Create your own unique board game "Hidden Words" with Canva! | Panos Papadakis | Skillshare

Create your own unique board game "Hidden Words" with Canva!

Panos Papadakis, A positive human being!

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7 Videos (23m)
    • Introduction

    • The subject and the words

    • Designing the squares

    • Inserting the words

    • Filling the gaps

    • Decorating our game

    • Final thoughts


About This Class

Hello everyone and welcome to my class! My name is Panos and this class would be really fun and creative because i will teach you how to design and create your very own and unique board game "Hidden Words" to play with your friends, your family or your kids! It's actually a game for anyone and for all ages!

Hidden words is a very easy game to learn it and to play it and after this 22 min class it would be also very easy to create it! No special skills are needed for this class and the instructions are really step by step. To design our game we
are going to use Canva which is a free and easy to use online tool.

After you complete this class you will be able to easily create your own board game and if you have any question or need extra help you can can feel free to ask me anything that you want. I am always here to help all my students!

Thanks again and see you inside my class!





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Panos Papadakis

A positive human being!

Hello, I'm Panos.

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