plein. It's perspective, you but person, Pate said. And again, we're gonna add an extreme modifier. But this time it's making minus 10. I'm also gonna name this floor ongoing press F from View said Assume on right click and unheard alerts. Now go pulls back on holding shift. I'm gonna click and drag this up on making a copy called its ceiling Honey, I can. So now you are sitting in a floor on Let's just go through quickly. Name this waas. Andi. I will select body of checks and change them. It's a great Pete Zoom, and they're free to see your room on. If we actually changed his to stand it, you can see now with great ovary. So in this lesson we have gone over how to quickly model room using the create line function on the extreme under fire 5. How To Copy and Paste Between 3ds Max Scenes: this video is going to show you how to copy and paste objects between three DS max scenes. You got into the library and go to the scripts folder and you'll see Kopitar in that you can drag and drop this in 20 your view ports Got to customize customers user interface to buzz and you see a copy here you can drag and drop that up here. So now if we create an object, open up, copy. Get copy and we can go into a new scene. I've been a copy and hit Paste on. Your object will be in the new freedoms, Maxine. 6. Adding Windows and Doors to Your Interior: So in the resources section of this lecture, you'll find a file called Doors and Windows, and if you open it up, you'll see that I've already made some doors, curtains and windows. This scene feel free to use any of these in any of your scenes. There's also a glass in here. A handy tip is if you want to risk out of cars, you can use an FFT Motor file, which you'll find in the modifier list that you can select two by two by two. Buy him one. You'll be able to select the control points, and you can just move them up and down. So if you've got a smaller window and you want smaller curtains, that's a good way to do that. You can do a similar thing with the window as well, by just selecting it and selecting the vertex is so you can move them up and down, just depending on the size of your window. So what you want to do control A. Which is selector boats Corbett er on DCAA P or the windows and doors, and let's paste them into our master file. Okay, let's start by selecting the doors and we're going to the top view, Per said to zoom in on the object and just rotate out by 90 degrees clockwise unless move that to where the door should be. Okay, so that looks all right. So let's do the same for the windows and curtains. If you press that free, you'll go back into wife frame mode, and that would make things easier. Also, you'll notice will overlap with side covered, but that's no problem. We can pull their covered forward and then select the side cabinet and all the accessories and pull it forward. Okay, that's looking good. Now what we want to do is add some cove in. So if we select the walls and the floor and hit this light bulb, it will isolate the selection. No precedent. Four. So we can see the wire frame, and then we're going to create line more. Turn snap some, which is up here. We can just hit us on the keyboard and you'll see it snapping to borrow Texas. So we draw around our interior. I'm right click to finish, and then in the left you poor with, Ellen said, and f free, and we'll just move that down to floor level pains that So that's where we're gonna have our cove in Where that line goes around here and in the modified tab will open it up and find sweep. You can always hear s and it'll go down to the SS now Mysteries ball. And if you scroll down, we can use the bottom left is our pivot. And we'll changed the left 12 centimeters in the whiff to one centimeter and now you can see we have our clothing. 7. Creating Wooden Floor in 3ds Max with Floor Generator: Hey, so let's go about creating the wooden floor. The first thing I do is hide the ceiling and probably all the other object. So what do is just select the floor in the wars on dumbed use, isolate to hide all the other objects. And now we've only got these two selected to create a wooden floor. We're gonna use a great plug in by the guys at C. D. Source is called floor generator. You will need to create account and log in. It is free, and once you have, you can go to floor generator and download the free version. And while you hear is well, we also download more. We texture map so you can go over here and down like that here as well. Once you've got them downloaded, you can extract them. So, firstly, let's do multi texture. So select whatever version of Max you're using. In my case, I'm using 16. Select it right clicking copy and go to your C drive program foot and go to your C drive program, files away desk and max 2016 and go to plug ins. You can click anywhere in hippie and then you'll find plug ins and then right click and paste in here and for floor generator will do the same with, like, 2016 and we'll right click copy it and paste it into the plug ins folder. So now it's probably about time we save our scene, go to save ours and say where you're gonna be working so we can call his master bedroom and hit Save. Now we go to restart Max to enable the plug ins we just installed. So I'll be back once you've done that. Great. So now we've got them plug ins installed. We're gonna do a similar thing to what we did with a coding. We're gonna go to create shape line this time will create a rectangle and will snap it, hit by hearing s and snap into the corners of your room. And we're also drag it down and make sure it's on the floor. Next up with the rectangle selected, we can go to the modifier list and find floor generator. Now you can see what it's done. Now let's change the max 11 to 600 and will change the max with 2 50 8. Find 3D Models to Use In Your 3ds Max Scenes: something else I recommend is popular in your scenes with models. Circular. Quite cool on. Have what was in your scene. So you can always goes freely sky and they've got great free section on all you can buy. Mother, was there $6 age and they're really, really high quality stuff. Um, So if you want populate you're seeing now is the time to do that as well. 9. Materials: great. So now we have our model. We can quickly add some materials if you go to the material editor so you can just hit em on your keyboard on You can go. Teoh, Open material library here on a really useful tip is you can actually change this material library to a max file. So now if we go to our resources of this section on open up materials, you see that that will open up here. And now we can you straighten, Drop these into our slate it up. So go boo paper. We've got warpaint here and we've also got wooden floor on the wood floor requires the moment texture plug in which, if you haven't got that installed, I'll show you how to do that in the next lesson. And now it's just select areas that we want The war paints of these wars on Discovery, for example, will play the war paint with that selected not the wood on Replace that now select their wood floor double click wood floor here on applied to selection says I would floor on. I've also got this wallpaper, so I'm just going to select the wall. I want the wallpaper on on. I'll put that on. So go ahead at the maturity you're saying, and I see in the next message. 10. HDRI: So we're gonna like are seen with HDR, so wouldn't go over too no emotion and go to the day aged ers and I just downloaded this top one here and you'll hit, download or much done that you'll see a raw file gets downloaded. You can open that up and unzip it. You'll get a PhD off oil go up. You'll see what this is. It's basically a 32 bit image. We use that to light or seen on. I'll tell you a little bit more about HDR images now. 11. What is a HDRI?: Hey, HDR I is short for high dynamic range image and these images are shot in panoramic. So they're free 60 and they could be used in Freddie programs to actors, a light source to illuminate the scene. In my experience that the most realistic and natural looking like effects how they work is the photographer will take the 3 60 images at various exposures so we can see in this video really dark to really like Then these areas already overexposed. And then all of these images are combined to make one fe two bit image where order shadows on and order highlights are in a really nice contrast. You don't have any real blown out areas or any really dark areas. 12. HDRI Light Set Up in 3ds Max: so back in free DS Max, let's go. To create light will create a few very light. I was clicking and dragging here. I won't change that too. Don't like. And you see, there's a section here for a texture that I am on the keyboard. I'm gonna go get material. Andi, I want a theory HDR, which is under maps. You see, you have seen materials, materials and is under maps, so go severe hdr. I click and drag that over here. You close that. And now we wanna load up the hasty our image that we downloaded from the emotion. So I've just clicked here. Number like steel. You see, that's coming to Max Now. I am now. We need to dictate how this image is gonna get projected and we need it. Teoh, be like this fool. Uh, free 60. Really? So the way we do that is to go, Teoh map in tight. Great. Hysterical. Now that's gonna surround the whole building on project. More realistic light. The only other thing I'm doing here is gonna change. The overall not played five Andi down in the first gamma change. That Teoh 0.65 You can see that that's made the image sported gamut down, and it's gonna make our shadows a lot darker, and it's gonna add some nice contrast to her image. So I recommended that necessary environment lights up. So what that's gonna do is like these two rooms for these windows. 13. IES Lights in 3ds Max: we can see that we haven't got any windows in our hallway, so we're gonna have to add some official lights. So for that, you use the rate. Yes. Lights click over here. I'm just gonna click track in the hallway. And then if we get to the front view, impressed that free, you can see that it's on throw. I'm I'm gonna click contract this up and then back in the top few. I just want to make sure that our, like target is underneath my life. So then we can see the lights projected straight down. So with that selected, I'm gonna help control and select our light. So now we've got the whole thing selected back in the top view, moved into position and then holding shift, I'm gonna click and track this and making instance on gonna make two of these. And how did shift taking try one more. And now these instance, Whatever I do to one of these lights is gonna affect the other light. So I only have to worry about changing Mark Kleier one for example. So we're gonna make these I s lights and what they are are just click and drag this in here and you can see what a data inside of here on one I s boat does is project like, realistically, based on the data from the light bulb. So Order likes it would be different on you can see that using this data is gonna project like like this into our room. So I'll leave linking resources where you can download the IEA slices. Quite a few of them on. And I was gonna go to modify with, like, selected and you see here says I Yes, boil, click on, um and then I load up while areas like and then you can see there are bulbs that she changed. And now on second thoughts of finger wants and more light in here. So what I'm gonna do is on the selection. Feel well, just choose lights. And now, however I select, it's only gonna select lights. It's just quite handy. Been click and drag. And I was gonna move this like over and hold it shift, make another instance of it, and then over here is putting up one him on debts are light. So next up, let's take a look at adding some 3 60 cameras 14. Cameras in 3ds Max: Now That said some cameras, too. I see. That's great. I'm gonna write Teoh cameras on physical camera and in the top view was gonna click and drag that towards the window. Andi, I really even want these. You're gonna want me camera in the center of the rooms. They get nice through 60 view. I would recommend not having it on top of any beds or shelves. Is there some realistic? You kind of want the viewer to feel like they're in. Seen on with that said we're gonna want camera at eye level. Let's go back to the front view on DSI our cameras currently on the floor so we can use our selections again and just choose camera to click and drag. We're gonna pull it up now. I levels probably around 160 centimeters under click. Drink that to roughly dad, and then we will camera to about there and later our reference books again. If you press a on the keyboard, we're about to see for the eye of the camera on, and we can select our camera by clicking physical camera and select camera. We're going to modify, and I just want to change that football left 26. Hey, Seymour, the room on may change our film censor for five now because we're making free sixties is a few things We want to make sure one of them will be that thin yet is not on. So just make sure that that's not enabled. I want to make sure that tilt shift is no on evil. So So in perspective control, just make sure you haven't got well on any premise in here. Then this is not Render Sein's on. Let's get a camera on this change type Teoh spherical, Unless I write the field, you Teoh 360 and then we're gonna go back into the top U and with the camera selective. So let's just grab the targets. Well, so I was going to choose cameras strike by these on, and we could help shift and drag this across. Make that copy. Cool way camp. I was gonna pull that back to the door cause I'm keeping in mind there are hot spots. Could be a safer click here, one camera to be around this door and then again a click track and put that facing and I called out. So now we've got cameras in place, Miss, take a look around sense 15. Vray Render Settings in 3ds Max: So now let's take a look. Some render sayings. If you're going to the resources of this section, you'll see that I have saved out some presets. If you want to learn more about Rennes ends, I'd recommend taking the theory course where I go through. How and why were you so render sayings? But for now, let's just focus on creating three sixties. So what we can do is go to set up Onda up in presets. We go to load, and if you navigate to the resources and load, render sends 19. And finally, I'm just going to select a camera. But taking this good camera, select camera. Andi, make sure Target is four. And if we hit render we should see. There are lines quite nicely balanced that's looking pretty good. 16. Camera Check: So let's just go through and check off the cameras. So this case of the hallway camera just preceding the people there on defy Renda wouldn't see what happens. Nothing is really, really bright. So this it stop on the Rendah. This little camera on this is tons. I'll get up to 10 render again and see what we get. Okay? It's heading in the right direction. Could possibly in Christians, too. Expression value lesson. That's great. And then in the next room since people, if you got a camera selected and you get see your nice that you can't get that menu So just click on something else it's see Well, that's pressuring to as this is pretty similar to the last one. I'm gonna imagine that floor is our ideal exposure value here. So I'm just gonna get render and check that 17. Output: Okay. Great. Now we're ready to render. So what we need to do is just sit our output parts here in fear. A frame buffer. Click here on in my upper of create free folders on in bedroom one. You say this is bedroom one. J p. G. Okay. Make sure step around, the channels run, so it's gonna save or these render elements. And then I'm gonna hit, render up and do the same for each camera. So it just make sure you change your father destination so it corresponds with what camera view is on Hit. Render on. Once have rendered over them. I'm gonna come back and we'll talk post production. 18. Post Production in Photoshop: great. So welcome back. These rented out fine. Got free cameras on gold of our render elements in here. So I'm gonna open up rgb color, and I'm gonna show you how we can add some light post production to improve these images. A little bit on to the first thing I'm gonna want to do is duplicate this layout. So in control J, and then I'm gonna right click on it and change it to a smart object on The reason I like using small objects is they are easily up datable. If we make changes to our images and have to re rendah, we can quickly replace the images in small objects. So it just beat things up your future. It's a good practice to get into. So the first thing I'm gonna do is add a color balance on I'm just gonna minus. Since I am now, levels just pull these in to make the most of it. That is cool. And then I'm gonna add a cops Pornos. Kobal. I was gonna take here on, uh, you can guess. What school? UNESCO Who's kind of shape? Looking s. It's already if you hold. Oh, Andi, Click back down to your original. You can see it was already added a nice big pot to the image. Let's Adalah while color was gonna drag and drop that on on. We can use this Teoh make selections off certain areas where she is quite handy. If you need to do individual color correction on stuff so you cannot see you can even have that lets which shot from Islam is your turned on. You can actually select certain areas and then you'll be out to use your levels on Duh. It's only gonna affect that wolf, for example, which can be pretty useful. And so, yes, keep your people what solidarity emanated. Nothing. Think and maybe floor way should bring down some of the situation in it. So it's hue saturation. You can see the mass warm actually get made here. Then I can just pull the saturation down a bit. So yet that's really useful. And next up I'm gonna put a diffuse on top what that is. That's basically where was in a diffuse material slot so you can put down and try on a soft light. About 50 dissent. A lot of this stuff I'll try are looking at and t and think we don't actually need that. Well, you know, I don't think a lot that needs doing to this image. I'm gonna put colors a cup on there on these basic instagram Phil is, um So I'm gonna put on film stock right down. And then finally, I'm just gonna select order the layers Troj control a And what? That does it Just make a flat image off the layers, and then I'll go to filter and camera roll fields up on defy it. Also, you can see that's what Photoshopped things are in, which should look like I'm not convinced. So I'm just gonna go that default on this is overexposed. I do quite like the glare it gives. Clarity is really nice. You can add some more punch to the image. I want to bring down saturation. The whole images hate overseas trade images. We can bring the vibrance back up if you want on. The blacks are a bit much on floor, so I'm gonna put flex up, Andi, he see what will happen, people. What's around that maybe we can bring that highlights down a little bit. Shadows. Um but I rolled me. We connect change the temperature here. Like the image a little bit cooler. Okay to that. And if I hope I'll go back to our first thing that you can see the difference on price productions made, you can actually drag and drop some of these last hours across. So we want these images or looking the same, bringing out while color and then brain these free. Then obviously, we're gonna need really this land mask. Then I'm just gonna slept floor master again on this levels on the war we don't need because we don't have the mat war. Delete that color. Look upon now I'm going Teoh that these merge them. We're gonna go to the camera raw. And in fact, we can just run that same camera or just looking here. And it would do exactly the same on finally, that's still for a few. So many duplicate that turn into a small joke and they scrapped. It's free morning shift. Is that drag and drop these as well? Probably not useful for these, but if you've got last or something like that, basically drop it in the same position. I'm gonna bring in our wire color and we'll go back practical. Look up to hue and saturation. Drop them in, delete that land mask, select the ground and then master again. 10 color. Look up on. And then I'm gonna create juice with Kurt's little of them Control Jake shall be got flat object. And then we're gonna hit camera roll so that we have a free image. Insidious safeties out as Jay Pigs. One away. Okay, turn bedroom, too. On Also, save the Pierce D Falls. Just going to save us threats . And now we've got our images. Let's take a look. How can make them viewable on with? 19. Upload your Virtual Tour: So now we've got renders how aware we are Blow them too. So there's quite a few places online you can upload your free sixties to on in this class will be using ice by 3 60 Let's head over Teoh Ice by 3 60 dot com on The reason for this is we can actually get start free. We can use five scenes on we can have free active tours, so that's quite handy for us. So I create log in on. Once you've done that, you can love him on when you get here. Let's hit at tour. I'm gonna call this interior 3 16 Onda We can go to upload and here will upload each camera . Zoom in and out. This is in the middle mass body and here we conceive got free rooms So there's gonna rename these. So let's go toe edit in accordance Bedroom one this for this one away Authorities from bedroom to So now we can click on one of these and hit free 60 view and you see now we give you a free 60 but we haven't got any hot spots in, so let's close this and take a look at how we can do that 20. Set your views: so to add hot spots, we wanna click on a link and we want to click on the door here and you can see that we zoomed in. So let's just click in the middle of the door and then drag to where we want to land when we go free Doubts. But someone drag Teoh hallway door on. I'm gonna release Andi when we're in the whole way. We want to go from the door at the end of the corridor. Two bedroom. Soon after, guys, have you free 16. We start in our bedroom. One. We'll see a whole web on you like that on. We're looking straight. A war will result in a minute. We're now in the whole way. Um, we can kick on bedroom tape. Onda. We're invasion, too. We can also grab these movies around if they're not lined up how you want him. So that's quite handy. Um, so if where we land is no perfectly correct. We can actually change that in our free 60 view. So vacuum bedroom one. I mean, we can start. That's quite in my starting place for here. We go through the whole way, looking at this window is not so. That's sort of wall. I'm gonna turn it to down the hallway. I'm just gonna hit, set you on differ from the bedroom. Let's look at the window again. Serve you. If I come back for a little way, it's having that set you here back into the bedroom. That's a fine view. It's in Africa fruit days when we come back into the hallway with facing down the corridor , so that's a quick, easy way to set your views. 21. Upload your Virtual Tour: and now we've pretty much got freely tour so we can hit. Publish on whether bring urine is gonna publish with that room as a starting point. Um, there's a few options here, if you want. Remove I spy logo. You have to go for a paid version. But here is the link to you're a tour. So you want to copy that? You can embed it anywhere as well. You can put it on Facebook. Um, on Now, if we just goto a link you see now, ever Web based 3 60 tour that we can embed anywhere and use on various places. And if you want to learn how to create more data of interior renders than check out some of the upper courses on guy also cover things like lighting and materials on exteriors. Eso yet Feel free to check them out. And thanks for watching. And let me know if you need any help